Extending Classified Executive Civil Service, Hearing Before a Subcommittee ...,on S. 564 ...,February 7, 1935

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Page 5 - States," as used in section 1 thereof shall be construed to include all persons who have been heretofore or who may hereafter be given a competitive status in the classified civil service, with or without competitive examination, by legislative enactment, or under the civil service rules promulgated by the President, or by Executive orders covering groups of employees with their positions into the competitive classified service or authorizing the appointment of individuals to positions within such...
Page 6 - Administrator"), and to establish such agencies, to accept and utilize such voluntary and uncompensated services, to appoint, without regard to the civil service laws, such officers and employees, and to utilize such Federal officers and employees, and, with the consent of the State, such State and local officers and employees as he may find necessary...
Page 5 - ... competitive examination, by legislative enactment or under the civil-service rules promulgated by the President or by Executive orders covering groups of employees with their positions into the competitive classified service or authorizing the appointment of individuals to positions within such service. "The expression 'classified civil service', as the same occurs in other acts of Congress, shall receive a like construction to that herein given.
Page 13 - A career service has been defined as a "life work ... an honorable occupation which one normally takes up in youth with the expectation of advancement, and pursues until retirement.
Page 11 - Public employees should be given security against dismissal or demotion for trivial, personal, religious, racial, political, or other arbitrary or extraneous reasons.
Page 9 - ... part of the continually changing services of government. These units range from the federal government with a million employees, counting the military forces, down to the smallest school district with a single child to teach. Together they hire 3,250,000 public servants to do the work of government, and spend in salaries some four and a half billion dollars a year.
Page 9 - ... maintenance of a government career service, and, in the realization of this, American students have wondered what it is in the English that enabled them eighty years ago to institute great and enduring reforms. The Report says: The spoils system, the use of the public payroll for charity, undiscriminating criticism of public employees, and the failure to adjust our ideas, our governmental institutions, and our public personnel policies to the social and economic changes since the Civil War, are...
Page 9 - Career Service' in these words : "We...recommend that the dayto-day administrative work of government be definitely made a career service. By this we mean that steps shall be taken to make public employment a worthwhile life work, with entrance to the service open and attractive to young men and women of capacity and Character, and with opportunity of advancement through service and growth to posts of distinction and...
Page 5 - That in the administration of the civil service retirement act approved May 22, 1920, the expression ' all employees in the classified civil service of the United States...
Page 12 - States should undertake, thru their national association, far more extensive research in the technical problems of personnel administration wherever possible in cooperation with qualified specialists in private business and in the universities.

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