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Anne; a story. (R. H. Davis) Harper, 78 : 744(Ap). Athos, Mt., in 1889. (J.P. Mabaffy) Murray, 5:782(Je).
Annora; a story. All the Year, 64: 469(My 18). Atkinson, E., Economic theories of. (F. B. Hawley)
Antiquity, Some lessons of. (F. Max Müller) (Fortn.) Forum, 7: 292 (My).
Liv. Age, 181: 117(Ap13).

Attabai bevoi. Cornh. 59: 486(My). Antocolsky, Mark Matveitch. (R. Venning) Art J. Austin, Alfred, Poems. Spec. 62: 544(Ap20). -Ath. 41: 103(Ap).

'89, 1: 532(Ap27). Ants at home and abroad. (J. G. Wood) Sunday M. Australasian federation. (R. J. Beadon) Westm. 131: 18: 262(Ap).

537(My). A postles' creed. (S. H. Giesy) Ref. Q. 36: 188(Ap). Australia. A forgotten rebellion in. (A. Forbes) Apple blossoms. (C. C. Abbott) Amer. 18: 55(My1i). Gent. M. n. S. 42: 439(My). Arabia ; the cradle of Islam. Church Q. 28: 142(Ap). - in 1888. (Carnarvon) (Fortn.) Liv. Age, 181: 195 Arabian nights, The. (C. H. Toy) Atlan. 63: 756(Je). (Ap27). Arcadian summer, An: Impressions of an impression. - Reflections after a wandering life in. (J. Royce) ist. Blackw. 145: 741 (Je).

Atlan. 63: 675(My), 813(Je). Archiepiscopal jurisdiction. (J. Morris) Month, 66: - Religion and morals in. (R. W. Dale) Contemp. 55: 153(Je).

562(Ap). A rchitecture, American, Foreigner's view of. (C. Austria-Hungary; House of Hapsburg in south-eastern Hinckledeyn) Am. Arch. 25: 243(My25).

Europe. (E. A. Freeman) Fortn. 51: 839(JI). Athenian, Penrose on. Ath. '89, 1: 477(Ap13). Authorities, Use and value of. (S. F. Miller) Am. Law - Evolution of. (R.W.Gambier-Bonsfield) Am. Arch. R. 23: 165(Mr-Ap). 25: 141(Mr23).

Authors, Society of. Nation, 48: 223(Mr14). Argentine Republic, Italianisation of. Spec. 62: 569 Authors' Club, New York. Lit. W. (Bost.) 20: (Ap27).

(Mr30). - Loan, 1889. Sat. R. 67: 604.

Authorship, Past and present. All the Year, 64: 273 Arizona, Another view of. (T. E. Farish) Nation, 48 : (Mr23). 404 (My16).

– Trade of. Critic, 14: 250(My18). as a state. Nation, 48: 281(Ap4).

Autograph album, How I made my. (E. W. Bok) - Cushing's late discoveries in. (C. N. Kirkbride) Lippinc. 43: 745(My). Overland, n. 9. 13: 584(Je).

Ayerst, William, Letters of, from Berlin, in 1708-1711. Arminell. (8. B. Gould) Temp. Bar, 85: 457 (Ap). 86: (C. E. Doble) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 338(Ap).

67 (My), 258(Je). Army chaplain, Experiences of an. (E. J. Hardy) Babylonian weights, A collection of. (A. L. Long) Sunday M. 18: 228(Ap), 342(My), 372(Je).

Am. J. Archæol. 5: 44(Mr). Arnold, Matthew. Essays in criticism, 2d series. Ath. Bacon, Delia. Sat. R. 67: 348. '89, 1: 273(Mr2).

Balzac's view of the artistic temperament. (P. Kent) Art, Ethics of. (W. S. Lilly) Forum, 7: 134 (Ap8). National, 13: 377(My). - Conversations on. (W. W. Story) Blackw. 145: 591 Bank-notes, National. (H. C. Adams) Chaut. 9: 473 (My).

(My). - French, in the 18th century, Lady Dilke on. Spec. Banks, Cooperative, for workingmen. (D. C. Collins) 62: 453 (Mr30).

And. R. II: 525(My). - in education. (J. M. Hoppin) Forum, 7: 331 (My). Bar associations. (W. B. Hill) Am. Law R. 23: 213.

- Romanticism in. (S. Beale) Am. Arch. 25: 257 (Jer). Barcelona. (W. N. Lockington) Amer. 18:72(My18). Artificial limbs. J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 329(My). Barnard, Frederick A. P. Critic, 14: 227(My4). — (A. Artillery in modern warfare. (W. O. Morris) Acad. B. Edwards) Acad. 35: 341(My18). 35: 197 (Mr23).

Barr, Amelia E., Novels of. (S. F. Adams) And. R. II: - Prince Zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen on. Ath. '89, 1: 248(Mr). 434(Apo).

Basin, Thomas, bishop of Lisieux. (F. C. Lowell) Artists, American, in Europe. (H. James) Harper, 79: Atlan. 63: 478(Ap). 50(Je).

Bass, Striped, Fishing for. (A. F. Higgins) Scrib. M. Asia, Bonvalot's Travels in. (W. F. Allen) Dial (Ch.) 5: 671(Je). 10: 32(Je).

Bastille, Reproduction of the. Sat. R. 67: 597. Central, The Russians in. All the Year, 64: 461 Baths, Hot, of Rome. (Prof. Aitchison) Am. Arch. 25: (My18).

118(Mrg). - Western, in the middle ages, Bretschneider's. Spec. Battle Abbey roll. Ath. '89, 1: 530(Ap27). – Spec. 62: 687(My18).

62: 609(My4). Asoka, Rock edicts of. (G. Bühler) Acad. 35: 170 Baudin, J. B. A. V., Commemoration of the death of, (Mrg). — (R. Morris) Acad. 35: 208(Mr23).

Dec. 2, 1851. Westm. 131: 485(My). Astbury's bargain. (C. Gibbon) Chamb. J. 66: 135-199 Bear, Grizzly. (M. W. Glascock) Overland, n. 9. 13: (Mr).

370(Ap). Astronomy, Fabulous. (J. C. Houzeau) Pop. Sci. Mo. Beauty, Gossip on. All the Year, 64: 224(Mry). 35: 194 (Je).

in women. Atlan. 63 : 571(Ap). At the sign of the Ship. (A. Lang) Longm. 13: 657 - Types of, in painting. (F. Sitwell) Art J. 41: 148 (Ap). 14: 105(My), 217 (Je).

(My). Athanasius, St. (F.W. Farrar) Sunday M. 18:338(My). Becket, Thomas à, Thompson's Life of. Sat. R. 67: 388. Athens, Theatre of Dionysos at. (J. P. Mahaffy) Acad. Beecher, Henry Ward. (W. Lewin) Acad. 35 : 215 35: 313(My4).


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Beet-sugar, Production of. (A. H. Almy) Pop. Sci. | Birds, Soaring of. Science, 13: 15-245(Ja-My).
Mo. 35: 199(Je).

Water. (J. R. Coryell) Harper, 78 : 794 (Ap).
Beet-sugar industry, Growth of. (A. H. Almy) Pop. Bird-life, Wild, in London. (E. Hamilton) Murray, 5:
Sci. Mo. 35: 85(My).

661(My). Begum's daughter, The. (E. L. Bynner) Atlan. 63: Bird music. (S. P. Cheney) Cent. 38 : 234 (Je). 577(My), 828(Je).

Birmingham. (W. B. Wright) Atlan. 63: 803(JI). Bell of St. Paul's. (W. Besant) Longm. 13: 561(Ap). – Progress of modern. (A. J. H. Crespi) National, 14: 1(My), 113(Je).

13: 386(My). Bellite, New explosive. Science, 13: 156(Mrı). Birth, New claim of. Spec. 62: 707(My25). Beneficiary education societies. (R. C. Matlack) Church Bismarck, Prince, Personality of. (A. I. Shand) MurR. 53: 144(Ap).

ray, 5: 618(My). Bengal, 1681-87. Spec. 62: 548(Ap20).

Blackbird of London. Sat. R. 67: 274. Benoit. Lucifer. Sat. R. 67: 439.

Blake, Three cruises of the. Overland, n. 9. 13: 656(Je). Berlin, An Englishman in. Macmil. 59: 439(Ap). Bloodhound, The. (E. Brough) Cent. 38 : 189 (Je). - Technische Hochschule. (S. Baxter) Am. Arch. 25: Blower, A centrifugal, Some experiments with. (E. 211(My4).

Isherwood) J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 283(Ap). Berlin, N.H. Granite Mo. 12: 132(My).

Blunders, Schoolboys'. Cornh. 59: 653(Je). Berlioz, Hector, Life by Jullien. Atlan. 63: 846(Je). Boat-race, Cambridge-Oxford, 1889. Sat. R. 67: 407. Bethabara wood, Lapachic acid in. (W. H. Greene and Boethius. (C. M. O'Keefe) Cath. World, 49: 33(Ap).

S. C. Hooker) J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 387 (My). Bohemian entr'act, A. (D. Dingle) Overland, n. 8. 13: Bethlehem, Pa., during the Revolution. (J. W. Jordan) 345(Ap). Pennsyl. M. 13: 71(Ap).

Bonny Hugh of Ironbrook. (Edith Brower) Atlan. Bethsaida. (E. P. Gray) Bib. Sac. 46: 374(Ap).

63: 727 (Je). Better man, The. (A. Paterson) Eng. Illust. 6: 499 Bonvalot, Gabriel. (C. Trotter) Blackw. 145: 536(Ap). (Ap), 575(My), 645(Je).

Books, Old, Second shelf of. (Mrs. A. Fields) Scrib. Betting and the law. Spec 62: 361(Mr16).

M. 5: 453(Ap). Bible, Old Testament, Immoralities of heroes. (G. D. Books, Sizes of. (T. Kerslake) Ath. '89, 1: 539(Ap27). Boardman) And. R. II: 278(Mr).

Bookselling, English, History of, Roberts's. Ath. '89, 1: Daniel, Age of. (J. A. Paine) Bib. Sac. 46: 371 370(Mr23). (Ap).

Borgia, César, Life of, Yriarte's. Sat. R. 67: 452. Genesis. (J. W. Dawson) Contemp. 55: 900(Je). Borlase of Borlase family. Sat. R. 67: 389. - Jeremiah. Ath. '89, 1: 658(My25).

Born inventor, A. (H. S. Edwards) Cent. 37: 912(Ap). Lost writings quoted and referred to in. (I. M. Boston Athletic Association Building. Am. Arch. 25: Price) Bib. Sac. 46: 351(Ap).

161(Apó). New Testament, Attributive aorist participles in pro- Boston Public library building. Lib. J. 14: 84(Mr).

tasis in. (W. G. Ballantine) Bib. Sac. 46: 342 Botanical gardens. (F. Hoffmann) Pop. Sci. Mo. 35: (Ap).

105 (My). Eschatology of. (M. Goodrich) Univ. Q. 46: 173 Botany; brain-power of plants. (A. Smith) National, (Ap).

13: 169(Ap). The specific character of the four. (C. C. Star- Boucher, Rev. Jonathan, and George Washington. (M. buck) Ref. Q. 36: 167(Ap).

D. Conway) Lippinc. 43: 722(My). - Romans, Abbott, Dr. Lyman, on. (G. H. Gilbert) Boucicault, Dion; début as a dramatist. (D. Bouci. Bib. Sac. 46: 229(Ap).

cault) No. Am. 148: 454(Ap), 584(My). - in the history of the church. (H. S. Burrage) Boulanger, General, and France. (W. T. Stead) ConBapt. Q. II: 135(Ap).

temp. 55: 910(Je). Bible lands, Modern science in, Dawson's. Westm. 131 : - Flight to Brussels. Sat. R. 67: 402, 433. 474(My).

- in absentia. Nation, 48 : 402(My16). Bible, Study of, in our colleges. (N. Blanchard) Univ. - in London. Sat. R. 67: 490(Ap27). Q. 46: 184(Ap).

- Rise of. (G. C. Téner) Forum, 7: 209(Ap). Bicycle, Around the world on a, Stevens's. Ath. '89, 1: Speech at Tours. Sat. R. 67: 336. 305 (Mr).

Bowes, Yorkshire; Round about Dotheboys Hall. Billeting of soldiers, 1747. (W. K. Wright) N. E. Reg. Temp. Bar, 85: 507(Ap). 14: 186(Ap).

Boycott cases, Decisions in recent. (E. P. Cheyney) Billiards. All the Year, 64: 349(Ap13).

Pol. Sci. Q. 4: 261(Je). - History of. (H. S. Clarke) Eng. Illust. 6: 666 (Je). Bradford, William, marine artist. (F. H. Kasson) Bimetallism, Criticisms of. (H. de B. Gibbins) Westm. Educa. 9: 643(Je). 131: 667 (Je).

Bradshaw, Henry, Memoir of. Church Q. 28: 94(Ap). Biography, Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American. Nation, Brain, The double. (H. Maudsley) Mind, 14: 161(Ap). 48: 349(Ap25).

Branchiapus genus. (O. P. & W. P. Hay) Am. NatStephen's dictionary of national. Ed. R. 169: 328 ural. 23: 91(F). (Ap).

Brandytown, Germantown and Saratoga. (J. Fiske) Birds, Babyhood of. (J. G. Wood) Sunday M. 18: 310 Atlan. 63: 601 (My). (My), 401(Je).

Brannan, Samuel. (J. S. Hittell) Overland, n. s. 13: of prey. Cornb. 59: 361(Ap).

648(Je). A plea for the. (H. D. Rawnsley) Gent. M. n. S. 42: Brereton in Sakarran. (A. Werner) Acad. 35: 257 545(Je).


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Brevet martyrs. (E. T. Johnson) Atlan. 63: 793(Je). Cafés, Parisian. (T. Child) Harper, 78: 687(Ap). Bribery at elections, illustrated by Barnstaple in 1747. Calderon, Günther's. Nation, 48 : 290(Ap4).

(Lord Errington) 19th Cent. 25: 921(Je). California, College of, Willey's History of the. Over- in the United States. (M. A. Green) N. Eng. land, n. 8. 13: 660(Je). 50: 309(My).

– Trip to, in 1849. Overland, n. 8. 13: 407(Ap). Bright, John. (Karl Blind) Fortn. 51: 651 (My).-(R. Cambridge, Eng., Town and university of. (C. E. Hod

W.Dale) Contemp. 55: 637(My). – Spec. 62: 420 son) Cath. World, 49: 310(Je). (Mr30), 478(Ap6). — (F. C. Cobbe) Spec. 62: 510 Cambridge historical essays. Spec. 62: 615(My4). (Ap13). — Sat. R. 67: 363(Mr30).

Camoens, Luis de. (F. G. Walters) Gent. M. n. s. 42: - and Quakerism. Macmil. 60: 111(Je).

512(My). Death of. (W.E. Gladstone) Our Day, 3: 433(My). Campion, Dr. Thomas, Works. Ath.'89, 1: 403(Mr30). - Poem on. (H. D. Rawnsley) Murray, 5: 660(My). Canada, An artist's sketches in. All the Year, 64: 244– Robertson's Life of. (E. G. Johnson) Dial (Ch.) 10: 270(Mr). 34(Je).

and the U.S. (C. H. Lugrin) Cent. 38: 236(Je). Brion, Friederike. (B. Perry) Atlan. 63: 656(My). Annexation of. (W. B. Harte) Forum, 7: 361(Je). British Columbia. (S. Jackson) Chant. 9: 408(Ap). · Destiny of. (E. Wiman) No. Am. 148: 665(Je). Brittany, Corner of. (J. W. Fewkes) Am. Natural. 23: Politics of, Romanism as a factor in. (T. F. Fother95(F).

ingham) Presb. R. 10: 229(Ap). Broadfoot, George. Blackw. 145: 427(Mr).

Canary islands, Edwardes' Rides in. Sat. R. 67: 515. Broken cadences; an ode. (J. E. Rankin) Our Day, Canova. (E. Schuyler) Nation, 48: 321(Ap18). 3: 521(Je).

Capital, Bohm-Bawerk's Positive theory of. (J. Bonar) Brown, Rawdon, and the gravestone of Mowbray. (C. Q. J. Econ. 3: 336(Ap). E. Norton) Atlan. 63: 740(Je).

Capitals of Italy. (J. W. Benn) Am. Arch. 25: 16 Browning, Robert. Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau. (Ap). (J. King) Acad. 35: 259(Ap13).

Caricature, French, in the 19th century. (C. Phillips) Brummell, Beau. (E. J. Hardy) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 494 Art J. 41: 113(Ap). (My).

Carleton, Captain, Memoirs of. (A. Parnell) Ath. '89, Bucharest in winter. Sat. R. 67: 277.

1: 279(Mr2). Buds and books. (H. S. Morris) Amer. 17: 375(Mr30). Carlisle, Eng., Creighton's History of. Sat. R. 67: 580. Buffalo, Domestication of the. (J. W. Defoe) Pop. Sci. Carlos, Don, and Elizabeth of Valois. (Lord LamingMo. 34: 777(Ap).

ton) Blackw. 145: 704(My), 778(Je). Builder's hardware. (C. H. Blackall) Am. Arch. 25: Carlyle, Thomas. (W. E. Gibbs) Univ. Q. 46: 141(Ap).

III(Mrg), 123(Mr16), 147(Mr30), 183(Ap20), 195 – Letters, from 1826 to 1836, Norton's ed. (F. Harri(Ap27), 219(Myır), 231 (My18).

son) 19th Cent. 25: 625(Ap). - Ath. '89, 1: 367. Building and loan associations. (W. A. Linn) Scrib. Carpentry and joinery, History of. (T. R. Smith) Am. M. 5: 700(Je).

Arch. 25: 128(Mr16). Building contract, Uniform. Am. Arch. 25: 107(Mr2), Carstens, Asmus Jakob. (F. W. Williams) N. Eng. 131 (Mr16).

50: 348(My). Building specifications. (T. M. Rickman and others) Castellar, France. Spec. 62: 365 (Mr16). Am. Arch. 25: 151(Mr30).

Castrogiovanni. (A. F. Jacassy) Scrib. M. 5:714(Je). “Bulls,” Irish. (C. J. Hamilton) Spec. 62: 366(Mr16). Catherine, St., of Siena. (M. E. Blake) Cath. World, Balow, Hans von, Return of. Critic, 14: 173(Ap6).

49: 293(Je). Bulow plantation, The. Granite Mo. 12: 83(Mr). Cecchetti, Bartolomeo. Acad. 35: 221(Mr30). Burglars, May they be shot? (W.C. Maude) Month, Celeste, Sister; an Italian nun. (A. J. Sanders) Na65: 549(Ap).

tional, 13: 456(Je). Burglary, Art of. Sat. R. 67: 493.

Cellini, Benvenuto, Life of. Church Q. 28 : 205(Ap). Burgon, J. W. Lives of twelve good men. Church Census, Method of taking. (C. D. Wright) No. Am.

Q. 28: 133(Ap).- (Quar. R.) Liv. Age, 181: 100 148: 727(Je). (Ap13).

Shall we have a correct ? Nation, 48: 400(My16). Burial, Modes of. (F. M. Colby) Granite Mo. 12: 163 Certosa of Pavia. (S. Brinton) Portfo. 20: 71(Ap). (My).

Chain of errors. (E. W. Latimer) Lippinc. 43: 623 Burlington Fine Arts Club, Exhibition of miniatures. (My). Spec. 62: 543(Ap2o).

“Challenger," Voyage of the, Reports on. Ath. '89, I' Burmah, Boat journey in. (P. Hordern) Blackw. 145: 313(Mrg). 557(Ap).

Chandler, Henry William. Ath. '89, 1 : 663 (My25). - Pacification of. (D. C. Boulger) National, 13: 503 Chandler, William E. Granite Mo. 12: 144(My). (Je).

Chant of Arcady. (A. Jessop) Longm. 14: 187 (Je). Burnett, Francis H. Reply to critics. Critic, 14: 106 Chantrey, Sir Francis, and his bequest. All the Year, (Mr2).

64: 412(My4). - Newspaper gossip on. Sat. R. 67: 334.

Chapman, George. (H. Ellis) Acad. 35: 171(Mrg). Burnham, Sherburne W. (J. Fraser) Cent. 38: 300(Je). Charterhouse, London. Sat. R. 67: 579. Burroughs, John. Essays. (H. S. Salt) Gent. M. n. s. Charters, Anglo-Saxon. Earle's Handbook of. Sat. R.

42: 349(Ap). By -? (A. Gaye) Macmil. 60: 50(My).

Chaucer, Geoffrey. House of fame. (F. T. Palgrave, Byrd, William, the composer. (C. Coleman) Cath. C. H. Herford) Acad. 35: 305(My4), 342(My18). World, 49: 235(My).

Minor poems. Ath. '82, 1: 466(AP13).

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67: 351.

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Chemical action between solids. (W. Hallock) Am. J. Cigarettes. Sat. R. 67: 528.
Sci. 137 : 402(My).

Cinching up. Cent. 38: 3(My). Chess, In praise of. (R. Shindler) Gent. M. n. S. 42: Cinque Ports, Burrows' History of. (Edith Thompson) 339(Ap).

Eng. Hist. R. 4 : 373(Ap). — All the Year, 64: 228 Chevreul, M. E., with portrait. (H. H. Clayton) (Mr9). Same art. Liv. Age, 181: 249(Ap27).

Science, 13: 246(Mr29). – Nation, 48: 320(Ap18). Cities; European town life. (A. Shaw) Chaut. 9: 519 - Ath. '89, 1: 475(Ap13).

(Je.) Chevy chase. (J. W. Hales) Gent. M. n. S. 42: 396 Citizenship, Preparation for, at Williams College. (A. (Ap).

L. Perry) Educa. 9: 513(Ap). Child, The, and the community. (H. Campbell) Chaut. City and borough. (E. A. Freeman) Macmil. 60: 29 9: 458(My).

(My). Children; Home-rule in the nursery. (C. M. Mason) Civil rights guaranteed by the state constitutions. (F. Murray, 5: 529(Ap).

N. Thorpe) Educa. 9: 601(My), 687 (Je). - Language of, Barker's. Spec. 62: 302(Mr2). Civil service in England; Organization and competitive - Parliament's battles for the. (W. C. Preston) Sun- examinations. Quar. 168: 449(Ap). day M. 18: 300 (My).

- in India, History of. Sat. R. 67: 530. - Phantasy of. Spec. 62: 395(Mr23). - (T. C. All- Reform in, Use and abuse of. (R. R. McMahon) butt) Spec. 62: 510(Ap13).

No. Am. 148: 607(My). - Saving the. (C. A. Murdock) Overland, n. 8. 13: Clausius, Rudolf J. E., with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 35: 395(Ap).

117(My). Childs, G. W., Recollections of. Lippinc. 43: 861(Je). Cliff of the dead. (A. S. Cook) Acad. 35: 168(Mrg). Chimneys. Am. Arch. 25: 214(My4).

Clothes and conduct on board an old Indiaman. (G. China, Doctoring in. (H. N. Shore) National, 13: 354 Birdwood) Ath. '89, 1: 439(Apó). (My).

Club story, A. Chamb. J. 66: 188 (Mr23). - Railways in. (C. S. Addis) Contemp. 55: 742(My). Coal, Supply of, in England. Science, 13: 183(Mr8). - Science, 13: 375(My17).

Coal mining in England. (G. B. Walker) Eng. Illust. - Future of. (W. B. Dunlop) Blackw. 145: 394 6: 566(My). (Mr).

Coast towns, Open, and international law. (H. Haines) - Telegraphy in. All the Year, 64: 317(Apo).

National, 13: 173(Ap). Western, Hart's travels in. Sat. R. 67: 324. Cockburn, Henry, Lord, Circuit journeys. Ed. R. 169: Chinese immigration. (Yan Phou Lee) No. Am. 148: 379(Ap). 476(Ap).

Cohen of Trinity. (Amy Levy) Gent. M. n. 8. 42: 417 Chinese in British America, Legislation against. (J. (My). Lee) R. J. Econ. 3: 359(Ap).

Coins and tokens of the British possessions and colonies, Chinook language or jargon. (E. H. Nicoll) Pop. Sci. Atkins's. Ath. '89, 1: 542(Ap27). Mo. 35: 257 (Je).

Colchester, Conn., burying ground, Inscriptions in. “Christian science" and science. (F. A. Fernald) Pop. (F. E. Randall) N. E. Reg. 44: 188(Ap). Sci. Mo. 34: 798(Ap).

Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, Lectures in 1818. (J. D. - Is it a craze ? (J. F. Bailey) Pop. Sci. Mo. 35: 216 Campbell) Ath. '89, 1: 345 (Mr16), 568(My4). (Je).

College growth in Ohio. (J. Eaton) Educa. 9: 433(Mr). Christianity and natural science. (E. A. Freeman) Colloquialisms, Seventeenth century. (G. L. ApperContemp. 55: 539(Ap).

son) Gent. M. n. S. 42: 593(Je). of Christ. (E. S. Phelps) Forum, 7:274(My). Color in the animal world. (J. G. Wood) Chaut. 9: Chronicle of two months. Temp. Bar, 85: 560(Ap). 86: 392(Ap).

111(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 181: 10(Apo), Color in domesticity and dress. (H. Aidé) Fortn. 51: 277 (My4).

685(My). Chrysostom, St. (F. W. Farrar) Sun. M. 18:418(Je). Color-blindness ; a product of civilization. Science, 13: Church and state. (H. E. Scudder) Atlan. 63: 786(Je). 170(Mrı). --in Germany. (H.Geffcken) 19th Cent. 25:672(My). Comedy of a country house. (J. Sturgis) Murray, 5:

- and the world. (J. S. Lee) Univ. Q. 46: 128(Ap). 474(Ap), 629(My), 819(Je). – Mission of the. (J. M. King) Meth. R. 49: 371(My). Comic newspaper, Modern. (E. R. Pennell) (Contemp.] - of England, Condition and recent history of. (B. Critic, 14: 136(Mrı6), 186(Ap13). 0. True) Bapt. Q. 11: 178(Ap).

Commerce and the constitution. (R. A. Perkins) M. - Relations with Rome in the reigo of Charles I. Am. Hist. 21: 305 (Ap). (J. M. Stone) Scot. R. 13: 227(Ap).

- Impediments to our. (D. Lyman) Forum, 7: 226(Ap). - State support of, in Massachusetts Bay. (S. Wet- Commercial union, A; a story. (T. D. English) Harmore) Church R. 53: 106(Ap).

per, 78: 771(Ap). Church hospitality. And. R. 11: 413(Ap).

Communion, Inter-Lutheran and non-Lutheran. (J. Church music. (J. H. Hopkins and others) Church R. Hawkins) Luth. Q. 19: 203(Ap).

53: 66(Ap). –(H. S. Butterfield and Dr. F. Witt). Competition, Selfishness in. (C. A. Cripps) National, Month, 66: 231(Je).

13: 246(Ap). - and the parish priest. (W.C. Richardson) Church Compressed air power, Popp system, in Paris. Am. R. 53: 176(Ap).

Arch. 25: 114(Mrg). Churchill, Lord Randolph. Ath. '89, 1: 472(Ap13). Condé, The grand. Nation, 48: 343(Ap25). Cicero, M. T., Letters of. (H. W. Preston) Atlan. 63: Confessions of a care-taker: a story. (O. Booth) All 528(Ap).

the Year, 64: 234-336."

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Congo state, Bateman's Travels in. Ath. '89, 1: 368 | Damien, Father, and the lepers. (E. Clifford) 19th (Mr23). - Spec. 62: 402(Mr23).

Cent. 25: 689(My), 868(Je). -(A. Ballantyne) Congregationalism, High church. (C. C. Starbuck) N. Longm. 14: 66(My). Same art. Liv. Age, 181: Eng. 50: 244 (Ap).

501(My25). Congress, extra session, Time for. (W. B. Allison) No. Damon, Robert. Acad. 35: 327(Myır). Am. 148: 397(Ap).

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