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74th Congress, 1st Session

(January 3-August 26, 1935)


VOL. 2



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Note.-The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of House private


528. To provide for protection of land resources against soil erosion.

535. Refund taxes erroneously collected from building and loan associations.

541. Assign officers of the line of Navy for aeronautical engineering duty.

542. Create Reserve Division of War Department.

546. Providing payment to employees of Bureau of Reclamation.

548. Universal and international exhibition at Brussels, Belgium, in 1935.

549. Courtroom for district court at Easton, Pa.

570. Amendments to bankruptcy act relative to bankrupt farmers.

571. Postmaster General to contract for Alaskan air mail service.

572. Relief of officers of Russian Railway Service Corps.

574. Additional judgeship for eastern district of Virginia.

575. Additional judges for southern and eastern districts of New York.

576. Coinage of 50-cent pieces to commemorate Cabeza de Vaca Expedition, etc.

577. Coinage of 50-cent pieces to commemorate founding of Hudson, N. Y.*

578. Amend act of May 18, 1920, as amended, rel. to permanent change of station. *

580. Punishment for forging or counterfeiting postmarking stamps.

581. Punishment for fraudulent interception of mail matter.

582. Safeguarding custodians of Government moneys or property.

584. Establishment of Ackia Battleground National Monument, etc.

585. Include in Deschutes Nat. Forest lands in exchange boundaries thereof.

586. Aid in providing adequate facilities for park purposes, etc.

587. Research into basic laws and principles relating to agriculture, etc.

593. Relief of Russell H. Lindsay.

599. Relief of present leaders of Navy Band and band of Marine Corps.

606. Advancement on retired list, Navy, of Frederick L. Caudle.

609. House joint resolution 117, emergency relief appropriation act of 1935.

612. Relief of John M. McNulty.

615. Social security bill.*

620. Amend ship mortgage act, 1920, so as to benefit owners of small vessels.

621. Authorizing Tlingit and Haida Indians to bring suit in Court of Claims.

622. Emigration of Filipinos from United States.

624. Establish Coast Guard station at or near north end of Hog Island, Va.

625. Establish Coast Guard station at eastern entrance to Cape Cod Canal.

626. Establish Coast Guard station near Sea Island Beach, Ga.

627. Disposal of certain lighthouse reservations.

628. Exchanging part of naval station and lighthouse station, Key West, Fla.

629. Amend act for creation, etc., of Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve.

633. International Technical Committee of Aerial Legal Experts.

634. Amend act setting aside Rice Lake, etc., for Chippewa Indians. 2 pts.
637. Cooperation in education of Indian children at Queets, Wash.
638. Appointment of district judge for Massachusetts.
639. Amending law regulating sale of property under court order.

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640. Repeal certain provisions rel. to publicity of statements of income.

663. To pay expenses incident to eleventh Olympic games.

665. Amend act for expenses of D. C., 1914, rel. to Public Utilities Commission.

667. Requiring naming of subcontractors by contractors on building projects.

675. Coins in connection with California Pacific International Exposition.

676. Protect American and Philippine labor and preserve cordage industry.*

677. Extension of cooperative work of Geological Survey to Puerto Rico.

679. Agriculture Dept. and Farm Credit Administration appropriation bill.

681. Bridge across Mississippi River between Cohasset and Deer River, Minn.

682. Bridge across Mississippi River at St. Louis, Mo.

683. Bridge across Rainy River near Baudette, Minn.

684. Bridge across Missouri River at Garrison, N. Dak.

685. Bridge across Missouri River at Omaha, Nebr.

686. Bridge across Mississippi River between New Orleans and Gretna, La.

687. Bridge across Des Moines River at St. Francisville, Mo.

688. Bridge across Rio Grande at Rio Grande City, Tex.

689. Bridge across St. Lawrence River at Ogdensburg, N. Y.

690. Bridge across Missouri River at Brown ville, Nebr.

691. Bridge across Wabash River at Merom, Ind.

692. Bridge across Rio Grande at Boca Chica, Tex.

693. Smoot Sand and Gravel Corporation to lay pipe lines in D. C.

694. Use of U. S. S. Olympia as memorial to men and women in War with Spain.

695. Public order during convention of Imperial Council of Mystic Shrine.

698. Further extend relief to water users on reclamation projects. 2 pts.

699. Bridge across St. John R. between Madawaska, Me., and Edmundston, N. B.

700. Bridge across Waccamaw River at Old Pireway Ferry Crossing, N. C.

701. Bridge across Sabine River between Louisiana and Texas.

702. Bridge Mississippi R. between Kaskaskia Island, Ill., and St. Marys, Mo.

703. Acceptance of bequest of Fred C. Ainsworth to Walter Reed Hospital.

724. Public Works Administration loan to D. C. for municipal buildings.

725. Amending District of Columbia alcoholic beverage control act.

726. Treasury and Post Office departments appropriation bill, 1936.

727. Transfer Green Lake Fish Cultural Station to Acadia National Park.

729. Abolishing Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief Commission.

730. Construction of buildings for U. S. High Commissioner to Govt. of. P. I.*

733. Authorize certain officers of Navy and Marine Corps to administer oaths.

734. Naval personnel to wear miniature facsimiles in lieu of special medals.

736. Authorize certain officials of naval establishment to administer oaths.

737. Reserve lands for use and benefit of Kanosh band of Indians, Utah.

738. Exchange of lands reserved for Seminole Indians in Florida.

739. Payment to each enrolled Chippewa Indian of Red Lake band.

740. Jurisdiction over Osage Indian drug and liquor addicts.

741. Payment to Osage Indians on account of their lands sold by U. S.

742. Banking act of 1935.

743. Agricultural bank note bill.

744. To amend Canal Zone code.

746. Navy Department and naval service appropriation bill, 1936.

747. Relief of disbursing officers.

749. Participation in Int. Congress of Military Medicine and Pharmacy.

752. Exchange of lands with Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad Co.

753. National Guard amendment to national defense act.

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755. Army Air Corps stations and frontier air defense bases.

788. Authorizing examination of Fox River for flood control.

789. Authorizing examination of Willamette River for flood control.

790. Authorizing examination of Sebewaing River for flood control.

791. Credit certain Indian tribes with sums expended on irrigation works.

792. Funds for cooperation with school board of Shannon County, S. Dak.

793. Authorize loans for construction of certain municipal buildings in D. C.

794. Interior Department appropriation bill, 1936.

796. Amend filled milk act.

797. Time credits for substitute watchmen, messengers, etc., in postal service.

798. Burial in national cemeteries of members of the President's Cabinet.

799. Safety on public highways of District of Columbia.

801. Naturalization of certain alien veterans of World War.

802. Appointment and promotion of substitutes in postal service.

803. To make escape from custody prior to conviction criminal offense.

807. Credit service of officers of Army, etc., after June 30, 1932, rel. to pay.

808. Agricultural adjustment act amendments.

809. Losses from eradication of Mediterranean fruit fly in Florida.

810. Bitter Root Irrigation District contract.

811. Transfer of portion of lighthouse reservation to Grand Haven, Mich.

814. To pay non-Indian claimants on Indian pueblo grants.

818. Credit superintendents at post office stations w. substitutes under them.

819. Refinancing of farm mortgages.

820. Deepen irrigation channel between Clear Lake and Lost River, Calif.

821. Time credits for certain railway postal clerks.

822. Equipment allowance to third-class postmasters.

823. Prosecution of persons depositing threatening communications in mails.

824. Amend joint resolution for relief of Puerto Rico.

825. Virgin Islands Co. to settle claim of Phagen, Tillison & Tremble.

826. Traveling expenses of U. S. employees to and from Virgin Islands.

827. Providing punishment for killing or assaulting Federal officers.

828. Compensate Post Office Dept. for return of undeliverable letters, etc.

829. Convention of Imperial Council of Mystic Shrine in D. C. in 1935.

830. Program of forest land management.

831. Extend time to return duty free animals which have crossed boundary.

832. Agriculture Dept. and Farm Credit Administration appropriations, 1936.

834. Preliminary examination of Point Remove Creek, Ark., for flood control.

835. Examination of Tanana River and Chena Slough, Alaska, for flood control.

836. Preliminary examination of Salt River, Mo., for flood control.

837. To establish commercial airport for District of Columbia.

838. Allocation of net revenues of Shoshone power plant. 2 pts.

839. Forty-hour week for postal employees.

840. Examination of San Gabriel and Los Angeles rivers for flood control.

841. Preliminary examination of Gafford Creek, Ark., for flood control.

842. Erection of memorial to crew lost when the Shenandoah was

843. Erection of statue of Abraham Lincoln in Gettysburg National Cemetery.

844. Erection of memorial to Casimir Pulaski at Savannah, Ga.

846. Compact or agreement for division of waters of Little Missouri River.

848. Preservation of historic American sites, etc., of national significance.

849. Creation of National Park Trust Fund Board.

850. Pennsylvania R. R. by overhead bridge, to cross New York Avenue NE., DC.

851. Establishment of Appomattox Court House National Historical Park.

853. To relieve unemployment in mining districts.

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