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This Selection has been made in compliance with the request of Diocesan Church Education Society, whose Committee were not acquainted with a publication exactly suited to their views of what was required for the assistance of their scholars.

It has been taken from the first nine volumes of the Saturday Magazine, published under the direction of the Committee for General Literature and Education of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. The Selections, therefore, may be used with confidence, as having substantially received the Society's sanction.

The arrangement is such as was thought best adapted to the purpose of the Work; the first volume being more suitable for lower classes; the others for young persons in a more advanced stage of education,

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Page ALFRED the Great 2 Clergyman and Deist

15 A word in season

Waters of three Rivers

15 All for the best

Dr. Isaac Barrow

15 Anecdote of an Arab

The same

16 Arabs and their horses 4 Haydn, the Composer

16 Sherlock

The same

17 The Honourable Robert Boyle

The same

17 Hogarth

Michael Angelo

17 Frederick the Great 6 Swartz, the Missionary

17 Dr. Miller, the Organist 6 Dr Michael Hudson

18 A General Officer

7 David Hume and his Mother 18 A Sea Captain 7 Bishop Heber

19 Plutarch 7 James Ferguson

19 Abbas the Great 7 Persevering Industry

21 Princess Ann 8 Golden Example

21 King George the Second

8 Industry and Contentment 22 Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk Effect of Resolution King Charles the Second


24 Frederick the Great

A distinguished Nobleman 24 Frederick William of Prussia 9 Effect of Music

24 Cowper, the Poet

9 King of the Island of Tooboo 25 Duke of Wellington 10 King of Radama

25 Xerxes 10 A Newcastle Collier

26 Lord Nelson

11 First Steam Boat in the West Lord Exmouth 11 Indies

26 Sir Samuel Hood 12 Persian Doctor

27 Mungo Park in the Desert 12 Indian Jugglers

28 A Conscientious Mimic

13 Character the best Security 29 German Farmer and Foraging

Instances of Memory

29 Party 14 New Forest Widow

30 Anecdote of a Highlander 14 Cobbett

30 Guyot of Marseilles

15 Head of the Ship Centurion 31 APOLOGUES, FABLES, TALES, AND NARRATIVES. Obidah and the Hermit

Presence of Mind

58 Sadik Beg 35 Secret Treasure

58 Riches and Happiness

Power of Truth

59 Dervise and Caravansary 38 Officer, his Wife, and Ass 59 Labour and Rest 38 Gratitude

60 Hermit and Vision

40 King Henry vin.and the Abbot 01 Hindoo Riddles

40 Wonders out of Nothing Dervise and Camel

43 Filial Affection of Chinese Serpent's Bath

43 Dutch Seamen Diogenes in a Fair

44 Lodging in Woods Bishop Heber's Apologue - 45 Milkmaids of Dort St. Anthony and the Cobbler - 46 Arabs and Date-tree Adventure at Kazeroon

46 Monkey trick Night at St. Bernard's 47 Gustavus of Sweden

67 Dogs of St. Bernard's 48 Yorkshire House

07 Grotto of Adelsberg

51 Abp. Sharp and Highwayman 69 Hacho, King of Lapland 52 Spanish Robbers

70 Turkish Martyr 54 Early Associations

72 Arabian Hospitality 56 An Infant's Peril



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