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Princeton College; Alumni who have held official | Railroad, Romance of. Sat. R. 67: 123.

positions. (R. H. Greene)N. E. Reg. 43: 47(Ja). Rain, How it is formed. (H. F. Blanford) Nature, 39: Prison life. Blackw. 145: 214(F).

224(Jaz). Prisons and prisoners. (A. H. Japp) Gent. M. n. 5.42: Randolph, Edmund, Conway's Life and papers of. (W. 81(Ja).

P. Stradley) Dial (Ch.) 9: 290(Mr). - Burmese. Cornh. 59: 20(Ja).

Rank. Spec. 62: 49(Ja12). – Care of criminals. (Z. R. Brockway) Chaut. 9: 333 Rayet, Olivier. Nation, 48: 18(Jaz). . (Mr).

Raymund, Viscount of Perelloses. (s. 0. Grady) Prize questions, Answers to one hundred. Lippinc. 43 : Month, 65: 76(Ja). 137(Ja), 276(F), 437 (Mr).

Realism in art and literature, Protest against. (0. Probation after death. (Q. Whitney) Univ. Q. 46: 35 Wilde) 19th Cent. 25: 35(Ja). (Ja).

Realism, Physical, Case's. Sat. R. 67: 47. Prodigal son: a story. All the Year, 64: 44(Ja12). Receivers in mortgage foreclosures. (J. A. Kerr) Am. Prohibition, Cambridge experiment in. Nation, 48 : 87 Law R. 23: 56(Ja-F). (Ja3r).

Records, Public, of England, should be stored in the - in Rhode Island, Failure of. Nation, 48: 133 (F cathedrals. (A. Jessopp) 19th Cent. 25: 84(Ja). 14).

Reform, Obstacles insep able from. (S. L. B. Speare) Prohibitionism in Canada and the United States. (G. Our Day, 3: 236(Mr). Smith) Macmil. 59: 338 (Mr).

Reform party in England, Centenary of. (H. DunckProtection and wages. (L. Playfair) Our Day, 3: 10 ley) Contemp. 55: 52(Ja). (Ja).

Reforms that do not reform. (E. Atkinson) Forum, 6: Protestant Episcopal Church, General Convention, Pro- 600(F).

portional representation in. (W. W. Olssen) Reliable. (F. Hall) Nation, 48 : 96(Jazı). Church R. 53: I(Jaz).

Religion, Growth of. (E. L. Shaffer) Univ. Q. 46: 69 Public schools; are they Godless ? (H. D. Jenkins) (Ja). Presb. R. 10: 26(Ja).

of humanity, The. Cong. R. 3: 4(Ja). - Bible in the (H. E. Manning) Forum, 7: 52 (Mr). - Public instruction in. (A. R. Marsh) And. R. II: I Moral and religious instruction in. (D. D. Thomp. (Ja). son) Meth. R. 49: 88(Ja).

Reporting, Practical and theoretical. (J. Arthur) - Perils of the. (W. E. Dodge and J. Strong) Our Writer, 3: 36(F). Day, 3: 109(F).

Reproach of Annesley. (Miss Uttiet) Murray, 5: 107 Puebla de Los Angeles, Mexico, Palm Sunday in. (F. (Ja), 250(F), 388 (Mr). H. Smith) Atlan. 63: 62(Ja).

Reptiles, Giant, of a past age. (O. Meyer) Pop. Sci. Puns. Temp. Bar, 85: 69(Ja).

Mo. 34: 466(F). Pyrite crystals from French Creek, Del. Co., Pa. (s. Rest! Rest! perturbed spirit; a story. All the Year, L. Penfield) Am. J. Sci. 137: 209 (Mr).

64: 179(F23).

Resurrection of the body. (B. Howley) Meth. R. 49: Quaker biographies, Some. (T. Raleigh) Macmil. 59: 265(Mr). 358 (Mr).

Reviewers and their ways. (A. Lang) Forum, 7: 90 Quantocks, The. (C. W. Greswell) National, 12: 807 (Mr). (F).

Riant, Paul, Count. Acad. 35: 93(F9). Quebec, Glimpse of. (R. Brown) Am. Arch. 25: 56 Ribs, Eight true, in man. (D. J. Cunningham) Nature, (F2).

39: 248(Jaro). · Winters in. (P. Bender) M. Am. Hist. 21:24(Ja). Rio Tinto, Roman remains at. (J. H. Round) Ath. '89, Queen Anne pocket-book. (A. Pollard) Longm. 13: 1:22(Jag).

280 (Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 294 (F2). Rival souls, The. (H. S. Edwards) Cent. 37: 660(Mr). Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Messiah. (D. Daly) Am. Rives, Amélie. Quick or the dead, and Virginia of VirAntiq. 11: 14(Ja).

ginia. (H. Aidé) 19th Cent. 25: 228(F). Quoting. (E. E. E. McJimsey) Writer, 3: 8(Ja). Riviera, Peasantry of the. Spec. 62: 161(F2).

Road-making. (J. B. Olcott) Amer. 17 : 280(F16), 297 Rabelais, F. Temp. Bar, 85: 351 (Mr).

(F23). Rabelais, François. Ed. R. 169: 111(Ja).

Roaring in horses. Sat. R. 67: 96. Radiation, Electrical. (0. J. Lodge) Nature, 39 : 319 Robert Elsmere's successor. (J. Parker) Our Day, 3: (Ja31).

28(Ja), 158(F), 271(Mr). Railroad business under the interstate commerce act. Robinson, Dr. Edw.; Harmony of the Gospels. (C. (A. T. Hadley) Q.J. Econ. 3: 170(Ja).

Leaman) Bib. Sac. 46: 73(Ja). Railroad management. (E. P. Alexander) Scrib. M. Rock transformations, Underground waters in. (G. A. 5:27(Ja).

Danbreé) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 508(F). Railroad elections, Bribery in. (I. L. Rice) Forum, 7: Rodin, August, sculptor. (T. H. Bartlett) Am. Arch. 106(Mr).

25: 29(Ja19), 44(Ja26), 65(F9). Railroad securities, Unstable value of. Bank. M. (N. Roman Catholic authority. Dub. R. 104: 213(Ja). Y.) 43: 481(Ja).

Roman Catholic Church, Salvation out of the. (J. Py Railroads, Legislative injustice to. (H. Clews) No. Am. Ryan) Cath. World, 48 : 509(Ja). 148: 319(Mr).

Roman Catholic claims. Church Q. 27: 332(Ja). - Political control of; is it confiscation? (A. Morgan) Roman Catholics and public schools. (J. Cook) Our Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 455(F).

Day, 3: 257(Mr). - And. R. 11: 184(F).

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R. 67: 37

Roman Catholics and public schools in Boston. (J.G. | Sawyer, Jonathan, with portrait. Granite Mo. 12:1(Ja).

Shea) Am. Cath. Q. 14: 94 (Ja). - (M. E. Blake) Saxony in 1533-1540, The grocer's war against. Cornh. Cath. World, 48: 501 (Ja).

59:77(Ja). - of 1715, English. Sat. R. 67: 230.

Science and its accusers. (W. D. Le Sueur) Pop. Sci. Roman Catholicism among the negroes and Indians. Mo. 34 : 367(Ja). Cath. World, 48:727(Mr).

in elementary schools. (J. M. Arms) Pop. Sci. Mo. Roman empire, Eastern (976-1059). Basil II. to Isaac 34: 662(Mr).

Komnenos. (J. B. Bury) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 41(Ja). - Warfare of, New chapters in. (A. D. White) Pop. Romance of Dollard. (M. H. Catherwood) Cent. 37: Sci. Mo. 34: 433(F), 577 (Mr). 345(Ja), 528(F).

Scientific education, Advantages of. (A. Winchell) Rome, Ancient, in the light of modern discoveries. Meth. R. 49: 201 (Mr). Atlan. 63: 271(F).

Schlyter, Carl Johan. Ath. '89, 1: 51(Ja12). - Lanciani's. (W. F. Allen) Dial (Ch.) 9: 238(Ja). School, Promotion of pupils in. (E. E. White) Educa. Rooks and their relatives. Cornh. 59: 171(F).

9:415(F). Rose, Hugh James. Quar. 168 : 175(Ja).

School life, Studies of elementary. (H. J. Barker) Ross, Janet. Three generations of Englishwomen. Longm. 13: 256 (Ja), 401(F), 512(Mr). Same art. [Blackw.] Liv. Age, 180: 121(Ja12).

Liv. Age, 180: 233(Ja26), 500(F23). Routh, Martin. Quar. 168 : 168(Ja).

Schools, voluntary, Value of. (Viscount Cranborne) Royal Academy, Exhibition, 1888-9. Ath. '89, 1: 56 National, 12: 721(F).

(Ja12), 90(Ja19), 186(F9), 285(Mr2). — (C. Phil Scotland, Local government in. Blackw. 145: 297(F). lips) Acad. 35: 30(Ja12), 62(Ja26), 100(F9). – Sat. - Religious tendencies in. (R. A. Sinclair) Unita. R.

31: 233(Mr). Old masters at the. Nation, 48: 175(F28).

Scott, Walter, at work. (A. D. White) Scrib. M. 5: Rudolph, Crown Prince of Austria, Death of. Sat. R.

131(F). 67: 113(F2).

Scottish conservatism. National, 13: 1(Mr). - Literary work of. Amer. 17: 281(F16).

Scottish song, Blackie on. Spec. 62: 90(Ja19). - A reminiscence of. (W. Verner) National, 13: 22 Sculpture, Greek. (C. Cook) Chaut. 9: 324(Mr). (Mr).

Sea, The legends and superstitions of. All the Year, Ruskin, John, Work of. (C. Waldstein) Harper, 78: 64: 208 (Mr2). 382(F).

--Poetry of the. Spec. 62: 10(Ja5). Russia, Empire of, and its capital. (W. F. Mallalieu) Sca-lions and fur-seals. (W. H. Larrabee) Pop. Sci. Chaut. 9: 342(Mr).

Mo. 34 : 330(Ja). Public debt. Bank M. (N. Y.) 43: 513(Ja). Seasons, their succession symbolizes man's life and Stead's truth about. (O. Novikoff) Contemp. 55: future existence. (Oscar Fredrik, king of Swe207 (F).

den and Norway) 19th Cent. 25: 323(F). - Tolstoi's reforms in. Spec. 62: 222(F16).

Second service, The. (A. M'Kenzie) And. R. II: 132 – Village in. (V. Verestchagin) Harper, 78: 374(F). (F).

Secularized classes, The. And. B. 11:72(Ja). Sabbath, The; American National Reform. Our Day, Seismology in Italy, Present state of. (H. J. Johnston3: 44(Ja).

Lavis) Nature, 39: 329(Jazr). - Observance of, as a sociological problem. (D. C. Selim the unsociable; a story. (H. A. Kennedy) Temp. Wells) And. R. 11: 207(F).

Bar, 85: 371(Mr). Sabbath-keeping tourist in the West. (W. G. Ballan. Semaphore, The parabolic. (C. H. Koyl) J. Frankl. tine) Our Day, 3: 55(Ja).

Inst. 127: 47 (Ja). Sabbaths, Ideal. (F. Peek) Contemp. 55: 224(F). Sensibilities, Training the. (T. J. Morgan) Educa. 9: Sage-brush rebellion, The. (H. L. Wells) Overland, 295 (Ja). n. s. 13 : 253 (Mr).

Sentry go! a story. Cornh. 59: 181(F). St. Louis Mercantile Library, Plan of. Lib. J. 14: 35 Septuagint, Textual criticism of. Churcb Q. 27: 461(Ja). (Ja-F).

Sepulchral symbols. (C. C. Lord) Granite Mo. 12: 6 St. Petersburg. (W. F. Mallalieu) Chaut. 9: 342 (Ja). (Mr).

Servia, Constitution of, New. (E. Schuyler) Nation, 48: Salvation army, What is the ? (W. Booth) Murray, 5: 90(Jazı). 289(Mr).

Seward, William H., Personal reminiscences of. (S. J. Tactics of. Sat. R. 67: 33.

and I. C. Barrows) Atlan. 63: 379(Mr). Samoan troubles, The. Nation, 48 : 84(Jazı).

Sewing machine, Industrial and social effects of. (E. Genesis of. Nation, 48 : 108(F7).

Ingersoll) Chaut. 9: 331(Mr). San Francisco. Chamb. J. 66: 38(Ja 19).

Sewing women; prisoners of poverty. Overland, n. s. - Municipal government in, Establishment of. (B.

13: 327(Mr). Moses) J. H. Univ. Studies, 7: nos. 2-3(F-Mr). Shairp, J. C. (D. Macleod) Good Words, 30: 82(F). San Pietro island. Sat. R. 67: 69.

- Glen Desseray, and other poems. (R. Brindley) Sant'Ilario. (F. M. Crawford) Eng. Illust. 6 : 320 (Ja), Cong. R. 2: 919(O). 345(F), 415(Mr).

Shakspere. Macbeth. Cornh. 59: 133(F). Sarto, Andrea Vanucchi del, The Carita of. (W. Mer- and common sense. (W. Archer) Murray, 5: 182

cer, F. M. Müller) Acad. 35: 102(F9), 120(F16). (F). Savings bank dividends. Q. G. Econ. 3: 211(Ja). -- at the Lyceum theatre. Spec. 62: 9(Jag). - (F. Savonarola. Am. Cath. Q. 14:23(Ja).

Wedmore) Acad. 35: 14(Jag).


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Shakspere. Macbeth. Act v., sc. 5. “Feares" or Snow idyll. (W. Black) Good Words, 30: 73(F), 145

“teares.” (w. Bayliss) National, 12: 730(F). (Mr). – Religion and politics of. (Goldwin Smith) Macmil. Social economics, Course of study in. (W. J. Tucker) 59: 232(Ja). Same art. Ecl. M. 112: 250(F).

And. R. II: 85(Ja). Shanghai, from a bedroom window. All the Year, 64: Socialism and London poets and painters. Critic, 14: 54(Ja). - Liv. Age, 180: 558(Mr2).

43(Ja26). Shedd, W. T. G. Doginatic theology. (G. B. Ste- Society, how it reforms itself. (E. Atkinson) Forum,

vens) N. Eng. 50: 73(F). — (G. Harris) And. R. 7: 18(Mr).
II: 168(F).

Socinians, Story of the. (S. C. Beach) Unita. R. 31: Sheep. (Cornh.] Liv. Age, 180: 117(Ja12).

224(Mr). Shelley with Byron. Nation, 48: 113(F7).

Sociology, Outline of a course in. (W. J. Tucker) Sheridan, Gen. P. H., Memoirs of. (W. 0. Morris) And. R.II: 203(F).

Acad. 35: 87(F9). — Nation, 48 : 100(Ja31). Socrates. (T. D. Seymour) Chaut. 9: 259(F). Sheriff's posse, The. Cent. 37 : 448(Ja).

Song and science; two allegories. (W. Boyd CarpenSheshouan, Ride to. (W. B. Harris) [Blackw.] Liv. ter) Good Words, 30 : 36(Ja). Age, 180: 53(Jag).

Sophia, electress of Hanover, Memoirs of. Spec. 62: Shipping, Legislative measures needed to insure its 201(F9).

safety. (S. Plimsoll) 19th Cent. 25: 325 (Mr). Sophocles. Sir G. Young's translation. (W. S. Lilly) Shooting stars. (R. S. Ball) Good Words, 30: 26(Ja), 19th Cent. 25: 222(F). 157(Mr).

Soudan, Wylde's '83 to '87 in the. Nation, 48: 14(Jaz). Shorthand, Curiosities of. (E. L. Didier) Writer, 3: South, The, Nicodemus of. Amer. 17 : 230(Ja26). 25(F).

Northern estimates of. (A. D. Mayo) Unita. R. 31: - in composition. (H. M. Hoke) Writer, 3: 1(Ja).

33(Ja). Siberia, Climate of, in the mammoth age. (H. H. Southwark, England, Rendle's. Spec. 62: 119(Ja26).

Howorth) Nature, 39: 294 (Ja24), 365 (F.14). Spanish America, Revolutions in. (W. L. Scruggs) M. Siberia, Exiles in. (G. Kennan) Cent. 37: 380(Ja), Am. Hist. 21: 50(Ja). 502(F), 643(Mr).

Spanish succession, War of, Parnell's history of. (A. R. Sierras, Among the. (M. S. Arms) Overland, 0. S. 13: Ropes) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 179(Ja). 166(F).

Sparrow, London hedge. Sat. R. 67: 65. Sikyon, Inscription from. (M. L. Earle) Am. J. Speculation, Ethics of. (G. H. Hubbard) N. Eng. 50: Archæol. 4: 427(D'88).

43(Ja). Silver, gold, and bimetallism. (J. B. Robertson) Westm. Spencer, Herbert, Darwin on. (G. F. Wright) Bib. 131 : 215(F).

Sac. 46: 181(Ja). Silver coinage. (E. Pierrepont) No. Am. 148: 226 Spinning and weaving by hand in Westmoreland, Re(F).

vival of. (A. Fleming) Cent. 37: 521(F). Simplicity. (C. D. Warner) Atlan. 63: 309(F). Spinoza, Benedict de, Idealism of. (J. M. Baldwin) Singing; Training of children's voices in public schools. Presb. R. 10: 65(Ja). (E. C. Curtis) Harper, 78: 454(F).

Spires. Chamb. J. 66: 29(Ja12). Single-room home, A. Sunday M. 18: 117(F). Spirit-perception. (H. E. Robbins) Bapt. Q. 11: 66 (Ja). Slavery in Central Africa. (W.C. Preston) Sunday M. Spoilt lives. (C. M. Mason) Murray, 5: 349(Mr). 18: 23(Ja).

Spotting, Divination by. Sat. R. 67 : 175. – in New Hampshire. (J. W. Hammond) M. Am. Stage and society, The. (M. Anderson) No. Am. 148: Hist. 21: 62(Ja).

16(Ja). - in New York and Massachusetts. (J. Carrick) M. Stallo, John Bernard, with portrait. Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: Am. Hist. 21: 156(F).

548(F). Slave-trade, African. (Lady Herbert) Cath. World, 48 : Stanley, H. M., where is ? (H. H. Johnston) (Fortn.) 537(Ja). .- Scot. R. 13: 161(Ja).

Ecl. M. 112: 47(Ja). The blockade against. Westm. 131: 160(F). Stars, Names of Chinese. Nature, 39: 309 (Ja24). Can we kill it? (W.C. Preston) Sunday M. 18: 90 Statistics, An easy lesson in. (E. Atkinson) Forum, 6; (F).

474(Ja). - The crusade against. (E. M. Clerke) Dub. R. Steam, Use of, in spectrum analysis. (J. Trowbridge. 104: I(Ja).

and W. C. Sabine) Am. J. Sci. 137 : 114(F). Sleighing. (W. H. Whyte) Outing, 13: 387(F). Steamships, Development of. Nation, 48 : 134(F14). Slow-burning construction. (E. Atkinson) Cent. 37: Steel tubes, spirally welded. (J. C. Bayles) J. Frankl.

566(F). – (J.C. Plant) Am. Arch. 25: 11(Ja5). - Inst. 127: 96(F). (E. Atkinson) Am. Arch. 25: 54(F2).

Stein, Charlotte von, in Goethe's Tasso. Amer. 17 : 200 Slowtopp's confession; a story. (J. Lillie) Harper, 78 : (Jara). 557 (Mr).

Stephen, James, and deism, Arthur's. Cong. R. 2: 1078 Smith, James, author of Rejected addresses. Temp. (D'88). Bar, 85: 335(Mr).

Stevens, Herman W. Granite Mo. 12: 34(Ja). Smith, Thomas, of the English navy, 1691-1708. (J. Stiff-necked generation; a story. Blackw. 145: 53(Ja). K. Laughton) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 65(Ja).

Storms, Law of, in China. (W. Doberck) Nature, 39: Smith College, Preparation for citizenship at. (J. B. 301 (Ja24). Clark) Educa. 9: 403(F).

Story of Chios. (H. Lynch) Macmil. 59: 202(Ja). Snakes. (C. L. Morgan) Murray, 5: 226(F). Same Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 209(Ja26). Same art. art. Liv. Age, 180: 635(Mr9).

Ecl. M. 112: 213(F).

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Stowey, Nether. (A. Ainger) Macmil. 59: 254(F). | Temperance laws in the states and territories. (H. W. Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 492(F23).

Blair) Chaut. 9: 219(Ja). Strange true stories of Louisiana. (G. W. Cable) Tennessee, Lutheran Synod of. (L. A. Fox) Luth. Q. Cent. 37: 358(Ja), 512(F), 742(Mr).

19: 45(Ja). Stratford de Redcliffe, Viscount. Ed. R. 169: 203(Ja). Tennessee, Phelan's history of. Amer. 17 : 290(F16). Stuarts, The, Exhibition of pictures on. (J. Norris) Tennyson, Art and genius of. (E. Parsons) Bapt. Q.

Month, 65: 341(Mr). — All the Year, 64: 133(F9). II: 29(Ja). - (J. Leyland) Amer. 17: 233(Ja26). — (C. Phil- - as a prophet. (F. W. H. Myers) 19th Cent. 25: 381 lips) Acad. 35:45(Ja19). — Ath. '89, 1: 219. — Sat. (Mr). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 811(Mr30). R. 67: 39, 214.

- Undertones of. Spec. 62: 165(F2). Style. (W. Pater) (Fortn.) Liv. Age, 180: 3(Ja5). Tenses in Latin, Sequence of. (C. Harrison) Acad. — Newspaper, A standard. (L. A. Lamb) Writer, 3: 13 (Syr.) 4: 99(Mr). (Ja).

Tenures, Curious. (F. B. Harrison) Gent. M. n. 9. 42: Suanetians, The, and their home. (D, W. Freshfield) 22(Ja). Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 380(Ja).

Terracottas from Myrina. (S. Reinach) Am. J. Archæol. Success; a story. (K. S. Macquoid) Eng. Ilust. 6: 464 4: 413(D'88). (Mr).

Theatre, First, in America. (G. H. Moore) M. Am. Suffrage, Safeguards of the. (W. Gladden) Cent. 37: Hist. 21 : 58(Ja). 621(F).

Theatrical reminiscences. All the Year, 64: 32(Jar2). Sully, Duke of, An episode adapted from the memoirs Theatricals, Amateur. (G. Kobbé) Cent. 37 : 749(Mr).

of. (S. J. Weyman) Temp. Bar, 85: 208(F). Theology, Dogmatic, Shedd's. (G. B. Stevens) N. Same Art. Liv. Age, 180: 538(Mr2).

Eng. 50: 73(F). Sun, Age of the, and Darwinism. (A. L. Cortie) Montb, - Present day, Rogers on. (R. Lovett) Cong. R. 2: 65: 59(Ja).

1113(D'88). “Sunbeam,” Last voyage of the yacht, Lady Brassey's. – Unity of. (W. H. Kent) Dub. R. 104: 25(Ja). Ath. '89, 1: 207 (F16).

Thought and language. (F. Max Müller) 19th Cent. Sunday journalism. Spec. 62: 193(F9).

25: 397(Mr). Sunday newspapers. (A. Johnson) Our Day, 3: 114 Three pines. (L. Kip) Overland, n. 8. 13: 49(Ja). (F).

Thrice threc. (L. A. Tadema) Murray, 5: 202(F). - in London. Nation, 48: 155(F21).

Tibet, Chinese policy in. (H. Gibson) Month, 65: 43 Supreme Court, Relief for the. (A. C. Coxe) Forum, (Ja). 6: 567(F).

Mission to, in 18th century. (H. Gibson) Month,65: Susa, Dieulafoy's Discoveries at. (M. Jastrow, jr.) Am. 350(Mr). Arch. 25: 22(Ja12).

Ticonderoga, Bennington, and Oriskany. (J. Fiske) Swans. (Blackw.) Liv. Age, 180: 103(Jar2).

Atlan. 63: 398(Mr). Sylvester, James Joseph. (A. Cayley) Nature, 39: 217 Tiele, P. A. (J. H. Gallée) Acad. 35: 93(F9). (Ja3).

Tigers, Trapping. Chamb. J. 66: 44(Ja19). Syndicates, Trade. Sat. R. 67: 88(Ja26).

Tilton family, Genealogy of. Granite Mo. 12: 29(Ja). Synesius. (F. H. Hedge) Unita. R. 31: 243(Mr). Time. (S. Lupton) Nature, 39: 372(F14). Syria, A winter in. (M. E. G. Duff) Contemp. 55: 52 To whom this may come. (E. Bellamy) Harper, 78: (Ja).


Tobacco. All the Year, 64: 161(F16). Tacitus, Gerunds and gerundives in Annals of. (S. B. Tolstoi and Matthew Arnold. (F. H. Stoddard) [And. Platner) Am. J. Philol. 9: 464(D'88).

R.] Cong. R. 3: 20(Ja). Talent and genius. (G. Allen) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 341 - Visit to. (T. Van Ness) Lit. W. (Bost.) 20:56(F16). (Ja).

Tonga superstition. (E. H. Roberts) Am. Antiq. II: Tariff, Campaign literature on. Q.J. Econ. 3: 212(Ja). 100(Mr). Taurus mountains, Among the. (L. B. Platt) Outing, Toryism, Future of. (Earl of Dunraven) 19th Cent. 25: 13: 291 (Ja).

195(F). Taxation. (R. T. Ely) Chaut. 9: 268(F).

Town and country. Spec. 62: 196(F9). - in American states and cities, Ely's. Spec. 62: 92 Town-life as a cause of degeneracy. (G. B. Barron) (Ja19).

Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 324(Ja). Taxes, Income and property in Switzerland. (G. Cohn) Toynbee, Arnold, and Toynbee Hall. (F.C. Montague) Pol. Sci. Q. 4: 37(Mr).

J. H. Univ. Studies, 7: no. I(Ja). Taylor, Dr. Nathaniel. (W. W. Woodworth) Bib. Sac. Tragic muse, The; a story. (H. James) Atlan. 63: 1 46: I(Ja).

(Ja), 184(F), 289(Mr). Taylors of Norwich, The; three notable Englishwomen. Transaction in hearts, A. (E. Saltus) Lippinc. 43: 163

(W. F. Rae) Temp. Bar, 85: 221(F). Same art. (F). Liv. Age, 180: 595 (Mrg).

Transcendentalism; the New England renaissance. (F. Teaching, Science and art of. (J. M. Richardson) Tiffany) Unita. R. 31: 97 (F). Educa. 9: 375(F).

Translations. (J. H. Hamer) Writer, 3: 25(F). Teaching of the Twelve and the Historic Episcopate. Transylvania, Gerard's. Nation, 48: 15(Ja3).

(J. R. Reimensnyder) Luth. Q. 19: 91(Ja). Travel, Apotheosis of. (C. D. English) Lippinc. 43: Technical education from the handicraftsman's view. 434(Mr). Art J. 41: 82(Mr).

Traveller, Reflections of a. Cornh. 59: 270(Mr). - Notes on. (R.H. Thurston) Acad. (Syr.) 4: 73(Mr). I Trawling ; A trip in a trawler. All the Year, 64 : 14(Ja).

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Treves; a German Rome. (W. B. Scott) Scrib. M. 5: Universities of Bavaria. (E. L. James) Amer. 17: 231 286(Mr).

(Ja26). Trieste to Bombay. (C. R. Lanman) Nation, 48 : 158 - German. (G. H. Schodde) Luth. Q. 19:96(Ja). (F21).

Universities' mission to Central Africa. Quar. 168: 229 Trivial incidents. Spec. 62: 116(Ja26).

(Ja). Trotts of Dorchester and Boston. (E. D. Harris) N. E. University at Washington, A. (A. D. White) Forum, Reg. 43: 79(Ja).

6: 622(F). Trusts, according to official investigations. (E. B. - The need of another. (A. D. White) Forum, 6: 465 Andrews) Q. J. Econ. 3: 117(Ja).

(Ja). - and competition. (G. Iles) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 619 Usury. Bank M. (N. Y.) 43: 594 (F).

(Mr). - and syndicates. Chamb. J. 66: 33(Ja19).

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