Military Construction Appropriations for 1980: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, First Session, Part 1

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Page 1650 - Provided, That such amounts of this appropriation as may be determined by the Secretary of Defense may be transferred to such appropriations of the Department of Defense available for military construction as he may designate...
Page 208 - For acquisition, construction, installation, and equipment of temporary or permanent public works, military Installations, and facilities for the Army as...
Page 178 - TITLE III SEC. 301. The Secretary of the Air Force may establish or develop military Installations and facilities by acquiring, constructing, converting, rehabilitating. or Installing permanent or temporary public works, Including site preparation, appurtenances, utilities, and equipment, for the following projects : INSIDE THE UNITED STATES AIR DEFENSE COMMAND Ent Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado : Operational facilities, maintenance facilities, and troop housing, $1,767,000.
Page 162 - Budget advises that, from the standpoint of the administration's program, there is no objection to the presentation of this proposal for the consideration of the Congress. The Department of the...
Page 804 - Boiler Plant Modifications The majority of the central steam plants for heating and process load requirements were designed and built prior to or during World War II and do not meet modern efficiency standards for energy conservation. Significant quantities of energy can be saved through improvement of boiler controls, plant modifications including boiler water treatment and economizers, and installation of small local boilers to eliminate deteriorated steam lines.
Page 861 - LS 1,100 10. Mission or Major Functions: Maintain and operate facilities and provide services and material to support operations of a Marine Aircraft Wing, or units thereof, and other activities and units as designated by the Commandant of the Marine Corps in coordination with the Chief of Naval Operations.
Page 791 - point source" discharger to obtain a permit which specifies the allowable amount and constituents of the effluent. The permit also contains a schedule specifying the dates by which the discharger will achieve compliance. These projects provide improvements to sanitary sewage collection and treatment systems to satisfy the water quality criteria and permit requirements.
Page 181 - SEC. 302. The Secretary of the Air Force may establish or develop classified military installations and facilities by acquiring, constructing, converting, rehabilitating, or installing permanent or temporary public works, including land acquisition, site preparation, appurtenances, utilities, and equipment in the total amount of $98,963,000.
Page 1711 - FY 73 time frame as projects in established categories are approved by the NATO Payments and Progress Committee for funding. Such projects are from a backlog of construction requirements previously approved in SACEUR and SACLANT annual programs.
Page 1347 - Adequate facilities are required to properly accommodate single women airmen residing on base . These facilities must provide sufficient space, environmental comfort and the degree of privacy necessary for proper rest, relaxation and individual well-being.

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