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Containing an ACCOUNT of


Printed both at Home and Abroad,


DISSERTATIONS upon several Subjects, Miscellaneous OBSERVATIONS, &r.

JULY 1726.



at the West End of St. Paul's. MDCCXXVI,

Price One Shilling

BOOKS printed for W. and J. IN NY S.

New Mathematical Di&tionary; wherein is con-
Terms, but likewise an History of the Rise, Progress,
State, Properties, egoc. of Things, both in pure Mathe-
maticks and Natural Philosophy, so far as it comes un-
der a Mathematical Consideration. By E. Stone, F.R.S.
8vo. 1726.

2. Novum Testamentum Domini noftri Jefu Chrifti :
Interprete Theodoro Beza. 12o. 1726.

3. The Appendix to Dr. Drake's Anthropologia Nova; or,
A new System of Anatomy, with Fifty one Copper-

Plares. Svo. 1726.

4. Bibliotbeca Biblica ; being a Commentary upon all

the Books of the Old and New Testament. No. I. for

1724. being the last for Leviticus. With an Index.

N. B. Any of the former Parts may be had separate.

5. Philosophical Transactions, No. 392. for January

and February, 1726. Publish'd by 7. Furin, 11. D. Soc.

Reg. Secr. 4to.

6. Juftini Historia, in usum Delphini. 8vo. Lond.


7. St. Athanasius's Four Orations against the Arians,

and his Oration against the Gentiles. Translated by

Mr. Samuel Parker. 2 Völs. 8vo. Oxon. 1713.

8. Praxis Medica Boerhaveana, being a compleat Body

of Prescriptions adapted to each Section of the Pradi

cal Aphorilins of H. Boerhaave, M. D. &c. 12o.

9. The Antiquities of Palmyra, alias Tadmor, built by

King Solomon ; containing the History of that City, and

its Emperors, from its Foundation to this present Time.

With Cuts. By Ab. Sellers. 8vo.

10. An Introduétion to Natural Philofophy; or, Phi-

lofophical Lechures read in the University of Oxford,
A.D. 1700. To which are added, the Demontrations
of Monsieur Huygens's Theorems, concerning the Cen-
trifugal Force and Circular Motion. By 7. Keill, M. D.
Sav. Prof. Astr. F. R. S. The ad Edit. Svo. 1726.

11. Lusus Poetici, olim confcripti à T. B. ° C. C.C.

Oxon. Difcipulo. Svo. Lond. 1720.

12. C. Julii Cæfaris quae extartt, cum Indice locuple-

tiflimo. Ex Recensione T P. A.M. 120. Lond. 1719.

ig. Ben Foknjon's Plays, with Curs. Six Vols. Svo


XII. A Defense of the Miracle of the Thunder. ing Legion. By Mr. Woolston,

69 XIII. Books published, or to be printed. 1. Lo Stato Geografico della Marca d'Ancona, 71 2. Bibliotbeca Ecclefiaftica,

72 3. De existentia Spirituum nervoforum, &c. 72

An account of all the natural and artificial Curiosities to be found at Breslaw,

73 5. A new Machine invented to extract the Stone out of the bladder,

73 6. Meditationes poeticæ in Libros Biblicos, 7. A new Edition of Lucan,

74 8. Miscellaneous Letters,

75 9. Hephestionis Enchiridion de Metris, &c. A new Edition,

76 10. Feitbius's Antiquitates Homericæ reprinted, 76 11. Advertisement about the Continuation of

Abbot Fleury's Ecclesiastical History, 77 12. Directions for the Christian education of Children,

77 13. Abbot Fleury's Ecclefiaftical History translated into English,

79 14. A new Edition of Machiavel's Works, 80 15. Mr. Bush's Proposals for printing a Collection

of Charters, Letters Patent, and other Instruments, concerning the Creation and Investiture of the Eldest Sons of the Kings of England, as Princes of Wales, &c.



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AN EXTRACT of the second Volume of

Mr. Rollin's Method of teaching and learning polite Literature. (The Account of the first Volume may be seen in the third Volume of this Journal, Art. XLI. and XLVI.)

The tbird Book.


R. ROLLIN proceeds to treat of Rhe

toric. Though natural qualities (says he) are the main foundation of Eloquence, and sometimes sufficient alone to form an Orator ; yet it cannot be denied that precepts may be of

great use, either by teaching him how to discern wħat is good from what is bad, or to improve the talents he has received from naJULY 1726.



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