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1685 ROSCOMMON, Earl of. An essay on translated verse, 2d ed., 1685. 1695 BLACKMORE, Sir RICHARD. Prince Arthur, an heroick poem, 10 books, 1695.

DENNIS, JOHN. The court of death, a pindarique poem, 1695. 1697 BLACKMORE, Sir RICHARD. King Arthur, an heroick poem, 12 books, 1697. 1698 w. SAY, SAMUEL. Epistles of Horace (four). - Poems on Several Occasions,

1745, PP. 1-26. 1701 PHILIPS, JOHN. Imitation of Milton (the Splendid Shilling). - A New Mis

cellany of Poems, ed. Charles Gildon, 1701, pp. 212–21. 1702

ANON. The vision.- Examen Miscellaneum (ed. Gildon?), 1702, pp. 44-64.

SMITH, MATTHEW. The vision, or a prospect of death, heav'n and hell, 1702. 1703 BLACKMORE, Sir RICHARD. A hymn to the light of the world. - Collection

of Poems, 1718, pp. 385-409. 1703-23 w. 1709-31 p. TRAPP, JOSEPH. The works of Virgil, 2d ed., 3 vols., 1735. 1704 ADDISON, JOSEPH. Milton's style imitated, in a translation out of the third

Aeneid. – Works, Bohn ed., 1890, i. 38-41. DENNIS, JOHN. Britannia triumphans, or a poem on the battel of Blenheim. - Select Works, 1718, i. 147–218.

- [Translations from Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered, in) Grounds of criti

cism in poetry. -Ib. ii. 436, 448-50. 1704? ROWE, ELIZABETH. A description of hell, in imitation of Milton.-Works,

1739, i. 49-52.

On heaven. - Ib. 52-5. 1705

BLACKMORE, Sir RICHARD. Eliza, an epick poem, 10 books, 1705.

PHILIPS, JOHN. Bleinheim, 1705. 1705-6 DEFOE, DANIEL. Lines. - A Review of the Affairs of France, 1705, vol. i,

supplement no. 5.
A hymn to truth.-Ib., vol. ii, no. 1.

On the fight at Ramellies. - Ib., vol. üi (1706), no. 61.
1706 ANON. Ramelies.-A. Harrach's John Philips, Kreuznach, 1906, pp.

DENNIS, JOHN. The battle of Ramillia, 5 books, 1706.
PARIS, Mr. Ramillies, in imitation of Milton, 1706.

PHILIPS, JOHN. Cerealia, an imitation of Milton, 1706. 1706 W. 1715 p. STANDEN, JOSEPH. To Dr. Watts, on his Horae Lyricae. - Isaac

Watts's Works, 1810, iv. 419–21. 1708 GAY, JOHN. Wine, 1709.

PHILIPS, JOHN. Cyder, 2 books, 1708. 1708 w. RowE, THOMAS. Horace, book i, ode xii, imitated. - Original Poems, etc.,

1738, appended to Miscellaneous Works of Elizabeth Rowe, 1739, ii.

245-8. 1708-11 ANON. (Short passages in) British Apollo, 1708-11, vol. i. nos. 50, 56,

78, 90, 99, 101, 105, 108, 111, quarterly paper no. 1, and supernumerary paper no. 8 (two pieces); vol. ii, nos. 3, 9 (two pieces), 14, 18, 19, 31, 55, 60, 61, 72, 90, 96, 104, 107, and supernumerary papers nos. 3, 4; vol. iii,

nos. 17, 23, 127. 1 All the poems in this bibliography are in blank verse, except those by Blackmore (1695, 1697, 1703, 1705), Dennis (1695), Smith (1702), Burges (1801), Palmer (1802), Cottle (1815), and Wordsworth (1822), all but a few lines of Roscommon (1685), and parts of the anonymous Vision (1702), of Fellows (1770), Thomson (1796), and Mrs. Flowerdew (1803).


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1709 BELLAMY, DANIEL (the elder). Taffy's triumph, or a new translation of the

Cambro-muo-machia, in imitation of Milton, 1709. GROVE, HENRY. A thought on death.– Works, 1747, iv. 395. "Philo-MILTON." Milton's sublimity asserted, in a poem occasion'd by a

late celebrated piece, entituled Cyder, 1709.
PRIOR, MATTHEW. The first hymn of Callimachus: to Jupiter.- Poems on

Several Occasions, ed. Waller, Camb., 1905, pp. 1969.
WATTS, ISAAC. The celebrated victory of the Poles over Osman.-Horae
Lyricae, 1709, pp. 229–38.

To Mitio.-Ib. 261–79.

An elegiac thought on Mrs. Anne Warner.-Ib. 304-8. bef.1710? w. ROWE, ELIZABETH. Part of the thirteenth book of Tasso's Jerusalem,

translated.-Works, 1739, i. 147-50. 1711 W. 1724 p. NEEDLER, HENRY. (Poem proving the existence of God from the

works of creation.]-Works, 2d ed., 1728, pp. 135-9.

To the memory of Favonia.- Ib. 198–200. 1712

FENTON, ELIJAH. Part of the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah, paraphras'd.

Poems on Several Occasions, 1717, pp. 37-40. 1713 FINCH, ANNE, Countess of Winchilsea. Fanscomb Barn, in imitation of

Milton.- Miscellany Poems, 1713, PP. 58–65. 1713 W. 1724 p. THOMSON, JAMES. The works and wonders of almighty power. –

Complete Poetical Works, ed. J. L. Robertson, 1908, pp. 483-4. 1713–26 BRADY, NICOLAS. Virgil's Aeneis, 4 vols. in one, 1716–26. 1714 ANON. Prae-existence, in imitation of Milton, 1714. 1715 ANON. The mouse-trap, done from the Latin in Milton's stile, 1715. 1717 FENTON, ELIJAH. The eleventh book of Homer's Odyssey, in Milton's style.

- Poems on Several Occasions, 1717, pp. 85-127. C. 1718 w. 1847 p. THOMSON, JAMES. Lisy's parting with her cat.– Works, 1908, pp.

511-13 1719 PECK, FRANCIS. Sighs upon the death of Queen Anne, in imitation of

Milton, 1719. 1720


poem.- Reasons for Abolishing Ceremony, by J. Swift, Jr., 1720, pp.

20-25. 1720? ANON. (J. BULKELEY?). The last day, book i, 1720(?). bef.1721 W. PRIOR, MATTHEW. Virgils Georgic 4 verse 511, translated. - Dialogues of

the Dead, etc., ed. Waller, Camb., 1907, p. 334.

Prelude to a tale from Boccace.- Ib. 339-44. 1721 ANON. A description, in imitation of Milton.- Miscellaneous Collection of

Poems, publish'd by T. M. Gent, Dublin, 1721, ii. 54-8.
PRIOR, MATTHEW. The second hymn of Callimachus: to Apollo.- Poems

on Several Occasions, ed. Waller, 1905, pp. 200-204. 1721 W. 1793 P. MALLET, David. The transfiguration, in imitation of Milton's style.

Europ. Mag., XXV. 52. 1723 BAKER, HENRY. An invocation of health, 1723.

NEWCOMB, THOMAS. The last judgment of men and angels, after the man

ner of Milton, 12 books, 1723. 1724 BROWN, N. The north-country wedding. - Miscellanedus Poems, published

by Matthew Concanen, 1724, pp. 1-15.

The fire.-Ib. 16-21.
WARBURTON, WILLIAM. Pygmaio-geranomachia, or the battle of the cranes

and pigmies, in imitation of Milton's style. – Tracts by Warburton, etc.
(ed. Samuel Parr), 1789, pp. 56-62.
ANON. A description of the four last things, viz. death, judgment, hell, and heaven, in

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blank verse, 2 pts., 2d ed., 1719. Not seen.

i bef. 1719

1725 ANON. TO Miss M-reton, in Milton's stile.- A New Miscellany of Poetry,

from Bath, Tunbridge, etc., 1725, pp. 50-51. 1726 ANON. A verbal translation of part of the first Aeneid. – Miscellaneous

Poems, published by D. Lewis, 1726, pp. 307-9.
THOMPSON, WILLIAM. A poetical paraphrase on part of the book of Job,

in imitation of the style of Milton, 1726. 1726–30 THOMSON, JAMES. The seasons, 4 parts, 1730. 1727 BROOME, WILLIAM. Part of the tenth book of the Iliads of Homer, in the

stile of Milton.-Poems on Several Occasions, 2d ed., 1739, pp. 101–30.

From the eleventh book of the Iliads of Homer, in the stile of
Milton.-Ib. 176-84.
HARTE, WALTER. Psalm the civth, paraphrased. - Poems on Several Occa-
sions, 1727, pp. 229–34.

Psalm the cviith, paraphrased. - Ib. 235-42.
PITT, CHRISTOPHER. The 139th psalm paraphras'd in Miltonick verse. -

Poems and Translations, 1727, pp. 120–27.
RALPH, JAMES. The tempest, or the terrors of death, 1727.
SOMERVILE, WILLIAM. Hudibras and Milton reconciled.-Occasional

Poems, Translations, etc., 1727, pp. 93-6.
Thomson, JAMES. To the memory of Sir Isaac Newton.-Works, 1908,

Pp. 436-42. 1728 CURTEIS, THOMAS. Eirenodia.-R. Freeman's Kentish Poets, Canterbury,

1821, ii. 121-46.
GLOVER, RICHARD. A poem on Sir Isaac Newton.- Prefixed to Henry

Pemberton's View of Newton's Philosophy, 1728.
LYTTELTON, GEORGE, Lord. Blenheim.- Poetical Works, 1801, pp. 26–33.
MALLET, DAVID. The excursion, 2 books, 1728.
RALPH, JAMES. Night, 4 books, 1728.

Sawney, an heroic poem occasion'd by the Dunciad, 1728. bef. 1729? CAREY, HENRY. To Handel. - Poems on Several Occasions, 3d ed., 1729,

pp. 108-9. 17291 ANON. The loss of liberty, or fall of Rome, 1729.

BROWNE, MOSES. To George Dodington. - Piscatory Eclogues, 1729,

dedication. RALPH, JAMES. Zeuma, or the love of liberty, 3 books, 1729. THOMSON, JAMES.(?) To the memory of Mr. Congreve.-Works, 1908, pp. 457-62.

Britannia.-Ib. 471-80. 1730-42 W. BLAIR, ROBERT. The grave, 1743. C.1730-65w.DUNKIN, WILLIAM. The poetical mirror, 4 books. -Select Poetical Works,

Dublin, 1769–70, i. 100-337.

The frosty winters of Ireland in 1739, 1740.-Ib. 430–43.
Notes to the Parson's Revels.- Ib. ii., sign. b 4.

- Translation from Boetius.-Ib. 518–20. 1731 ANON. Isaiah, chap. lx. - A Miscellany of Poems, ed. J. Husbands, Oxford,

1731, pp. 1-8.
ANON. An epistle from Oxon. - Ib. 121-8.
ANON. To on the death of J. Hill. – Ib. 134-40.
ANON. A hymn to the Creator.-Ib. 141-5.
ANON. From Oxford, to a friend.-Ib. 155-60.
Anon. Il penseroso.- Ib. 161-9.
ANON. Job, chap. the 3d. - Ib. 184-9.
ANON. The country.- Ib. 197–208.
ANON. A divine rhapsody, or morning hymn.-Ib. 255-62.
ANON. The adventures of Telemachus, attempted in blank verse, books i-ii, 1729. Not seen.

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1 1729


1732 1

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1732 w.


ANÓN. An evening hymn.-Ib. 266–70.
ANON. On Albanio's marrying the incomparable Monissa; in Miltonian

verse.- New Miscellaneous Poems, 7th ed., 1731, pp. 180–88.
ANON. A paraphrase on the civth psalm, in imitation of Milton's style. -

The Flower-Piece, 1731, pp. 205-9.
--The templer's bill of complaint. - Ib. 119–29.
ANON. A panegyrick on cuckoldom. - Lond. Mag., i. 202.
LAUDER, WILLIAM. A poem (Eucharistia) of H. Grotius on the holy sacra-

ment, translated, Edin., 1732.
WOGAN, CHARLES. The psalms of David, paraphrased in Miltonic verse. —

See Swift's Correspondence, ed. F. E. Ball, 1913, iv. 327–31 (Swift to

Wogan, Aug. 2, 1732).
ANON. Prize verses, no. xi: On her majesty and the bustoes in the royal

grotto.-Gent. Mag., iii. 541.
LLOYD, JOHN. The blanket, in imitation of Milton, 1733.–See the Bee,

üi. 1181 (Aug., 1733). LONG, ROGER. “When o'er the sounding main to Belgia's coast."

Gratulatio Academiae Cantabrigiensis ... Annae Georgii II ... Filiae

... Nuptias celebrantis, Camb., 1733, pp. 13-6).
ANON. Darius's feast, or the force of truth, 1734.
C., E. Gin, in Miltonick verse. - Lond. Mag., iii. 663.
THOMSON, JAMES. To Dr. De la Cour, in Ireland, on his “Prospect of
Poetry.” –Works, Aldine ed., 1847, i. 69–72.

Liberty, 5 parts. – Works, 1908, pp. 309-421.
BROWNE, ISAAC HAWKINS. Imitation iii.- A Pipe of Tobacco, in Imitation

of Six Several Authors, 1736, pp. 13-15.
LILLY, WILLIAM. Psalm 8, in Miltonick verse. - Lond. Mag., iv. 683-4.
SOMERVILE, WILLIAM. The chace, 1735.
ANON. The Christian hero.-Gent. Mag., vi.

ARMSTRONG, JOHN. The oeconomy of love, 1736.
ASTROPHIL.” To Mr. Thomson on his excellent poems.-Gent. Mag.,



1734-6 1735


vi. 479.

“ENDYMION.” An astronomical paradox.-Ib. 159-60.

Solution of the astronomical paradox.-Ib. 283. WESLEY, SAMUEL (the younger). The dog, a Miltonick fragment. - Poems on Several Occasions, 1736, pp. 148–50.

The descriptive, a Miltonick, after the manner of the moderns.

Ib. 151-6. 1737 AKENSIDE, MARK. The poet. - Poetical Works, Aldine ed., 1835, pp. 282–7.

ANON. Albania, a poem addressed to the genius of Scotland. - Scottish

Poetry of the Eighteenth Century, ed. G. Eyre-Todd, Glasgow, 1896, i.

D., M. Animal oeconomy.-Gent. Mag., vii. 246.
GLOVER, RICHARD. Leonidas, 1737.
THOMSON, JAMES. To the memory of Lord Talbot. - Works, 1908, pp.

444-55. 1737 W. 1749 p. HOADLY, JOHN. Kambromyomachia, or the mouse-trap.-A Collection

of Poems by Several Hands (Dodsley's Miscellany), 1758, v. 258–68. 1738 ANON. A hymn to the morning, attempted in Miltonic verse. -Lond. Mag.,


vii. 44.

- A hymn to night, attempted in the same verse.-Ib. 44.
ANON. Written by a gentleman, a little inclin’d to melancholy.- Ib. 1989.
ANON. An enigma.- Ib. 408-9.
LOCKMAN, John. (Voltaire's] Henriade, an epick poem, in ten cantos, translated into blank

verse, 1732. Not seen.

1 1732


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ANON. Verses wrote when smoaking some bad tobacco.-Gent. Mag., viii.

99-100. “BRITANNICUS." The voice of liberty, a poem in Miltonic verse, occa

sion'd by the insults of the Spaniards, 1738. “EUGENIO.” A hymn to the Creator of the world. - Lond. Mag., vii.

509-10. “A FRESHMAN OF CLARE-HALL.” An elegy on the death of her majesty.–

Ib. 253

1738 w.

PRICE, HENRY. To Mr. [Moses) Browne.-Gent. Mag., viii. 651.
SHIPLEY, JONATHAN. On the death of Queen Caroline.- John Nichols's

Select Collection of Poems, 1782, viii. 109-11.
EDWARDS, SAMUEL. The Copernican system.—Poetical Calendar, ed.

Fawkes and Woty, 1763, iii. 67–77.
ANON. On the declaration of war against Spain. -Gent. Mag., ix. 596–7.
BARTON, RICHARD. Fairy fort, or the pleasures of an acre. - Farrago, 1739,
pp. 1-25.

The wicked man's reflections.- Ib. 119–21.
BROWNE, Moses. To Mr. Thomson.- Poems on Various Subjects, 1739,


Pp. 266-8.

GLOVER, RICHARD. London, or the progress of commerce, 1739. 1739 w.

DAVIES, SNEYD. Vacuna.- John Whaley's Collection of Poems, 1745, pp. 178–81.

Epithalamium.-- Ib. 242-5. 1739-67 STRAHAN, ALEXANDER. The Aeneid, translated, 2 vols., 1767.-See Mo.

Rev., ix. 1-11, xxxvii. 321-3. 1740 ANON. Liberty regain'd, in imitation of Milton, 1740.

ANON. On the resurrection, in imitation of Milton.- Appended to Francis

Peck's New Memoirs of Milton, 1740.
DYER, JOHN. The ruins of Rome, 1740.
KING, WILLIAM. Milton's epistle to Pollio, from the Latin, 1740.
NEWCOMB, THOMAS. Part of Psalm cxlviii, after the manner of Milton.-

Miscellaneous Collection of Poems, 1740, pp. 339-42.
PARKER, BENJAMIN. Money, in imitation of Milton.— See A. Boyer's

Litterary State of Great-Britain for 1740 (appended to his Political

State, etc.), p. 25.
RALPH, JAMES. (?) An essay on truth.– The Champion, 1741, ii. 63–70.

SOMERVILE, WILLIAM. Hobbinol, or the rural games, a burlesque, 1740.
C. 1740? w. DAVIES, SNEYD. Rhapsody, to Milton.- J. Whaley's Collection, 1745,

pp. 182-6.

On J. W. ranging pamphlets. - Ib. 202–7.
To the Hon. and Rev. (Frederick Cornwallis).-Ib. 208–13.
A song of Deborah. - Ib. 217–24.

The nativity.-Ib. 225-8. 1740 W. 1744 p. WARTON, JOSEPH. The enthusiast, or the lover of nature. - Biographi

cal Memoirs, etc., ed. J. Wooll, 1806, pp. 111-24. 1741 ANON. The country christning, from a Latin poem. -Lond. Mag., X. 44-5.

SOMERVILE, WILLIAM. Field sports, 1742.
WINSTANLEY, JOHN. An address from a youth his to father.- Poems,

Dublin, 1742, pp. 283-6. 1742–6 YOUNG, EDWARD. The complaint, or night thoughts, 9 parts. – Poetical

Works, Aldine ed., 1852, vol. i. bef. 1743 w. SAY, SAMUEL. Fragment.–J. Nichols's Collection, 1780, vi. 43.


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i bef. 1743 W. HINCHLIFFE, WILLIAM. (Translation of Telemachus, books i-ix, in manuscript.) In

blank verse: Cibber's Lives, 1753, V. 25. Not seen.

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