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Ceylon, Description of the Island.—The Population.—Cingalese and Ta-

mulians, Buddhists and Brahminists.-Scene of Labors.—Jaffna Dis-

trict.—Panditeripo.—Letter of Dr. Scudder.—Description of Church

and Bungalow.—Houses.—Natives, their Mode of Living.—Tropical

Fruits.—Old Testament Customs illustrated.—Depraved Morals.—Vul-

gar Forms of Idolatry.—The Effect on a Christian Mind.—Begins

preaching at Panditeripo.—Letter to Dr.Worcester.—Opposition of the

Brahmins.—Great Temple at Nellore.—The Abominations practiced

therein.—Degradation of the Heathen.—Removes to Panditeripo.—Li-

censed to Preach.-Native Schools.-Preaching in public, and from

House to House.—Prescribing for the Sick.-Medium of moral and re-

ligious Instruction.—Superstitious Fears.—Dread of the Devil.—Hea-

then Children in Prayer.—Seeking after a Sign.—Appeal for the Sup-

port of Heathen Children.—Preaching in the Fields.—The Brahmin

and his Son.—A large Congregation.—Death of the Odigar.—Preach-

ing for the first Time in Tamul.–Praying with two Brahmins.—Sabbath

Desecration.—Force of Example.—Death of a Malabar.—Sight to the

Blind.— Monthly Concert.—Christian David.—Conversation with a

Brahmin.—One Year's Labors.-Evangelization.—Visits the Schools.

—Distrust of the Heathen.—Need of Prayer for Missionaries.—Schools

for Girls.—Important Surgical Operation.—Folly of Heathen Rites.— .

Labors of the Missionary's Wife..................................... to $ to e o to o o 54

Second Journal from Panditeripo.—Mrs. Scudder's Labors.—Testimony
to faithful Colored Amy.—Dr. Scudder's twofold Work as Physician
and Preacher.—A Heathen's Idea.—Worshiping Books.—Thank-offer-
ing of a Heathen.—Roman Catholics.—A Bud blighted.—Visit of Sir
Richard Ottley.—Preaching Tour.—White Ants and Robbers.--Takes

Refuge in the House of the Vedar.—Treated kindly.—A Brahmin, his
Reasoning.—Tomb of Lopez.—Superstition concerning it.—Power of
Prayer.—Mr. Koch, Interpreter, labors with Dr. S.–Preaching and
distributing Tour.—Hard Service.—Wild Beasts.-Power of the Ele-
phant.—Chavicherry.—Sufferings from the Heat.—Peacock for Food.
—Haunted House.—Reaches Home.—Kind Treatment by the Natives
on his recent Tour.—Another Tour; starts with his Boys and Mr. Koch.
—Success among the Romanists.-Visits one of the Catholic Churches.
—Description of their Image-worship.–Kindness of Mrs. Mooyaart.—
Addresses the Fishermen.—Returns Home.—New Tracts required.—
Tracts prepared.—Prayer by Christians at Home................. Page 81

Revival in Madras, chief City of the Carmatic.—Its Military and Commer-
cial Character.—Nabob of Arcot and Edmund Burke.—Abject Submis-
sion of the Natives.—Policy of England toward them.—Juggernaut and
the Suttee.—Encouragement for the Missionaries.—Important Centre
for Missionary Operations.—Madras a City of Cities.—Its Population

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