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Architecture, Greek.

(C. Cook) Chaut. 9: 261 (F). — Primitive, Sociological influences in. (B. Ferree) Am. Natural. 23: 24(Ja).

Argentine republic. Loan. Sat. R. 67: 217(F26). Ariosto, Satires of. (E. M. Clerke) National, 12: 669 (Ja).

Aristotle, Politics of, Newman's edition. (R. D.
Hicks) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 146(Ja). - Spec. 62: 91

Arizona, Archæological camping in. (S. Baxter) Am.
Arch. 25: 9(Ja5), 15(Ja12), 32(Ja19), 43(Ja26).
Arizona ranch, Day at an. (B. D. Halsted) Chaut. 9:
354 (Mr).

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Australia, Impressions of. (R. W. Dale) Contemp. 55: 239(F).

in 1888. (Earl of Carnarvon) Fortn. 51: 420(Mr). - Politics in, 1889. (R. W. Dale) Contemp. 55: 403 (Mr). — (E. W. Beckett) 19th Cent. 25: 110(Ja). Scenery in. (S. Thompson) Art J. 41: 85(Mr). Austria-Hungary; Heritage of the Hapsburgs. (J. D. Bourchier) Fortn. 51: 377 (Mr).

Authorship: Getting into print. (J. Payn) Forum, 6: 549(Ja).

- Learning to write. (E. L. Masters) Writer, 3: 11 (Ja). The trade of author. Ark, Babylonian, Dimensions of. (P. Haupt) Am. J. Avalanches in the Alps. Philol. 9: 419(D'88).

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Fortn. 51: 261(F). Cornh. 59: 246(Mr). Awa. (F. L. Clarke) Overland, n. s. 13: 283(Mr). Arminell; a social romance. (S. Baring-Gould) Temp. Ayerst, William. Letters from Berlin, in 1707-8. (C. Bar, 85: 1(Ja), 161(F), 306(Mr). E. Doble) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 131(Ja).

Arnold, Edwin. With Sa'di in the garden. (W. W. Azores. (T. E. Thorpe) Good Words, 30: 160(Mr). Hunter) Acad. 35: 67(F2).

Arnold, Matthew, and Tolstoi. (F. H. Stoddard) [And. Babington, Rev. Churchill. (R. S. Poole) Spec. 62: R.] Cong. R. 3: 20(Ja). 118 (Ja26). — Ath. '89, 1: 84(Ja19).


— Essays in criticism. 2d ser. (M. B. Anderson) Dial | Bachelor; a study in strained sentiment. (F. Anstey) (Ch.) 9: 284(Mr).

Art; the decay of lying. (O. Wilde) 19th Cent. 25: 35(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 408 (F16).

- history of, Teaching the. (H. M. Stanley) Educa. 9: 407 (F).

Longm. 13: 377(F).

Bacon, Delia. Lit. W. (Bost.) 20: 7(Ja5).

- Unhappy story of. (I. Donnelly) No. Am. 148: 307 (Mr).

Bahamas, Powles's Life in. Spec. 62: 169(F2).

-in England. (F. Leighton) Contemp. 55: 24 (Ja). Balfour, Alexander, Lundie's Life of. Spec. 62: 237 Same art. Ecl. M. 112: 202(F).

- Suggestiveness in.



(J. C. Van Dyke) N. Engl. 50: Ballot, A fair and full. (J. Cook) Our Day, 3: 248

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- in New York. (A. C. Bernheim) Pol. Sci. Q. 4: 130 (Mr).

Reform in the. (F. I. Vassault) Overland, n. s. 13: 134(F).

Artillery Company, The Honourable, London. Ath, '89, Ballow, Meaning of. (W. H. Stevenson) Acad. 35: 1: 213(F16).


Aryans, The, in science and history. (H. Hale) Pop. Balzac, Honoré de, Female friends of. (J. W. Sherer) Sci. Mo. 34: 672(Mr).

Asia, Bicycle trip across, Stevens's. Sat. R. 67: 130.
Central, Russia's frontier in, not permanent. (G. N.
Curzon) 19th Cent. 25: 267(F).

- Travels in, Bonvalot's. Ath. '89, 1: 173(F9).
Astronomy; origin of celestial species. (J. N. Lock-
yer) Harper, 78: 578(Mr).

At last. (J. Habberton) Lippinc. 43: 126(Ja), 259(F), 416(Mr).

At the sign of the Ship. (A. Lang) Longm. 13: 328
(Ja), 439(F), 554(Mr).

At whose door? (M. Deland) Longm. 13: 493(Mr).
Athens, American school at; Discoveries at Ikaria.
(C. D. Buck) Am. J. Archæol. 4: 421(D'88).
- Excavations in, 1888. Ath. '89, 1: 22(Ja5), 57 (Ja12).
- Sketches in. (C. Edwardes) [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age,
180: 95(Ja12).

Gent. M. n. s. 42: 117(F).

Bank commissioners' reports. Bank M. (N.Y.) 43: 561 (F).

Bank of England one pound notes. Westm. 131: 34 (Ja).

Reduction of rate. Sat. R. 67: 126(F2).

Bank officers' liability. Bank M. (N.Y.) 43: 503(Ja),

Banks, Unclaimed money on deposit in. (A. F. Baker)
Fortn. 51: 220 (F).

Baptism for the dead. (R. J. Cooke) Meth. R. 49: 100

Bastille, The. (D. Bingham) Art J. 41: 77(Mr). Batavia, On board the. (C. H. Hood) Argosy, 47: 47 (Ja).

Bavaria, Universities of. (E. J. James) Amer. 17: 231 (Ja26).

Athletics in education. (N. S. Shaler) Atlan. 63: 79 Bayard, T. F., Letter to. (A. Richmond) No. Am. 148(Ja). 21 (Ja). Athletic club of Jersey City. (C. L. Meyers) Outing, Beaconsfield, B. Disraeli, Earl of, Early life of. Quar. 13: 445(F). 168: 1(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 515(Mr2). Atomic theory, Historic development of. (R. C. Beauty, Types of, in painting. (F. Sitwell) Art J. 41: Schiedt) Ref. Q. 36: 111(Ja). 5(Ja), 70(Mr).

Atonement, Doctrine of. (W. Rupp) Ref. Q. 36: 1 Beaver, The. (H. P. Wells) Harper, 78: 228 (Ja). (Ja). Becket, Thomas A. (C. E. Hodson) Cath. World, 48: 803 (Mr).

Aubigné, Agrippa d'. Memoirs. (A. Tilley) Macmil. 59: 282(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 665 (Mr 16).

Beecher, Henry Ward, Life of. Ath. '89, 1: 47(Ja 12).

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Bees. Sat. R. 67: 216.

"Blake," Cruises of the, Agassiz's. Spec. 62: 233 (F16). Belgium, 1884-88. (J. A. Mooney) Am. Cath. Q. 14: Blind, The, How they see. (J. A. Mooney) Cath. 73 (Ja).

World, 48: 671(F).

Bell of St. Paul's. (W. Besant) Longm. 13: 225(Ja), Blind deaf-mute. (C. P. Jones) Murray, 5: 365(Mr),
337 (F), 449(Mr).
Bloody doctor, The. (A. Lang) Macmil. 59: 219(Ja).
Bokhara, Visit to. (G. N. Curzon) Fortn. 51: 122(Ja).
Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 433(F16).

Bella-Demonia. (S. Dolaro) Lippinc. 43: 307 (Mr). Belleboo. (I. H. Ballard) Overland, n. s. 13: 79(Ja) -260 (Mr).

Belon, Pierre, with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 692 (Mr).

Book illustration, Bye-ways of. (G. R. Redgrave) Art J. 41: 90(Mr).

Book sales of 1888. (J. H. Slater) Ath. '89, 1: 147(F2). Belts and stays, Physiological effects of. (C. O. Roy) Border raid, A. (G. Eyre-Todd) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 59 [Nat. R.] Ecl. M. 112: 41(Ja). (Ja).

Benefit and burial clubs. (C. T. Cruttwell) National, Bores. Atlan. 63: 137 (Ja).

13: 105(Mr).

Benevolent societies, Relation of, to the churches. (A.
S. Chesebrough) N. Eng. 50: 17(Ja).
Bengel, John Albrecht. (W. Claus) Luth. Q. 19: 105

Boston; Court House, Heating and ventilation of. Am. Arch. 25: 18(Ja12).

[blocks in formation]

Bequests, Liberty of testamentary. (A. A. Redfield) | Boulangerism in England; Our defences. Macmil. 59: Am. Law R. 23: 11(Ja-F).


Berkeley castle. (E. Balch) Eng. Illust.6: 285(Ja). - Bradshaw, Henry, Prothero's Memoir of. Acad. 35: 68 (F. Armitage) Art J. 41: 33(F).

Berlioz, Hector, Life of, by Jullien. Sat. R. 67: 19. Bermuda Islands. (H. C. Walsh) Cath. World, 48: 444 (Ja).

Bertrandite, Crystallized. (S. L. Penfield) Am. J. Sci. 137: 213(Mr).

Bethell, Richard, Lord Westbury, Nash's. Blackw. 145: 71(Ja).

(F2). Ath. '89, 1: 43(Ja12). Bradshaw's Railway guide. (F. Madan) Ath. '89, 1: 84 (Ja19). (H. Spencer) Ath. '89, 1: 116(Ja26). Brahmanism, Buddhism, and Christianity. (J. A.

Faulkner) Ref. Q. 36: 52(Ja).

Brahmin girls, High-caste Hindu school for, in Mysore. (Mrs. G. Kingscote) 19th Cent. 25: 133(Ja). Breviary, Quignon. Church Q. 27: 353(Ja).

Bethlehem, Pa., during the Revolution. (J. W. Jordan) | Brianda de Bardaxi. (H. C. Lea) Atlan. 63: 261(F).

Pennsyl. M. 12: 385(Ja).

Beyle, Henri, The diary of. Nation, 48: 8(Ja3).

Bible; Amiatine Codex. (F. J. A. Hort and M. Rule)

Acad. 35: 41(Ja19), 59(Ja26).

-Exposition of. Cong. R. 3: 74(Ja).

[blocks in formation]

- Genesis, Chapters 39-41. (T. Whitelaw) Brit. & Bronzes, Early, from Mt. Ida in Krete. (A. L. FrothFor. Evang. R. 37: 706(0).

in the public schools. (H. E. Manning) Forum, 7: 52(Mr).

- Inspiration and infallibility of. (S. L. Bowman) Meth. R. 49: 169(Mr).

- Old Testament, Authenticity of. (A. F. Marshall) Cath. World, 48: 585(F).

Recent literature relating to. (G. R. Driver)
Contemp. 55: 393 (Mr).

- Poetry of the. (A. J. Maas) Am. Cath. Q. 14: 44 (Ja).

- Reading of the. Month, 65: 1(Ja). Biblical criticism, Modern, of Germany. (Mrs. Humphry Ward) 19th Cent. 25: 454 (Mr).

Big-Horn, Photographing the. (F. H. Chapin) Scrib. M. 5: 215(F).

Bimetallism. (E. B. Hoare) National, 13: 61(Mr).

(J. B. Robertson) Westm. 131: 215(F).

Biography, Christian. Church Q. 27: 296(Ja).

ingham) Am. J. Archæol. 4: 431(D'88).

- Russian. (C. Cook) Harper, 78: 279(Ja). Brooke, Stopford: poems. (R. Brindley) Cong. R. 2: 917(0).

Brown, Captain John, Trial and execution of. (P. Poindexter) Lippinc. 43: 123(Ja).

Browning, Mrs. Nation, 48: 7(Ja3).— (J. Dennis) Liv. Age, 180: 629 (Mrg).

Browning, Robert, Dramas of, Tragic motif in. (C. C. Everett) And. R. 11: 113(F).

- Pauline, Shelley in. Amer. 17: 248 (F2). Brussels in June, 1815. (Mrs. Armitage) Argosy, 47: 129(F).

Bryce, James. (E. S. Nadal) Critic, 14: 31(Ja19). -American commonwealth. See United States. Buddhism, Brahmanism and Christianity. (J. A. Faulkner) Ref. Q. 36: 42(Ja).

- Literary admirers of. (M. Williams) Our Day, 3: 215(Mr).

- Cyclopedic literature of, Bibliography of. (C. H. Builders' hardware. (C. H. Blackall) Am. Arch. 25: Hull) Lib. J. 14: 7(Ja-F).

3(Ja5), 51(F2), 63(F9), 87(F23).

Birds, Exotic, for Britain. (W. H. Hudson) Murray, Building contracts, Standard form. Am. Arch. 25: 92 5: 373(Mr).

Soaring of. (W. Froude) Nature, 39: 230(Ja3).

- Variation of color in. (A. Newton) Nature, 39: 318 (Ja31).

Bishops, Diocesan and suffragan. (G. A. Spottiswoode)

Murray, 5: 126(F).


Building stone, Testing of. (G. P. Merrill) Am. Arch. 25: 75(F16).

Bulb gardens in-doors. (J. Habberton) Harper, 78: 364 (F).

"Bulls," Irish. Spec. 62: 195(F9).

Bismarck dynasty. Contemp. 55: 157 (F). Same art. Bulow plantation, The. Granite Mo. 12: 23(Ja).

Liv. Age, 180: 545(Mr2),

Bunting, Jabez. Cong. R. 2: 1139(D'88)

[blocks in formation]

Buzzard's Bay, Bliss's Colonial times in. Nation, 48: Carroll, John, Bishop. (T. L. Kelly) Am. Cath. Q. 14: 182 (F28).

Cabanel, Alexandre. Ath. '89, 1: 155(F2).
Cairo, Changes in. Sat. R. 67: 40.

California, Bancroft's, History of. Nation, 48: 140(F14);
164 (F21).

- for the sick and the well. (T. M. Coan) Dial (Ch.) 9: 237 (Ja).

- Old times in. (W. T. Sherman) No. Am. 148: 269 (Mr).


Carugage of 1198. (J. H. Round and W. H. Stevenson)
Eng. Hist. R. 4: 105(Ja).

Cases without treatises. (J. Schouler) Am. Law R.

23: 1(Ja-F).

Castle life in the Middle Ages. (E. H. and E. W. Bash-
field) Scrib. M. 5: 1(Ja).

Cataloging; Helps in finding full names. (C. H. Hull)
Lib. J. 14: 7(Ja-F).

Cavour, Count. Letters and diary. Quar. 168: 103(Ja). - The Palestine of. (C. H. Shinn) Overland, n. s. 13. Certosa of Pavia. (S. Brinton) Portfo. 20: 34(F). 13(Ja). Chapultepec. (E. M. Quillin) Chaut. 9: 227(Ja). Callender, Hannah, Diary of. (G. Vaux) Pennsyl. Mo. Character. (D. A. Goodsell; A. J. F. Behrends; S. F. 12: 432(Ja).

Calvary, Site of. (J. A. Paine) Bib. Sac. 46: 171 (Ja). - (A. M. Clark) Cath. World, 48: 763(Mr). Calvin, J., The youth of. Nation, 48: 112(F7). Cambridge, Eng., Apostles of, 1830. (J. Wedgwood) Contemp. 55: 133(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 387 (F16).

- Beginnings of. All the Year, 64: 84(Ja26). Campbell, Thomas. Temp. Bar, 85: 87 (Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 474(F23).

Canada. (E. Wiman) No. Am. 148: 54(Ja).

[blocks in formation]

Manifest destiny. (J. G. Schurman) Forum, 7: 1 (Mr).

- Obstacles to. (Marquis of Lorne) Forum, 6: 634 (F). Comments on. (C. D. Warner) Harper, 78: 520 (Mr).

- Education in; separate school system. (D. A. O'Sullivan) Am. Cath. Q. 14: 129(Ja).

Scovel; J. W. Mendenhall) Meth. R. 49: 44(Ja). Charity, Indiscriminate. Chamb. J. 66: 49(Ja26). Charlemagne, Mombert's History of. Sat. R. 67: 224. Charles VII, king of France, De Beaucourt's history of.

(A. Mary F. Robinson) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 161(Ja).
Chase, Wm. M. (K. Cox) Harper, 78: 549(Mr).
Chase, The, Crueltics of. Atlan. 63: 436(Mr).
Chemistry, Gautier's Cours de chimie. Westm. 131:

- of to-day. (I. Remsen) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 591 (Mr).
- synthetic, Debt of medical and sanitary science to.
(S. P. Sadtler) J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 203 (Mr).
Cherbuliez, Victor. Westm. 131: 127(F).
Cherolon Cañon, A day in. (C. R. Moffett) Overland,
n. s. 13: 145(F).

Children, Dramatic impulse in. Atlan. 63: 136(Ja).
- Waifs and strays. (R. F. Clerke) Month. 65: 153(F).
- young, Physical training of. (F. Legrange) Pop.
Sci. Mo. 34: 449(F).

Children's bread, The. All the Year, 64: 58(Ja19).
Chimpanzee, Bald-headed. Nature, 39: 254(Jaiờ).
China, Defensive policy of. Ed. R. 169: 177(Ja).

- Farm life in, in winter. (W. B. Harte) Outing, 13: Chinamania. Temp. Bar, 85: 117(Ja).

Canary islands, Edwardes's. Spec. 62: 18(Jag).

Chinese in Australasia, Legislation against. Q. J. Econ. 3: 218(Ja).

Canisteo mystery, The: a story. Granite Mo. 12: 53 Chinese in the United States. (Wong Chin Foo) Chaut. (Ja).

[blocks in formation]

Capital punishment. (W. C. Maude) Month. 65: 168

Captain's work on an Atlantic liner. (C. W. Kennedy)
No. Am. 148: 73(Ja).

Cardinal bird; an autocrat in feathers. (O. T. Miller)
Chaut. 9: 211(Ja).

Caricature, political, Decay of. Spec. 62: 111(Ja26).
Carlisle, Pa.; Indian school. (F. E. Willard) Chaut.
9: 289(F).

Carnival, King-. All the Year, 64: 201(Mr2).

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9: 215(Ja).

- bill for excluding. (H. L. Dawes) Forum, 6: 526 (Ja).

Chinese alliance, Value of. (D. C. Boulger) National,

12: 638(Ja).

Choice of Reuben and Gad; a story. Cent. 37: 686 (Mr).

Christian consciousness. (G. E. Horr, jr.) Bapt. Q.◄ 41 (Ja).

Christian union. (Earl Nelson) Contemp. 55: 277 (F). Christianity, Primitive, Pfleiderer's. Spec. 62: 20(Ja5), 54 (Ja12).

Spiritual, Preservation of. And. R. 11: 180 (F). universal. (A. F. Hewit) Cath. World, 48: 467(Ja). Christmas eve on a haunted hulk. Blackw. 145: 23 (Ja)..

Christmas on the Arkansaw. (M. Graham) Overland,
n. s. 13: 26(Ja).

Chronicle of two months. Temp. Bar, 85: 103(Ja), 239
(F), 396(Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 421(F.
16), 463 (F23), 654 (Mr16), 788 (Mr30).
Chronology, Assyrian and Hebrew. (J. Orr) Presb. R.
10: 41(Ja).

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Chuang Tzu, Giles's translation of. Ath. '89, 1: 145 | Commune and the parish. (F. S. Stevenson) Contemp. (F2). Sat. R. 67: 105. 55: 216(F). Church, Christian, Idea of the. (J. S. Lee) Univ. Q. 46: Compass, Mariner's; The guiding-needle on an iron 22(Ja). ship. (T. A. Lyons) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 289(Ja). Church of England: High church party of, as it is. Competition and the trusts. (G. Iles) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: (H. M. Bennett) Month, 65: 70(Ja).


Church music. (A. H. Messiter) Church R. 53: 13 Confederate make-shifts. (N. Wilson) Overland, n. s. (Ja7).

- Hints on. (V. Lincoln) Univ. Q. 46: 59(Ja).

Church union, Conditions of. (I. E. Graeff) Ref. Q. 36: 36(Ja).


Confessions of a caretaker; a story. (O. Booth) All the Year, 64: 1-193.

Congo, Notes from the. Blackw. 145: 84(Ja).

Church year, Organism of the. (T. Appel) Ref. Q. 36: Congregationalism, English, Policy of. Cong. R. 3: 91(Ja).

Churches, Increase in usefulness of our. (M. J. Savage,
E. E. Hale, W. Gladden) No. Am. 148: 372(Mr).
Cicero, M. T., Letters of. (H. W. Preston) Atlan. 63:
205 (F).

Cinque Ports, Burrow's. Nation, 48: 37 (Ja10).
City government in San Francisco, Establishment of.
(B. Moses) J. H. Univ. Studies, 7: Nos. 2-3 (F-

- of New Orleans. (W. W. Howe) J. H. Univ. Studies, 7: No. 4(Ap).

Clandestine correspondence. (F. Boyle) Longm. 13: 383(F).

Clarin, The. (0. T. Miller) Atlan. 63: 105(Ja).

Clark, Alvan, Autobiography. N. E. Reg. 43: 52(Ja). Class distinctions, Growth and decay of. Westm. 131: 47 (Ja).

Clay, Henry. (C. Bishop) Chaut. 9: 344(Mr).
Clayton, John M., Assassination of. (L. S. Roots and
J. K. Jones) No. Am. 148: 280(Mr).
Clergy and the times. (Archdeacon Mackay-Smith)
Harper, 78: 206(Ja).

Cliff of the dead among Teutons. (A. S. Cook and W.
H. Stevenson) Acad. 35: 43(Ja19), 59(Ja26).
Climate of the U.S., Is it changing? (C. Abbe) Forum,
6: 678(F).

Clubs for working girls. (Hon. Maude Stanley) 19th Cent. 25: 73(Ja).

- Social; Neighbors' club. Westm. 131: 153(F). Coal regions in England and Canada. Cornh. 59: 270 (Mr).


Congress, Misrepresentation in. (L. S. Bryce) No. Am. 148: 184(F).

Congressional Library building, Plans of. Lib. J. 14: 30(Ja-F).

Connolly, John, Loyalist in American Revolution. Pennsyl. M. 12: 407 (Ja).

Constantinople. (E. L. Didier) Chaut. 9: 279(F).

- Icelandic legend of the rescue of. (F. Y. Powell) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 87 (Ja).

Controversy, Ethics of. (G. P. Fisher) Scrib. M. 5: 113(Ja).

Coöperation among needlewomen. Sat. R. 67: 71. Copyright, Common sense and. (G. S. Boutwell) No. Am. 148: 327(Mr).

International. Critic, 14: 8-45(Ja5-26), 27(F2), 71 (F9). Lit. W. (Bost.) 20: 24(Ja19).


- Publishers, American, and English books. H. Putnam) Ath. '89, 1: 180(F9). Coral reefs and islands, Structure, origin and distribution of. (J. Murray) Nature, 39: 424(F28). Correspondence of Mr. Miles Grogan. (G. H. Jessop) Cent. 37 766(Mr).

Corruption, Reform of present political. (A. T. Rice)
No. Am. 148: 82(Ja).

Cotton-seed oil, Industrial applications of. (R. Grim-
shaw) J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 191 (Mr).
Country churches, Problem of.
County councils, Work of.
Murray, 5: 310(Mr).

And. 11: 190(F). (Viscount Lymington)

County, The: a story. Cornh. 59:1 (Ja), 113(F), 225 (Mr). Coast defence, Machine guns and. (W. Verner) National, Court customs, Curious, in Austria. Chamb. J. 66: 17 12: 583(Ja).


Cobalt, Nickel and, Decomposition of. Nature, 39: 325 Coxe, Henry Octavius.

Cognac. (H. B. Baker) Eng. Illust. 6: 374(F).
Coins as conveniences. Spec. 62: 82(Ja19).

Coke, Sir John, Collection of state papers. Ath. '89, 1:

Crab, Lady, Dance of. 34:482(F).

Quar. 168: 185(Ja).

(T. H. Morgan) Pop. Sci. Mo.

Creation, Clodd's account of. (J. Gerard) Month, 65: 19(Ja).

Creeds and church-membership. And. R. 11:63(Ja).

chester (Conn.) burying-ground, Inscriptions in. Crichton, Lord Sanquhar. (E. Walford) Gent. M. n. s. (F. E. Randall) N.E. Reg. 43: 44(Ja).

42: 197(F).

Coleridge, S. T., Religious opinions of. Church Q. Crime, Levity of. Spec. 62: 162(F2).

27: 316(Ja).

College discipline. Nation, 48: 154(F21).

Colonics and colonization. Westm. 131: 13(Ja). Colony, Founding of a. Spec. 62: 113(Ja25).

Color in the animal world. (J. G. Wood) Chaut. 9: 329 (Mr).

- New tenderness for. Spec. 62: 191 (F9).

Crofters, Highland, A winter night with. Good Words, 30: 30(Ja), 112(F).

Cromwell, Oliver, and the insurrection of 1655; Reply to Firth. (R. F. D. Palgrave) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 110 (Ja).

Color-law; How it affects our homes. (F. W. Fellowes) Crystal-structure. (H. A. Miers) Nature, 39: 277 (Ja17). N. Eng. 50: 118(F).

Comedy of a country house. (J. Sturges) Murray, 5: 11(Ja), 153(F), 321(Mr).



Crystallization of lake ice. (J. C. McConnel) Nature, 39: 367 (F14).

Cuckoo, The. Sat. R. 67: 120.

play. (L. Wallace) Harper, 78: 169 Cupolas for melting pig-iron, (M. A. Gouvy) J. Frankl.

Inst. 127: 1(Ja).

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Curtis, Moses Ashley, with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 34 | Dreams. Argosy, 47: 74-245 (Ja-Mr). 405 (Ja).

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as related to literature. (J. Sully) Forum, 7: 67(Mr). Druids and fairies of Ireland. (C. de Kay) Cent. 37: 590 (F).

Dublin and Louvain Universities. (T. Arnold) Dub.
R. 104: 113(Ja).

Dudevant, Mad., Family of. Critic, 14: 81(F16).
Dufferin, F. T. Blackwood, Marquis of, India under.
Ed. R. 169: 1(Ja).

Dupont de Nemours, Pierre S. (J. G. Rosengarten)
M. Am. Hist. 21: 234(Mr).

Dynamics, Grant Allen's Theory of. (K. Pearson) Acad.
34: 421(D29).

-on Herbert Spencer. (G. F. Wright) Bib. Sac. 46: Earth, Foundation-stones of the. (T. G. Bonney) Pop. 181 (Ja).

Sci. Mo. 34: 652(Mr).

— vs. Lamarck. (R. Lankester) Nature, 39: 428(F | Earthquake at Ban-dai-san, Japan. Nature, 39: 279 28).

Daylight, Penetration of, into the waters of Lake Geneva and of the Mediterranean. Nature, 39: 343(F7).

Dead, Concerning the. Sat. R. 67: 68.

Deaf, Horace Mann school for the. (E. L. Hobart)
Educa. 9: 322(Ja).

Decimal and metric systems. Westm. 131: 280 (Mr).
Decorative art. (H. A. Kennedy) Contemp. 55: 427


at Edinburgh, Scotland, Jan. 18, 1889. Nature, 39: 324(Ja31).

Earthquakes, Galli on. (H. Meren) Am. Arch. 25: 91 (F23).

- Intensity of, and energy involved. (T. C. Mendenhall) Nature, 39: 380(F14).

Ecce Homo. Westm. 131: 310(Mr).

Eclipse of the sun, Jan. 1, 1889. (D. P. Todd) Nation,
48: 47(Ja17).

(G. E. Eden, Charles Page. Quar. 168: 192(Ja).
Education and religion. (A. R. Marsh) And. R. 11: 1

Deland, Margaret. John Ward, Preacher.
Meredith) Church R. 53: 15(Ja7).
Delaware, Political change in. Amer. 17: 215(Ja19).
Delphi, Greece. Nation, 48: 47(Ja17).

[blocks in formation]

Denmark, Peasant emancipation in. Nation, 48: 123 (F7).

Description, How made effective. (E. L. Miller) Writer, 3:32(F).

Deserts. Cornh. 59: 303(Mr).

DeVere, Aubrey, Essays of. (R. Brindley) Cong. R. 3:52(Ja).

Devil-worshipers. (L. E. Browski) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34:

Devotional reading. (F. Palmer) And. R. 111: 37 (Ja).
Dickens, Charles. Pickwick. Cornh. 59: 69(Ja).
Diet, Curiosities of. (A. Crespi) National, 12:
Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 672(Mr16).

- Evolution and. (W. Cook) Educa. 9: 368 (F).

- in England: Religious difficulty. (J. E. Graham) Scot. R. 13: 105(Ja).

- in Great Britain; the commission of 1888. (H. P. Hughes) Contemp. 55: 354(Mr).-Cong. R. 2: 1150 (D'88).

- The new. (A. Winchell, C. N. Sims, and N. M. Butler) Meth. R. 49: 201 (Mr).

Physical basis of. (M. I. Swift) Unita. R. 31: 126(F). Which ideal? (H. C. Missimer) Acad. (Syr.)4: 65 (Mr).

Edward the confessor. (G. G. Bradley) Good Words,
30: 180(Mr).

1888. (A. De G.) Am. Cath. Q. 14: 117(Ja).
Electives, College. (C. N. Sims) Meth. R. 49: 201 (Mr).
Electric current, Experiment on direction and velocity
of. (E. L. Nichols and W. S. Franklin) Am. J.
Sci. 137: 103(F).

Dinosaurs; Giant reptiles of a past age. (O. Meyer) Electric light; Incandescent lamps, Energy of light Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 466(F).

from. (E. Merritt) Am. J. Sci. 137: 167(Mr).

Divination in the 17th century. (F. Legge) National, Electric motors. (C. Barnard) Cent. 37: 736(Mr). 13: 92(Mr).

Divorce question. (G. M. Searle) Cath. World, 48: 822(Mr).

"Donna," The, and the unemployed in 1888. Longm. 13: 290(Ja).

Dordt or Dordrecht. (R. T. Blomfield) Eng. Illust. 6: 398 (F).

Dorinda's brother. Cornh. 59: 281 (Mr).

Dowden, Edward. Transcripts and studies. Spec. 62:
204 (F9).

Drainage, House, from various points of view. (J. S.
Billings) Pop. Sci. Mo. 54: 310(Ja).
Dranc, Augusta Theodosia. Dub. R. 104: 70(Ja).
Drawing, Architectural; Shades and shadows. (A. D.
F. Hamlin) Am. Arch. 25: 88(F23).

- Introduction of, Effect upon beasts of burden. Spec. 62: 226(F16).

Electric oscillations, Forces of, treated according to Maxwell's theory. (H. Hertz) Nature, 39: 402 (F21).

- something it is doing. (C. Barnard) Cent. 37: 736 (Mr).

- Transmission of power by. (F. J. Sprague) J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 161 (Mr).

Electricity, Modern views of. (0. J. Lodge) Nature, 39: 319(Ja31).

Ella, John. (H. R. Haweis) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 46(Ja). Elliott, Grace Dalrymple. (G. Moriarty) Gent. M. n. s. 42:34(Ja).

Elze, Freidrich Karl. Acad. 35: 74(F2).

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