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b. Paragraph 62. (Page 18-2) A new paragraph "b" has been added providing guidelines for establishing value of land for programming purposes where sponsor is acquiring a large tract of land, only a portion of which is to be used for airport purposes. (Pages 24,24-1, and 24-2) New paragraph providing guidelines for determination of consistency of FAAP projects or proposals with plans for area development.

C. Paragraph 74.

d. Paragraph 87. (Page 27)






(Page 27) Reference to "entrance roads" is deleted.

Paragraph 92-2. (Page 32-1) The term "airport" has been
corrected to read "aircraft."

Paragraph 223. (Page 86) Additional guides are provided to
assure that sponsors are made aware of clear zone responsibilities
at the earliest time.

Paragraph 226. (Page 91) Additional guidance is provided for the use of special conditions in Grant Agreements relating to clear zones.

Paragraph 227. (Page 92) Reference to "master plan layout"
has been changed to "airport layout plan."

Paragraph 294. (Page 126) This paragraph is revised to provide for FAA review of engineering contracts prior to the start of construction.

j. Paragraph 300. (Page 128) This paragraph has been changed to refer to "airport layout plan" rather than "master plan layout."


Paragraph 301. (Page 130) New paragraph (1) to change nomenclature and (2) to require airport layout plan for a new airport, or an entirely revised airport layout plan for an existing airport to be consistent with plans for area development

1. Paragraph 304. (Page 130-1) New paragraph to require explanation to sponsor of the necessity to investigate and determine consistency of a proposed development with area plans.


Section 3. (Page 131-136)
(Page 131-136) This section, comprised of Paragraphs
313 through 323, has been rearranged to present a more logical
sequence of subject matter. Substantive changes in the section
are identified below.










Paragraph 317. (Page 131) (Page 131) Formerly Paragraph 319, revised to allow greater latitude in the use of FAA standards and to eliminate the concept of allowable "deviations."

Paragraph 319. (Page 132) Formerly Paragraph 316.


"a" is revised to refer to and locate the required contract labor provisions which provide for fringe benefits. Subparagraph "b" indicates that labor provisions in the second supplement to the standard specifications are current. Subparagraph "c," "g," "h," and "i" have been deleted since amendments to the Regulations, setting forth their substance in full, make them unnecessary. Subparagraph "d," "e," "f," and "g" are consequently redesignated "c," "d," "e," and "f." These are revised to add currency to their text without substantive change.

Paragraph 321. (Page 134) Formerly Paragraph 323.


"c" is revised to indicate owner removal plans are subject to coordination and approval as are other plans. The substance of

the material deleted from this subparagraph appears in Paragraph 340c.

Paragraph 330. (Page 137) This paragraph, dealing with deviations from FAA standards, is withdrawn and its substance is included in Paragraph 317.

Paragraph 339-344. (Page 139) Revised to present more logical sequence and relationship of subject matter.

Paragraph 339. (Page 139) Revised to provide that contracts shall contain minimum wage rates predetermined in accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act as amended. This provides for inclusion of fringe benefits in the wage determination decision.

Paragraph 340. (Page 139) Paragraphs 341,343, and part of Paragraph 339 have been combined in this paragraph for greater clarity and because of affinity of subject matter. No substantive change

is made.

Paragraph 341. (Page 140) Formerly Paragraph 342, is revised to require that the first page of wage rate decisions as well as all applicable footnotes, references or remarks be incorporated in the invitation for bids and contract documents as part of the wage determination decision.

Paragraph 342. (Page 141) Formerly Paragraph 344, rearranged to present a more orderly discussion of the various types of wage








Subparagraph "c" and "d" have been combined under

the heading "Modifications" and the remaining subparagraphs have
been redesignated accordingly. Note that modifications received less
than ten days before bid opening may be included in contracts if it
is found there is a reasonable time to inform bidders.

Paragraph 343 (New). (Page 144) This sets forth the requirement for inclusion of fringe benefit provisions in the wage determination decision and contract document. Guidance in assuring conformance with the requirements is provided in Subpart B to Part 5 of the Labor Regulations, attached as Appendix 3 to the Handbook.

Paragraph 344 (New). (Page 144-1) Sets forth how and where Request for Determination Forms DB-11 and DB-11(a) may be obtained.

Paragraph 345. (Page 144-1) Instruction for item (4) in preparing
DB-11 or DB-11(a) is revised to require insertion of AS-20 in lieu
of AS-65 as the route symbol for the Airports Service office
designated to receive wage determinations issued by the Department
of Labor. A similar change is shown on the sample DB-11 and
DB-11(a) (Figures 2 and 2A) on pages 146-1 and 2 and 147.)

Paragraph 359-4(a).

(Page 154-10) Guidance is provided as to inclusion of the Equal Opportunity clause in publication of the advertisement for bids or construction contracts.

Paragraph 422. (Page 171) This paragraph has been revised for
clarification and to include current citations to pages of the
Project Application, September 1964; also, subparagraph j(3) has
been revised to add as a new item (k) a requirement that appraisal
reports include the date of acquisition of and price paid for the
property by the grantor.

bb. Paragraph 423. (Page 182)


There has been incorporated in this paragraph under Section 3, Chapter 8, Preparation of Representations, the material previously set forth in Paragraph 431 regarding land to be acquired. This change is necessary because the information required to be set forth in the Project Application under Paragraph 13, Part III of the Project Application, Form FAA 1624 (8-63) and previous editions, is now to be set forth under Paragraph 7(b) and (c).

Paragraph 424. (Page 132-1 (and 182-2) New Paragraph providing
guidelines for compliance with requirement that sponsor state what
past action has been taken to restrict the use of land adjacent to
the airport to usage compatible with the airport.


Paragraph 428. (Page 185) Revised to include the 9-64 edition
of Form FAA-1624 and to require written sponsor assurances
against discrimination.


Paragraph 429. (Page 185)

(Page 185) Revised solely for clarification.

ff. Paragraph 430. (Page 185) Revised to conform to limitations on Regional Directors' authority prescribed in Handbook OA P 1100.1.


Paragraph 431. (Page 186) New paragraph providing guidelines
for compliance with requirement that sponsor covenant to take
all possible and reasonable steps to restrict the use of land
adjacent to the airport to usage compatible with the airport.

hh. Paragraph 435. (Page 188) Revised to conform to limitations on Regional Directors' authority prescribed in Handbook OA P 1100.1.

ii. Paragraph 436. (Page 188) Revised for clarification and to add a new subparagraph (f) to require statement as to consistency of a project with plans for development of the area to accompany Project Application.

jj. Paragraph 451. (Page 194) Refers to Part 77 FAR rather than TSO-N18.


Paragraph 451n. (Page 196)
as to consistency of project

New subparagraph to require statement with area plans to accompany Project

11. Paragraph 454. (Page 196) Reworded for clarity.




Paragraph 454g. (Page 197)
by Regional official finding

New subparagraph to require statement project consistent with area

Paragraph 499. (Page 217) Reworded for clarity.

Paragraph 515.

(Page 225) Subparagraph "b" is revised to conform with Paragraph 342 (c). Subparagraphs "c" and "d" have been combined in Subparagraph "d" without substantive change. A new subparagraph "c" requires the bid advertisement to notify prospecting bidders that the contract is subject to the EEO clause.

Paragraph 527. (Page 230)
(Page 230)

This paragraph is revised to require a

determination by FAA of adequate construction control prior to
the issuance of notice to proceed.

[blocks in formation]

Paragraph 541. (Page 237) Subparagraph "a" is revised to provide
inspection procedures to assure compliance with labor provisions
and EEO clause of contracts as well as construction standards.
Subparagraph "b" is revised to conform submission of construction
inspection reports to current practice.

Paragraph 542. (Page 240) Subparagraph "e" is revised to conform
description of change orders to current practice.

Paragraph 551. (Page 243)
(Page 243)

Subparagraph c(5) is revised to show only deductions from wages permissible under sections 3.5 and 3.6 of Labor Regulations may be made. Subparagraph c(6) is revised. to conform with Paragraph 319d as to overtime. Subparagraph "d" is revised to note requirement for evidence of apprentice registration before using apprentices in contract work. Subparagraph f(2) provides for use of Labor Standards Interview Form (FAA Form 3450) for reporting employee interviews.

Paragraph 552. (Page 246) Revised to provide for use of Summary
of Labor Standards Investigation Report (FAA Form 3451).

Paragraph 576. (Page 257) Guidance is furnished on submission of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 assurances with applications for grant payment.

Paragraph 620. (Page 280) New subparagraph (d) sets forth the guide-
lines regarding submission by sponsor of information concerning
consistency with area plans in supporting of advance planning proposals.
Paragraph 621b. (Page 280) Sets forth requirements for notice to
Members of Congress on advance planning grants.

Paragraph 627. (Page 284) A new subparagraph "c" proscribes
changes in form of Advance Planning Proposal and Advance Planning

Paragraph 627d. (Page 284) Revised to correct identification
numbers of advance planning proposals.


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b. Substitute the attached revised FAAP Handbook, 5100.1A.

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