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SCHEDULE E.-Schedule of space assigned at Chicago Administration Center and space to be required at relocation sites by military tenants

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Chicago Administration Center
Quartermaster Food and Container Institute.

Other Quartermaster activities:

Cemetery Division.
Army Subsistence Center
Department of Defense Warehouse and Household Goods

Field Office.
Quartermaster technical laundry adviser
Chicago Military Clothing and Textile Inspection Office,

Quartermaster General Supplies Inspection Agency, Chi-

cago office.
U.S. Army Quartermaster Subsistence School
Quartermaster Inspector General Field Office
Ration assembly function, Military Subsistence Market

Center, MSSA.
Coffee Branch Inspection Division, MSSA.
Military Subsistence Testing Laboratory, Inspection Di-

vision, MSSA.
Chicago Military Subsistence Market Center Inspection

Household goods storage
Chicago Military Subsistence Market Center

Total, other quartermaster activities

Total, quartermaster.

15, 800



138, 200

758, 229

-620, 029 5th U.S. Army activities:


Finance and Accounting Office, U.S. Army Support Center.
Accounting Division, Finance and Accounting Section.

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Machine Records Division, AG Section,
Publications stockroom, Printing Control Branch, AG

Records Administration Branch, Administration Services

Division, AG Section,
Regional Industrial Security Office, G-2 Section..
Post Supply Office, U.S. Army Support Center.
Reserve supply (map storage)
Silk Screen Shop, 5th Army Support Center
Chicago Training Center Supply Point, U.S. Army Mili-

tary District.
Provost Marshal, U.S. Army
Zone 11, U.S. Army Veterinary Food Inspection Service.
Dispensary and Engineering Section

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Total, 5th Army activities.
U.S. Army Medical Service, Meat and Dairy Hygiene School.
Chicago District Corps cf Engineers.
Chicago Ordnance District.

Several sites under consideraticn.
No relocation plans available.


67, 960

82, 460

161, 669
46, 288
17, 506
4, 986

-79, 209

26, 288
-3, 506
-3, 986

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1 Reduction on basis of assigned personnel rather than personnel authorized reduces net changes:

2 The reduction of personnel spaces for the Food and Container Institute will result
from a consolidation of activities at the command headquarters. The 33 personnel
spaces include 26 civilians, and 7 military.
3 Addition of 30 personnel spaces at the Military Subsistence Supply Agency from CAC.

4 Elimination of 10 authorized civilian personnel spaces in the Finănce and Accounting
Office. A consolidation of finance activities at Fort Sheridan, Ill., will reduce 28 spaces
in the Finance Office, but current plans provide for a reassignment of 18 spaces to other
organizational elements of the 5th Army.

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