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Amy L. Schwartz
Executive Director

Roger C. Adams

Ernest Clifford Barrett, III

Scott Carter Black

Linda Alberti Donaghy

Janet L. Gnerlich

Barbara Harrison Linden

Administrative Staff

Angela Brown

Carrie F. Cary

Kathleen D. Hillyer

Shirley Campbell Mann


This project simply could not have been done without the extraordinary devotion of the Executive Director, the six other fine professionals loaned to us by their Departments, and the four members of the administrative staff. On occasion, several worked around the clock to prepare issue papers in time for the Commission meetings and to prepare drafts of the Report for comment by Commission members. This tremendous work came from a team of dedicated people who had never worked together before and had never met prior to January 27, 1989. The Commission is profoundly grateful.

The Commission would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding support provided by a number of persons who expended significant effort on the Commission's behalf. In particular, we offer thanks for the many efforts of Janis A. Sposato and for the aid of Stephen Csontos and Jeannette Barlow, whose help in researching specialized issues, drafting materials for meetings, and preparing the final report contributed greatly to the success of our endeavor. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Francis C. Martin for patiently sharing his time and proficiency to advise us on the intricacies of various information management systems. The Commission would also like to express its appreciation to Jane Ley, Diane G. Weinstein, and Gerald A. Toner, for their varied expertise and assistance.

Finally, we must recognize the excellent administrative support received from throughout the Department of Justice, under the extremely able direction of Anthony C. Moscato.

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