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It is ordered that the following allotment be made of the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of this Court among the circuits, pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42, and that such allotment be entered of record, viz.:

For the District of Columbia Circuit, WARREN E. BURGER, Chief Justice.

For the First Circuit, WILLIAM J. BRENNAN, JR., Associate Justice.

For the Second Circuit, THURGOOD MARSHALL, Associate Justice.

For the Third Circuit, WILLIAM J. BRENNAN, JR., Associate Justice.

For the Fourth Circuit, WARREN E. BURGER, Chief Justice.

For the Fifth Circuit, Lewis F. POWELL, JR., Associate Justice.

For the Sixth Circuit, POTTER STEWART, Associate Justice.

For the Seventh Circuit, William H. REHNQUIST, Associate Justice.

For the Eighth Circuit, HARRY A. BLACKMUN, Associate Justice.

For the Ninth Circuit, William O. DOUGLAS, Associate Justice.

For the Tenth Circuit, BYRON R. WHITE, Associate Justice.

January 7, 1972.

(For next previous allotment, see 403 U. S., p. iv.)


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Note: All undesignated references herein to the United States Code are to the 1970 edition.

Cases reported before page 901 are those decided with opinions of the Court or decisions per curiam, Cases reported on page 901 et seq. are those in which orders were entered.

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Page Aalco Wrecking Co. v. Fireman's Fund Insurance Co...... 930 Abele; Markle v..

951, 964 Aberdeen & Rockfish R. Co. v. SCRAP.

922 Abortion Cases.....

113, 179, 959 Acree v. United States..

913 Acres v. Tennessee.

937 Adam v. Del Bianco & Associates.

955 Adler v. California. .

934 Administrator, General Services Admin. v. Murray..

981 Adolph Coors Co. v. Equal Employment Opportunity Comm’n. 929 Advo Systems; Breitwieser v....

969 Aeronaves de Mexico; Gillies v.

931 Aeroquip Corp.; Weather Wise Co. v.

990 Aetna Life Insurance Co.; Dowell v.

931 Agnew v. Riverside County.

912 Agnew v. Superior Court of California.

912 Aguayo v. Weinberger..

921 A. H. Robins Co.; Bloom v...

983 Alabama; Bates v.

942 Alabama v. Brinks.

960 Alabama; Peacock v.

910 Alabama; Walker v...

939 Alabama By-Products Co.; Guthrie v.

946 Alaska; Davis v..

925 Alaska; Tafoya v. Albany Day Care Center v. Schreck.

944 Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board; Maita v.

928 Aleman v. Sugarman.....

983 Alexander v. Gardner-Denver Co..

925 Alexander v. Procunier.


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Alexander, Inc.; Glasser v...

983 Allegheny Airlines v. Pennsylvania Pub. Util. Comm'n.......

943 Allen v. Foster...

936 Allen v. United States.

935 Alvarez v. U. S. District Court...

924 American Party of Texas v. Bullock.

965 Ammerman; Hubbard v.

910 Anaheim; Stengel v...

960 Anders v. United States..

947 Anderson; Burger v..

931 Anderson v. Com. for Pub. Ed. & Relig. Lib.. 907,951,964, 965, 980 Anderson v. Froderman.

940 Anderson v. Oregon....

920 Anderson v. Phoenix.

990 Anderson v. Schoeny.

937 Anderson: Seibert v.

986 Anderson v. United States...

990 Andrulis; Drobnick v.

931 Anglin v. Caldwell.

985 Apalachicola Times v. Gibson...

984 Archer v. United States....

934 Arizona; Bonelli Cattle Co. v.

908 Arizona; Hessel v....

933 Arizona; Tacon v.

351 Arizona Comm'r of Public Welfare; Shaffer v.....

977 Arizona ex rel. State Corp. Comm'n v. United States... 962 Arkansas Louisiana Finance Corp.; Rosenthal v....

918 Armes v. United States...

967 Armour & Co.; Ball v..

923 Armstrong v. United States..

933 Arnett; Mattz v..

978 Arnheim & Neely, Inc.; Brennan v.

512 Arnold v. Oliver...

948 Arrant; Wainwright v.

947 Askins v. United States.

911 Associated Cultural Clubs v. Monarch Travel Services. .. 967 Associated Enterprises v. Toltec Watershed Imp. Dist.. 743 Association. For labor union, see name of trade. Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Wichita Bd. of Trade... 904 Attorney General; Noorlander v..

938 Attorney General; Ruderer v.

949 Attorney General of Georgia; Doe v.

179, 959 Attorney General of Kentucky; Crossen v.. Attorney General of Missouri; Rodgers v.



B. v.

Attorney General of New York v. Turley....
Attorney General of South Carolina; Durham v.
Austin; Solo Cup Co. V.....
Avery v. Maryland..

Baggett v. Wainwright.
Bailey v. Consolidation Coal Co...
Baldwin v. Cardwell..
Ball v. Armour & Co..
Bannercraft Clothing Co.; Renegotiation Board v.
Barbara v. United States...
Barham v. United States.
Barlow v. Gallant...
Barnes v. United States..
Barr v. Thorp Credit, Inc.
Barr v. United States.
Barrett; Jones v...
Barrett v. Shapiro..
Barry & Barry v. Department of Motor Vehicles of Wash..
Bassett v. Smith.....
Basye; United States v..
Bata v. Bata......
Bates v. Alabama.
Battin; Colgrove 0.....
Beck v. Connecticut General Life Insurance Co.
Bennett v. District Director of Internal Revenue.
Berg; Fayne v.....
Berkman; Denman v.
Bernard Screen Printing Corp. v. Universal Terminal Corp..
Bernstein v. United States.
Berrigan; Sigler v..
Bexar County District Attorney v. Gallant.
Bialac; Harsh Building Co. v.
Birmingham School District v. Roth .
Bittaker v. California....
Bittinger v. United States.
Black v. United States...
Blackwell v. United States.
Bland v. McHann...
Blankenship v. United States.
Bloom v. A. H. Robins Co.....
Bloomfield Hills School District v. Roth.
Blue; Western Railway of Alabama v.
Board of Curators, Missouri University; Papish v.

Page 924 923 953 977 976 953 930 988 923 907 984 926 948 986 919 909 952 356 977 991 441 960 942 921 917 960 969 936 910 960 902 948 948 954 932 939 975 909 966 934 983 954 956 667

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Page Board of Education of Addison v. James.....

947 Board of Education of Memphis Schools v. Northcross. .. 926 Board of Education of Prince Georges County; Eller v.....

910 Board of Education of Prince Georges County; Vaughns v.. 918 Board of Pub. Instruction of Dade County; Johnson v.....

917 Bobek v. Ohio...

951 Bohlinger; Jackson v...

918 Boilermakers & Shipbuilders v. Labor Board.

926 Bolton; Doe v.......

179, 959 Bonanno v. United States..

909 Bonelli Cattle Co. v. Arizona...

908 Bootstrap Trading Co. v. Phoenix Tallow Co....

943 Borkenhagen v. United States...

934 Bounds; McRae v...

985 Bounds; Moore v...

910 Bowers v. United States..

927 Boyden v. Carlson.....

952 Boyden v. United States..

912 B. P. O. E. Lodge No. 2043 of Brunswick v. Ingraham. 903 Braden v. 30th Judicial Circuit Court of Kentucky

484 Bradford v. United States..

986 Bradley v. State Board of Education of Virginia..

979 Bradley v. United States..

605 Brantley; Hairston v.

939 Bratko v. United States..

982 Braxton v. Henderson....

958 Breitwieser v. Advo Systems..

969 Breitwieser v. KMS Industries.

969 Brennan v. Arnheim & Neely, Inc.

512 Brennan; Falk v.....

954 Brevard County School Board v. Weaver..

982 Brewer; Thompson v.

Bricker v. Crane. ..
Briddle v. United States..
Bridge v. New Jersey...

991 Brierley; Fletcher v...

947 Brierley; Martin v...

943 Brierley; Roundtree v..

936 Brierley; Yarnal v....

940 Bringhurst v. United States..

938 Brinks; Alabama v....

960 Briola v. United States.

960 Britton; Pilacios v......

907 Brotherhood. For labor union, see name of trade.

930 939

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