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Relative to SALISBURY and its VICINITY.

History of the CATHEDRAL CHURCH of SALISBURY, from the Translation of the Church of Old Sarum, and the Foundation of the new Cathedral: with a Description of the most remarkable Monuments; the Spire, Choir, Chapter-House, and Cloister ; Possessions of the Episcopal See and Cathedral alienated during the great Rebellion, and recovered at the Restoration; Prebends, and the Preaching Turns, &c. To which is prefixed, as a connected Link to the venerable Fabric, An Account of OLD SARUM, the SEE of SALISBURY, and List of the BISHOPS, The whole drawn from the best Authorities, particularly from the Writings of WILLIAM DE WANDA, Precentor, and afterwards Dean; LELAND, CAMDEN, PRICE, WREN, &c. With Engravings.-35.

CONJECTURES on that mysterious Monument of ancient Art, STONEHENGE, on Salisbury Plain; commencing its History by Jeffery Of MONMOUTH, Bishop of St. Asaph, Anno 1130, and continued in chronological Order by the laborious Re. searches of fifteen eminent Writers in their Attempts to remove the Cloud which veils in Obscurity the History of this cele.brated Temple. To which are added, A valuable fragment of Antiquity relative to OLD SARUM and STONEHENGE, by DIODORUS, in the Time of Julius Cæsar; and a History of the DRUIDS, the supposed Architects of STONEHENGE. With Views.-2s.

A COLLECTION OF REMARKABLE EVENTS relative to the City of NEW SARUM, from A. D. 1227 to 1823, chronologically arranged; with the Year, and Name of the Mayor in whose Time they respectively occurred; including the Prices of Wheat and BARLEY from an early Æra, and their annual Average Prices from 1796 to 1823.-1s. 6d.

List of the MAYORS of NEW SARUM, from the earliest Period, A. D. 1278 to 1826. With an introductory Account relative to the Foundation of the City.--1s,

A new and correct PLAN of OLD SARUM, from actual Survey; with explanatory References, and a History of that celebrated Place, its Fortress, and Burgage Tenures. To which are added, two VIEWS of OLD SARUM in its present State, and the CASTLE as in the Reign of King STEPHEN. By H. WANSEY, F.A.S.25.

DISTANCES of the principal TOWNS and VILLAGES on the high Roads from SALISBURY, in every Direction. Printed on a Card. The reverse Side points out the Distances from Town to Town in Wiltshire ; and also tbe Distance of each Place from London.-15.

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