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1791 W. 1804 p. COWPER, WILLIAM. Yardley oak.-Ib. 479-83.

1791 w. 1810 p. COWPER, WILLIAM, and HAYLEY, WILLIAM. Adam, translated from Andreini.-Life and Works of Cowper, ed. Southey, 1837, x. 239-387.

1791-2 w. 1808 p. COWPER, WILLIAM. Nature unimpaired by time [from Milton].Poems, ed. Bailey, 1905, pp. 576-8.


1792 W.


1793 W.

On the Platonic idea [from Milton].—Ib. 578–9.

To his father [from Milton].-Ib. 579-82.

ANON. A morning walk, 1792.—See Mo. Rev., enl., ix. 330–31.

CUMBERLAND, RICHARD. Calvary, or the death of Christ, 8 books, 1792.
LLOYD, DAVID. The voyage of life, 9 books, 1792.

YOUNG, WILLIAM. Paraphrase on the first chapter of Genesis.— Univ. Mag.,
XC. 449-50.

AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). To Dr. Priestley.-Works, 1825, i. 183-4.
C-B-S, L-S-R. The icead.-Gent. Mag., lxii. 846–7.

ANON. The genius of France, 1793.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xii. 102-3.
ANON. An hymn. -Anthologia Hibernica, Dublin, 1793, i. 388–9.

KETT, HENRY. Translation of Jortin's poem on the nature of the soul.-
Juvenile Poems, Oxford, 1793, pp. 31-40.

Episode taken from a poem on the earthquake at Lisbon.-Ib. 46–9.
ROBINSON, MARY. Sight.-Sight, etc., 1793, pp. 1-10.

Solitude.-Ib. 19–32.

SMITH, CHARLOTTE. The emigrants, 2 books, 1793.

THORN, R. J. Retirement, Bristol, 1793.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., x.

HARLEY, G. D. Lines written at West Cowes.-Poems, 1796, pp. 114-16.
JONES, JOHN, bishop of Cork. Epistle to Archdeacon Moore.-R. Polwhele's
Traditions and Recollections, 1826, i. 337-8.

1793 w. 1796-7 p. CROWE, WILLIAM. Verses to the duke of Portland. - Southey's Annual Anthology, Bristol, 1799, i. 112–14.

1793-1800 W. ROBINSON, MARY. The progress of liberty.-Poetical Works, 1806, iii.


c. 1793?-1828 w. SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Inscriptions, i-xlv. - Poetical Works, 1837, iii. 103-78. Seven inscriptions were not reprinted: Poems, 1797, pp. 55, 59; Letters written in Spain and Portugal, Bristol, 1797, pp. 270, 469–70; Annual Anthology, 1799, i. 67, 181, 208.


1 1793

ANON. The curate's caution.-Gent. Mag., lxiv. 365-6.

ANON. War, 1794.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xvi. 107-8.

BERESFORD, JAMES. The Aeneid, translated, 1794.-See ib. xviii. 1-12.

BURRELL, SOPHIA, Lady. The Thymbriad (from Xenophon's Cyropaedia),

7 books, 1794.

CARY, H. F. The mountain seat.-Gent. Mag., lxiv. 161-2.

GISBORNE, THOMAS. Walks in a forest, 3d ed., 1797.

HARRISON, ANTHONY. Apostrophe to Shakspeare. - The Infant Vision of
Shakspeare, etc., 1794, pp. 9-10.

HURDIS, JAMES. Tears of affection, 1794.

I. On history.-Anthologia Hibernica, 1794, iii. 135-7.

JENNINGS, JAMES. Lines written during a morning walk in August.-
Europ. Mag., xxvi. 289.

SCARISBING, F. S. Paraphrase upon the canticle, 'Benedicite, omnia opera
Domini.'-Gent. Mag., lxiv. 257-8.

THORN, R. J. Howe triumphant, or the glorious first of June, an heroic
poem, 1794.-See Crit. Rev., new arr.,

xiii. 112.

WARTON, JOHN. The complaint.-Poems, Salisbury, 1794, pp. 1–9.

The vision of Moses.-Ib. 71-6.

ANON. Christmas, 1793. In blank verse: Crit. Rev., new arr., x. 229-30. Not seen.

1794 W.

SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Botany-Bay eclogues.-Poems, 1797, pp. 77-82; Mo.
Mag., 1798, v. 41-2.

WRANGHAM, FRANCIS. The restoration of the Jews.-Cambridge Prize
Poems, ii. 235-50.

1794-6 w. POLWHELE, RICHARD. The thunder. -Sketches in Verse, 1796, pp. 33-4. The pilchard-seine.-Ib. 38-41.



The village.-Ib. 45-7.

- A winter evening scene.-Influence of Local Attachment, 1798, pp.


A winter piece.-Ib. 73.

ANON. A call to the country, 1795.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xviii. 91.

ANON. Mensa regum, or the table of kings, 1795.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xvi. 355-7.

BELLAMY, THOMAS. The London theatres, 1795.

CORNHILL, SEWELL. The old serpentine temple of the Druids, Marlborough, 1795.

FAWCETT, JOSEPH. The art of war, 1795.

HUCKS, JOSEPH. Upon the ruins of Denbigh castle.-A Pedestrian Tour
through North Wales, 1795, pp. 46–7.

HURDIS, JAMES. Poem upon a prospect of the marriage of the prince of
Wales, 1795.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xvii. 264-8.

LETTICE, JOHN. The immortality of the soul, translated from I. H. Browne,
Camb., 1795.

[Translation of a passage from Claudian.]—Ib. 309–10.

SMYTH, PHILIP. The coffee-house, a characteristic poem, 1795.-See Crit.
Rev., new arr.,
xiv. 232-3.

TROLLOPE, A. W. The destruction of Babylon.-Cambridge Prize Poems,
ii. 251-61.

COLE, THOMAS. The life of Hubert, a narrative, descriptive, and didactic poem, books i-iii, 1795-7.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xix. 136–9, xxv. 102-5. 1795-1814 w. 1814 p. WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. The excursion.-Poetical Works, ed.

W. Knight, 1896, vol. v.

c. 1795 W. OPIE, AMELIA. An evening walk at Cromer [in] 1795.-Southey's Annual Anthology, 1800, ii. 131-3.

c. 1795 w. 1802-97 p. LANDOR, W. S. The Phocaeans.- Poems, etc., ed. Crump, 1892, ii. 59-76; Letters and other Unpublished Writings, ed. Wheeler, 1897, pp. 136, 236-8; W. Bradley's Early Poems of Landor, a Study, 1914, pp. 113-21.


BIDLAKE, JOHN. The sea, 2 books, 1796.

BISHOP, SAMUEL. The man of taste, in imitation of Milton.-Poetical
Works, 1796: see Mo. Mirror, ii. 290–91.1

COURTIER, P. L. The pleasures of solitude.-Poems, 1796, pp. 95–114.
To the memory of Thomson.-Ib. 115-16.

Revolutions, 2 books, 1796.

FITCHETT, JOHN. Bewsey, Warrington, 1796.-See New Annual Register, 1796, pp. [167-8].

GRAHAM, CHARLES. To the memory of James Thomson.-Gent. Mag., lxvi. 1102-4.

HARLEY, G. D. Address.-Poems, 1796, pp. 9-11.

Night.-Ib. 26-107.

Elegy on a Newfoundland dog.-Ib. 120-33.

The cat.-Ib. 139–63.

Lines, written at an inn.-Ib. 166-9.

Leander.-Ib. 177-218 (error in pagination).

1 Bishop's Preacher is also in blank verse, but whether Miltonic or not I do not know.



1797 W.

HARLEY, G. D. A legacy of love.-Ib. 219-95.

LAMB, CHARLES. The grandame.-Works, ed. Lucas, 1903, v. 5-6.

The Sabbath bells. - Ib. 9.

SEWARD, ANNA. Philippic on a modern epic.-Works, 1810, iii. 67-9.
SKENE, GEORGE. Donald Bane, an heroic poem, 3 books, 1796.-See Mo.

Rev., enl., xxiv. 49–56.

SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Joan of Arc, an epic poem, Bristol, 1796.

THOMSON, ALEXANDER. The paradise of taste, 1796.-Contains some
Miltonic blank verse: see Crit. Rev., new arr., xix. 129–37.

V., F. (THOMAS VIVIAN?). Description of Pandora, from Hesiod's Works
and Days.—Essays by a Society of Gentlemen at Exeter, 1796, pp.
432-3 n.

The shield of Hercules, from Hesiod.-Ib. 455-65.

The shield of Achilles, from Homer.-Ib. 466-73.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM. Redemption, book i, 1796.—See Mo. Rev., enl., xxi.

AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). Washing-day.-Works, 1825, i. 202–6.
ANON. The castle of Olmutz, 1797.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xx. 103−4.
ANON. Lines on the failure of standing for a fellowship at college.-Gent.
Mag., lxvii. 238.

BOLLAND, WILLIAM. Miracles.-Cambridge Prize Poems, ii. 263-76.

BROWN, ROBERT. The campaign, 2 books, 1797.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xxii. 472-3.

CANNING, GEORGE, and FRERE, J. H. Inscription for the door of the cell in Newgate, where Mrs. Brownrigg was confined.-Poetry of the AntiJacobin, ed. C. Edmonds, 2d ed., 1854, p. 16.

DALLAS, R. C. Kirkstall abbey.-Miscellaneous Writings, 1797, pp. 1-15.
DONOGHUE, J. Juvenile essays in poetry, 1797.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xxiii.

GORTON, JOHN. Adam's morning hymn, imitated from Milton.-Gent.
Mag., lxvii. 965-6.

GRAHAME, JAMES. The rural calendar.-The Birds of Scotland, etc., Edin.,
1806, pp. 120-61.

JACKSON, JOHN. Gils-land Wells.- Poems on Several Occasions, 1797: see
Mo. Rev., enl., xxv. 237–8.

N. Address to an old pair of boots newly tapped.-Mo. Mag., iii. 140.
SHARPE, JOHN. The church, 1797.—See Crit. Rev., new arr.,
xxi. 460-63.
SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Retrospective musings.—Letters written in Spain and
Portugal, 1797, pp. xvii-xx.

[Lines on the widow of Villa Franca.]-Ib. 63-5.

[Translations from Lope de Vega's Hermosura de Angelica.]—Ib. 135,

137, 138-9, 141-2, 147–50, 152, 159.

[Translations from Pedro de Tojal's Carlos Reduzido.]-Ib. 333-4, 336-7, 338, 340-1, 343, 350.

- Written after visiting the convent of Arrabida.—Ib. 476-9. WILCOCKE, S. H. Britannia, 1797.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xxiv. 454–7. AIKIN, A. L. (Mrs. BARBAULD). To Coleridge.-Works, 1825, i. 209–11. SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Recollections of a day's journey in Spain. -Works, 1837, ii. 233-5.

THELWALL, JOHN. Lines written at Bridgewater.-Poems written in Re-
tirement, Hereford, 1801, pp. 126–32.

On leaving the bottoms of Glocestershire.-Ib. 136-9.
Maria.-Ib. 142–4.

1797-1812 W. 1805-14 p. CARY, H. F. The vision, or hell, purgatory, and paradise of Dante, translated, 2d ed., 3 vols., 1819.

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bef. 1798 w.


1798 w.

MARRIOTT, JOHN. The falling leaf.-A Short Account of John Marriott, etc., Doncaster, 1803, pp. 155-62.

The vanity of expecting happiness, from superiour acquirements. - Ib. 189-90.

ANON. Matriculation, 1798.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xxiv. 468–9.
BOOKER, LUKE. Malvern, a descriptive and historical poem, 3 books,
Dudley, 1798.

BOWLES, W. L. On a beautiful spring.-Poetical Works, ed. G. Gilfillan,
Edin., 1855, i. 98-9.

Coombe-Ellen.-Ib. 115-25.

COTTLE, JOSEPH. Malvern hills, 1798.

DYER, GEORGE. On taking leave of Arthur Aikin.-Poems, 1801, pp. 12934.

Addressed to the society for establishing a literary fund.-Ib. 140-44. Fawcett, JOSEPH. To the sun; written in the spring.- Poems, 1798: see Mo. Rev., enl., xxviii. 274-5.

LANDOR, W. S. Gebir.-Works, etc., ed. Forster, 1876, vii. 3-41.

LOFFT, CAPEL. On seeing Mrs. Siddons in The Stranger.-Mo. Mag., v. 443.
POLWHELE, RICHARD. To Miss S. Influence of Local Attachment,
1798, ii. 57-8.

BOLLAND, WILLIAM. The epiphany.-Cambridge Prize Poems, ii. 277-87.
ELLIOTT, EBENEZER. The vernal walk, 1801.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xxxv.


c. 1798–1838 w. 1808-42 p. FITCHETT, JOHN. King Alfred [2d ed.], 6 vols., completed and edited by Robert Roscoe, 1841-2.


1799 W.

BOOKER, LUKE. The hop-garden, a didactic poem, 2 books, Newport, 1799.
A sequel-poem to the Hop-Garden.-Ib. 75-106.

DYER, GEORGE. On visiting Fuseli's Milton gallery in Pall Mall.-Gent.
Mag., lxix. 509-10.

HILDRETH, W. The Niliad, an epic poem in honour of the victory off the
mouth of the Nile, 1799.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xxv. 354-5.
LLOYD, CHARLES. Lines suggested by the fast, Birmingham, 1799.
M., J. Atys, or human weakness, 1799.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xxxiii. 428–9.
NASON, GEORGE. Aphono and Ethina, including the science of ethics,
3 cantos, Edin., 1799.-See ib. xxxii. 437–8.

THOMSON, ALEXANDER. Pictures, 6, 7, 9.—Pictures of Poetry, Edin., 1799:
see Crit. Rev., new arr., xxvii. 260–68.

THORN, R. J. Lodon and Miranda, Bristol, 1799.-See ib. 110-12. BOLLAND, WILLIAM. Saint Paul at Athens.-Cambridge Prize Poems, ii. 289-97.

SOUTHEY, ROBERT. Madoc, 1805.

1799 w. 1815 p. COWPER, WILLIAM. Virgil's Aeneid, viii. 18 ff.-Poems, ed. Bailey, 1905, pp. 625-34.

1799-1805 w. 1850 p. WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. The prelude.- Poetical Works, 1896,

iii. 121-380.

bef. 1800 W. WARTON, JOSEPH. Epistle from Thomas Hearne, antiquary. - Biographi


cal Memoirs, 1806, pp. 159-60.

Verses on Dr. Burton's death.-Ib. 163.

Verses spoken to the king by Lord Shaftesbury.-Ib. 163-4.

ANON. Kilda.-Gent. Mag., lxx. 977.

"AURISCO GERESTEO (Fra Gli ARCADI)." Speech of Napoleon in Kassan-
dra Pseudomantis, 1800.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xxxi. 470.

BROWN, JAMES. Britain preserved, 7 books, Edin., 1800.-See ib. 109–11.
CASE, WILLIAM. Gorthmund, a tale in the manner of Ossian.-Southey's
Annual Anthology, ii. 91–5.

[blocks in formation]

CHAMBERLIN, MASON. Equanimity, 1800.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xxxiii.



COTTLE, JOSEPH. Alfred, an epic poem, 24 books, 1800.

DYER, GEORGE. Homer's statue [translated from the Anthologia published by H. Stephens].-Poems, 1801, pp. 53-5.

HURDIS, JAMES. The favorite village, Bishopstone, 1800.

MANT, RICHARD. Verses to the memory of Joseph Warton, Oxford, 1800.
ROBINSON, MARY. The Italian peasantry.-Mo. Mag., ix. 260-61.

SHERIVE, C. H. On leaving Bristol Wells.-Southey's Annual Anthology
ii. 243-6.

WHITEHOUSE, JOHN. Hymn to the earth, etc., from Stolberg, 1800.-See
Crit. Rev., new arr., xxxi. 348-9.

WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. Inscription for St. Herbert's island [text of 1815].
-Poetical Works, 1896, ii. 210-13.

WRANGHAM, FRANCIS. The Holy Land. - Cambridge Prize Poems, ii. 299-

c. 1800 W. SEWARD, ANNA. A meditation.-Works, 1810, iii. 317-18.

Address to the river in a landscape.-Ib. 334-7.

SOTHEBY, WILLIAM. Extracts from a manuscript poem on the elements.—
Italy and other Poems, 1828, pp. 247-308.

c. 1800 w. 1807 p. WHITE, HENRY KIRKE. Commencement of a poem on despair.Remains, ed. Southey, 5th ed., 1811, i. 358-60.

c. 1800 w. 1888 p. WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. The recluse, book i, part i: Home at Grasmere.-Poetical Works, 1896, viii. 235-57.


ANON. The prostitute.—A Collection of Poems (ed. Joshua Edkins], Dublin, 1801, pp. 28-31.

BOADEN, JAMES. A rainy day, 1801.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xXXV. 111–12. BROUGHTON, BRIAN. Six picturesque views in North Wales, with poetical reflections, 1801.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xliv. 41-4. (Four "views" had been published in 1798.)

BURGES, JAMES BLAND. Richard the First, 18 books, 2 vols., 1801. - See
ib. xxxvii. 287-91.

CARLISLE, FREDERICK HOWARD, Earl of. Naworth castle.-Tragedies and
Poems, 1801, pp. 297–8.

CHAMBERLIN, MASON. Ocean, 1801.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xxxvi. 437–8.
Dyer, George. The madman.-Poems, 1801, pp. 19–22.

On visiting the tomb of David Hume.-Ib. 56-60.

- Monody on the death of Robert Robinson.-Ib. 182-6.
Fox, WILLIAM, Jr. La bagatella, or delineations of home scenery, a descrip-
tive poem, 2 parts, 1801.-See Mo. Rev., enl., xxxviii. 188-90.
HUNT, LEIGH. Christ's hospital.—Juvenilia, 4th ed., 1803, pp. 17-25.
LARDNER, W. O. The college gibb, an heroic sketch.-A Collection of Poems
[ed. Joshua Edkins], 1801, pp. 1-8.

OGILVIE, JOHN. Britannia, a national epic poem, 20 books, Aberdeen, 1801.
THELWALL, JOHN. Paternal tears [10 "effusions"].- Poems written in
Retirement, 1801, pp. 145-63.

THOMPSON, GILBERT. Select translations from the works of Homer and
Horace, 1801.-See Crit. Rev., new arr., xxxvi. 107–8.

1801 w. 1804 p. HERBERT, WILLIAM. Croyland abbey.—Works, 1842, i. pt. ii. 169–70. Written in Somersetshire.-Ib. 171-7.

1801 W. 1801-21

SEWARD, ANNA. Consolation.-Works, 1810, iii. 351–6.

THELWALL, JOHN. Specimens of the Hope of Albion, or Edwin of Northum`bria, an epic poem.-Poems written in Retirement, 1801, pp. 175-202; Poetical Recreations, 1822, pp. 117-24, 235-42.

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