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est daughter Blackhall, Bart., to Shaw Stewart of

Jan. 21. At Aberdeen, Peter Macfarlane, Esq. Alexander Donaldson, Esq. of Heriot-cre, Eto Hannah Kidston, youngest daughter of the late burgh. Mr Alexander Scott.

Oct. 5. At Lyssons, Jamaica, Mr Tboss L 25. At Bo'ness. Lieutenant Petrie, R. N. to son, eldest son of William Lawson, Eag. lnte al Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Walter Grindlay, Girthead. Es. shipowner there.

- Accounts have been received from N , 26. Ai St Pancras, Sir John Maclean, Knt. com- in New Providence, of the melancholy deach mander of the most honourable and military order John Macdonald Esq. late of Long Isand, whert of the Bath, to Sarah, only child of Benjamin he had resided a considerable number of years. He Price, Esq. of Highgate.

lost his life in a small vessel, which sailed with En i At Burrowmuirhead, Mr James Smith, cork for Nassau, but was unfortunately, in consequa manufacturer, Leith, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of a leak, wrecked in one of the gales then e of Mr William Kippen, Mid-Calder.

ing, near the island of Exuma, where his body ra 31. At Liverpool, at St James'-church, Samuel found and interred. He was the second the Soloinon, M.D. to Miss Mackinney.

late James M.Donald, Esq. in Kincardinese. Feb. 1. At Linlithgow, Alexander Learmonth, 13. At Bellemont, Trelawny, Jamaica, Esq. of Crossflatts, to Anne, youngest daughter of bert Willis. Thomas pens, Esq. Collector of Excise there. Nov. 14. At Quebec, Captain Jalan Listra, ci

- At Falkirk, James Simpson, Esq. iron-iner the Brig Ann of Leith. chant, to Miss Christian, second daughter of the At Jamaica, Mr William Gray, third o f dir late William Mungali, Esq. merchant in Falkirk. drew Gray, Esq. of Craigs.

2. George Cuming Menzies, Esq. to Marion, Dec. 23. In Chelsea, Captain Wolf. a descendut eldest daughter of the late Peter Martin, Esq. New of the late celebrated Lord Kilwarden, who feu a ington.

victim in the Irish rebellion. The cuptas 3. At Portobello, Joseph Pearce, Esq. of Bre- contracted habits of great eccentricity, attributed minster, Dorsetshire, captain, royal navy, to For principally to the severe loss he experienced in the bes, youngest daughter of the deccased G. M'kay, death of his lady, to whom he had bera mane Esq. of Bighouse.

but six months, and who was extremely based 6. The icy. William Fortescue, second son of and accomplished. A subsequent disappast the Hon. Matthew Fortescue, to Isabella Barclay, in his profession tended much to iDCTC & The second daughter of the late James Christie, Esq. of lish of all intercourse with the world; hece he Durie.

could not endure the presence of any human being 8. At Drumshcugh-house, George Forbes, Esq. He has left extensive property, which, it says banker in Edinburgh, to Mary, eldest daughter of stood, goes to a nephew, who has for some yes Sir John Hay, Bart.

belonged to a company of strolling players. 10. At Edinburgh, Captain Houston Stewart, 25. At his seat of Wolfsburgh, in tbe 500 R. N. second son of Sir Michael Shaw Stewart of of his age, his excellency the minister of state, Greenock and Blackhall, Bart., to Martha, young. Count oi Schulenburg-Wolfsburg est daughter of Sir William Miller of Glenlee, 29. At her house in Upper Berkeler-street, Bart. one of the Seuators of the College of Justice. the 94th year of her age, Mirs Scott, relict of EA

il. At St James'-church, London, Thomas Vis ward Scott, Esq. Scott s-hall, Kent. She i s count Anson, to Louisa Catherine, youngest daugh nurse to his Royal Highness the Prince Regat; ter of the late Nathaniel Phillips, Esq. of Slebeck- she has left two sons and four daughters hall, Pembrokeshire.

Jan. 5. Alexander Dalziel, Esq. of West-Link, 12. At Monktonhill, John Lennox, Esq. of Cat. formerly of Port-Glasgow. rine-holm, to Miss Jane, daughter of John Gard 6. At Glasgow, aged 86 years, Mrs Tait, resto ner, Esq. Monktonhill.

Mr Peter Tait, printer. 15. Mr Jaines liume, merchant, to Martha, 8. At Huntlaw, Roxburghshire, Mrs Ranah third daughter of the late Andrew Carmichael, Robertson, wife of Mr Thomas Robertai, be fure Esq. writer, Edinburgh.

mer of Glenhornie, East Lothian. -At Perth, Mr John Archer, to Agnes, daugh 10. At Hanover-street, Edinburgh, aped , DS ter of John Malcom, Esq. collector of Excise there. Charlotte Jardine, relict of Dr Robert Wake,

- At Edinburgh, Captain Charles Sotheby, R.N. Edinburgh. to the Hon. Jane Hamilton, daughter of the late 14. At Leith, Jane Bonnyman Broadfoot the William Lord Benhaven and Stenton.

insant daughter of Mr John Broadfoot, nechat, 16. At Edinburgh, Mr James Duncan, printer to Leith. the University of Glasgow, to Margaret, only - At Hamburgh, Mr T. Stodart, merchant. daughter of Mr James Johnston, tobacconist.

15. At Windy walls, in the parish of Somasun - At Kilgraston, Captain Lindsay, Grenadier aged 102, Alison Bruce, relict of Robert Daun Guards, cldest son of the Hon. Robert Lindsay of some time tenant in Sprouston-hill. She survive Balcarras, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late her husband upwards of sixty years, and retained Francis Grant, Esq. of kilgraston,

her faculties entire to the very last. Lalc-At Benares, Williain Wilberforce Bird,

- At Ayr, after a short illness, Mr Aleunde Esq. judge and magistrate of Benares, to Miss H. Temple, surveyor of the customs at that fort, E. Brown, second daughter of the late Rev. David the 15th year of his age. Brown, formerly senior chaplain of the presidency 16. At Port-Glasgow, Mr Robert Headerson, of Bengal, and Provost of the College at Calcutta. surgeon there, aged 12.

At Boulogne, in France, George Watson, Esq. 17. At Edinburgh, Roby James Farqubar, yra of the 3d (or King's own) light dragoons, to Am est son of the late John Farquhar, Esq. f t Perceval, eldest daughter of the late Joseph Mar candly, Forfarshire. tyr, Ex.

19. At Summerfield, Gilbert Grierzon, Esq. m.

chant, Leith. DEATIIS.

20. At Glasgow, Mr David Tait, printer.

- Mr Robert Jardane, many years trareller fx May 27. At Almorah, in India, James Bain, Messrs Duffins', rinegar-makers, Edinburgh. from Elgin, surgeon in the honourable East India - At New-street, Edinburgh, Mr jobu Negri, Company's service, in the 27th year of his age. merchant, aged 77.

July 19. At Allahabad, Henry Gibson, Esq. re 21. At Dirleton, Mr Thomas Bryce, fare Bident surgeon there, cighth son of the late Willian aged 87. Also his son, James, at Portsmouth, ea Gilson, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh

the 25th December last, aged 47. August 12. At the fort of Callinger, in the Pre At his house, Bristo-street, Edinburgh, Mr C# sidency of Bengal, John Wauchope, Esq. second Cairncross, architect, son of Andrew Wauchope, Esq. of Nidrie, mari. - At Montrose, James Smith, Chelsea pende, schal, civil and political agent to his Excellency at the advanced age of minety. He served at the the Governor-General of India.

siege of Belleisle and the taking of the Heron 31. At Calcutta, Robert Pearson, Esq. merchant and was wounded in both these memorable at there.

He was a sober, honest man, and a loyal subjet. Sept. 2. At Calcutta, Andrew Anderson, Esq. of It was his boast, among his rusuc contemporan, the honourable East India Company's civil service, that, in the career of nulitary glory, he had Oblarthird son of the late John Anderson, Esq. of

ed what enabled him to dine every day on ros! Inchyra.

and boiled like a gentleman. 1. At Mynepoonie, on the Bengal establishment, 23. At Edinburgh, Ann, second danghter of Vr Alexander Donaldson, Esq. lieutenant of the Ilth John Burke, upholsterer, in the 1st year of regir ent of native inrantry, eldest son of the late age.

youngest Edinburgh, Jessica Panko


of amidward

Duke arriol Sto whomo a Athless

alloy Hamiltonë: the Duc

95. At Maryville, by Haddington, Mrs Mary 8. At Portobello, much and justly regretted, Hepbum, relict of the late Patrick Downey, Esq. Miss Anne Nicolson, sixth daughter of the late G. of Preston pans.

Nicolson of Jerviston, Exq. - At Dunfermline, aged 59, Captain John - At Crieff, Mr James Wright. Wardlaw, late of the Royal Marines, in which res - At Hume, at an advanced age, Mr Thomas pectable corps he served, with unstained reputa Shephard; and, on the 10tb, Isabel, his wife. tion, between 30 and 40 years.

9. At her mother's house, Nicolson-square, Edin. Wrecked at sea, on her passage to Aberdeen, burgh, aged 20, Martha, eldest daughter of the late Jean Inglis, aged 18, (far advanced in pregnancy,) William Renton, Esq. wife of Lieutenant William Drumbeck, of the 10. At Bams-street, Ayr, William Logan, Esq. royal navy.

major of the late West-Lothian Fencibles. - At Edinburgh, William Gibbes, the infant - At Edinburgh, George Campbeli, Esq. late son of Harbourne Gibbes Straghan, Esq.

comptroller of the customs at Dunbar. 27. Dr Primrose Blair, physician to his Majesty's 13. Mr Michael Watson, shipbroker, Leith. fleet, at his apartments in St Martin's-lape, London. - At Walgram, in Northanptonshire, the Rev.

- At Edinburgh, George Edward, eldest son of Alexander Payne, father of the Rev. Geo. Payne, the Rev. Henry Grey.

Edinburgh. - At Drummochy, in Fife, Miss Magdalene - At his father's house, in Bank-street, EdinCoutts, only daughter of Mr Ebenezer Coutts. burgh, Alexander, secund son of Mr Brown, solici.

28. At Riccarton, James Hay, some time a sol tor-at-law. dier in the 50th regiment of foot, aged 111. He 14. John Sackeouse, aged 22, a native of the served as a soldier 30 years, and has now been 35 west coast of Greenland. years an out-pensioner of Chelsea Hospital.

15. At Lauriston-place, Edinburgh, Mary Jane, 29. At Glasgow, Captain John Maxwell, of the youngest daughter of Mr Murdoch Cunningham. 14th regiment of foot,

- At Edinburgh, Jessic, the infant daughter of 30. At Cahir-house, county of Tipperary, the Mr Alexander Milne, Royal Rank. Right Hon. Richard Butler, Earl of Glengal, and - At Edinburgh, Mrs Davidson of Ravelrig. one of the representative peers of Ireland. His 16. At Ashton-hall, Lancashire, in the 79th year title devolves on his eldest son, the Hon. Richard of his age, his Grace Archibald, Duke of Hamilton Butler, Lord Viscount Cahir.

and Brandon, &c. His Grace was the second son - At her family-seat, Leslie-house, in the coun of James, Duke of Hamilton, by Elizabeth, daughty of Fife, the Right Hon. Henrietta Ann, Coun- ter of Edward Spencer, Esq. He succeeded his netess of Rothes, Baroness Leslie and Ballenbreich, phew, Douglas, Duke of Hamilton, in 1799. Marin the 29th year of her age. Her ladyship has left ried, in 1765, Lady Harriot Stewart, daughter of six children (two sons and four daughters) by her Alexander, Earl of Galloway, by whom he has vert husband, George Leslie of Leslie, Esq.; and is Alexander, now Duke of Hamilton; Lord Archisucceeded in her honours and estates by their eldest bald Hamilton, M.P. for Lanarkshire; the Duchess son, George William Evelyn Leslie, now Earl of of Somerset, Lady Anne, and the Countess of DunRothes, Lord Leslie and Ballenbreich.

more. The present Duke married Miss S. E. Beck- At Leith, Mr Richard Ged, jun.

ford, daughter of William Beckford of Fonthill, - Mary Carson L'Amy, eldest daughter of James Esq. by whom he has one son, Williain, now MarL'Amy of Dunkenny, Esq. advocate.

quis of Douglas, and a daughter. 31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Cunningham, - Of a consumption, in South St David-street, relict of the late Mr James Cunningham, writer, St Andreu 's-square, Mrs Jane Bland, of FrederickEdinburgh.

street, Edinburgh. - At Leith, William Lanigan, gunner, royal - At Leith, Mr Robert Craig, intendant of the navy.

police of that town. - At Portobello, Mrs Creelman, wife of Wil. - At Edinburgh, Simon Frazer, Esq. late of Liam Creelman, Esq.

the ordnance-department in the island of Bermuda. - At Irvine, the Rev. John Duncan, minister 17. Mrs Ignes Murray, spouse of Mr John Panof Ardrossan, in the 71st year of his age, and 30th ton, Knockymill, Aberdeenshire. of his ministry.

- At Edinburgh, of an inflammation in the Feb. 1. At Hawkhead, Renfrewshire, Lady Eli- liver, George Ranken, Esq. late superintendant zabeth Boyle, second daughter of the Earl of Glas. surgeon on the Bengal establishment. gow.

- At his house, Bromley, Kent, in the 74th year - At Edinburgh, Mrs Susan Smith, relict of Mr of his age, William Walmisley, Esq. nearly 20 David Buchan, General Post-Office, Edinburgh. years clerk of the papers of the House of Lords.

- At Dumfries, in the 91st year of her age, Mrs Lately-At Notter, near Landrake, LieutenantIsabella Kelburn, relict of Mr Allan M.Lachlan, Colonel O'Docherty, of the royal marines, one of printer and bookseller.

the most eccentric characters, perhaps in England, 2. At Glasgow, John Riddell, M.D. a gentleman At Garlieston, Wigtonshire, Mr John Dunsmore, well known in the literary world.

miller, at an advanced age, leaving property to the - In Wimpole street, London, Jane, eldest amount of £14,000, the whole of which he acquirdaughter of the late Robert Arbuthnot, Esq. of ed at Garlieston. He was confined only three weeks. Edinburgh.

In his desk were found eleven hundred pounds, 3. At Častle-street, Edinburgh, in the 17th year packed up with old iron, nails, &c.; he kept the of his age, Andrew, third son of the late James key of his treasure under his head till he expired. Tod of Deanstoun, Esq.

By the last arrivals froin Madras, accounts have - Mrs Jean Auchinleck, spouse of Mr Ninian been received of the death of Major-General James Richard Cheyne, St John-street, Edinburgh.

Innes, third son of the deceased John Innes of 4. At Edinburgh, Thomas Young, only son of Edingight, Esq. in the county of Banff. Mr William Young, Stamp-office.

At her residence in Hill-street, Berkeley-square, - At Edinburgh, Mrs Kirkhom, late of Brump the Dowager Countess of Sefton. Her ladyship ton, Middlesex.

was in the 71st year of her age; she had been il - At Cheetwood, Lancashire, James Banks Ro- about three months. binson, late of the royal navy, in his 71st year. He At London, Major-General John Wilson, colonel was 50 years in his Majesty's service, and fought in of the late 4th Ceylon regiment. twelve general engagements, among which were At his seat, Thorpe-lee, Surrey, in the 67th year those of the Nile and Trafalgar, when he acted as of his age, Sir Henry Tempest, Bart. of Tongpilot to the fleet. He commenced his career with hall, county of York, and Hope-end, county of the celebrated Bruce, and was one of the desperate Hereford, the last branch of the very ancient lafew who carried up the bowl of punch, and sacri- mily of the Tempests of Tong. ficed to Bacchus, on the top of Pompey's Pillar. At Toulouse, Marguerite Reinaud, at the age of

7. At Edinburgh. Jane Gordon Peterkin; and 117 vears. She was born in 1701, was married in on the 9th, James Charles Peterkin, youngest 1721. and becaine a widow in 1735. She had lived children of the late James Peterkin, Esq. of free from infirmities, and preserved to the last inoGrange.

ment the full use of her faculties.

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Wall, count the last bradf Tong-inaud, at

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ties of Edinburgh, ib.-His sketches of
Mineral called Knebelite, account of, 237. some of the ornaments of the bar, 748.-
Mineralogical chemistry, 622.

Mr John Clerk, ib.-Mr Cranstoun, 750
Mineralogy of India, 599.

Mr Jeffrey, 751.
Minerals, new ones, 622.

Phillips, Charles, remarks on his speech in
Minstrel, the, of Bruges (concluded), 5. refutation of the remarks of the Quarterly
Milton, Hume and Callender's notes on, Review, 213.

Pictet, Professor, of Geneva, his account of
Mogul, the Great, account of, 121.

the destruction of the Val de Bagne, St.
Mont Blanc, and the South Needle of Pictures at Augsburg, catalogue of, 318

Chammouni, account of an ascent to, Platinum, method of purifying, 489.

Plymouth Sound, the breakwater there,
Moore, Thomas, remarks on his poetry, 1. 561.
More, Sir Thomas, remarks on Roper's life Poems and Plays by the Duchess of Ner.

castle, remarks on, 309.
Morocco, letter of the Emperor of, to Queen by a Heavy Dragoon, remarks on,
Anne, 1,

Narrative illustrative of Pastoral Life. 663. Poetry--The Prisoner's Prayer to Sleep
National character of the Scots, Dr Stern. 13. Verses to Lady Anne Scott, 7
stare's, letters on the, 328, 430.

Edith and Nora, a pastoral poet's dream,

of, 28.

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