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Material Approved for Incorporation by Reference

(Revised as of January 1, 1997)

The Director of the Federal Register has approved under 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR Part 51 the incorporation by reference of the following publications. This list contains only those incorporations by reference effective as of the revision date of this volume. Incorporations by reference found within a regulation are effective upon the effective date of that regulation. For more information on incorporation by reference, see the preliminary pages of this volume. 7 CFR CHAPTER XVII RURAL ELECTRIFICATION ADMINISTRATION, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE

Copies of Bulletins may be obtained upon request in person or by mail from the Administrative Services Division, Room 0175– S, Washington, DC 20250. Bulletins 50–1 through 50–5 and 5018 and 345–150 may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. Tel.: 202-783–3238.

7 CFR Rural Electrification Administration 50–1 (T-805–B) Electric Transmission Specifications and Drawings 1728.97

for 115 kV to 230 kV 10/88. 50–2 (T-805–A) Electric Transmission Specifications and Drawings 1728.97

for 34.5 kV to 69 kV 2/73. 50–3 (D-804) Specifications and Drawings for 12.5/7.2 kV Line Con- 1728.97

struction 5/83. 50-5 (D-803) Specificatiaons and Drawings for 14.4/24.9 kV Line 1728.97

Construction 9/69. 50-6 (D-806) Specifications and Drawings for Underground Electric 1728.97

Distribution 3/90. 50–15 (DT-3) REA Specifications for Pole Top Pins with 13/8" Diame- 1728.97

ter Lead Threat 1/51. 50–16 (DT-4), REA Specifications for Angle Suspension Brackets 1728.97

3/52. 1728F-700 REA Specification for Wood Poles, Stubs and Anchor 1728.97

Logs 7/93. 50–19 (DT-7) REA Specifications for Clevis Bolts 8/53

1728.97 50–23 (DT-18) REA Specifications for 60" Wood Crossarm Braces 1728.97

2/71. 50–31 (D-3) REA Specifications for Pole Top Pins with 1" Diameter 1728.97

Lead Threads 2/79. 50–32 (D-4) REA Specifications for Steel Crossarm Mounted Pins 1728.97

with 1" Diameter Lead Threads 10/50. 50–33 (D-5) REA Specifications for Single and Double Upset Spool 1728.97

Bolts 2/51. 50-34 (D-6) REA Specifications for Secondary Swinging Clevises 1728.97

12/70. 50–35 (D–7) REA Specifications for Service Swinging Clevises 9/ 1728.97

52. 50–36 (D-8) REA Specifications for Servcice Deadend Clevises 9/ 1728.97



7 CFR 50–40 (D–14) REA Specifications for Pole Top Brackets for Channel 1728.97

Type Pins 9/51. 50-41 (D-15) REA Specifications for Service Wireholders 11/51

1728.97 50–55 (T-2) REA Specifications for Overhead Ground Wire Support 1728.97

Brackets 5/53. 50–56 (T-3) REA Specifications for Steel Plate Anchors for Trans- 1728.97

mission Lines 12/53. 50–60 (T-9) REA Specification Single Pole Steel Structures, Com- 1728.97

plete with Arms 12/71. 50–70 (U-1) REA Specification for 15 kV and 25 kV Primary Under- 1728.97

ground Power Cable 12/87. 50–72 (U-4) REA Specifications for Electrical Equipment Enclosures 1728.97

(5–35 kV) 10/79. 50–73 (U-5) REA Specifications for Pad-Mounted Transformers (Sin- 1728.97

gle and Three-Phase) 1/77. 50–74 (U-6) REA Specification for Secondary Pedestals (600 Volts 1728.97

and Below) 10/79. 50–91 (S-3) REA Specifications for Step-Down Distribution Substation 1728.97

Transformers (34.4-138 kV) 1/78. 345–6 REA standard for splicing plastic-insulated cables (PC-2) 1/ 1755.97

78. 345–13 REA specification for aerial and underground telephone cable 1755.97

(PE-22) 1/83. 345–22 REA specification for voice frequency loading coils (PE- 1755.97

26) 1/89. 345–29 REA specification for self-supporting cable (PE-38) 2/82 ...... 1755.97 345–39 REA specification for Telephone Station Protectors 3/83 1755.97 345–50 REA Specification for Trunk Carrier Systems (PE-60) 9/79 1755.97; 1755.397;

1755.522 345–52 REA standard for service entrance and station protector instal- 1755.97

lations (PC-5A) 1/80. 345-52 REA standard for station installations (PC-5B) 4/81 ....... 1755.97 345–54 REA specification for telephone cable splicing connectors 1755.97

(PE-52) 12/71. 345-55 REA specification for central office loop extenders and loop 1755.97

extender voice frequency repeater combinations (PE-61) 12/73. 345–55 REA specification for central office loop extenders and loop 1755.522

extender voice frequency repeater combinations (PE-61) 12/73. 345–63 REA standard for acceptance tests and measurements of tele- 1755.97

phone plant (PC-4) 5/76. 345–65 REA specification for cable shield bonding connectors (PE- 1755.97

33) 6/78. 345-66 REA specification for subscriber carrier systems (PE-64) 9/ 1755.97

79. 345–67 REA specification for filled telephone cables (PE–39) 11/ 1755.97

81. 345–69 REA specification for two-wire voice frequency repeater 1755.97

equipment (PE-29) 1/78. 345–72 REA specification for filled splice cases (PE–74) 1/76 .............. 1755.97 345–75 REA specification for electronic trunk circuits (PE-65) 1/ 1755.97



7 CFR 345–78 REA specification for carbon arrester assemblies for use in 1755.97

protectors (PE–78) 2/80. 345–150 REA specifications and drawings for construction of direct 1755.97

buried plant (Form 515a) 7/89. 345–151 REA specifications and drawings for conduit and manhole 1755.97

construction (Form 5150) 7/89. 345–152 REA specifications and drawings for underground cable 1755.97

installation (Form 5150) 7/89. 345–153 REA specifications and drawings for construction of pole 1755.97

lines, aerial cables and wires (Form 515f) 7/89. 345–154 REA specifications and drawings for service entrance and 1755.97

station protector installations (Form 515g) 7/89. 345–168 REA specification for equipment for direct distance dialing 1755.97

(Form 538) 10/77. 345–180 REA specifications for voice frequency repeaters and voice 1755.97

frequency repeatered trunks (Form 397a) 1/63. 345–183 REA design specifications for point-to-point microwave radio 1755.97

systems (Form 3970) 6/70. 345–184 REA design specifications for mobile and fixed dial radio 1755.97

telephone equipment (Form 397e) 5/71.
Raptor Research Foundation, clo Department of Veterinary Biology,

University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101.
Suggested Practices for Raptor Protection on Power Lines, Raptor 1724.45

Research Report No. 4 (1981).
American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC)

333 West Hampden Avenue, Englewood, Colorado 80110, telephone

(303) 761–3212 American Institute of Timber Construction—200-83, Inspection Man- 1728.201; 1728.202

ual, 1987 edition. American National Standards Institute/American Institute of Timber 1728.202

Construction-ANSI/AITC A190.1–1983, American National Stand

ard for Wood Products—Structural Glued Laminated Timber. American National Standards Institute/Electronic Industries Association (AN ELA)

EIA, 201 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., suite 900, Washington, DC 20006,

tel.: 202-457-4966 ANSI/EIA 359–A–84, EIA Standard Colors for Color Identification 1755.860

and Coding. American National Standards Institute/Electronic Industries Association (ANSTEIA).

Copies made available through Global Engineering Documents, 15

Inverness Way East, Englewood, CO 80112
ANSI/EIA 359-A-84, ELA Standard Colors for Color Identification 1755.870

and Coding.
American National Standards Institute

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (ANSI/IEEE)

IEEE Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854, Tele

phone: 1-800-678-4333 1993 National Electrical Safety Code

1755.900(a)(6); (0)(2) American National Standard Institute/Insulated Cable Engineers Association, Inc. (ICEA)

ICEA, P.O. Box 440, South Yarmouth, MA 02664, tel.: 508–3944424


7 CFR ANSI/ICEA 584-608–1988 Standard for Telecommunications Cable, 1755.390; 1755.890

Filled, Polyolefin Insulated, Copper Conductor Technical Require

ments. ANSI/ICEA S-89-648–1993, Standard for Telecommunications Aerial 1755.702; 1755.703;

Service Wire, Technical Requirements (Approved by ANSI July 1755.704

11, 1994). American National Standards Institute/National Fire Protection Association (ANSV NFPA)

Copies are available from NFPA, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, Massa

chusetts 02269, telephone number 1 (800) 344-3555 NFPA 70–1993, National Electrical Code

1755.870 American National Standards Institute

1430 Broadway, New York, New York 10018 ANSI 05.1983 Standard for Wood Products Structural Glued Lami- 1728.201; 1728.202

nated Timber for Utility Structures. ANSI S1.4–1983, Specification for Sound Level Meters, including 1755.397; 1755.522

Amendment S1.4A-1985.
American Society for Testing and Materials

1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Tel.: 215–299–5400
ASTM A 109–91, Standard Specification for Steel, Strip, Carbon, 1755.910

ASTM A 153–82 (Reapproved 1987), Standard Specification for Zinc 1755.910

Coating (Hot-Dip) on Iron and Steel Hardware.
ASTM A 366/A 366M–91, Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet, 1755.910

Carbon, Cold-Rolled, Commercial Quality.
ASTM A 475–78 Specification for Zinc-Coated Steel Wire Strand 1772.370
ASTM A 505–87 Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet and Strip, 1755.390; 1755.860;
Alloy, Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled, General Requirements for.

1755.890 ASTM A 525–91b, Standard Specification for General Requirements 1755.910

for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip Process. ASTM A 526/A 526/M–90, Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, 1755.910

Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip process, Commercial Qual

ity. ASTM A 569/A 569M-91a, Standard Specification for Steel, Carbon 1755.910

(0.15 Maximum, Percent), Hot-Rolled Sheet and Strip Commercial

ASTM A 621/A 621M–92, Standard Specification for Steel, Sheet 1755.910

and Strip, Carbon, Hot-Rolled, Drawing Quality. ASTM A 640-91, Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated Steel Strand 1755.900(a)(7); for Messenger Support of Figure 8 Cable.

(1)(2); (1)(2)(ii);

(1)(2)(iii) ASTM B 3–90, Standard Specification for Soft or Annealed Copper 1755.860

Wire. ASTM B 33–91, Standard Specification for Tinned Soft or Annealed 1755.397; 1755.522; Copper Wire for Electrical Purposes.

1755.870 ASTM B 117–90, Standard Test Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Testing 1755.910 ASTM B 193–87 Standard Test Method for Resistivity of Electrical 1755.390; 1755.860; Conductor Materials.

1755.890 ASTM B 244–80 Standard Classification of Coppers

1755.390; 1755.860;

1755.890 ASTM B 539–90, Standard Test Methods for Measuring Contact Re- 1755.910

sistance of Electrical Connections (Static Contacts).


7 CFR ASTM B 633–85, Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings 1755.910

of Zinc on Iron and Steel. ASTM B 694–86 Standard Specification for Copper, Copper Alloy, 1755.390; 1755.860;

and Copper-Clad Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip for Electrical Cable 1755.890

ASTM B 736–92a, Standard Specification for Aluminum, Aluminum 1755.900(a)(7);
Alloy, and Aluminum-Clad Steel Cable Shielding Stock.

(k)(8); 1755.870 ASTM D9–87 (Reapproved 1992), Standard Terminology Relating to 1728.201; 1728.202

ASTM D 150–87, Standard Test Methods for A-C Loss Characteristics 1755.868

and Permittivity (Dielectric Constant) of Solid Electrical Insulating

ASTM D 257–91, Standard Test Methods for D-C Resistance of Con- 1755.860

ductance of Insulating Materials.
ASTM D 523–89, Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss

1755.910 ASTM D 610–85 (Reapproved 1989), Standard Test Method for Evalu- 1755.910

ating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces. ASTM D 822–89, Standard Practice for Conducting Tests on Paint 1755.910

and Related Coatings and materials using Filtered Open-Flame Car

bon-Arc Light and Water Exposure Apparatus. ASTM D 1238–90b, Standard Test Method for Flow Rates of Thermo- 1755.860; plastics by Extrusion Plastometer.


(m)(5)(i) ASTM D 1248–84 (1989), Standard Specification for Polyethylene 1755.860; 1755.870; Plastics Molding and Extrusion Materials.

1755.900 (a)(7);
(m)(3)(i); (m)(3)(ii);

(m)(3)(v) ASTM D 1535–89, Standard Test Method for Specifying Color by 1755.860; 1755.870; the Munsell System.


(d)(2); 1755.910 ASTM D 1654–92, Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Painted 1755.910

or Coated Specimens Subjected to Corrosive Environments. ASTM D 1693–70 (Reapproved 1988), Standard Test Method for Envi- 1755.910

ronmental Stress-Cracking of Ethylene Plastics. ASTM D 2197–86 (Reapproved 1991), Standard Test Method for Ad- 1755.910

hesion of Organic Coatings by Scrape Adhesion. ASTM D 2247–92, Standard Practice for Testing Water Resistance 1755.910

of Coatings in 100% Relative Humidity. ASTM D 2287–81 (Reapproved 1988), Standard Specification for 1755.870

Nonrigid Vinyl Chloride Polymer and Copolymer Molding and

Extrusion Compounds.
ASTM D 2436–85, Standard Specification for Forced-Convection Lab- 1755.870

oratory Ovens for Electrical Insulation.
ASTM D 2565–92, Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc-Type 1755.910

Light-Exposure Apparatus With and Without Water for Exposure

of Plastics.
ASTM D 2633–82 (Reapproved 1989), Standard Methods of Testing 1755.870

Thermoplastic Insulations and Jackets for Wire and Cable.
ASTM D 2794–92, Standard Test Method for Resistance of Organic 1755.910

Coatings to the Effects of Rapid Deformation (Impact).

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