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Presidente theloni veille, 1826; Painted by J. RENTON. ---Engraved by W. T. FRY hy Aquinntment f the Viesteyan Book Commaitze,

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14, City-Road, and 66, Paternoster-Row.


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Mills, Jowett, & Mills, Bult Court, Fleet Street, London,


On completing the Forty-Ninth Volume of this Miscellany, it may be fairly presumed that the principles upon which it is conducted are so generally understood, as to preclude the necessity of distinct explanation. Our thanks are nevertheless due to our Subscribers and Correspondents; and an annual preface to the volumes of this work is therefore necessary, were it only to be a record of the kind patronage and assistance which we have received, and of the grateful feelings with which we appreciate the favours of our Friends.

The past has been a year of unexampled commercial difficulty and depression; and while many thousands of our countrymen, who formerly lived in comparative affluence, have been scarcely able to obtain the means of subsistence for themselves and their families, it may be naturally supposed, that the press has been in a great measure inactive; and that the general call for books, and the means of publication, have been greatly diminished. The supposition has been fully verified. Within the last twelve months, so greatly has the demand for the current literature of the day decreased, that some respectable periodical publications, the sales of which had been considerable through a series of years, have been either absolutely discontinued, or merged in other works of a similar character. Under these circumstances, it is an encouraging fact, and we state it with grateful emotion, that the sale of the WesleyanMethodist Magazine, through the successive months of the year, has scarcely sustained any perceptible diminution. Such a substantial expression of the approval of our Subscribers, calls for special acknowledgment, and requires from us the pledge, which we willingly tender, that every exertion shall be made in future, to meet their just wishes, and to render the work still more worthy of their liberal support.

The favourable acceptance with which this Magazine continues to be honoured, is, of course, to be attributed to the excellent communications of our Correspondents ; a continuance of whose contributions we therefore earnestly solicit, while we offer them our best thanks for their past favours. The Miscellaneous department of this Magazine we hope to make still more interesting and instructive. For while it is our intention to furnish early extracts from the publications of re

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spectable Voyagers and Travellers, we also purpose to introduce a somewhat larger portion of theological discussion, for which the requisite arrangements are already made. Such are our present designs and hopes: but the future is only known to God: and in vain have we traced the personal history of so many excellent Christians, whose biography forms one of the distinguishing characteristics of our work, if we are not impressed with the uncertainty of this vain life, which we spend upon earth as a shadow. Stimulated as we are by so great a cloud of witnesses, who have borne testimony through life, and upon the bed of death, to the reality and excellence of vital religion, we would contend earnestly for those truths, by the instrumentality of which it pleases God to enlighten and comfort and sanctify the souls of men; and we devoutly pray for the saving application of them, by the eternal Spirit, both in regard to ourselves and our readers; assured that without such an application even religious knowledge is of little value, and a future state of being, to which we are all tending, an . object of alarm and dread, rather than of hope and desire. May this, and every other attempt to benefit mankind, in their spiritual and eternal interests, be succeeded by the divine approbation and blessing; that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ.

Dondon, Nov. 25, 1826.

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