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An Account is given of every Book, where the first Word of the Title is

printed in Capitals.

An, denotes Publications announced.

N. B. For the remarkable Paffages, see the Index at the End of the Volume.

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AMERICA, N. Travels through, by Duke bbels, a Romance, 233

de la Rochefoucault, 295, 332

Vol. II. 411

Weld's Travels through, 3, 195 Abingdon's, Earl, Conftitutional Stri&tures, 315 114, 234

Ami des Dames, 276 Adams's Horsemanship, 392

Amner's Doctrines of a Future State, 154 Addington's Speech, 114

Anacreon's Odes, an. 456 Addyfoni Epiftola, 273

ANDERSON's Poems, 17 ADOLPHUS's Memoirs of the French Re Anderson's Recreations in Agriculture, 109 volution, 21

André, a Tragedy, 73
British Cabinet, 259 Andrews's, Geo. Sermon, 194
Acroftatic Machines, by Danzel, an. 36

T. Vindication of the Church,
Affectation, or Clofe of 18th Century, 435 194
AFRICA, Browne's Travels in, 237, 288,

J. People of France, an. 36 327, 361

Anecdotes Secrettes sur le 18 Fructidor, 356 Park's Travels in, 157, 205, ANGLO-SAXONS, Turner's Hiftory of, 252, 283

423 Africa, Park's Travels in, abridged, 315 Angouleme, Duke, Portrait of, 195

Sketch of the Discoveries in, 433 Annales Maritimes, &c. 76 Agnes and Leonora, 72

ANNUAL Anthology, 346 Agriculture, Anderson's Recreations in, Annual Regifter, General Index to, 33 109

for 1794, 433 of the County of Lincoln, 32

New, for 1798, 393 Aikin's General Biography, 151

Anquetil, Motifs des Guerres, 76 Albert, or Wilds of Strathnavern, 233

Antenor's Travels in Greece, 275 Alderson's Orthographical Exercises, 152

ANTHOLOGY, Annual, 346 Alembert, d', Oeuvres pofthumes, 236 Anti-Jacobin, Beauties of, 152 D'Alembert's Eulogies of Members of

Poetry of, 73

Anting's Campaigns of Suworow, 353 Alexander's Views of Illands, 195

Archer's Sermon, 114 Allan's Sangs of the Lowlands, 355

Aristocrat, a Novel, ini Allingham's Fortune’s Frolic, 313

Arithmetic, Young Ladies' Guide to, 231 Al Raoui, the Story of, ibid.

Army, French, Operations on the Danube, Allwood's Literary Antiquities of Greece,

434 Arrowsmith's Chart of Eaft India Islands, 235


French Academy, 453


Amafis, by St. Pierre, 273

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