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sought consistent with the plans, specifications, and schedule submitted by the applicant; and

(3) has agreed to meet the applicable criteria and requirements established under subsection (b) (and the Secretary has determined that the applicant has demonstrated the capacity to meet those criteria and requirements).

(e) APPLICATION REQUIREMENT. An entity described in subction (d) desiring to receive assistance under this section shall ibmit to the Secretary an application. The application shall set rth

(1) the amount of the grant requested with respect to a project;

(2) a description of the site for such project;

(3) plans, specifications, and the schedule for implementation of such project in accordance with requirements prescribed by the Secretary under subsection (b); and

(4) reasonable assurance that upon completion of the work for which assistance is sought, the program will become operational and the facilities will be used principally to provide to veterans the services for which the project was designed, and that not more than 25 percent of the services provided will serve clients who are not receiving such services as veterans. (f) PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS.-The Secretary may not make a rant to an applicant under this section unless the applicant, in the pplication for the grant, agrees to each of the following requireents:

(1) To provide the services for which the grant is furnished at locations accessible to homeless veterans.

(2) To maintain referral networks for, and aid homeless veterans in, establishing eligibility for assistance, and obtaining services, under available entitlement and assistance programs.

(3) To ensure the confidentiality of records maintained on homeless veterans receiving services under the grant.

(4) To establish such procedures for fiscal control and fund accounting as may be necessary to ensure proper disbursement and accounting with respect to the grant and to such payments as may be made under section 4.

(5) To seek to employ homeless veterans and formerly homeless veterans in positions created for purposes of the grant for which those veterans are qualified.

(g) SERVICE CENTER REQUIREMENTS.-In addition to criteria esablished under subsection (b), the Secretary shall, in the case of a application for a grant for a service center for homeless veterns, require that

(1) such center shall provide services to homeless veterans during such hours as the Secretary may specify and shall be open to such veterans on an as-needed, unscheduled basis;

(2) space at such center will be made available, as mutually agreeable, for use by staff of the Department of Veterans Af fairs, the Department of Labor, and other appropriate agencies and organizations in assisting homeless veterans served by such center;

(3) such center shall be equipped and staffed to provide, or to assist in providing, health care, mental health services, hy

giene facilities, benefits and employment counseling, meals, transportation assistance, and such other services as the Secretary determines necessary; and

(4) such center may be equipped and staffed to provide, or to assist in providing, job training and job placement services (including job readiness, job counseling, and literacy and skills training), as well as any outreach and case management services that may be necessary to carry out this paragraph. SEC. 4 [38 U.S.C. 7721 note]. PER DIEM PAYMENTS.

(a) PER DIEM PAYMENTS FOR FURNISHING SERVICES TO HOMELESS VETERANS.-Subject to the availability of appropriations provided for under section 12 [set out below], the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, pursuant to such criteria as the Secretary shall prescribe, shall provide to a recipient of a grant under section 3 (ar an entity eligible to receive a grant under section 3 which after the date of enactment of this Act [Nov. 10, 1992] establishes a program which the Secretary determines carries out the purposes described in section 3) per diem payments at such rates as the Secretary shall prescribe by regulation for services furnished to any homeless veteran

(1) whom the Secretary has referred to the grant recipient (or entity eligible for such a grant); or

(2) for whom the Secretary has authorized the provision of services.

In a case in which the Secretary has authorized the provision of services, per diem payments may be paid retroactively for services provided not more than 3 days before the authorization was provided.

(b) LIMITATION.-The amount of per diem payments made with respect to a veteran under this section may not exceed one-half of the cost to the grant recipient (or other eligible entity) of providing such service.

(c) IN-KIND ASSISTANCE.-In lieu of per diem payments under this section, the Secretary may, with the approval of the grant recipient, provide in-kind assistance (through the services of Department employees and the use of other Department resources) to a grant recipient (or entity eligible for such a grant) under section 3

(d) INSPECTIONS.-The Secretary may inspect any facility of ar entity eligible for payments under subsection (a) at such times as the Secretary considers necessary. No per diem payment may be made to an entity under this section unless the facilities of that entity meet such standards as the Secretary shall prescribe.


Public Law 101-237, § 421, Dec. 18, 1989, 103 Stat. 2088, proles:


a) IN GENERAL.-For the purpose of assisting individuals receiveducation benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall prepare, and update periodily, a document containing a detailed description of the benefits, itations, procedures, requirements, and other important aspects the education programs administered by the Department. b) DISTRIBUTION.-The Secretary shall, beginning in fiscal year 90 but not before July 1, 1990, distribute copies of such docu


(1) to each individual applying for benefits under an education program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and to each such individual at least annually in the years thereafter in which the individual receives such benefits;

(2) to education and training institution officials on at least an annual basis; and

(3) upon request, to other individuals significantly affected by education programs administered by the Secretary, including military education personnel.

c) FUNDING.-The Secretary shall use funds appropriated to the adjustment benefits account of the Department to carry out this tion.


Public Law 100-687, § 1204, Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat. 4125
(as amended by Public Law 102-4, §4, Feb. 6, 1991, 105 Stat. 15;
Public Law 102-83, § 6(k)(2), Aug. 6, 1991, 105 Stat. 409) provides:

(a) ONGOING OUTREACH PROGRAM. (1) The Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall conduct an active, continuous outreach program for furnishing to veterans of active military, naval, or air service who served in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam era information relating to

(A) the health risks (if any) resulting from exposure during that service to dioxin or any other toxic agent in herbicides used in support of United States and allied military operations in the Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam era; and

(B) services and benefits available to such veterans with respect to such health risks.

(2) The Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall annually furnish updated information on health risks described in paragraph (1)(A) to veterans referred to in paragraph (1).

(b) INFORMATION IN AGENT ORANGE REGISTRY.-The Secretary of Veterans Affairs shall take reasonable actions to organize and update the information contained in the Department of Veterans Affairs Agent Orange Registry in a manner that enables the Secretary promptly to notify a veteran of any increased health risk for such veteran resulting from exposure of such veteran to dioxin or any other toxic agent referred to in subsection (a) during Vietnamera service in the Republic of Vietnam whenever the Secretary determines, on the basis of physical examination or other pertinent information, that such veteran is subject to such an increased health risk.

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