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world. To the Clergy, as to the appointed guardians of the Christian Altar, the

professional interpreters of the Evangelic code, and the constitutional promoters of order and government, the public eye is in such times particularly directed. And whilst there is any spring of Theological activity in the Clerical mind; whilst any energy of religious zeal, any regard for professional character remains in the Clerical heart ;they will not disappoint the public expectation; but will continue to be, what they heretofore have been, the most learned, as well as the most zealous, of Christian Divines. : In such case; should it be the will of Providence to put the Church of this country to a severer trial, than she has hitherto experienced; we shall have the consolation to think, that her Watchmen will be found prepared for the event. And though, in Divine Wisdom it may be judged necessary, to rouše us from that lukewarmness and indifference, which are too apt to graft themselves upon a state of undisturbed prosperity; still we trust, that the spirit of


our pious Reformers will not be found so far to have departed, as to provoke God to remove his Candlestick from this favoured land; but, that through Grace, it may be permitted to give light among us even unto the End.


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Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to-day, and

for ever.

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THE Prophecies delivered, and the Miracles recorded in the different parts of Holy Writ, prove the dignity of the person to whom they refer: “ the testimony of Jesus being, in their respective ways, the spirit of both.”

Taken collectively, they furnish an assemblage of proof, in support of the stupendous scheme for the salvation of man, moving on from its origin in the divine councils, through several appointed stages: of advancement, to its perfect accomplishment at the consummation of all things'; which, if fully drawn forth and duly appreciated, places the truth of Christianity on that firm basis of Revelation, which

bids defiance to every attack that infidelity can make against it.

All sound members of the Church therefore, must consider themselves indebted to champions, who, in the armour of truth, take the field against those Goliahs of infidelity, who, in our days of rebuke and blasphemy, are come forth to defy the armies of the living God: whose object is no longer confined to insidious and disguised attacks on the Church of Christ; but has manifested itself in that open and determined hostility to it, which, in the paroxysms of their atheistic insanity, they have promised themselves, will terminate in its total destruction.

But, whilst some of the Watchmen of Israel are engaged in the field with the open

and declared enemies of Christianity; others may be not less usefully employed, in confirming the faith of those who are still desirous of holding fast their professional engagement. Whilst some are honourably employed in tearing away the disguise from that wretched system, which, under the veil of superior perfection, is now endeavouring to cheat the world to its


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