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most upon fuch of our Enemies as shall fall into out Hands.

And whereas the said yames Duke of York, in order to the expediting the idolatrous and bloody Delignes of the Papifts, the gratifying his own boundless Ambition after a Crown, and to hinder Enquiry into his Affassination of Arthur Earle of Ellex, hath poysoned the late King, and therein manifefted his Ingratitude, as well as Cruely, to the World, in murthering á Brother, who had almost ruined himselfe to preserve and protect him from Punishment: Wee do therefore further declare, that for the aforesaid villanous and unnaturall Crime, and other his Crimes before-mentioned, and in pursuance of the Refolution of both Houses of Parliament, who voted to revenge the King's Death, in case he came to an untimely End, wee will prosecute the faid James Duke of York, till wee have brought him to suffer what the Law adjudged to be the Punishment of so execrable a Fact. And in a more particular manner, his Grace the Duke of Monmouth being deeply sensible of that barbarous and horrid Parricide committed upon his Father, doch resolve to pursue the faid James Duke of York as a mortall and bloudy Enemy, and will endeavor, as well with his own Hands, as by the Afliftance of his Friends, and the Law, to have Justice executed upon him.

And forasmuch as the said James Duke of Monmouth, the now Head and Captaine Generall of the Protestant Forces of this Kingdom, assembled in pursuance of the Ends aforesaid, hath been, and still is believed to have a legitimate and legall Right to the Crownes of England; Scotland, France and Ireland, with the Dominions there -unto belonging, of which he doubts not in the least to give the World: full Satisfaction, notwithstanding the Means used by the late King his Father, upon. Popish Motives, and at the Inftigation of the said. James Duke of. York, to weaken and obscure it ; the said James Duke of Monmouth, from the Generousness of his own Nature, and the Love he bears to these Nations, whose Wellfare and Settlement he infinitely prefers to whatsoever may concern himself, doth not at present insist upon his Title, but leaves the Determination thereof to the Wisdom, ustice, and Authority of a Parliament, legally chofen, and ting with Freedom. · And in the meane time doth proise and declare by all that is facred, that he will

, in Conjunction

Conjunction with the People of England, imploy all the Abilities bestowed upon him by God and Nature, for the Re-establishment and Preservation of the Protestant Reformed Religion in these Kingdomes, and for restoring the Subjects of the same, to a free Exercise thereof, in Opposition to Popery, and the Consequences of it, Tya ranny and Slavery : To the obtaining of which Ends, he doth hereby promise, and oblige himselfe to the People of England, to consent unto, and promote the passing into Laws, all the Methods aforesaid ; that it may never more be in the Power of any single Person on the Throne to deprive the Subjects of their Rights, or subvert the fundamentall Laws of the Government designed for their Prefervation.

And whereas the Nobility, Gentry and Commons of Scotland, are now in Arms upon the like Motives, and Inducements that wee are, and in Prosecution of Ends agreeable with ours; wee do therefore approve the Justice of their Cause, commend their Zeale and Courage, expecting their, and promising our Affance, for carrying on that glorious Work wee are jointly engaged in.

Being obliged, for avoiding Tediousness, to omit recounting many Oppreffions under which the Kingdom bath groaned, and the giving a Deduction of the severall Steps that have been taken for introducing and establishing of Popery and Tyranny: Wee think fit therefore to signifie, both to our Countrymen and Forreigners, that wee intend a larger Manifefto and Remonftrance of the Grievances, Persecutions, Cruelties, and Tyrannies wee have of late layne under, and therein a more full and particular Account of the unparallelled Crimes of the present Ufurper.

And we make our Appeale unto God, and all Proteftant Kings, Princes, States and People, concerning the Justice of our Cause, and the Necessity we are reduc into of having our Recourse to Armes : And as wec eech, require, and adjure all fincere Protestants and glish men, to be aflisting to us against the Enemie sorpell, Rights of the Nation, and I herties of

: so wee are confident of obtaining

noft A çour which they can yield us v - Pro and Efates, for the dethroning

Tyra Usurper.

Nor do wee doubt being justifyed, countenariced and affifted by all Protestant Kings, Princes, and Commons wealths, who do either regard the Gospell of Jesus Chrift, or their own Interest; and above all our Dependance and Trust is upon the Lord of Hofts, in whose Name wee go forth, and to whom wee commit our Cause, and refer the Decision betwixt us and our Enemies in the Day of Bartle. Now let us play the Men, for our People, and for the Cities of our God, and the Lord do that which seemeth Good unto him


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