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any collapse of a highwall in a surface mine;

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the transportation of men, when such damage interferes with

its use for the transportation of men;



any physical event at a mine which causes death to

persons other than persons on the mine property.

S 80.12

Investigation by Bureau of Mines.

Following any notification received in accordance with

S 80.11, the Coal Mine Health and Safety District or Sub

district Manager shall determine whether an investigation of

the accident will be conducted by the Bureau of Mines.


he determines that an investigation will be conducted, he

shall promptly advise the operator of the approximate date

and time of such investigation and instruct him, to the

extent compatible with rescue and recovery work, to take

appropriate measures

to preserve any evidence which might

assist in determining the cause or causes of the accident.

Subpart C--Operator's Investigation and

Records of Accidents

S 80.20 Scope.

Section 111(a) of the Federal Coal Mine Health and

Safety Act of 1969 (30 U.S.C. 821 (a)), requires that all

accidents shall be investigated by the operator or his agent

to determine the cause and the means of preventing a recur

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rence, and that records of such accidents and investigations

shall be kept, and the information made available to the

Secretary or his representative, and the appropriate State


Section lll(a) of the Act also requires that such

records shall be open for inspection by interested persons

and that the records shall include man-hours worked and

shall be reported for periods determined by the Secretary

of the Interior.

The regulations in this Subpart c prescribe

the nature and the extent of the information to be included

in such records, and the period and manner in which reports

of accidents so recorded shall be submitted to the Secretary.

S 80.21


The operator's investigation shall develop sufficient

information to pinpoint in detail the initiating cause and

all subsequent or following events which contributed to or

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resulted in the accident.

Whenever possible working notes

made during the course of the investigation should be re

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investigation entered in the first column of the "Daily

Ledger: Coal-Mine Accidents" required to be maintained by

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Names, occupation at the time of the accident,

and pertinent occupational experience for all persons who

received disabling injuries and other injuries.


A narrative description of the accident, including

all pertinent related events prior to the accident; measurements of any dimension or clearance; type of equipment or

machinery; noise level, visibility, lighting (in general

terms); ; any identifiable human behavioral factors contri

buting to the accident; or any other element contributing

to or related to the accident.


A description of the steps taken, or to be

taken in the future to avoid a recurrence, including, where

appropriate, suggestions for modification or improvement in

operating rules and regulations, working rules and regula

tions, safety standards, modification of equipment, training

of personnel, or any other changes needed to prevent recur

rence of the accident.


Additional records shall be kept as follows of all

unintentional roof falls of a size that would restrict venti

lation or the passage of men:


A plot of the roof fall on a mine map.


A rough sketch or sketches of suitable scale

showing the dimensions of the fall, the type and location

of the roof support used, the type and thickness of the

strata above the coalbed, and a statement of the depth of

overburden in the affected area.

Abnormalities in the imme

diate roof structure also shall be located and described.

S 80.23

Maintenance of records.

The written records of investigations of accidents

required by this Subpart C shall be maintained at the mine

for a period of three years from the date of the accident

and shall be open for inspection by interested persons.

$ 80.24 Reporting of written records.

A report of the accidents recorded as required in this

Subpart C shall be made to the Bureau of Mines in the manner

described in Subpart D of this part.

Subpart D--Operator's Reports to the Bureau of Mines

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Pursuant to section lll(b) of the Federal Coal Mine

Health and Safety Act (30 U.S.C. 821 (b)), the regulations in

this Subpart D prescribe additional records of accidents to

be maintained, the information to be recorded therein, and

the time and manner in which information on accidents is to

be reported to the Secretary of the Interior.

S 80.31

Daily ledger.


The operator of a coal mine shall maintain at the

mine office a "Daily ledger: Coal-Mine Accidents" (Form 6

1498) in which there shall be recorded for each accident, by

date of occurrence, specified information with respect to the

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