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EDITORIAL NOTE: Nomenclature changes to Chapter XVII appear at 59 FR 66440, Dec. 27, 1994.



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General information
Rural development
General and preloan policies and procedures com-

mon to insured and guaranteed electric loans
Pre-loan policies and procedures for insured elec-

tric loans ......
Post-loan policies and procedures common to in-

sured and guaranteed electric loans .....
Loan security documents for electric borrowers ....
Post-loan policies and procedures for insured elec-

tric loans
Electric system planning and design policies and

procedures ....
Electric system construction policies and proce-

dures .......
Electric standards and specifications for materials

and construction
Electric system operations and maintenance (Re-

General policies, types of loans, loan require-

ments-telephone program
Pre-loan policies and procedures common to guar-

anteed and insured telephone loans
Pre-loan policies and procedures for guaranteed

telephone loans
Pre-loan policies and procedures for insured tele-

phone loans (Reserved]
Post-loan policies and procedures common to guar-

anteed and insured telephone loans
Post-loan policies and procedures for guaranteed

telephone loans













553 Part 1748








Post-loan policies and procedures for insured tele

phone loans (Reserved] Telecommunications system planning and design

criteria, and procedures Telecommunications system construction policies

and procedures Telecommunications standards and specifications

for materials, equipment and construction .......... Telephone systems operations and maintenance

[Reserved] Accounting requirements for RUS electric borrow

ers .... Accounting requirements for RUS telephone bor

rowers Policy on audits of RUS borrowers Loan account computations, procedures and poli

cies for electric and telephone borrowers ....... Prepayment of RUS guaranteed and insured loans

to electric and telephone borrowers RUS fidelity and insurance requirements for elec

tric and telephone borrowers
Use of consultants funded by borrowers
Compliance with other Federal Statutes, regula-

tions, and Executive Orders
Environmental policies and procedures for electric

and telephone borrowers

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cy Issuances and Certain Correspondence

[blocks in formation]

1700.90 General. 1700.91 Senior loan review committee. 1700.92 Assistant Administrator's loan com

mittee. 1700.93 Rural economic development rec

ommendation committee. 1700.94-1700.99 (Reserved)

Subpart B-Programs 1700.20 Insured electric loans pursuant to

section 305 of the Rural Electrification

Act, as amended. 1700.21 Insured telephone loans pursuant to

section 305 of the Rural Electrification

Act, as amended. 1700.22 Rural Telephone Bank loans pursu

ant to section 408 of the Rural Elec

trification Act, as amended. 1700.23 Guaranteed loans pursuant to sec

tion 306 of the Rural Electrification Act,

as amended. 1700.24 Loans and grants pursuant to sec

tion 313 of the RE Act. 1700.25 Other loan authorities. 1700.26 Studies, investigations, and reports. 1700.27 Loan security activities. 1700.28 Issuances implementing procedure. 1700.29 [Reserved)

Subpart H-Delegations of Authority; Rural

Economic Development, Program Support, and Borrower Accounting Activities

1700.100 General. 1700.101 Deputy Administrator. 1700.102 Assistant Administrator-Eco

nomic Development and Technical Sery

ices. 1700.103 Director-Rural Development As

sistance Staff. 1700.104 Chief, Financing Branch-Rural De

velopment Assistance Staff. 1700.105 Director, Borrower Accounting Di

vision. 1700.106 Chief, Technical Accounting and

Auditing Staff. 1700.107 Chiefs, Area Accounting Branches. 1700.108 Field Accountants. 1700.109 Director-Program Support Staff. 1700.110—1700.119 [Reserved)

Subpart C-Public Information 1700.30 Availability of Agency publications

and other information, and collection of

public comments to proposed rules. 1700.31 Indexes. 1700.32 Requests for records. 1700.33 Appeals.

Subpart D-Delegations of Authority;


Subpart I-Delegations of Authority;

Electric Program

1700.40 Exercise of delegated authority. 1700.41 Persons serving in acting capacities. 1700.42 Persons serving as acting Adminis

trator. 1700.43 Persons serving as acting Assistant

Administrator. 1700.44 Contracts approved on behalf of the

Administrator. 1700.45–1700.59 (Reserved)

1700.120 General. 1700.121 Deputy Administrator. 1700.122 Assistant Administrator-Electric. 1700.123 Deputy Assistant Administrator

Electric 1700.124 Regional Directors. 1700.125 Chiefs, Regional Engineering

Branches. 1700.126 Chiefs, Area Operations Branches. 1700.127 Director—Power Supply Division.

174-017 0-07--3

1700.128 Chief, Operations Branch, Power

Supply Division. 1700.129 Chiefs, Power Engineering

Branches, Power Supply Division. 1700.130 General Field Representatives—

Electric. 1700.131 Director, Electric Staff Division. 1700.132 Technical Standards Committees

"A" and "B"-Electric. 1700.133—1700.139 (Reserved)

Subpart J-Delegations of Authority;

Telephone Program

1700.140 General. 1700.141 General delegations. 1700.142 Deputy Administrator. 1700.143 Assistant Administrator-Tele

phone. 1700.144 Deputy Assistant Administrator

Telephone 1700.145 Regional Directors. 1700.146 Chiefs, Regional Engineering

Branches Telephone. 1700.147 Chiefs, Regional Operations

Branches-Telephone. 1700.148 General Field Representatives

Telephone. 1700.149 Director-Telecommunications

Standards Division. 1700.150 Technical Standards Committees

“A” and “B”—Telephone. 1700.151--1700.159 (Reserved)

8 1700.1 General.

(a) The Rural Electrification Administration (REA) was established by Executive Order No. 7037, signed by the President on May 11, 1935. Statutory authority was provided by the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 (RE Act) (49 Stat. 1363; 7 U.S.C. 901). The RE Act established REA as a lending agency with responsibility for developing a program for rural electrification.

(b) On October 28, 1949, an amendment to the RE Act authorized REA to make loans to improve and extend telephone service in rural areas. The Rural Telephone Bank (RTB or the Bank), an Agency of the United States, was established by another amendment to the RE Act, approved May 7, 1971. The Administrator of RUS serves as the Bank's chief executive with the title of Governor. On May 11, 1973, the RE Act was further amended to establish a revolving fund and to provide authority for REA to guarantee loans made by other legally organized lenders. The RE Act was amended further on December 21, 1987, to establish a Rural Economic Development Subaccount, and to authorize funds from this subaccount to provide zero-interest loans and grants to REA borrowers to promote rural economic development and job creation. The RE Act was also amended on November 5, 1990, to add a new section 314, which authorized REA to guarantee 90 percent of the principal and interest of loans made for electric and telephone facilities by legally organized lenders. It was further amended on November 28, 1990, to establish an Assistant Administrator for Economic Development and a rural development technical assistance unit; to expand the authorities and responsibilities of REA in rural economic development; and to establish a Rural Business Incubator Fund for making grants and reduced interest loans to electric and telephone borrowers to promote business incubator projects. At the same time, the Administrator was also granted authority for financial assistance for distance learning and medical link programs.

(c) The Secretary of Agriculture (Secretary) was required to establish the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) pursuant to section 232 of the Federal Crop

Subpart K-Delegations of Authority;

Financial Services

1700.160 General. 1700.161 Program Advisor, Financial Serv

ices Staff. 1700.162–1700.169 (Reserved]

Subpart L-Delegations of Authority;

Financial Operations Activities

1700.170 General. 1700.171 Deputy Administrator. 1700.172 Director, Financial Operations Di

vision. 1700.173 Chief, Loans Receivable Branch. 1700.174-1700.189 [Reserved]

AUTHORITY: 7 U.S.C. 901 et seq.; Pub. L. 103– 354, 108 Stat. 3178 (7 U.S.C. 6941 et seq.); 7 U.S.C. 1921 et seq.; 5 U.S.C. 301, 552; 7 CFR 1.11.16.

SOURCE: 55 FR 39596, Sept. 28, 1990, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-Organization and


SOURCE: 57 FR 6285, Feb. 24, 1992, unless otherwise noted.

Insurance Reform and Department of fices and divisions described in this Agriculture Reorganization Act of 1994, part. (Pub. L. 103–354, 108 Stat. 3178) (Reorga- (b) The Financial Services Staff pernization Act). The Reorganization Act forms the following functions: established RUS as successor to REA. (1) Evaluates financial conditions of On October 20, 1994, the Secretary abol- financially troubled borrowers; ished REA and established RUS. RUS


Negotiates settlements and was assigned responsibility for admin- “work-outs” of financially troubled istering electric and telephone loan borrowers who have or may have delinprograms previously administered by quent loans in order to satisfy the govREA, water and waste facility loans ernment's interests, keeping abreast of and grants previously administered by financial and legal factors that may afthe Rural Development Administra- fect the negotiations; tion, along with other functions as the (3) Coordinates the Agency's efforts Secretary determines appropriate. The to identify and develop strategies for rights, interests, obligations, duties, potentially financially troubled borand contracts previously vested in REA rowers; are transferred to and vested in RUS. (4) Develops techniques and criteria The Secretary designated the Adminis- for evaluating the financial and operattrator of RUS to serve as the Governor ing performance of certain rural elecof RTB.

tric and telephone borrowers; (d) The offices of RUS are located in (5) Develops certain standards, polithe South Building of the United cies, and procedures in connection with States Department of Agriculture at loan requirements and processing for 14th and Independence Avenue, SW.,

the electric and telephone programs; Washington, DC 20250-1500. The Elec- (6) Analyzes and evaluates certain tric and Telephone Programs are ad

loan requests and transactions to deministered by regional offices located termine whether the documentation at this same address. There is a North- justifies the request; ern and a Southern Regional Office,

(7) Serves as staff to the Senior Loan along with a Power Supply Division, Committee; for the electric program, and an East- (8) Keeps other government organizaern and a Western Regional Office for tions advised concerning activities of the telephone program. (See $1700.4(b) the staff; and and $ 1700.5(b).)

(9) Serves as RUS liaison to the cap

ital markets. (59 FR 66440, Dec. 27, 1994)

(c) The Equal Opportunity and Civil

Rights Staff administers the program $ 1700.2 Office of the Administrator.

for equal opportunity in the delivery of (a) The Administrator (who also services and benefits by RUS borrowers serves as Governor of the RTB) is ap- and in the employment practices in the pointed by the President, with the ad- Agency. The staff: vice and consent of the Senate, for a (1) Formulates and coordinates plans, term of 10 years. The Administrator policies and procedures for a nationfunctions as the chief executive of the wide program of nondiscrimination on Agency under the general supervision the part of RUS borrowers in carrying and direction of the Under Secretary out borrower programs subject to the for Rural Economic and Community provisions of title VI of the Civil Development. The Administrator is Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. 2000aaided directly by two Deputy Adminis- 2000h-6); section 504 of the Rehabilitatrators and by Assistant Administra- tion Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. 701 et seq.); tors for the Electric Program, the Tele- the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (42 phone Program, for Economic Develop- U.S.C. 6101-6107); the Americans with ment and Technical Services, and for Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 U.S.C. 12101 Management. The Financial Services et seq.); and Executive Order 11246 (3 Staff and the Equal Opportunity and CFR, 1964-1965 Comp., p. 339), as amendCivil Rights Staff also report directly ed by Executive Orders 11375 (3 CFR, to the Administrator. The work of the 1966–1970 Comp., p. 684) and 12086 (3 Agency is carried out through the of- CFR, 1978 Comp., p. 230).

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