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PART 1.-CRIMES—continued Chap.

99. Rape. 101. Records and Reports. 103. Robbery and Burglary. 105. Sabotage. 107. Seamen and Stowaways. 109. Searches and Seizures. 111. Shipping. 113. Stolen Property. 115.

Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities. 117. White Slave Trafic.


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TITLE 17.–COPYRIGHTS 1. Registration of Copyright. 2. Infringement Proceedings. 3. Copyright Office. TITLE 18.-CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE

PART I. -CRIMES 1. General Provisions. 2. Aircraft and Motor Vehicles. 3. Animals, Birds, Fish, and Plants. 5. Arson. 7. Assault. 9. Bankruptcy. 11. Bribery and Graft. 13. Civil Rights.

Claims and Services in Matters Affecting

Government. 17. Coins and Currency. 19. Conspiracy. 21. Contempts. 23. Contracts. 25.

Counterfeiting and Forgery. 27.

Customs. 29. Elections and Political Activities. 31. Embezzlement and Theft. 33. Emblems, Insignia, and Names. 35.

Escape and Rescue. 37. Espionage and Censorship. 39.

Explosives and Other Dangerous Articles. 41. Extortion and Threats. 43. False Personation. 45. Foreign Relations. 47. Fraud and False Statements. 49. Fugitives from Justice. 50. Gambling. 51. Homicide. 53. Indians.

Kidnaping. 57. Labor. 59. Liquor Traffic. 61. Lotteries, 63. Mail Fraud. 65. Malicious Mischief. 67. Military and Navy. 68. Narcotics. 69. Nationality and Citizenship. 71. Obscenity. 73.

Obstruction of Justice. 75. Passports and Visas. 77. Peonage and Slavery. 79. Perjury. 81.

Piracy and Privateering. 83. Postal Service.

Prison-made Goods. 87. Prisons. 89. Professions and Occupations. 91. Public Lands. 93. Public Officers and Employees. 95. Racketeering. 97. Railroads.

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PART IV. —CORRECTION OF YOUTHFUL OFFENDERS 401. General Provisions. 402. Federal Youth Corrections Act. 403. Juvenile Delinquency

TITLE 19.-CUSTOMS DUTIES 1. Collection Districts, Ports, and Officers. 1A. Foreign Trade Zones. 2. The Tariff Commission. 3. The Tariff and Related Provisions. 4. Tariff Act of 1930. 5. Anti-Smuggling Act. 6. Trade Fair Program. 7. Trade Expansion Program.


TITLE 20.-EDUCATION 1. The Office of Education. 2. Vocational Education, 3. Smithsonian Institution and National Mu15.


TITLE 20.-EDUCATION-Continued Chap. 4. National Zoological Park. 5. Government Collections and Institutions for

Research, and Material for Educational

Institutions. 6. American Printing House for the Blind. 6A. Vending Stands for Blind in Federal Build

ings. 7. Instruction as to Nature and Effect of Alco

holic Drinks and Narcotics. 8. Howard University. 9. National Training School for Boys. 10. National Training School for Girls. 11. National Arboretum. 12. Foreign and Exchange Students. 13. Financial Assistance for Areas Affected by

Federal Activities. 14.

School Construction in Areas Affected by

Federal Activities. 15. Studies and Research on Problems in Edu

cation. 16. Public Library Services for Rural Areas. 17. National Defense Education Program. 18. Grants for Teaching in the Education of

Mentally Retarded Children. 19. School Construction in Areas Affected by

Federal Activities. 20. Grants for Teaching in the Education of the

Deaf. 21. Higher Educational Facilities. 22. National Council on the Arts. 23. Training and Fellowship Programs for Com

munity Development. TITLE 21.-FOOD AND DRUGS

1. Adulterated or Misbranded Foods or Drugs. 2. Teas. 3. Filled Milk. 4. Animals, Meats, and Meat and Dairy Prod

ucts. 5. Viruses, Serums, Toxins, Antitoxins, and

Analogous Products. 6. Narcotic Drugs. 7. Practice of Pharmacy and sale of Poisons in

Consular Districts in China. 8. Narcotic Farms. 9. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. 10. Poultry and Poultry Products Inspection. 11. Manufacture of Narcotic Drugs.



COURSE-Continued Chap.

The Republic of the Philippines. 16. Greek and Turkish Assistance. 17.

Relief Aid to War-Devastated Countries. 18. United States Information and Educational

Exchange Programs. 19. Foreign Assistance Program. 20. Mutual Defense Assistance Program. 20A. Mutual Defense Assistance Control Program. 21. Settlement of International Claims. 22. Mutual Security Assistance. 23. Protection of Citizens Abroad. 24. Mutual Security Program. 24A. Middle East Peace and Stability. 25. Protection of Vessels on the High Seas and

in Territorial Waters of Foreign countries. 26. Armed Forces Participation in International

Amateur Sports Competitions. 27. International Cultural Exchange and Trade

Fair Participation. 28. International Atomic Energy Agency Partici

pation. 29. Cultural and Technical Interchange Centers. 30. International Cooperation in Health and Med

ical Research.

International Travel. 32. International Development, Peace and Se

curity. 33. Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange

Program. 34. The Peace Corps. 35. Arms Control and Disarmament. 36. Migration and Refugee Assistance. TITLE 23.-HIGHWAYS 1. Federal Aid Highways. 2. Other Highways. 3. General Provisions. TITLE 24.-HOSPITALS, ASYLUMS, AND CEME

TERIES 1. Navy Hospitals, Naval Home, Army and Navy

Hospital, and Hospital Relief for Seamen

and Others 2. The Soldiers' Home. 3. The National Home for Disabled Volunteer

Soldiers. 4. Saint Elizabeths Hospital. 5. The Columbia Institution for the Deaf. 6. The Freedmen's Hospital. 7. National Cemeteries. 7A. Private and Commercial Cemeteries. 8. Gorgas Hospital. 9. Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Nationals Re

turned from Foreign countries. TITLE 25.-INDIANS 1. Bureau of Indian Affairs. 2. Oficers of Indian Affairs. 2A. Indian Claims Commission. 3. Agreements with Indians. 4. Performance by United States of Obligations

to Indians. 5. Protection of Indians. 6. Government of Indian Country and Reserva



COURSE 1. Diplomatic and Consular Service Generally. 2. Consular Courts. 3. United States Court for China. 4. Passports. 5. Preservation of Friendly Foreign Relations

Generally. 6. Foreign Diplomatic and Consular Officers. 7. International Bureaus, Congresses, etc. 8. Foreign Service Buildings. 9. Foreign Wars, War Materials, and Neutrality. 10. Hemispheral Relations. 11. Foreign Agents and Propaganda. 12. Claims Commissions. 13. Service Courts of Friendly Foreign Forces. 14. Foreign Service.

36-5000 vol. 7-65—2

TITLE 25.-INDIANSContinued Chap. 7. Education of Indians. 7A. Promotion of Social and Economic Welfare. 8. Rights-of-Way Through Indian Lands. 9. Allotment of Indian Lands. 10. Descent and Distribution; Heirs of Allottee. 11. Irrigation of Allotted Lands. 12. Lease, Sale, or Surrender of Allotted or Un

allotted Lands. 13. Ceded Indian Lands. 14. Miscellaneous.


SUBTITLE F.-PROCEDURE AND ADMINISTRATION—con. Chap. 71. Transferees and Fiduciaries. 72. Licensing and Registration. 73. Bonds. 74. Closing Agreements and Compromises. 75. Crimes, Other Offenses, and Forfeitures. 76. Judicial Proceedings. 77. Miscellaneous Provisions. 78. Discovery of Liability and Enforcement of

Title. 79. Definitions. 80. General Rules.

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Organization and Membership of the Joint

Committee. 92. Powers and Duties of the Joint Committee. TITLE 27.-INTOXICATING LIQUORS 1. General Provisions. 2. Prohibition of Intoxicating Beverages. 2A. Beer, Ale, Porter, and Similar Fermented

Liquor. 3. Industrial Alcohol. 4. Penalties. 5. Prohibition Reorganization Act of 1930. 6. Transportation in Interstate Commerce. 7. Liquor Law Repeal and Enforcement Act. 8. Federal Alcohol Administration Act.

9. Liquor Enforcement Act of 1936. TITLE 28.-JUDICIARY AND JUDICIAL PROCEDURE

PART I. -ORGANIZATION OF COURTS 1. Supreme Court. 3. Courts of Appeals. 5. District Courts. 7. Court of Claims. 9. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals. 11.

Customs Court. 13. Assignment of Judges to Other Courts. 15. Conferences and Councils of Judges. 17. Resignation and Retirement of Judges. 19. Distribution of Reports and Digests. 21. General Provisions Applicable to Courts and


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PART II.-UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS AND MARSHALS 31. United States Attorneys. 33. United States Marshals.


EXCISE TAXES 51. Distilled Spirits, Wines, and Beer. 52. Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, and Cigarette

Papers and Tubes. 53. Machine Guns and Certain Other Firearms.


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PART 1.—COURT OFTICERS AND EMPLOYEES Administrative Office of United States

Courts. United States Commissioners. Supreme Court. Courts of Appeals. District Courts. Court of Claims. Court of Customs and Patent Appeals. Customs Court. General Provisions Applicable to Court Of

ficers and Employees.

Supreme Court.
Courts of Appeals

69. 70.

81. 83.

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Continued Chap. 3. Lands Containing Coal, Phosphates, Petro

leum, oil, oil Shale, Gas, Sodium, Potas

sium, and so forth, and Building Stone. 4. Lease of Gold, Silver, or Quicksilver Deposits

When Title Confirmed by Court of Private

Land Claims. 5. Lease of Oil and Gas Deposits in or under

Railroads and other Rights of Way. 6. Synthetic Liquid Fuel Demonstration Plants. 7. Lease of Mineral Deposits within Acquired

Lands. 8. Development of Lignite Coal Resources. 9. Rare and Precious Metals Experiment Sta

tion. 10. Coal Mine Safety. 11. Mining Claims on Lands Subject to Mineral

Leasing Laws. 12. Multiple Mineral Development of the Same

Tracts. 12A. Entry and Location on Coal Lands on Dis

covery of Source Material. 13. Control of Coal-Mine Fires. 14. Anthracite Mine Drainage and Flood Control. 15. Surface Resources. 16. Mineral Development of Lands Withdrawn

for Power Development. 17. Exploration Program for Discovery of

Minerals. 18. Coal Research and Development. 19. Lead and Zinc Stabilization Program. 20.

Conveyances to Occupants of Unpatented

Mining Claims.

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169. 171. 173.

TITLE 29.–LABOR 1. Labor Statistics. 2. Women's Bureau. 2A. Children's Bureau. 3. National Trade Unions. 4. Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons Injured

in Industry. 4A. Employment Stabilization. 4B. Federal Employment Service. 4C. Apprentice Labor. 5. Labor Disputes; Mediation and Injunctive

Relief. 6. Jurisdiction of Courts in Matters Affecting

Employer and Employee 7. Labor-Management Relations. 8. Fair Labor Standards. 9. Portal-To-Portal Pay. 10. Disclosure of Welfare and Pension Plans. 11. Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure


1. The National Budget and Audit System.

Accounting and Auditing. 2. Audit and Settlement of Accounts. 3. The Treasurer. 4. The Register. 5. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 6. Debts Due by, or to, the United States. 7. Bureau of the Mint, Mints, and Assay Ofices. 8. Coins, Coinage, and Currency. 9. Legal Tender. 10. The Public Moneys. 11. Appropriations. 12. The Public Debt. 13. Credit and Currency Expansion. 14. Financial Control of Government Corpora

tions. 15. Gifts for Reduction of Public Debt. 16. Adjustment of Old Series Currency.

TITLE 32.-NATIONAL GUARD 1. Organization. 3. Personnel. 5. Training. 7. Service, Supply, and Procurement.


1. The Bureau of Mines. 2. Mineral Lands and Regulations Generally.


WATERS 1. Navigable Waters Generally. 2. International Rules for Navigation at Sea. 3. Navigation Rules for Harbors, Rivers, and

Inland Waters Generally.


TERS-Continued Chap. 4. Navigation Rules for Great Lakes and their

Connecting and Tributary Waters. 5. Navigation Rules for Red River of the North

and Rivers Emptying into Gulf of Mexico

and Tributaries. 5A. Exemption of Navy or Coast Guard Vessels

from Certain Navigation Rules. 6. General Duties of Ship Officers and Owners

after Collision or Other Accident. 7. Regulations for the Suppression of Piracy. 8. Summary Trials for Certain Ottenses Against

Navigation Laws. 9. Protection of Navigable Waters and of Har

bor and River Improvements Generally. 10. Anchorage Grounds and Harbor Regulations

Generally. 11. Bridges over Navigable Waters. 12. River and Harbor Improvements Generally. 13. Mississippi River Commission. 14. California Débris Commission. 15. Flood Control. 16. Lighthouses. 17. Coast and Geodetic Survey. 18. Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Com

pensation Act. 19. Saint Lawrence Seaway. 20. Pollution of the Sea by Oil. 21. International Regulations for Preventing Col

lisions at Sea. TITLE 35.-PATENTS


SERVANCES—Continued Chap. 4. Belleau Wood Memorial Association. 4A. Amvets (American Veterans of World War

II). 5. Grand Army of the Republic. 5A. Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic. 6. United States Blind Veterans of World War I. 6A. Disabled American Veterans. 7. American War Mothers. 7A. Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United

States. 8. American Battle Monuments Commission. 8A. The National Yeomen F. 8B. Service Clubs. 9. National Observances. 10. Patriotic Customs. 11. Civil Air Patrol. 12.

Reserve Oficers Association. 13. National Academy of Sciences. 14. Future Farmers of America. 15. Military Chaplains Association of the United

States of America. 16. American Society of International Law. 17. United States Olympic Committee. 18. Conference of State Societies, Washington,

District of Columbia. 19. Corregidor Bataan Memorial Commission.

National Conference on Citizenship. 21. National Safety Council. 22. Pershing Hall Memorial Fund. 23. Board for Fundamental Education. 24. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. 25. The Foundation of the Federal Bar Asso

ciation. 26. The National Fund for Medical Education. 27. The Army and Navy Legion of Valor of the

United States of America. 28. National Music Council. 29. Boys' Clubs of America. 30. Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies. 31. Civil War Centennial Commission. 32. Veterans of World War I of the United States

of America. 33. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society

of the United States of America. 34. Military Order of the Purple Heart of the

United States of America. 35. Blinded Veterans Association. 36. Big Brothers of America. 37. Jewish War Veterans, U. S. A., National

Memorial, Inc. 38. Blue Star Mothers of America. 39. Agricultural Hall of Fame. 40. National Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary to

the Grand Army of the Republic. 41. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. 42. Audits of Federally Chartered Corporations.



PART 1.---PATENT OFFICE 1. Establishment; Officers, Functions. 2. Proceedings in the Patent Ofice. 3. Practice before Patent Ofice. 4. Patent Fees. PART II.-PATENTABILITY OF INVENTIONS AND GRANT OF

PATENTS 10. Patentability of Inventions. 11.

Application for Patent. 12. Examination of Application. 13. Review of Patent Office Decisions. 14. Issue of Patent. 15. Plant Patents.

Designs. 17. Secrecy of Certain Inventions and Filing

Applications in Foreign country. PART III.—PATENTS AND PROTECTION OF PATENT RIGHTS 25. Amendment and Correction of Patents. 26. Ownership and Assignment. 27. Government Interests in Patents. 28. Infringement of Patents. 29. Remedies for Infringement of Patent and


SERVANCES 1. American National Red Cross. 1A. Daughters of the American Revolution. 1B. American Historical Association. 1C. Sons of the American Revolution. 2. Boy Scouts of America. 2A. Girl Scouts of America. 3. The American Legion. 3A. United Spanish War Veterans. 3B. Marine Corps League.


UNIFORMED SERVICES 1. Definitions. 3. Basic Pay. 5. Special and Incentive Pays. 7. Allowances. 9. Leave. 11. Payments to Mentally Incompetent Persons. 13. Allotments and Assignments of Pay.

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