The Last Boer War

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K. Paul, Trench, Trübner, 1899 - Transvaal - 244 pages

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Page 4 - The Assistant Commissioners guarantee in the fullest manner, on the part of the British Government, to the Emigrant Farmers beyond the Vaal River, the right to manage their own affairs and to govern themselves according to their own laws, without any interference on the part of the British Government...
Page 83 - ... of periodical payments to those chiefs, notwithstanding the acknowledgment which such payments involve. That this decay of power and ebb of authority in the north is being followed by similar processes in the south under yet more dangerous circumstances, people of this State residing in that direction have been compelled within the last three months, at the bidding of native chiefs, and at a moment's notice, to leave their farms and homes, their standing crops, some of which were ready for reaping,...
Page 111 - I do hereby proclaim and make known, in the name and on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, that it is the will and determination of Her Majesty's Government that this Transvaal territory shall be, and shall continue to be for ever, an integral portion of Her Majesty's dominions in South Africa.
Page 120 - Looking to all the circumstances, both of the Transvaal and the rest of South Africa, and to the necessity of preventing a renewal of disorders which might lead to disastrous consequences, not only to the Transvaal but to the whole of South Africa, our judgment is that the Queen cannot be advised to relinquish her sovereignty over the Transvaal...
Page 4 - Government ; and that no encroachment shall be made by the said Government on the territory beyond, to the north of the Vaal River ; with the further assurance that the warmest wish of the British Government is to promote peace, free trade, and friendly intercourse with the Emigrant Farmers now inhabiting, or who hereafter may inhabit, that country; it being understood that this system of non-interference is binding upon both parties. 2. Should any misunderstanding hereafter arise as to the true...
Page 239 - There was a still stronger reason than that for not receding; it was impossible to say what calamities such a step as receding might not cause. We had, at the cost of much blood and treasure, restored peace, and the effect of our now reversing our policy would be to leave the province in a state of anarchy, and possibly to cause an internecine war. For such a risk he could not make himself responsible.
Page 161 - ... Natal territory in Boer occupation, and our garrisons isolated and short of provisions, or occupy former and relieve latter...
Page 73 - I beg you, Chief, come help me, the Boers are killing me, and I don't know the reasons why they should be angry with me; Chief, I beg you come with Myn Heer Merensky. — I am Sikukuni.
Page 115 - I tell j'ou there is no Government — Whig or Tory, Liberal, Conservative, or Radical — who would dare, under any circumstances, to give back this country. They would not dare, because the English people would not allow them.
Page 68 - To-day a bill for 1100Z. was laid before me for signature, but I would sooner have cut off my right hand than sign that paper (cheers), for I have not the slightest ground to expect that' when that bill becomes due there will be a penny to pay it with.

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