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Embezzlers and defaulters. (J. Habberton) Chaut. 9:| Exogamy, Origin of. (C. S. Wake) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 339(Mr).

81 (Ja).

Emergency men, The. (G. H. Jessop) Scrib. M. 5: Experts, Talk about. 201 (F).

Emigration. (H. H. Boyesen) Chaut. 9: 281 (F).

- Future of; colonial lands. Westm. 131: 167(F).

- Irish emigrants in Minnesota. (J. H. Tuke) 19th Cent. 25: 431(Mr).

Restriction of. Spec. 62: 112(Ja26).

Engineering work, Cost of some classes of. (A. F.
Bruce) Am. Arch. 25: 69(F9).

England and the U. S.; Anglophobia in the United
States: a reply. (O. J. Casey) Westm. 131: 323

-Early. (G. H. Emerson) Univ. Q. 46: 5(Ja).

- History, Rogers' Economic interpretation of. (H. D. Lloyd) Dial (Ch.) 9: 258 (F).

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- Once upon a time. (J. Hutton) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 272(Mr).

- Public expenditure in. (H. H. Fowler) Contemp. 55: 317(Mr).

English composition work, Schedule of. Acad. (Syr.) 4:21(F).

English farmers. (T. E. Kebbel) Blackw. 145: 120 (Ja).

English language, Colloquial. (A. S. Hill) Harper, 78: 272(Ja).

303 (Mr).

(Marquis of Lorne) Murray, 5:

Explosives, Effect of, on civilization. (C. E. Munroe)
Chaut. 9: 203 (Ja).

Extension, Psychological theory of. (W. James and J.
Ward) Mind, 14: 107(Ja).

Extenuating circumstances. (W. McK. Bangs) Scrib.
M. 5: 359(Mr).

Extradition, International. (H. W. Rogers) Forum, 6:

Eye for an eye. (R. Grant) Scrib. M. 5: 315(Mr). Eyes, Some terrible. (F. G. Walters) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 183(F).

Factors of any number, The. (C. J. Rush) Nature, 39: 413(F28).

Factory life, Studies in: The American and the mill. (L. B. C. Wyman) Atlan. 63: 69(Ja).

Fairies and Druids of Ireland. (C. de Kay) Cent. 37:
590 (F).

Fairy tales of science. (J. G. McPherson) Good
Words, 30: 185 (Mr).

Faith and folly. (J. S. Vaughan) Dub. R. 104: 87(Ja).
Faith healing. (C. L. Tuckey) [19th Cent.] Ecl. M.
112: 167(F).

- President's or Queen's? (G. Champlin) No. Am. Faithful unto death; a story. (W. O. Clough) Granite 147: 585(N). Mo. 12: 12(Ja).

English law, Maitland's edition of Bracton's Notebook. Falloux, Comte de. Mémoirs d'un Royaliste. Quar. (C. Elton) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 154(Ja).

168: 43(Ja).

English literature, 1660-1780, Gosse's. Ath. '89, 1: 205 Family prayers. (J. Parker) Cong. R. 3: 14(Ja). (F16).

English poetry, Religious element in, before Tennyson.
(J. A. Bellows) Unita. R. 31: 17(Ja).
English wayfaring life in the middle ages, Jusserand's.

(A. Jessopp) 19th Cent. 25: 230(F). -Sat. R. 67:53.
Enthusiast, The: a tale. Cong. R. 2: 1096 (D'88).
Eozoon Canadense, Remarks on. (G. P. Merrill) Am.
J. Sci. 137: 189(Mr).

Eschatology of the New England divines. (F. H.
Foster) Bib. Sac. 46: 95(Ja).

Family tree, A. (B. Matthews) Scrib. M. 5: 226(F).
Fanshawe, Sir Richard. (J. W. Mackail) [Macmil.]
Liv. Age, 180: 111(Ja12).

Farming, American; does it pay? (G. B. Loring) No.
Am. 148: 360(Mr).

Faust legend, Development of the. (T. B. Saunders)
Scot. R. 13: 28(Ja).

Featherstone's story. (Mrs. H. Wood) Argosy, 47:

Feeling as indifference. (A. Bain) Mind, 14: 97(Ja).

Ethics, The foundation of. (W. S. Lilly) Forum, 6: Fencing for ladies. (C. E. Clay) Outing, 13: 312(Ja). 577 (F).

-The voices of Babel about. (J. Gerard) Month, 65: 180(F).

Euphuism in literature and style. (T. W. Hunt) N. Eng.
50: 189(Mr).

Europe; The outlook for 1889. National, 12: 577(Ja).
Evil, The so-called problem of. (M. A. Walsh) Am.
Cath. Q. 14: 138(Ja).

Evolution. (E. de Lisle) Dub. R. 104: 51(Ja).
-and education. (W. Cook) Educa. 9: 368 (F).

- Clodd on creation. (J. Gerard) Month, 65: 19(Ja). -Mental, in man, Romanes'. (C. L. Morgan) Nature, 39: 313(Ja31).

Examinations, Abuse of. (Pop. Sci. Mo.) 34: 399 (Ja).
-Competitive, Additional protests against. (A. Her-
bert, Sir F. Pollock, Sir J. Fayrer, F. Galton, Dr.
Priestley, the Bishop of Carlisle) 19th Cent. 25:
284 (F).

Comments on the "Sacrifice of education." (F.
M. Müller, E. A. Freeman, and F. Harrison) Pop.
Sci. Mo. 34: 535(F).

not a failure. (W. B. Scoones) 19th Cent. 25:

Fernando de Noronha, Geology of. (J. C. Branner)
Am. J. Sci. 137: 145(F), 178(Mr).

Fiction, Names in. (G. Saintsbury) [Macmil.] Liv.
Age, 180: 176(Ja19).

- Penny. Cornh. 59: 187 (F). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 562(Mr2).

Fictitious characters, Formation of. Atlan. 63: 134(Ja). Fiji Islands, Among the. (C. Trotter) Pop. Sc. Mo. 34: 644(Mr).

Finance and politics, Sydney Buxton on. Westm. 131: 58(Ja).

Fine arts, Definition of the. (C. E. Norton) Forum, 7: 30(Mr).

Finland and the Finns. (W. F. Mallalieu) Chaut. 9:
218 (Ja).

Fire-proof buildings; slow burning construction. (E.
Atkinson) Cent. 37: 566(F).

First and last preacher of Urora. Cornh. 59: 49(Ja).
First loves. All the Year, 64: 102(F2).
Fish, Some Indian. (C. T. Buckland) Longm. 13: 366

Fish catching on the Dogger. (A, Gordon) Argosy,
47: 199(Mr).

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(T. E. Young) Gent.

and its distribution in man. M. n. s. 42: 190(F). Forest science; its aim and scope. (J. Nisbet) National, 12: 681(Ja).

Forlorn hope, A: a story. All the Year, 64: 61(Ja19).
Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 403(F16).
Fossils, Supposed, from the Southern Highlands, Scot-
land. (Argyll) Nature, 39: 317(Ja31).
Foundation-stones of the earth. (T. G. Bonney) Pop.
Sci. Mo. 34: 652(Mr).

Fowl in the pot, The. (S. J. Weyman) Liv. Age, 180: 538 (Mr2).

Fragonard, Honoré. Nation, 48: 48(Ja17).

France and the United States, Land and labor in: (B. O'Reilly) Am. Cath. Q. 14: 1(Ja).

-The crisis in. (A. Gauvain) Pol. Sci. Q.4: 104(Mr). - Debt of. Sat. R. 67: 42.

- History; Revolution, Centenary of. (H. Dunckley) Contemp. 55: 52(Ja). -Politics of, 1888, Vasili on. Spec. 62: 171(F2). Franklin, B., in France, Hale's. Nation, 48: 102(Ja31). Fraser, Major James, 1696-1737. Sat. R. 67: 221. Frederic, Emperor of Germany. Blackw. 145: 109(Ja). — Diary of. (A. Forbes) [Contemp.] Ecl. M. 112: I (Ja).

French agriculture: a typical French farm. Q. J. Econ. 3: 208 (Ja).

French ana, Some. (J. A. Farrer) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 161 (F). French Janet: a story. 315(Mr).

Cornh. 59: 89(Ja), 197(F),

French language, Notes on preparatory. (M. W. Easton) Acad. (Syr.) 4: 10(F).

French literature; Decadence of French thought. (Mme. Blaze de Bury) Fortn. 51: 395 (Mr). French traits: the art instinct. (W. C. Brownell) Scrib. M. 5: 241(F).

Women. (W. C. Brownell) Scrib. M. 5: 74(Ja). French women. (J. Simon) [Fortn.] Ecl. M. 112: 156 (F).

Friars, Coming of the, Jessop's. Ath. '89, 1: 176(F9). Friendly societies and their funds. Nature, 39: 332 (Ja31).

From a window in Florence. (C. Edwardes) Temp. Bar, 85: 261 (F).

Frontier life in the army. (A. Ebermeyer) Overland, n. s. 13: 277(Mr).

Fruit-growing. All the Year, 64: 66(Ja19).
Fruit-growing folly. (A. J. Mott) National, 12: 751(F). |



Funeral march of Chopin, Words for. Cornh. 59: 47 (Ja).

Future punishment and recent exegesis. (W. A. Stevens) Bib. Sac. 46: 123(Ja).

Gaddi, Gaddo, and Taddeo. (W. J. Stillman) Cent. 37: 669(Mr).

Galilee, Round about. (E. L. Wilson) Cent. 37: 413 (Ja).

Gamblers, Female. All the Year, 64: 81 (Ja26). Gambling. Quar. 168: 136(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age,

180: 771(Mr30).

Gauss, Carl Friedrich, and the electric telegraph. (R.
Gauss) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 396(Ja).

Gautrelet, François X. Month, 65: 396(Mr).
Gedney, Bartholomew, and others, Petition of, 1689.
N. E. Reg. 43: 58(Ja).

Genealogical gleanings in England. (H. F. Waters)
N. E. Reg. 43: 81(Ja).

Genius and talent. (G. Allen) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 341 (Ja).

Geology, Laboratory notes on. (W. E. Taylor) Acad. (Syr.) 4: 88(M).

Geometry, Inventional. (E. R. Shaw) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 357(Ja).

Germany and Great Britain, Growing hostility of. (F.
Greenwood) 19th Cent. 25: 256(F).
Bismarck dynasty in. Contemp. 55: 157(F).

- Family and social life in. (A. E. Lee) M. Am. Hist. 21: 240(Mr).

(J. H. W.

-Religious thought and church life in.
Stuckenberg) Our Day, 3: 17(Ja).
Gérôme. (F. F. Hering) Cent. 37: 483 (F).
Gerson, John. Church Q. 27: 42(Ja).
Gerunds and gerundives of Tacitus. (S. B. Platner)
Am. J. Philol. 9: 464(D'88).

Gibraltar. (C. W. Wood) Argosy, 47: 52(J).
Gift of fernseed: a story. (H. P. Robinson) Atlan. 63:

Giotto. (W. J. Stillman and T. Cole) Cent. 37: 323 (Ja).

Girls, American and English. (J. A. Lomax) National, 12:772(F). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 699(Mr16). Glaciers, Ancient, of North Wales. (F.J. Evans) Am. Natural, 23: 8(Ja).

Gladstone fortune, The. (C. de Varigny) Chaut. 9: 349(Mr).

Glass-making. (C. H. Henderson) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 598 (Mr).

God, Immanency of. (J. Douglas) Bib. Sac. 46: 50 (Ja).


The name. Unita. R. 31: 117(F).
Names of. Church Q. 27: 280(Ja).

Godin, Jean B. A., A practical philanthropist and his work. (W. T. Knight) Macmil. 59: 178 (Ja). Godolphin, Sidney Godolphin, Earl of. Quar. 168: 198

(Ja). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 707 (Mr23). — Sat. R. 67: 136.

Elliot's life of. (W. P. Courtney) Acad. 35: 18(Ja 12).

Gold, Appreciation of. (F. Y. Edgeworth) Q. J. Econ. 3: 153(Ja).

-silver, and bimetallism. (J. B. Robertson) Westm.

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Gordon, Gen. Charles George, Butler's Life of. Ath. '89, Hale-Weston; a novel. (M. E. Seawell) Lippinc. 43: 1: 175(F9).

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Halliwell-Phillipps, James Orchard. Ath. '89, 1: 59(Ja
12). - Nation, 48: 66(Ja24). —Acad. 35: 25(Ja12)
- Critic, 14: 19(Ja12).

Visit to. Critic, 14: 81(F16).
Hamilton, Alexander. (C. E. Bishop) Chaut. 9: 225(Ja).
Hampton Court palace in Stuart times, Law's. Spec.
62: 140(Ja26).

Handicraft, Revival of. (W. Morris) [Fortn.] Ecl. M.
112: 24 (Ja).

Hannah Calline's Jim. (E. W. Bellamy) Atlan. 63: 354

Hapsburgs, Strength of the. (E. A. Freeman) [Spec.]
Liv. Age, 180: 246(Ja26).

Hardy Norseman. (A. E. Bayly) Good Words, 30: 1
(Ja), 98(F), 165(Mr).

Hares, Hunting. Sat. R. 67: 124.

- Federation versus war. Westm. 131:1(Ja). Same Harmony; a story. All the Year, 64: 151(F9). art. Ecl. M. 112: 198(F).

- Navy, and the state of Europe. (Lord C. Beresford) 19th Cent. 25: 1(Ja).

- Politics, 1705-1707. (G. B. Lancaster-Woodburne) National, 12: 651(Ja).

1888: The session and the unionists. Ed. R. 169:" 277 (Ja).

1889, judged by Australian experience. (E. W.
Beckett) 19th Cent: 25: 110(Ja).

Future of toryism. (Earl of Dunraven) 19th
Cent. 25: 195(F).

Great men of the centuries. (F. W. Farrar) Sunday
M. 18: 18(Ja), 82(F), 162(Mr).

Greece, Abbott's history of. (A. H. Cooke) Eng. Hist.
R. 4: 144(Ja).

- Alps and plains of. (J. P. Mahaffy) Chaut. 9: 319

Constitution of, New. (J. P. Mahaffy) Chaut. 9: 191 (Ja).

- Explorations in, Recent. (C. D. Buck) Nation, 48: 92(Ja31).

- Features of the country. The Morea. (J. P. Mahaffy) Chaut. 9: 255(F).

Harrison, B., Pedigree of. (W. M. Carey) Critic, 14:
31 (Ja19).

Harvard university, Athletics in. (J. M. Hallowell)
Outing, 13: 301 (Ja).

Harvest mouse: a miniature monkey. (Grant Allen)
Good Words, 30: 40(Ja).

Hath not a Jew eyes? (E. Duns) Longm. 13: 273

Haute noblesse. (G. M. Fenn) Good Words, 30: 50
(Ja), 125(F), 196(Mr).

Hawaiian islands, Geological history of. (J. D. Dana)
Am. J. Sci. 137: 81(F).

Hawara, Pyramid of. (W. M. F. Petrie) Acad. 35: 64
(Ja26). Am. Arch. 25: 82(F16).
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. (R. H. Stoddard) Lippinc. 43:

Haze. (J. H. Poynting) Nature, 39: 323(Ja31).
Alpine. Nature, 39: 247 (Ja10), 270(Ja17).
Healers and teachers: a London mission. (M. Harrison)
Sunday M. 18: 190(Mr).

Health resorts, Winter. Murray, 5: 238(F).
Heat, Radiant; History of a doctrine. (S. P. Langley)
Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 385(Ja).

- Shores and islands of. (C. A. Siegfried) Nation, 48: Heathen and the atonement. (G. W. King) Meth. R. 27 (Jaro).

Greek art. (C. Cook) Chaut. 9: 261(F), 324(Mr). Greek grammar, Rare forms in. (H. M. Clarke) Acad. (Syr.) 4: 16(F).

Greek portraits, Some. (T. S. Perry) Scrib. M. 5: 219 (F).

Green, Thomas Hill. (J. W. Chadwick) Unita. R. 31: 49(Ja).

the "Doctor Grey" of Robert Elsmere. (N. Porter)
N. Engl. 50: 1(Ja).

Greswell, Richard. Quar. 168: 189(Ja).
Grisons in winter. Cornh. 59: 246(Mr).

Grocer's war, The. [Cornh.] Liv. Age, 180: 241 (Ja

Grosvenor gallery, Exhibition, 1889. Spec. 62: 200 (F9). (C. Monkhouse) Acad. 35: 80(F2), 118(F16). – Ath. '89, I: 122(Ja26).

Guilds, Neighborhood, in New York.

(C. B. Stover)
J. H. Univ. Studies, 7: No. 1(Ja).
Gwalior and its rock-sculptures. (L. Wingfield) Eng.
Illust. 6: 303(Ja).

49: 75(Ja).

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Sons of eminent men in office. (Mrs. C. Barus)
Chaut. 9: 293(F).

Herne the hunter. (W. P. Brown) Outing, 13: 423(F).
Hero and Leander. (F. Schiller) Blackw. 145: 38(Ja).
Same art. Ecl. M. 112: 228 (F).

Higgins, Charles Longuet. Quar. 168: 194(Ja).
Hindu women, High-caste. Sat. R. 67: 223.
History, Rogers' Economic interpretation of. (H. D.
Lloyd) Dial (Ch.) 9: 258(F).

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History of Alix de Morainville. (G. W. Cable) Cent. | Ideala. Spec. 62: 55(Ja12). 37: 742(Mr).

Hofbauer, Clement. (A. de Ghequier) Cath. World, 48: 605 (F).

Holidays, Origin of. (H. Gale) Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 516 (F).

Holl, Frank, and his works. (G. E. Campbell) Art J. 41: 53(F).

-Portraits by. Spec. 62: 199(F9).

Holland, History of, Rogers's. Spec. 62: 142(Ja26).

- Picturesque quality of. (G. Hitchcock) Scrib. M. 5 162(F).

Idealism of Spinoza. (J. M. Baldwin) Presb. R. 10:
65 (Ja).

Idols, Pagan, made in England. (J. C. Ambrose)
Our Day, 3: 152(F).

Iermak the robber, Royal gift to Czar Ivan. Meth.
R. 49: 236(Mr).

Ikaria, Discoveries at. (C. D. Buck) Am. J. Archæol.
4:421 (D'88).

Illusions. (M. Maher) Month, 65: 83(Ja).
Immigration, Restriction of, New reasons for. (H. H.
Boyesen) Our Day, 3: 127(F).

Holy grail, The. (H. S. Fagan) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 233 In the shadow of the great tragedy. (W. S. Hutchin(Mr). son) Overland, n. s. 13: 123(F). Horseback riding in Wyoming. (L. P. Robie) Outing, Income tax in Switzerland. (G. Cohn) Pol. Sci. Q. 13: 392(F).


Horses of the plains. (F. Remington) Cent. 37: 332 Index-making. (F. G. Heath) Ath. '89, 1: 16(Ja5). — (Ja). (G. Aitchison) Ath. '89, 1: 117(Ja26).

Hospital, Life in a London. Westm. 131: 26(Ja).
Hospitals. (S. H. Ward) Chaut. 9: 206(Ja), 271(F).
Hôtel Drouot. (T. Child) Harper, 78: 331 (F).

House of Commons, Chaos in. (G. O. Morgan) Con-
temp. 55: 138(Ja).

House of Lords, Obstructionism of. Westm. 131: 227 (Mr).

India, Baluch and Afghan frontiers of. (Sir C. W.
Dilke) Fortn. 51: 293(Mr).

England's true policy in. Fortn. 51: 275(F).
-Reply. (F. Maurice) Fortn. 51: 282(F).— (G.
N. Curzon) National, 13: 118(Mr).
-Home-rule for.

(S. Wheeler) Macmil. 59: 291

House of Representatives, Rules of the. (T. B. Reed) in A.D. 1030, Alberuni's. Spec. 62: 172 (F2).
Cent. 37: 792(Mr).

National congress. Sat. R. 67: 11(Ja5).

House of the wolf. (S. J. Weyman) Eng. Illust. 6: 275-Overland to, in 1789 and 1889. Chamb. J. 66: 54 (Ja), 387(F), 440(Mr).

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Hueffer, Francis. Ath. '89, 1: 125(Ja26). — Acad. 35:

Hugo, Victor; Toute la lyre. (A. C. Swinburne)
Fortn. 51: 29 (Ja), 184(F).

Huguenots, Political theory of. (E. Armstrong) Eng.
Hist. R. 4: 13(Ja).

Human variety. (F. Galton) Nature, 39: 296(Ja24).
Hume, David, Letters to William Strahan. Ath. '89, 1:
9(Ja5).- Nation, 48: 121(F7).-Sat. R. 67: 199.
Humor, Pathetic. Atlan. 63: 425(Mr).

Plea for. (A. Repplier) Atlan. 63: 175(F).
What is? (A. Stuart) Macmil. 59: 355(Mr).
Hundred years ago. (W. W. Knollys) [Fortn.] Ecl.
M. 112: 84(Ja).

(Ja26). Same art. Liv. Age, 180: 569 (Mr2).

- Representative government in, Impolicy of. (Lord Dufferin) Our Day, 3: 5(Ja).

- Strachey's. Spec. 62: 57 (Ja12).


- under Lord Dufferin. Ed. R. 169: 1(Ja).- (R. D. Osborn) Nation, 48: 26(Ja10).

Indians in Canada. (W. MacD. Oxley) Macmil. 59: 194 (Ja).

- of the United States. (J. B. Harrison) Chaut. 9: 208 (Ja).

- Problem of, and the Catholic church. (M. Marty)
Cath. World, 48: 577(F).

Individuality. (S. F. Scovel) Meth. R. 49: 56(Ja).
- Potency of. Atlan. 63: 138 (Ja).
Industrial art in Germany. (A. Harris) Art. J. 41: 38

Industrial education. (T. L. Flood) Chaut. 9: 213(Ja).
Magnus on. Spec. 62: 123 (Ja26).
Insanity and demoniacal possession. (A. D. White)
Pop. Sci. Mo. 34: 433 (F), 577 (Mr).
Inspiration and infallibility. (S. L. Bowman) Meth. R.
49: 169(Mr).

Inspiration at the crossroads. (J. W. Bates) Overland,
n. s. 13: 235(Mr).

Inspiration of the Bible. (C. T. Collins) And. R. г1: 46(Ja).

and now. (H. Johnson) Presb. R. 10: 77(Ja). Hunting in Virginia. (A. Hunter) Outing, 13: 326 (Ja). Hutchinson, Col. Joseph. Granite Mo. 12: 59(Ja). Hydraulic mining. (I. M. Scott) Overland, n. s. 13: 1 Institute of France. (T. Child) Harper, 78: 501 (Mr). (Ja), 113(F).

Hymnal of Episcopal church. (J. H. Hopkins) Church
R. 53: 9(Ja7).

Hypnotism. Spec. 62: 47 (Ja12).

Insurance, Marine, its effect on shipping. (S. Plimsoll)

[blocks in formation]

Intellectual work, Economy in. (W. H. Burnham)
Scrib. M. 5: 306(Mr).

Ibsen, Henrik; Social dramas. (E. Gosse) Fortn. 51: Intemperance or hypocrisy? (E. F. Hadman) No. Am. 107 (Ja). Liv. Age, 180: 298 (F2).

Ice, Crystallization of. (T. H. Holland) Nature, 39:

295 (Ja24). (J. C. McConnell) Nature, 39: 367 (F14).

Ice yachts. (C. L. Norton) Outing, 13: 333(Ja).

[blocks in formation]




Interstate commerce law. (H. Stringfellow) Am. Law | Japanese, Character of. (R. Nakashima) N. Eng. 50: R. 23: 84(Ja-F).

97 (F).


- Railroad business under. (A. T. Hadley) Q. J. Econ. Japanese art symbols. (W. E. Griffis) Scrib. M. 5:88 3: 170(Ja).

Introspection, Wentworth's Logic of. (J. W. Bashford) Jefferies, Richard, Eulogy of. (A. H. Japp) Gent. M. Meth. R. 49: 186(Mr). n. s. 42: 253(Mr).

Invalid's world, The. (A. W. Bailey) Scrib. M. 5: 58 - Field and hedgerow. Sat. R. 67: 161.

Investments. Bank M. (N.Y.) 43: 507 (Ja).
Ireland, Christian. (C. de Kay) Cent. 37: 675 (Mr).
- Fairies and Druids of. (C. de Kay) Cent. 37: 590 (F).
- History of, Ingram's Two chapters of. Westm. 131:
113(F). - Spec. 62: 170(F2). — (J. D. Ingram)
Fortn. 51: 229(F).

- Home rule for. (H. O. Arnold-Foster) Pol. Sci. Q.

- its effect on the empire. Spec. 62: 109(Ja26). -tested by gospel principle.

Contemp. 55: 462(Mr).

(B. Wilberforce)

How the winter passes in. Nation, 48: 174(F28). -in 1887. Pellew's In castle and cabin. (J. Morley)

19th Cent. 25: 232(F).

— Magistrates of. 67: 6(Ja5).

-A nation "Fathered by a mighty past." (E. M.
Lynch) Gent. M. n. s. 42: 170(F).

- Pagan. (C. de Kay) Cent. 37: 368(Ja).
Irish emigrants in Minnesota. (J. H. Tuke) 19th Cent.
25: 431(Mr).

Irish fairy and folk tales, Yeats's. Ath. '89, 1: 174 (F9).
Irish housekeeping, and Irish customs in 1700. (C.
O'Connor-Eccles) [Blackw.] Liv. Age, 180: 27


Irish manners, Delineators of. (R. Kennedy) Month, 65: 245(F).

Jefferson, Thomas, and the study of English. (E. A.

Allen) Acad. (Syr.) 4: 1(F).

Jeremy York. (W.C. Russell) Chamb. J. 66: 8-56(Ja).
Jermy, Seth, captain of the English frigate "Night-
ingale." (J. K. Laughton) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 65

Jerusalem, Early kings of. Accession dates. (T. A.
Archer) Eng. Hist. R. 4: 89(Ja).

Jesus Christ at twelve years old. (A. Raleigh) Sunday
M. 18: 130(F).

- Kingdom of, Nature and relations of.
tine) Luth. Q. 19: 69(Ja).

(M. Valen

- Passion of. (S. Crane) Univ. Q. 46: 77(Ja).

-Person of. (W. H. Wynn) Luth. Q. 19: 1(Ja).

- The riches of. (B. Waugh) Sunday M. 18: 134(F).

- Sepulchre of, True site of. (A. M. Clark) Cath. World, 48: 763 (Mr).

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- the son of man. (R. Eddy) Univ. Q. 46: 94(Ja). Sternness of, Huxley on. Spec. 62: 228 (F16).

- Study of. (G. W. Cable) [Our Day] Cong. R. 2: 1084(D'88).

Jews; Antisemitic movement in Europe. (A. de Ghequier) Cath. World, 48: 741 (Mr).

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