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pro tem.

WEDNESDAY, December 15, 1847. Pursuant to an act of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin, entitled “An act in relation to the formation of a state government in Wisconsin," approved October 27th, 1847, a majority of the delegates elected to the convention to form a state constitution under the provisions of said act, assembled at the cap• itol at Madison on the 15th day of December, 1847, at 12 o'clock, M.; when

STODDARD JUDD, member elect from the county of Dodge, called the convention to order.

Mr. LOVELL moved that the Hon. CHARLES DUNN be appointed president pro tem.;

Which was agreed to.

On motion of Mr. KINNE,
THOMAS McHUGH was appointed secretary pro tem.

On motion of Mr. SECOR,
WILLIAM W. TREADWAY was appointed assistant secretary

On motion of Mr. ROUNTREE,
FREDERICK HOLLMAN was appointed sergeant-at-arms, pro

On motion of Mr. BEALL,
DOUGLASS RANDALL was appointed door-keeper pro tem.

On motion of Mr. PRENTISS,
· WILLIAM M. MOTT was appointed fireman pro tem,

On motion of Mr. KILBOURN,
E. D. BROWN was appointed messenger pro tem.

Mr. PRENTISS introduced the following resolution, which was adopted, to wit:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to examine the credentials of members, and report thereon at the next meeting of the convention."

The PRESIDENT announced the appointment of the following committee under such resolution, to wit: Messrs. PRENTISS, JUDD and KILBOURN.

Mr. LOVELL moved that the several members elect, present their credentials to the secretary ;

Which was agreed to.

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Mr. WHITON introduced the following resolution, which was adopted, to wit:

"Resolved, that the rules of the last convention be adopted for the government of this convention until others shall be adopted."

On motion of Mr. KILBOURN, The convention adjourned until 10 o'clock to-morrow morning:

THURSDAY, December 16, 1847.

The journal of yesterday was read. Mr. PRENTISS from the committee to whom it had been referred to examine the credentials of members elect to this convention, made the following report, which was adopted, to wit:

“ The committee to whom was referred the subject of examining and reporting upon the credentials of the delegates elect to this convention, would respectfully report :

That it appears by the certificates of election presented to the committee that the following named persons are entitled to seats as members of this convention, to wit :

Brown county.--Morgan L. Martin.
Calumet - George W. Featherstonhaugh.
Crawford and Chippewa.-D. G. Fenton.
Columbia.-- James T. Lewis.
Dane.-Charles M. Nichols, William A. Wheeler, and Wm H. Fox:
Dodge.— Stoddard Judd, and Samuel W. Lyman.
Fond du Lac.-Samuel W. Beall, and Warren Chase.

Grant.-George W. Lakin, John H. Rountree, Alexander D. Ramsey, and William Richardson.

Green.-James Biggs.
Iowa.--Stephen P. Hollenbeck, Charles Bishop, and Joseph Ward.

Jefferson.-Theodore Prentiss, Milo Jones, Abram Vanderpool, and Jonas Folts.

La Fayette.-Charles Dnon, Allen Warden, and John O'Connet. Marquette and Winnebago.-Harrison Reed.

Milwaukee.—Byron Kilbourn, Rufus King, Charles H. Larkin; Garret M. Fitzgerald, Morritz Shæftler, John L. Doran, and Albert Fowler.

Racine.-Theodore Secor, S. R. McClellan, H. T. Sanders, S. A. Davenport, F. S. Lovell, A. B. Jackson, A. G. Cole, and J. D. Rey. mert,

Rock.-A. M. Carter, E. A. Foot, E. V. Whiton, Paul Crandall, Joseph Colley, and L. P. Harvey.

Sheboygan f. Manitouwoc.-Silas Stedman.

Walworth:- James Harrington, Augustus C. Kinne, George Gale, Experience Estabrook, and Hollis Latham.

Washington.Patrick Pentory, James Fagan, and Harvey G. Turner.

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