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Kentucky, Comments on. (C. D. Warner) Harper, 78: | Lefevre, Shaw, as an aedile. (H. H. Statham) Murray, 255(Ja).

5: 68(Ja). Kentucky pioneer, Thrilling adventure of a. (Annic Letters, The practice of. Macmil. 59: 223(Ja). Libel, Law of. Nation, 48: 173 (F28).

E. Wilson) M. Am. Hist. 21: 252(Mr).

Kepaha-Winona; a story. (L. C. d'Oyle) Gent. M. n. s. Liberal party in England and the land question. (F. 42: 1(Ja).

Keshub Chandra Sen, Life of. Sat. R. 67: 193.
Kinship, Kendall on. Nation, 48: 17(Ja3), 52(Ja17).
Kohlhase, Hans, grocer, his war against the elector of
Saxony in 1533-1540. Cornh. 59:77 (Ja).
Krakatoa, Eruption of, in 1883. (R. S. Ball) [Contemp.]
Ecl. M. 112: 53(Ja). — Ed. R. 169: 152(Ja). Same
art. Liv. Age, 180: 607 (Mr9). — Nature, 39: 345
(F7). — (A. L. Cortie) Month, 65: 367(Mr).

Labor, Reporter on, Pioneer. (H. R. Johnson) Writer, 3:31(F).

Lady Baby; a story. Blackw. 145: 1(Ja), 180 (F). Lady Car. (M. O. W. Oliphant) Longm. 13: 525(Mr). Lagarde, Paul, Recent biblical work of. (S. R. Driver) Contemp. 55: 393 (Mr).

Lake country of England. (T. Letherbrow) Portfo. 20: 54(Mr).

Lama, The Grand, of the Trans-Baikal. (G. Kennan) Cent. 37: 643(Mr).

Harrison) Contemp. 55: 301 (F).

and the Parnellite leaders. (Duke of Argyll) Contemp. 55: 1(Ja).

Liberal unionist, Why I became a.
Blackw. 145: 248 (F).

(G. Brooks)

Liberty; an Encyclical Letter. (Leo XIII.) Dub. R. 104: 137(Ja).

Libraries, Private, of New York city. (P. L. Ford) Lib. J. 14: 20(Ja-F).

- Public, in the United States, Supplementary list of. Lib. J. 14: 24(Ja-F).

Library buildings. (W. I. Fletcher) Lib. J. 14: 39 (Ja-F).

Library classification: theory and practice. (W. 1. Fletcher) Lib. J. 14: 22(Ja-F).

Library work in schools. (L. R. Halsey) Educa. 9: 390 (F).

Lichens. Status of the algo-lichen hypothesis. (T. A. Williams) Am. Natural. 23: 1(Ja).

Life, On the best period of. All the Year, 64: 36(Ja12). Lamarck, Darwin vs. (E. R. Lankester) Nature, 39: Life's long battle won. (E. Garrett) Sunday M. 18: 42 428 (F28).

(Ja), 98(F), 174(Mr).

Lamartine, Alphonse de, Domvile's Life of. Spec. 62: Light, Comparison of electric theory and Sir William 139(Ja26).

Lamb, C. Letters. Temp. Bar, 85: 33(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 222(Ja26).

Lampman, Archibald. Poems. Spec. 62: 52(Ja12). Lanciani, R., and the age of bronze. (H. W. Haynes) Nation, 48: 70(Ja24).

Land in England; How every tenant farmer may become his own landlord. (E. Atkinson) Westm. 131: 298(Mr).

Thomson's theory. (J. W. Gibbs) Am. J. Sci. 137: 129(F).

- Direction of vibration of. (F. T. Tronton) Nature, 39: 391 (F21).

Lighthouses. (J. Tyndall) Fortn. 51: 198 (F). Lincoln, Abraham. (G. J. Nicolay and J. Hay) Cent. 37: 427 (Ja), 546(F), 689(Mr).

Liquids, Subsidence of fine, solid particles in. (C. Barus) Am. J. Sci. 137: 122(F).

Language and the Catholic church. (Brother Barbas) Literary necrology of 1888. Lit. W. (Bost.) 20: 15 Am. Cath. Q. 14: 153(Ja).

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Literary society as she was seen. (C. Adams) Lippinc. 13: 116(Ja).

Last assembly ball, The. (M. H. Foote) Cent. 37: 773 Literature, Cheap: the good and the bad. Cong. R. 2: (Mr).

Latimer's novel. Argosy, 47: 68(Ja).

Latin, First year in. (A. A. Knight) Educa. 9: 182 (N).

Laughter. Spec. 62: 83(Ja19).

Laurens, Jean-Paul. (Claude Phillips) Art J. 41: 1(Ja). Lavigerie, C. M., Cardinal, and his work. Month, 65: 305(Mr).

1118 (D'88).

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Lang's letters on. (W. I. Way) Dial (Ch.) 9: 287 (Mr).

- Poisonous. (J. L. Wenham) Month, 65: 200(F). Law as a disturber of social order. (B. Reece) Pop. Study of. Author and library work in schools. (L. Sci. Mo. 34: 631 (Mr).

R. Halsey) Educa. 9: 390(F).

Laws, State, Uniformity of. (F. G. Cook) Atlan. 63: Livingston, Colonel Henry Beekman. (M. L. Dela55(Ja). field) M. Am. Hist. 21: 256(Mr).

Lawyers, Colonial, and their work. (F. G. Cook) Livingston, James. (J. Schuyler) M. Am. Hist. 21: Atlan. 63: 368(Mr).

Lazarus, Emma, Poems of. (S. Solis-Cohen) Amer. 17: 295 (F23). Lit. W. (Bost.) 20: 36(F2). Ledges, Formation of, on mountain-slopes and hillsides. (A. Ernst) Nature, 39: 415(F28).

Lee, Margaret. Divorce: a novel. (W. E. Gladstone) 19th Cent. 25: 213(F).

Leech's bottle, The. (G. S. Layard) Temp. Bar, 85: 431 (Mr).

Leeds, past and present. (S. A. Byles) Eng. Illust. 6: 429 (Mr).


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London, West central mission in. (M. Harrison) Sun- | Maritime collisions; Inscrutable fault. (S. D. Wilson) day M. 18: 190(Mr).

London County Council. (C. A. Whitmore) National, 12: 781(F).- (W. M. Acworth) 19th Cent. 25: 418 (Mr).

and the police. (N. Evans) Contemp. 55: 445(Mr). London Times's collapse. Nation, 48: 173(F28). Longfellow, H. W., A year with, and what he taught us. (M. Mackintosh) Educa. 9: 326(Ja). Loom, Power. (C. C. Coffin) Chaut. 9: 273(F). Los Angeles.


Am. Law R. 22: 903 (N-D'88).

Marooned. (W. C. Russell) Macmil. 59: 161(Ja), 264 (F), 321(Mr).

Marriage. (Mona Caird) [Westm.] Ecl. M. 112: 66 (Ja). — (H. G. Keene) [Nat. R.] Ecl. M. 112: 175 (F).

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(C. H. Shinn) Overland, n. s. 13: 225 Martini, Simone. (W. J. Stillman and T. Cole) Cent.

37: 541(F).

Lost on the upper Naciemiento. (S. Brooke) Overland, Mary, Queen of Scots, Portraits of. (L. Hutton) Cent. n. s. 13: 153(F).

Lotto, Lorenzo. (J. Cartwright) Portfo. 20: 16(Ja), 26(F).

Lotus in ancient art. (W. H. Goodyear) Am. Arch.

37: 612(F).

- Was she beautiful? (R. Davey) Art J. 41: 16(Ja). Mass and inertia. (A. M. Worthington and others) Nature, 39: 248 (Ja10), 270(Ja17), 341 (F7), 413 (F28).

25: 66(F9). Louisiana, Story of the jurisprudence of. (J. H. Wig-Master of Ballantrae. (R. L. Stevenson) Scrib. M. 5: more) Am. Law R. 22: 890(N-D'88). 49 (Ja), 278(Mr).

Lourdes, Our lady of. (G. J. Cowley-Brown) Blackw. Mates of Jackass Gully; a story. All the Year, 64: 19 145: 44(Ja).


Louvain and Dublin universities. (T. Arnold) Dub. R. Maury, Matthew F. Atlan. 63: 128(Ja). 104: 113(Ja). Me an' Babby. (N. Eames) Overland, n. s. 13: 58(Ja). Lowell, J. R., Seventieth birthday. Critic, 14: 85(F Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. (C. M. 23). Wilcox) M. Am. Hist. 21: 31(Ja). — (J. C. Welling) M. Am. Hist. 21: 221 (Mr). Melancholy, Poetry of. Spec. 62: 114(Ja26). Memling, Hans. Ath. '89, 1: 154(F2).

Lowell, Percival. Lit. W. (Bost.) 20: 25(Ja19).

The soul of the Far East. (R. Nakashima) N. Eng. 50: 97(F).

Luck of the Bogans. (S. O. Jewett) Scrib. M. 5: 100 Memmi, Simone. (W. J. Stillman and T. Cole) Cent. (Ja).

37: 541(F).

Lutheran synod of Tennessee. (L. A. Fox) Luth. Q. Memory. (W. H. Burnham) Am. J. Psychol. 2: 225 19: 45(Ja).

Luworth chapel, Dorsetshire, Eng. (T. L. Kelly) Am.

Cath. Q. 14: 60(Ja).

Lying, Decay of: a dialogue. (O. Wilde) 19th Cent. 25: 35(Ja). Same art. Ecl. M. 112: 184(F).


- Edridge-Green on. (W. C. Coupland) Nature, 39: 244 (Jaio).

Mendelssohn, Felix, and Charlotte Moscheles, Correspondence. Spec. 62: 238(F16). — Atlan. 63: 267 (F).

Macbeth, Facts and fancies about. (J. Coleman) Gent. Mental dyspepsia. (S. A. Adams) Writer, 3: 3(Ja).

M. n. s. 42: 218(Mr).

Madame and Monsieur. Overland, n. s. 13: 286(Mr). Mail, Delivery of, by carriers. (L. W. Bacon) Forum, 7: 113(Mr).

Meredith, George, Novels of. (J. M. Barrie) [Contemp.]
Ecl. M. 112: 118(Ja).

Meteorites, Notes on. (J. N. Lockyer) Nature, 39:233

Mail service, Railway. (T. L. James) Scrib. M. 5: 259 Meteorology, American contributions to. (W. M. David) (Mr).

Maine, Sir Henry S. (F. Pollock) Contemp. 55: 265 (F).

Malagrida, Father Gabriel. (E. Sheirber) Month, 65: 214(F).

J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 104(F), 176 (Mr).

- Greely on. (S. H. Peabody) Dial (Ch.) 9: 263(F). Methodist book concern. (S. Hunt) Meth. R. 49: 218 (Mr).

Metric system and the decimal. Westm. 131: 280(Mr).

Malta, Ancient Greek buildings discovered in. (A. A. Mexican superstitions and folk-lore. (T. A. Janvier)

[blocks in formation]

Man's friends, A; a story. (B. Dempster) All the Year, Military history, Inconsistency of writers on. (A. 64: 116-165(F).

Manchester, England. Sat. R. 67: 35.

Manual training. (N. M. Butler) Meth. R. 49: 212

Manufacturing industry in Ireland. (J. G. MacCarthy)
Harper, 78: 194 (Ja).

Mapleson Memoirs. Amer. 17: 184(Ja).
Marcellinus and Petrus, martyrs, Eginhard's account of
their translation. (T. H. Huxley) 19th Cent. 25: 438

Forbes) Contemp. 55: 341(Mr).

Military training, Effect of, on character. Spec. 62: 163 (F2).

Militia; Citizen soldiers. All the Year, 64: 109(F2). Millbank gaol and its chaplain. Sunday M. 18: 37(Ja) 202 (Mr).

Miller, Gen. Henry. (H. M. Watts) Pennsyl. Mo. 12: 425(Ja).

Milton and Caedmon. (A. S. Cook and J. O. Westwood) Acad. 35' 10(Ja5).

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Minicoy the island of women. Blackw. 145: 197(F). | Mrs. Grosvenor. (F. M. Wright) Overland, n. s. 13:
Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 731 (Mr23), 795 (Mr30).
Mining, Ancient, in America. (E. P. Appy) Am. Antiq.
11: 92(Mr).

[blocks in formation]

Murder, Epidemic of. Spec. 62: 44(Ja12).
Music among animals. (J. G. Wood) Chaut. 9: 201
(Ja), 266(F).

- and Christian education. (E. S. Steele) Bib. Sac.
46: 142(Ja).

– Church and cecilian music compared. (C. Becker) Cath. World, 48: 682(F).

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Missions in the Turkish empire. (C. C. Starbuck) And. My valentine: a story. All the Year, 64: 126(F9).

R. 11: 94(Ja).

- Protestant, Criticism of. (A. H. Atteridge) Dub. R.
104: 121 (Ja).

Missouri State Normal School at Warrensburg. (J.
Johonnot) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 496(F).
Moated houses of England. (W. W. Fenn) Eng.
Illust. 6: 363(F).

Myrina, Terracottas from. (S. Reinach) Am. J.
Archæol. 4: 413(D'88).

Myth, ritual, and religion, Lang's. Spec. 62: 124(Ja26).
Mythology, Advantages and methods of studying. (F.
S. Dietrich) Acad. (Syr.) 4: 81(Mr).
Mythology, Greek. (J. Baldwin) Chaut. 9: 196(Ja).

Models in London studios. (O. Wilde) Eng. Illust. 6: Naemd; or the remnant of the jury in Sweden. (G. E.
Fahlcrantz) Am. Law R. 22: 837 (N-D'88).
Modern life, Competitive element in. (H. C. Potter) Names, Gossip on. All the Year, 64: 124(F9).
Scrib. M. 5: 252(F).
Naples. (C. W. Wood) Argosy, 47: 229(Mr).
Modesty, False, in readers. (G. P. Lathrop) No. Am. Napoleon I. at Elba. Nation, 48: 89(Ja31).
148: 180(F).
Nason, Elias. (W. B. Trask) N. E. Reg. 43: 1(Ja).
Mohammed and the Koran. (H. M. Harman) Meth. R. National gallery, How to visit. (P. Fitzgerald) Gent.
49: 26(Ja).
M. n. s. 42: 297 (Mr).

Moltke, Count H. K. von, Some characteristics of. (P. Natural selection; Darwin's brilliant fallacy. (St. G.
Dymond) Atlan. 63: 111(Ja).
Mivart) Forum, 7: 99(Mr).

Monasteries, Suppression of the, Gasquet's. Spec. 62: Nature, Adaptiveness of. (G. Allen) No. Am. 148: 355 17(Ja5).

Monazite, Occurrence of. (O. A. Derby) Am. J. Sci. 137: 109(F).

Monopolies, Moral theology and. (C. A. Oliver) Cath.

World, 48: 721 (Mr).

Monuments, Equestrian. Am. Arch. 25: 39(Ja26).
Moon-myths, South Slavic. (F. S. Krauss) Pop. Sci.
Mo. 34: 615(Mr).

Moore, Judge James, and Major James, of Chester Co.,
Pa. (W. S. Long) Pennsyl. M. 12: 465(Ja).
Morality, Evolution of. (J. Seth) Mind, 14: 27(Ja).
More, Sir Thomas. (R. M. Johnston) Cath. World,
48: 453(Ja).

Morier, Sir R. Bazaine correspondance. Sat. R. 67:

7, 27.


- Man the fool of. Westm.

131: 201 (F).

- Marvellous works of. Sunday M. 18: 167 (Mr). Naval wars of the future. (D. D. Porter) No. Am.

148: 1(Ja), 196(F). Nebula, Growth of our knowledge of the. Nature, 39: 353(F7).

Nebular theory. (J. N. Lockyer) Harper, 78: 578(Mr). Negro as a soldier. (Lord Wolseley) [Fortn.] Liv. Age, 180: 85(Ja12).

Negroes of the south. (A. G. Broadley) National, 13: 45 (Mr).

- Future of. (W. S. Scarborough) Forum, 7: 80(Mr). - Shall they rule? (J. S. Morgan) Forum, 6: 586(F). - Voting of. (A. B. Williams) Amer. 17: 203 (Ja12).

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Morley, John, and progressive radicalism. Quar. 168: Nepaul, the land of the Goorhas. (H. Ballantine) 249(Ja).

Morris, William.

Harper, 78: 467(F).

The house of the Wolfings. (C. Nerval, Gérald de. (G. Smith) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 285

Elton) Acad. 35: 85(F9). — Sat. R. 67: 101. Mortars of Portland cement, Permeability of. (S. D.

Claye & P. Debray) J. Frankl. Inst. 127: 220(Mr). Motley, J. L. Letters. (G. W. Curtis) Harper, 78: 611(Mr).


New Arabian night; a story. (E. E. Hale) Harper, 78: 619(Mr).

New England towns in colonial times. (W. L. Kingsley) N. Eng. 50: 149(Mr).

Mound builders and North American Indians, The. (J. Newfoundland, Boethuks of. (Lady Blake) [19th
H. Patton) M. Am. Hist. 21: 142(F).
Cent.] Liv. Age, 180: 36(Ja5).

Mounds, Effigy, in Wisconsin (S. D. Peet) Am. Antiq. New Gallery, London, Stuart exhibition, 1888-9. Ath.
II: 32(Ja), 73 (Mr).
'89, 1: 219(F16).

Mr. Calvert's frailty. (J. C. Scott) Liv. Age, 180: 344 Newgate prison. Sat. R. 67: 127.

Mr. Perker's bear. (Pres. Bates) Outing, 13: 328 (Ja).
Mr. Tommy Dove. (M. Deland) Atlan. 63: 89(Ja).

New Guinea, British. Spec. 62: 113(Ja26).
New Market, Va., Battle of, May, 15, 1864, Boys in. (J.
S. Wise) Cent. 37: 461(Ja).


New Orleans, City government of.

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(W. W. Howe) J. | Olaf Tryggvisson, King. [Westm.] Ecl. M. 112: 90(Ja). Old cloak, The; a Christmas story. (M. du Camp) Murray, 5: 54(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 275 (F2).

H. Univ. Studies, 7: no. 4(Ap).
Newspaper press, Influence of the, upon the stage. (D.
Boucicault) No. Am. 148: 335(Mr).

Newspaper style. (L. A. Lamb) Writer, 3: 13(Ja).
Newspapers, German "reptile." Sat. R. 67: 28 (Ja12).
- Society. Sat. R. 67: 152.

Old man from the old country, An. (G. H. Jessop)
Cent. 37: 450(Ja).

Old sergeant, The. (A. Forbes) Eng. Illust. 6: 298 (Ja). Newstead abbey, A pilgrimage to. (E. Walford) Gent. Old Turcan's wife. (J. Landers) Liv. Age, 180: 148 M. n. s. 42: 243 (Mr).

[blocks in formation]


Oldest animals, Legends of. (W. R. Lethaby and A.
Nutt) Acad. 35: 60(Ja26), 77(F2).
Oliphant, Laurence. (A. J. G. Duff) Contemp. 55: 179
(F.) (M.O. W. Oliphant) Blackw. 145: 280 (F).
Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 579(Mr9). — Sat. R. 67: 8.
Olympias; a story. (T. Sparrow) Month, 65: 104(Ja),
222(F), 407 (Mr).

Olympus, On the slopes of. (J. T. Bent) Gent. M. n. s.
42: 11(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 371(F9).
Same art. Ecl. M. 112: 264(F).

New Zealand; Life with a small bush farmer. Cornh. On the dark mountains. [Blackw.] Ecl. M. 112: 10(Ja). 59: 33(Ja).

Niagara, Trip from New York to, 1829. (W. L. Stone)
M. Am. Hist. 21: 46(Ja).

Nicaragua canal, The. (H. C. Taylor) J. Frankl. Inst.
127: 32(Ja), 81(F).

Nicias. (T. D. Seymour) Chaut. 9: 194(Ja).

One story is good till another is told. (B. Matthews and G. H. Jessop) Harper, 78: 625(Mr).

Opera, English, of the future. (F. Austin) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 129(F).

Ophiolite of Thurman, Warren Co., N.Y. (G. P. Merrill) Am. J. Sci. 137: 189(Mr).

Nickel and cobalt, Decomposition of. Nature, 39: 325 Optimism, Flaws of, in modern thought. Church Q. (Ja31).

[blocks in formation]

27: 439(Ja).

Scientific basis of. (W. H. Mallock) Fortn. 51: 80 (Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 259 (F2). Orange, The. (G. F. Weeks) Overland, n. s. 13: 241 (Mr).

Orchard wind-break, The. Cent. 37: 500(F).

Noel, Roden. A modern Faust. (J. A. Symonds) Acad. Orchids, Cool. (F. Boyle) Longm. 13: 477(Mr). 35: 33(Ja19).

Nonconformist ministers, Trials of. Westm. 131: 254

Nonsense, Concerning. All the Year, 64: 114(F2).
Norfolk, Eng., Yachting in waters of. (R. Goodwin)
Gent. M. n. s. 42: 263(Mr).

Oretown bank robbery, The: a story. All the Year, 64: 204(Mr2).

Origen. (F. W. Farrar) Sunday M. 18: 162(Mr). Orleans, Charlotte Elizabeth, duchess of, Letters of. (C. Hervey) [Gent. M.] Liv. Age, 180: 172(Ja19). Osborne, Dorothy, Letters of. Church Q. 27: 379(Ja). Normal institutes. (J. M. Greenwood) Educa. 9: 305 Other Englishman, The. [Cornh.] Liv. Age, 180: 75 (Ja).

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North Cape, To the. (C. Beerbohm) Temp. Bar, 85: Outpost adventure, An. (A. Forbes) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 389(Mr).

Norwegian language. Sat. R. 67: 83.

Norway and its people. (B. Björnson) Harper, 78: 419 Owls, Food of. (W. S. Strode) Am. Natural. 23: 17(Ja). (F), 640(Mr). Owls' revenge, The. (W. W. Fowler) Macmil. 59: 304 (F). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 590(Mr9). Norwich, England, Walloon church of, Moens's. Ath. Ownership and usufruct. (M. H. Richards) Luth. Q. '89, 1: 112(Ja26). Oxford, Summer meeting in. (H. B. Adams) Chaut, 9: 277(F).

Novel, American. (A. L. Dawes) Critic, 14: 1(Ja5).

Oates, Titus. (R. K. Douglas) Blackw. 145: 228 (F).
Ocean, The, Depths of. Atlan. 63: 124(Ja).
Oceanic depression, Origin of deep troughs. (J. D.
Dana) Am. J. Sci. 137: 192(Mr).
Ockley battle, A.D. 851. Sat. R. 67: 66.
O'Connell, Daniel, Correspondence of. (W. E. Glad-
stone) 19th Cent. 25: 149(Ja). Same art. Liv.

Age, 180: 323(F9). Same art. Ecl. M. 112: 233
(F). [Quar.] Liv. Age, 180: 131 (Ja19). - Na-
tion, 48: 33(Ja10).-Spec. 62: 87(Ja19). - Dub.
R. 104: 194 (Ja).

Odd sticks. (T. B. Aldrich) Scrib. M. 5: 124(Ja).
Ohm, G. S. Memorial to. Nature, 39: 368 (F14).
Oil on rough waters, Use of. (W. H. Beehler) Cent.
37: 705(Mr).


19: 32(Ja).

Oxford university, Statutes of, Shadwell's edition of the Laudian code. (J. B. Mullinger) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 170(Ja).

Painters, Dutch, at home. (E. E. Chasc) Cent. 37:

Painting, French, Stranahan's history of. (H. N.
Powers) Dial (Ch.) 9: 261(F).

Paintings by old masters, Prices of. Sat. R. 67: 187.
Palestrina, G. P. A. da, Myth in life of. (A. Young)
Cath. World, 48: 790(Mr).

Panama canal. (E. Whymper) Contemp. 55: 323(Mr).
- and the U. S. government. (S. F. Weld) Atlan. 63:

Panther, Trapping a. Argosy, 47: 225(Mr),

[blocks in formation]

Pantomime 150 years ago. (W.J. Lawrence) Gent. M. | Physical culture. (M. I. Swift) Unita. R. 31: 126(F). n. s. 42: 64(Ja). of young children. (F. Legrange) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 449(F).

Paranoiac, Autobiography of a. (F. Peterson) Am. J.
Psychol. 2: 193(F).

Paris, Election in, Feb., 1889. Nation, 48: 156(F21).
in 1789. Sat. R. 67: 185. - Liv. Age, 180: 483(F23).
Paris exhibition, 1889. (J. H. Donaldson) Westm. 131:
91 (Ja).

[blocks in formation]

- School records of physical condition. (C. F. Crehore)
Educa. 9: 399 (F).

Pickwick. [Cornh.] Liv. Age, 180: 353(F9).
Pilgrim's Road, Kent. Spec. 62: 227 (F16).
Piracy; Under the black flag. (W. H. D. Adams)
Gent. M. n. s. 42: 136(F).

"Plain Truth," Authorship of. (P. L. Ford) Pennsyl.
Mo. 12: 421(Ja).

Plato, Timæus, Interpretation of. (P. Shorey) Am. J.
Philol. 9: 395(D'88).

Players' clubhouse. Critic, 14: 9(Ja5).

Parnell commission, The. (J. B. O'Reilly) Am. Cath. Plays, Excluded. Westm. 131: 237(Mr).

Q. 14: 103(Ja).

Plow-Monday in the city. Ath. '89, 1: 16(Ja5).

Parsons, Samuel Holden. (C. J. McCurdy and C. S. Poe, E. A. (R. H. Stoddard) Lippinc. 43: 107(Ja).— Hall) M. Am. Hist. 21: 66(Ja).

[blocks in formation]

Passe Rose. (A. S. Hardy) Atlan. 63: 38 (Ja), 157(F), 326(Mr).

Passini, Ludwig. (P. Pinkerton) Art J. 41: 42(F).
Pastor, The preacher as. (J. H. Mason) Bapt. Q. 11:

Paul Ringwood; an autobiography: a story. (H. Dijon)
Cath. World, 48: 519(Ja), 643(F), 771(Mr).
Paul's sister. (F. M. Peard) Temp. Bar, 85: 130(Ja),
278 (F), 436(Mr).

(J. Sartain) Lippinc. 43: 411 (Mr).

and his Mary. (A. van Cleef) Harper, 78: 634(Mr). Poetry and education. [Chamb.] Ecl. M. 112: 178(F). Elizabethan and Victorian. (J. A. Symonds) Fortn. 51: 55(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 195(Ja 26).

Poet's corner, A. [Nat. R.] Liv. Age, 180: 747 (Mr23).
Poets as historians. [Macmil.] Ecl. M. 112: 62(Ja).
Society. [Temp. Bar] Liv. Age, 180: 48 (Ja5).
Polar expeditions, Coming. (F. Schwatka) No. Am.
148: 151(F).

Policeman's diary, The. All the Year, 64: 6(Ja5). Pauperism in England, Remedies for. (Earl of Meath) Pomeroys of Northampton, Mass. (W. K. Wright) N. 19th Cent. 25: 57(Ja). E. Reg. 43: 39(Ja).

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[blocks in formation]

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