Memoirs of the Life of Anne Bolyn, Queen of Henry VIII, Volume 1

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1821

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Page 144 - I nothing malign for that you have done to me, but the eternal God forgive you my death, as I do; I shall never sue to the king for life, howbeit he is a gracious prince, and more grace may come from him than I desire. I desire you, my lords, and all my fellows to pray for me.
Page 150 - With sober looks so would I that it should Speak without words, such words as none can tell ; The tress also should be of crisped gold. With wit and these, might chance I might be tied, And knit again the knot that should not slide.
Page 153 - ... gentlewoman, throughout all the tables in the chamber on the one side, which were made and joined as it were but one table.
Page 24 - Their master's coat of arms, and knightly charge. Broad were the banners, and of snowy hue, A purer web the silk-worm never drew.
Page 26 - Headed with piercing steel, and polish'd bright. Like to their lords their equipage was seen, And all their foreheads crown'd with garlands green. And after these came, arm'd with spear and shield, A host so great as cover'd all the field, And all their foreheads, like the knights...
Page 153 - I shall desire you, because ye can speak French, to take the pains to go down into the hall to encounter and to receive them, according to their estates, and to conduct them into this chamber, where they shall see us, and all these noble personages sitting merrily at our banquet, desiring them to sit down with us, and to take part of our fare and pastime.
Page 154 - Then they went incontinent down into the hall, where they received them with twenty new torches, and conveyed them up into the chamber, with such a number of drums and fifes as I have seldom seen together at one time in any masque.
Page 187 - The demonstrations of your affections are such, the fine thoughts of your letter so cordially expressed, that they oblige me for ever to honour, love, and serve you sincerely, beseeching you to continue in the same firm and constant purpose ; and assuring you that, on my part, I will not only make you a suitable return, but outdo you in loyalty of heart if it be possible.
Page 157 - The cardinal eftsoons desired his highness to take the place of estate, to whom the king answered, that he would go first and shift his apparel ; and so departed, and went straight into my lord's bedchamber...
Page 149 - There was found, indeed, upon the side of her nail, upon one of her fingers, some little show of a nail, which yet was so small, by the report of those that have seen her, as the workmaster seemed to leave it an occasion of greater grace to her hand, which, with the tip of one of her other fingers, might be and was usually by her hidden without any least blemish to it.

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