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1802 W.


1803 W.

ANON. ["Fragment of"] The art of candle-making, a didactic poem in twenty books. -Europ. Mag., xlii. 424-6.

ANON. Sketch of Bonaparte.-Mo. Mag., xiv. 53-4.

COCKBURN, WILLIAM. St. Peter's denial of Christ.—Cambridge Prize
Poems, ii. 315-26.

DYER, GEORGE. To the memory of George Morgan. - Poems, 1802, i. 95


On the death of Gilbert Wakefield.-Ib. 102-9.

LANDOR, W. S. Chrysaor.-Works, etc., ed. Forster, 1876, vii. 456–63.
M. The crooked sixpence, in imitation of Philips's "Splendid Shilling.”—
Gent. Mag., lxxii. 446–7.

PALMER, JOHN. The creation and fall of man, 1802.-See Mo. Rev., enl.,
xl. 102.

S., E. Inscription in a wood in Sussex.-Europ. Mag., xlii. 223.

SEWARD, ANNA. Farewell to the seat of Lady Eleanor Butler.- Works, 1810, iii. 345-50.

ALLEY, JEROME. The judge, 3 cantos, 1803.

ANON. Bonaparte's soliloquy on the invasion of England, 1803.-See Crit.
Rev., new arr., xxxviii. 471-2.

BAYLEY, PETER. The delusions of love.-Poems, Philadelphia (U. S. A.),
1804, pp. 165-94.

BOWLES, W. L. On a landscape by Rubens.-Works, 1855, i. 142–50.

CRIRIE, JAMES. Scottish scenery, or sketches of scenes in the highlands, 1803.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xlvi. 14-20.1

DOWNMAN, HUGH. On taking the Havannah.-Infancy, etc., 1803, pp.


On genius.-Ib. 213-18.

EDRIDGE, REBECCA. The lapse of time, Uxbridge, 1803.-See Crit. Rev.,
new arr., xxxvii. 234-5.

FLOWERDEW, Mrs. A. Poems on moral and religious subjects, 1803.
Contains some Miltonic blank verse: see Mo. Rev., enl., xliii. 438–9.
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM. Scenes of youth. - Scenes of Youth, etc., 1803, pp.
xliv. 32-3.


KENNEY, JAMES. Society, 2 parts, 1803.-See Mo. Rev., enl.,
LOWE, JOHN, Jr. [Lines from one of his poems.]—Ib. xli. 100–101.

"A WRANGLER." Address to mathematics.-Gent. Mag., lxxiii. 548–9.
COCKBURN, WILLIAM. Christ raising the daughter of Jairus.-Cambridge
Prize Poems, ii. 327–36.

1803 w. 1805 p. BRYDGES, EGERTON. Retirement.-Censura Literaria, 2d ed., 1815, x. 267-75.

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1803 W.

1815 p. WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. Yew-trees.-Poetical Works, 1896, ii. 36974.

c. 1803-6 w. 1807- p. WHITE, HENRY KIRKE. "Yes, my stray steps have wander❜d."


Remains, 1811, i. 189–91.

Christmas-day.-Ib. ii. 119-21.

Nelsoni mors.-Ib. 121-2.

Time.-Ib. 147-71.

The Christiad.-Ib. 173-93.

"Drear winter! who dost knock."-Ib. iii (1822), 89–90.

BLAKE, WILLIAM. Milton, 2 books, 1804.-Prophetic Books: Milton, ed.
E. R. D. Maclagan and A. G. B. Russell, 1907.

BOWLES, W. L. The spirit of discovery by sea.-Works, 1855, i. 225–94.

1 At least one of the "sketches" seems to have been published before: cf. ib. 15-16 (description of Loch Lomond) with the Bee, xv. 293 (June 26, 1793). This may be the same as the Address to Loch Lomond (1788, above).


1804 W.


1805 W.



BROWN, THOMAS. The bard.-Poems, 1804: see Mo. Rev., enl., xlvi. 203–4.
To my mother.-The Wanderer in Norway, etc., 2d ed., 1816, pp. 1-7.
Musings during a night-walk.-Ib. 143-60.

E-TT, E. Inscription ii.—Mo. Mag., xvii. 146.

GRAHAME, JAMES. The Sabbath, 1804.

HOWARD, NATHANIEL. Bickleigh vale. - Bickleigh Vale, etc., York, 1804, pp. 1-37.

An inscription for Lidford bridge. -Ib. 117-18.

IRELAND, W. H. ("CHARLES CLIFFORD"). The angler, book i, 1804.

STRANGE, T. A hint to Britain's arch enemy, Buonaparte, Henley, 1804.-
See Mo. Rev., enl., xliii. 437.

TINDAL, WILLIAM. The evils and advantages of genius contrasted, 3 cantos,
1804.-See ib. xliv. 101.

WHITFIELD, HENRY. The Christmas holidays, 1804.1-See ib. xlvi. 324.
WRANGHAM, FRANCIS. The raising of Jaïrus' daughter, 1804.

HERBERT, WILLIAM. To the memory of Thomas Brigstock.—Works, 1842,
vol. i. pt. ii. 177-80.

HOYLE, CHARLES. Moses viewing the promised land.-Cambridge Prize
Poems, ii. 337-52.

THELWALL, JOHN. To Miss Bannatine.-Poetical Recreations, 1822, pp.


BARLOW, JOHN. Loss of the Earl of Abergavenny, East-Indiaman, Weymouth, 1805.

BOOKER, LUKE. Tobias, 3 parts, 1805.

BOUNDEN, JOSEPH. Fatal curiosity, or the vision of Silvester, 3 books, 1805.
GOOD, J. M. The nature of things, a didactic poem, from Lucretius,
2 vols., 1805.

PEERS, CHARLES. Christ's lamentation over Jerusalem.-Cambridge
Prize Poems, ii. 353-63.

R., W. Effusions to an English marigold.- Europ. Mag., xlviii. 307-8.
THELWALL, JOHN. The trident of Albion, an epic effusion, Liverpool, 1805.
BROWN, THOMAS. The renovation of India, Edin., 1808.

GRAHAME, JAMES. The birds of Scotland.-The Birds of Scotland, etc.,
1806, pp. 1-86.

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SHEPHERD, RICHARD. "Your caution, sacred Guide."-The New Boethius, 2d ed., 1808, pp. 105-7.

THELWALL, JOHN. Monody on Charles James Fox, 1806.

YORKE, PHILIP, Viscount Royston. Cassandra, from Lycophron, Camb., 1806.

CUMBERLAND, Richard, and BURGES, J. B. The Exodiad, 1807.

FORD, THOMAS. A token of respect to the memory of Archbishop Markham.
-Gent. Mag., lxxvii. 1049-50.

HOWARD, J. J. The Metamorphoses of Ovid, 2 vols., 1807.-See Mo. Rev.,
enl., liv. 426-8.

HOWARD, NATHANIEL. The Inferno of Dante, translated, 1807.

HOYLE, CHARLES. Exodus, an epic poem, 13 books, 1807.-See Edin. Rev.,
enl., xi. 362-70.

MASTERS, MARTIN KEDGWIN. The progress of love, Boston (U.S.A.), 1808.
SMITH, CHARLOTTE. Beachy head.- Beachy Head, etc., 1807, pp. 1-51.
SOTHEBY, WILLIAM. Saul, 2 parts, 1807.

1 In the same volume is another poem in blank verse, called Black Monday.



BAYLEY, CATHARINE. Medicine, in imitation of Thomson.-Europ. Mag., liv. 218.

COTTLE. JOSEPH. The fall of Cambria, 25 books, 1808.

DEARE, J. R. The Georgics, translated, 1808.-See Quart. Rev., i. 69, 76–7. NOBLE, THOMAS. Blackheath, a didactic and descriptive poem, 5 cantos, 1808.

Lucan's Pharsalia, i. 447 ff.-Lumena (appended to Blackheath), preface, p. iv.

Lines composed on the bench at Dartmouth Point.-Miscellaneous Poems (appended ib.), 49–57.

[Translation of a passage from "Orpheus."]-Argonautica of C. Valerius Flaccus (appended ib.), 110-112.

Translation of Horace, book i, ode i: To Maecenas. - Academic Letters, 1808, pp. 135-6.

Concluding address.-Ib. 174-6.

VINCENT, JOHN. Fowling, 5 books, 1808.-See W. H. K. Wright's West-
Country Poets, 1896, pp. 459-60.

BOWLES, W. L. Pictures from Theocritus: from idyl xxii.—Works, 1855,
i. 159-61.

Southampton castle.-Ib. 164-6.

Cadland, Southampton river.-Ib. 180-82.
The sylph of summer.—Ib. 184–201.

Avenue in Savernake forest.-Ib. 215-16.

Sketch from Bowden hill.-Ib. 219-22.

GRAHAME, JAMES. Africa delivered.-Poems on the Abolition of the Slave
Trade, by J. Montgomery, Grahame, and E. Benger, 1809, pp. 55-100.
British georgics, Edin., 1809.

1809 w. 1814 p. SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Roderick, the last of the Goths.-Works, 1838, vol. ix.


CRAWFORD, CHARLES. The palace of superstition. - Poems on Various
Subjects, 3d ed., 1810, pp. 157-79.

THELWALL, JOHN. [Translation from the Aeneid, i. 81 ff.]-Vestibule of
Eloquence, 1810, pp. 112-13.

bef.1811W. AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). Eternity.-Works, 1825,


1811 W.




WEBB, FRANCIS. Somerset, 1811.

i. 230-31.

AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). On the king's illness.-Works, 1825, i. 263-5.

DIBDIN, T. F. Bibliography, book i, 1812.

ELTON, C. A. Hesiod's Theogony, translated.-Remains of Hesiod, 1812,
pp. 65-133.

Hesiod's Shield of Hercules.-Ib. 199-233.
HUME, JOSEPH. Inferno, from Dante, 1812.

IRELAND, W. H. Lines in imitation of Milton.-Neglected Genius, 1812,
pp. 111-12.

WALKER, W. S. From the ninth book of Klopstock's Messiah.-Poetical
Remains, ed. J. Moultrie, 1852, pp. 178-9.

ELTON, C. A. Specimens of the classic poets, from Homer to Tryphiodorus,
translated, 1814: i. 13-60, 77–84, 164–5, 221–2, 267–72, 283–91, 297–344,
353-4, 415-16; ii. 51–65, 335-6; iii. 9–36, 203–36, 293-4, 315-27.
LICKBARROW, ISABELLA. To the muse. - Poetical Effusions, 1814, pp. 1–2.
A fragment on solitude.-Ib. 3-5.
Written early in spring.—Ib. 5-7.
On music.-Ib. 8-9.

The naiad's complaint.—Ib. 9-11.
The throne of winter.-Ib. 11-13.
On sleep.-Ib. 13-15.


LICKBARROW, ISABELLA. On sensibility.—Ib. 15-17.


1815 W. 1816

1816 w.

Written at the commencement of the year 1813.-Ib. 17-18.
Invocation to peace.-Ib. 19-20.

On seeing some children playing.—Ib. 20-22.

COTTLE, JOSEPH. Messiah, 28 books, 1815.

TOWNSEND, GEORGE. Armageddon, books i-viii, 1815. See Eclectic
Rev., new series, iv. 392-5.

WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. Written on Black Comb.- Poetical Works, 1896,
iv. 281-2.

AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). The first fire.-Works, 1825, i. 273–7.
SHELLEY, P. B. Alastor.-Complete Poetical Works, ed. T. Hutchinson,
Oxford, 1904, pp. 15-33.

POLLOK, ROBERT. Lines to Liza.-Life, by David Pollok, Edin., 1843, pp.


1816 w. 1820 p. WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. “A little onward lend thy guiding hand.”– Poetical Works, 1896, vi. 132–5.


DRUMMOND, Sir WILLIAM. Odin, part i, 1817.

PENNIE, J. F. The royal minstrel, or the witcheries of Endor, an epic poem, 12 books [2d ed.], 1819.

1817 w. 1820 p. Wordsworth, WILLIAM. To Lycoris [second poem]. - Poetical Works,

1896, vi. 149–52.

c. 1817? w. POLLOK, ROBERT. The distressed Christian to his soul.-Life, by David Pollok, 1843, pp. 413-15.


MILMAN, H. H. Samor, lord of the bright city, an heroic poem. - Poetical
Works, 1839, ii. 1–296.

1818-19 w. 1820 p. KEATS, JOHN. Hyperion, a fragment.-Poems, ed. E. de Sélincourt, 2d ed., 1907, pp. 207-27.

1819 w. 1856 p. 1819 w.


The fall of Hyperion, a dream.-Ib. 229-40.

SNART, CHARLES. The angler's day.-Appended to Observations on Angling in the River Trent, 2d ed., Newark, 1819 (an unpublished manuscript in the Fearing collection, Harvard Library).

DRUMMOND, W. H. Clontarf, 2 books, Dublin, 1822.

[Five] poetical sketches.-Ib. 65-83.

DRAKE, NATHAN. [Translation from Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered.]—
Winter Nights, 1820, ii. 120-30.

WORDSWORTH, W. The haunted tree.-Poetical Works, 1896, vi. 199–201. 1820 w. 1870 p. SHELLEY, P. B. Fragment: Milton's spirit.-Poetical Works, 1904, p. 705.

1820? w. 1903 p.




1822 W.

Fragment: Pater omnipotens.-Ib.

THELWALL, JOHN. Sympathy and poesy.-Poetical Recreations, 1822, pp. 14-18.

Sylvanus.-Ib. 77-84.

Thoughts and remembrances. - Ib. 86-90.

Hymn to Alauda. - Ib. 95-6.

The champion's address. -Ib. 128-31.

Ottar of roses.-Ib. 131-2.

On the approach of spring.-Ib. 132–3.

BYRON, GEORGE GORDON. Cain, a mystery.-Poetical Works, ed. E. H.
Coleridge, 1905, pp. 624-52.

S., A. [From Lucan's Pharsalia.] —John Thelwall's Poetical Recreations,
1822, pp. 203-8.

BOWLES, W. L. The grave of the last Saxon.-Works, 1855, ii. 77-141.
HERBERT, WILLIAM. The Guahiba.-Works, 1842, vol. i. pt. ii. 47-74.
WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. Processions.- Poetical Works, 1896, vi. 363-71.
POLLOK, ROBERT. [Lines composed while walking.] -Life, by David Pollok,
1843, pp. 139-49.


PENNIE, J. F. Rogvald, an epic poem, 12 books, 1823.

SWAN, CHARLES. The false one, 3 cantos. -Gaston, or the heir of Foiz, 1823, pp. 133-228.

c. 1823-4w.? POLLOK, ROBERT. To melancholy.-Life, by David Pollok, 1843, pp. 442-4.



1826 w. 1827

1827 W.


1828 w.



Liberty.-Ib. 450–53.

AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). Inscription for an ice-house. - Works, 1825, i. 188-9.

The caterpillar.-Ib. 278-80.

On the death of the Princess Charlotte.-Ib. 281-2.
Fragment.-Ib. 311-12.

GOMPERTZ, ISAAC. Devon, 1825.-See Wright's West-Country Poets,
1896, p. 210.

ANON. The Messiah, by Klopstock, translated, 2 vols., 1826.
CARRINGTON, N. T. Dartmoor, a descriptive poem, 1826.

PENNIE, J. F. The artist. - Death's Doings, ed. R. Dagley, 2d ed., 1827,
ii. 53-8.

WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. Composed [on] a probability of being obliged to
quit Rydal Mount.- Poetical Works, 1896, viii. 289–95.
Address to Kilchurn castle.-Ib. ii. 400-403.

POLLOK, ROBERT. The course of time, 10 books, 7th ed., Edin., 1828.
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT. The crucifixion.-Poetical Works, 1854, pp.

Shadows of death.-Ib. 547-59.

A vision of heaven.-Ib. 560-62.

A vision of hell.-Ib. 563-6.
Universal prayer.-Ib. 567-73.

BOWLES, W. L. Days departed, or Banwell hill, 1828.

MOORE, WILLIAM. Carnbrea.-Poetic Effusions, 1828: see Wright's West-
Country Poets, 344-5.

SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Epistle to Allan Cunningham.-Works, 1837, iii.

MONTGOMERY, ROBERT. London by midnight.-Works, 1854, pp. 593-5.
Satan.-Ib. 323-85.

Spirit of time.-Ib. 604–6.

PHILLIPS, WILLIAM. Mount Sinai, 4 books, 1830.

CAMPBELL, THOMAS. Lines on the view from St. Leonards.-Complete
Poetical Works, ed. J. L. Robertson, Oxford, 1907, pp. 288-92.

MOSBY, J. N. Mount Sion.-The Fall of Algiers, etc., Doncaster, 1831,
pp. 359-418.

VENABLES, G. S. The north-west passage.-Cambridge Prize Poems, new ed., 1847, pp. 241–9.


1831 w. 1835 p. WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. Apology for the foregoing poems.Works, 1896, vii. 309–10.


1833 W.



BRYDGES, EGERTON. The lake of Geneva, 2 vols., Geneva, 1832.
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT. The Messiah.—Works, 1854, PP. 453–532.

-The departed year.-Ib. 609-12.

WALL, W. E. CHRIST crucified, an epic poem, 12 books, Oxford, 1833. ELLIOTT, EBENEZER. Great folks at home.-The Splendid Village, etc., 1834, i. 129–37.

Wharncliffe.-Ib. 245-61.

ROSCOE, W. S. Fragments of "The Contemplative Day."-Poems, 1834, pp. 128-58.

From the Messiah of Klopstock.-Ib. 159-95.

SMITH, WILLIAM. Solitude, 4 cantos, 1834.

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