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excellent book. the author does a great job of describing the intellectual culture of the early 1900s, centred in austria, and the Vienna circle aka the school of logical positivism. Goedel's work was ultimately to throw much of that belief into question. the remarks about the withering academic climate in upper echelons says something about the kind of personalities that endure. it's no wonder that the wittgensteins and russells of the world forebear whereas the goedel's are consigned to the sidelines despite the huge impact of goedel's theorems. sketches of the 1st and 2nd incompleteness theorems are provided and the author does a great job of developing the impact to other figures like alan turing, whose work figures prominently in my field of study (computer science). there is also significant details of the life of goedel and his relationship with einstein which are very enlightening - two giants walking on a grassy path in princeton. we'll never see the like again. 

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