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(2) Develops and monitors plans, poli- Wyoming, and present and former Pacies and programs designed to promote cific Trust Territories; and equal employment opportunity for (ii) Southern Region. Alabama, AriRUS personnel under title VII of the zona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Civil Rights Act of 1964; the Age Dis- Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, crimination in Employment Act of 1967 Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ne(29 U.S.C. 621-634); the Equal Employ- vada, New Mexico, North Carolina, ment Opportunity Act of 1972 (42 U.S.C. Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Caro2000e et seq.); section 501 of the Reha- lina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and the bilitation Act of 1973; pertinent provi- Virgin Islands. sions of the Civil Service Reform Act (2) The regional offices perform the of 1978 (5 U.S.C. 1101 et seq.); and appli- following functions with respect to cable rules, regulations and other equal loan feasibility and security and acemployment, nondiscrimination stat- complishment of the purposes of the utes.

RE Act:

(i) Administer the rural electrifica$ 1700.3 Office of the Deputy Adminis- tion program for distribution borrowtrator-Program Operations.

ers in the region, serving as the single The Deputy Administrator-Program

point of contact for distribution borOperations directs and coordinates the

rowers; electric, telephone and rural economic

(ii) Provide guidance to borrowers on development programs, technical serv

Agency loan policies and procedures, ices, and borrower accounting activi

and receives, evaluates, and processes ties; reviews Agency policies in these

insured and guaranteed loan applicaareas and, as necessary, implement

tions and other requests for financing

assistance; changes; and participates with the Administrator and other officials in plan

(iii) If delegated the authority by the

Administrator, Regional Directors may ning and formulating the programs and activities of the Agency.

approve certain loans, lien accom

modations and other actions; 8 1700.4 Rural electric program.

(iv) Assure that distribution and

transmission systems and facilities are (a) The Assistant Administrator

designed and constructed in accordance Electric directs and coordinates the with the terms of the loan and proper rural electrification program of the

engineering practices and specificaAgency, participating with the Admin

tions; istrator and Deputy Administrator

(v) Maintain oversight of borrower Program Operations and others in

rate actions; planning and formulating the programs (vi) Provide guidance to borrowers on and activities of the Agency.

supplemental power resources; load and (b) Regional Offices. (1) The two re- energy management; and the environgional offices are the primary points of mental aspect of the design, construccontact between RUS and electric dis- tion and operation of their systems; tribution system borrowers. Each of- (vii) Maintain necessary oversight of fice administers the rural electric pro- borrowers' financial management and gram for an assigned geographical area technical operations and practices to with assistance of field representatives assure the security of the government's located in areas assigned to them. The loans. Institute operations and manregional offices are composed of the agement studies or other forms of corfollowing states and territories:

rective action as necessary; (i) Northern Region. Alaska, Connecti- (viii) Works to ensure accountability cut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, of loan and other financial transIndiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Mary- actions; and land, Massachusetts, Michigan, Min- (ix) Supplements efforts of the Equal nesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Opportunity and Civil Rights Staff to Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, ensure borrower compliance with civil Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, rights requirements. South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, (c) Power Supply Division. The DiviWashington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, sion performs the following functions:

related policies and procedures for the Agency;

(3) Develops criteria, procedures and analyses for improvement of the operating performance of electric borrowers;

(4) Develops procedures, criteria and techniques for forecasting borrowers' power requirements; and develops and maintains expertise in matters relating to retail and wholesale rates;

(5) Develops policies and procedures for adherence to environmental laws and regulations, and reviews borrowers' environmental studies;

(6) Maintains and publishes a continuing updated list of materials compatible with current RUS standards;

(7) From time to time provides consultation with borrowers regarding engineering matters;

(8) Provides assistance to the other electric offices and, as appropriate, to borrowers; and

(9) Maintains liaison with other Government agencies, utilities, industry officials and professional organizations on the above matters.

(1) Administers rural electrification program responsibilities that relate to power supply borrowers, and serves as the primary point of contact between RUS and all such borrowers;

(2) Receives, evaluates, and processes insured and guaranteed loan applications and other requests for financial assistance from power supply borrowers;

(3) Develops and administers engineering and construction functions related to planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance for power supply borrowers;

(4) Maintains a continuing financial and management overview of power supply borrowers to ensure that their operations are consistent with sound fiscal policies and procedures, loan security, and with RUS loan contracts, mortgages and regulatory requirements. Initiates operations and management studies or other forms of corrective action as necessary;

(5) Provide guidance to borrowers on supplemental power resources; load and energy management; and the environmental aspects of the design, construction and operations of their systems;

(6) Works to ensure accountability of loan and other financial transactions; and

(7) Supplements efforts of the Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights Staff to ensure borrower compliance with civil rights requirements.

(d) Electric Staff Division. This division administers certain engineering and operating activities relating to the rural electric program. The division:

(1) Is responsible for engineering aspects of RUS's standards, specifications and other requirements with respect to design, construction, and technical operation and maintenance of power-plant, distribution, and transmission systems and facilities, including load management, energy conservation and communications;

(2) Develops engineering practices, policies, standards, and guidelines for the Agency relating to electric borrowers' systems; conducts analysis and provides guidance on matters relating to fuels for electric generating stations; analyzes the effects of environmental laws and regulations on RUS-financed electric systems; and develops

8 1700.5 Rural telephone program.

(a) The Assistant AdministratorTelephone directs and coordinates the rural telephone program of the Agency, participating with the Administrator and Deputy Administrator-Program Operations and other officials in planning and formulating the programs and activities of the Agency.

(b) Regional Offices. (1) The two regional offices are the primary points of contact between RUS and all telephone system borrowers. Each office administers the rural telephone program for an assigned geographical area with assistance of field representatives located in areas assigned to them.

(2) The regional offices are composed of the following states and territories:

(i) Eastern Region. Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands, West Virginia, and Wisconsin; and

(ii) Western Region. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and present and former Pacific Trust Territories along with the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

(3) The regional offices have the following responsibilities with respect to loan feasibility and security and accomplishment of the purposes of the RE Act:

(i) Provide guidance to applicants and borrowers on Agency and Rural Telephone Bank loan policies and procedures, and make recommendations to the Administrator on applications for loans or guarantees. If delegated the authority by the Administrator, Area Directors may approve certain loans, lien accommodations and other actions;

(ii) Review and analyze borrowers' toll revenue settlements and local service rates for adequacy to meet loan service payments and other expenses;

(iii) Assure that telephone systems and facilities are designed and constructed in accordance with the terms of the loan and the Agency's regulations. They review, analyze and approve borrowers' engineering plans and specifications; engineering, equipment and construction contracts; and borrowers' payments to engineers and contractors. They work with the borrowers to assure that completed construction meets RUS standards for quality of service and loan security; and

(iv) Provide information to borrowers regarding management and technical operations and practices with respect to the feasibility and security of the Government's loans and achievement of RE Act purposes.

(c) Telecommunications Standards Division. This division administers engineering staff activities related to the design, construction, and technical operation and maintenance of rural telephone systems and facilities. The division:

(1) Develops Agency engineering practices, policies, guidelines and technical data relating to telephone borrowers' systems;

(2) Evaluates the application of new communications network technology to rural telephone systems;

(3) Develops standards, policies, and procedures in connection with construction activities financed by the rural telephone program;

(4) Provides advice and assistance to the regional offices and, as requested, to borrowers on the above functions and responsibilities; and

(5) Maintains liaison with other government agencies, utilities, industry officials, and professional organizations on the above matters.

(d) Rural Telephone Bank Management Staff. This staff performs the following functions:

(1) Prepares analyses and makes recommendations to the Assistant Governor of the RTB on RTB issues;

(2) Performs the calculations needed to determine the cost of money rate to RTB borrowers;

(3) Prepares the minutes of RTB board meetings;

(4) Develops practices and procedures for determining toll forecasts for the telephone regional offices, and develops the toll forecasts for borrowers with complicated settlement arrangements; and

(5) Maintains liaison with other government agencies, utilities, industry officials, and professional organizations on the above matters.

$ 1700.6 Economic development and

technical services. (a) The Assistant AdministratorEconomic Development and Technical Services directs and coordinates the rural economic development and technical services programs of the Agency, participating with the Administrator and Deputy Administrator—Program Operations and other officials in planning and formulating the programs and activities of the Agency. Two staffs and one division report to this Assistant Administrator.

(b) Rural Development Assistance Staff. This staff performs the following functions:

(1) Administers the Agency's rural economic development and job creation programs;

(2) Formulates and develops regula- (1) Provides recommendations and astions, procedures, directives, and bul- sistance in solving special program and letins concerning the execution of administrative problems involving acAgency rural economic development counting interpretations and analysis, activities;

including the development and presen(3) In coordination with Agency per- tation of data to agency staff, regusonnel, provides guidance to borrowers

latory bodies, and other agencies; on Agency rural economic development

(2) Examines borrowers' records and policies and procedures, and makes rec

operations and reviews expenditures of ommendations to the Administrator on

loan and other funds deposited in the borrowers' applications for rural eco

RUS Construction Fund Account to denomic development financial assist

termine that funds are expended in ance; (4) Provides economic and commu

conformity with the RE Act. Reviews nity development technical assistance

borrowers' plant accounting system to borrowers; and

and procedures to determine compli(5) Advises Agency personnel on rural

ance with RUS regulations; economic development matters.

(3) Approves Certified Public AC(c) Program Support Staff. This staff countants to perform audits for borhas the following responsibilities:

rowers and reviews their reports to de(1) Prepares special and ongoing anal- termine conformance with acceptable yses regarding the operations of the accounting practices, procedures and Agency's loan, loan-guarantee, and standards; grant programs, and supervises special (4) Develops proposed standards and projects as assigned;

procedures for Agency examination (2) Develops and maintains Agency

programs and evaluates adequacy and regulations and bulletins on pre-and

effectiveness of the review procedures; post-loan policies and procedures, and

and provides advice and assistance to Agen

(5) Evaluates borrowers' accounting cy staff and others regarding the


recachievement of program policies;

and procedures and (3) Coordinates with corresponding

ommends changes, as necessary, to pro

vide for more complete and accurate program staffs regarding the implementation of program-wide policies;

reporting of borrowers' operations. (4) Coordinates joint program initia

Provides advice and assistance to bortives;

rowers concerning the installation and (5) Provides coordination and assist

operation of accounting systems; ance on management development of

(e) Area Offices. The division is orgaRUS and borrower personnel, as as- nized into four geographic area offices signed; and collaborates with borrow

each of which has several field acers' organizations and professional countants located throughout the area. groups in management development; (6) Develops and maintains a variety

8 1700.7 Office of the Deputy Adminisof loan fund control ledgers for electric

trator–Management and Policy and telephone program lending au

Support. thorities; and

The Deputy Administrator–Manage(7) Keeps abreast of external develop- ment and Policy Support directs and ments by state, local and Federal regu- coordinates the legislative, public inlatory and legislative bodies relating formation, administrative and budget to RUS programs.

activities of the Agency and partici(d) Borrower Accounting Division. This

pates with the Administrator and other division ensures that accounting poli

officials in planning and formulating cies, systems and procedures with re

the programs, policies and other funcspect to borrowers' accounting oper

tions of the Agency. Activities are carations meet regulatory, U.S. Depart

ried out by an Assistant Adminisment of Agriculture, General Accounting Office, Office of Management and

trator-Management and others who Budget and Treasury Department re

report directly to the Deputy Adminis

trator. quirements. The division:

$ 1700.8 Office of Assistant Adminis

trator-Management. The Assistant Administrator-Management directs and coordinates the general administrative activities of the agency, participates with the Administrator and Deputy Administrators and other officials in planning and formulating the programs and activities of the agency. The Office of Budget and four other divisions are directed and coordinated by the Assistant Administrator–Management.

(a) The Office of Budget administers the budgetary and financial management program of the Agency. The office:

(1) Determines the annual funding needs for current and multi-year forecasts, participating with the Administrator in presenting and supporting the Agency's budget and program plans; and

(2) Administers budget execution, apportionment, allotment and use and control of all Agency funds.

(b) The Personnel Management Division administers the personnel program of the Agency, covering both headquarters and field personnel. The division.

(1) Administers the provisions of the Classification Act, to achieve uniform application of position classification principles and standards to all RUS positions; conducts organization studies and develops recommendations for changes; develops and administers the Agency's personnel management evaluation activities;

(2) Administers the employment program for the Agency, including staffing, recruitment, placement and separation; administers the Agency's merit promotion program; maintains liaison with the National Finance Center on personnel data processing activities including payroll;

(3) Administers Agency responsibilities for employee relations including: grievances and appeals, performance appraisals, performance recognition system, conflict of interest, awards, benefits, and leave;

(4) Directs, coordinates, and evaluates a program of employee training to achieve the maximum utilization of skills and abilities of personnel; conducts training sessions; plans and di

rects conferences; prepares training budget; approves training requests; and coordinates an information program for foreign visitors;

(5) Provides advice and assistance to Agency officials and employees to ensure sound and effective administration of the Agency's personnel program;

(6) Maintains working relations and liaison on personnel management matters with the staff and other agencies of the Department and other government agencies; and

(7) Participates with the Administrator, in conjunction with the Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights Staff, in the implementation and enforcement of USDA equal employment opportunity programs (see $1700.2(c) (2)); coordinates equal employment opportunity complaint system with the Department; develops and administers the Agency's Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program.

(c) The Administrative Services Division administers a wide array of management services. The division administers:

(1) General services involving contracting and procurement, space management, property and supplies management, records management and communications;

(2) The Agency's rulemaking and regulatory review activities, coordinating with the Office of the Federal Register, the Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of Management and Budget; and

(3) The Agency's publications issuance system and the forms and report program.

(d) The Automated Information Systems Division analyzes the application of data processing to RUS program activities, including feasibility studies of the costs and benefits of automated data processing. The division:

(1) Establishes standards and procedures for developing, maintaining and using the Agency's major automated systems covering borrower information, loan accounting and special management programs; performs systems analyses, development, and programming; and ensures data security;

(2) Operates the data processing equipment of the Agency, including the

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