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H. W. Wilson Company, 1922 - Employers' liability - 381 pages

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Page 71 - It may be said in a general way that the police power extends to all the great public needs It may be put forth in aid of what is sanctioned by usage, or held by the prevailing morality or strong and preponderant opinion to be greatly and immediately necessary to the public welfare.
Page 100 - The ratings shall be based, as far as practicable, upon the average impairments of earning capacity resulting from such injuries in civil occupations...
Page 210 - The workers of America adhere to voluntary institutions in preference to compulsory systems which are held to be not only impractical but a menace to their rights, welfare and their liberty.
Page 267 - As long as you have taxes upon commodities which are consumed practically by every family in the country, there is no such thing as a non-contributory scheme. If you tax tea and coffee, and partly sugar, beer, and tobacco, you hit everybody one way or another.
Page 90 - The pecuniary liability of the employer for the treatment and other service herein required shall be limited to such charges as prevail in the same community for similar treatment of injured persons of a like standard of living when such treatment is paid for by the injured person.
Page 288 - Total disability' shall be deemed to be 'permanent' whenever it is founded upon conditions which render it reasonably certain that it will continue throughout the life of the person suffering from it.
Page 242 - In business and in the professions maturity of judgement and ripened experience offset, to some extent, the disadvantage of old age; but in the factory and on the railway, with spade and pick, at the spindle, at the steel converters there are no offsets.
Page 208 - The labor movement aims at constructive results — higher wages, which mean better living for the workers and those dependent upon them; better homes, better clothing, better food, better opportunities and shorter hours of work, which mean relief from over-fatigue, time for recuperation, workers with better physical development and with sustained producing power. Better physical development is in itself an insurance against illness and a degree of unemployment. The short hour workmen with higher...
Page 316 - ... maximum limit to the amount of benefit which can be drawn, both absolutely and in relation to the amount of contribution paid; or, in other words, we must in some way or other secure that the number of weeks for which a workman contributes should bear some relation to his claim upon the fund. Armed with this double weapon of a maximum limit to benefit and of a minimum contribution, the operation of the scheme itself will automatically exclude the loafer.
Page 210 - This governmental regulation tends to fix the citizens of the country into classes, and even divide the wage-workers into classes, and a long established insurance system would tend to make these classes rigid. There is in our country more voluntary social insurance than in any other country of the world. We have institutions whereby voluntary insurance can and will be increased.

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