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deeply-rooted judicial temperament, which was brightened by a

sense of wit and humor. He was an equable and genial judge ; with his constant decorum. He was affectionately called “Van" s associates who knew from long experience that his convictions firm and his carefully-considered conclusions could not easily odified e trial of the celebrated case of Andrew W. Mellon, 36 B.T.A. December 7, 1937), the former Secretary of the Treasury, was acted before a three-judge panel of the Court, presided over by a Van Fossan. The trial extended over a period in excess of one The Commissioner of Internal Revenue claimed a tax defi

and penalty totaling more than three million dollars. The t in the Mellon case, written in part by Judge Van Fossan and rt by Judge Turner, comprises 126 printed pages. Judge Van n's conduct of the trial received high commendation; the trial ed considerable publicity. ge Van Fossan was born in Lisbon, Ohio, September 6, 1888, n of William Harvey and Eva Sophia Van Fossan. He received B. degree from Oberlin College in 1909, and his M.A. degree Columbia University, and his LL.B. degree from Columbia UniLaw School. He was a member of the law firm of Billingsley,

& Van Fossan in Lisbon, Ohio. In 1917 he volunteered for in the United States Army, was commissioned and rose to the f Major in the Judge Advocate Reserve Corps. He received a assignment in the office of the Secretary of War, and became ber of the War Department Claims Board. Concurrently he ief Counsel and resident member of the War Credits Board. Van Fossan assisted in two studies of the government of the a Canal Zone. He was appointed an Assistant Counsel, and

All-Steel Equipment Inc.----
Anderson, Irwin S. and Frances H.---
Anderson, Myron A. and Mildred H..
Andrew, Giffin and Pauline---
Armour, Lester, et al., Coexecutors.-
Armour, Lester, et al, Cotrustees.-
August, Raymond S.-

, Edmund F. and Virginia Ba-
Bank of California, N.A., Trustee, and Transferee.--
Barry, Frederick J. and June M.--
Bartel, Irving and Elaine Melman.
Bartlett, Sidney F., Estate---
Bedeian, Sophie-----
Bellows, Charles S., Executor..
Benjamin, Jack A., Estate-----
Bloomfield, Norris (supplemental).
Blue Flame Gas Coc.---
Bly, Robert E. and Carolyn M..
Bode, Herbert E., et al., Trustee-
Boyer, Eli..
Bradley, Burke W., Jr., and Karen E.--
Brown, Louis M. and Hermione K.
Brown, Robert E. and Grace HC-
Brown, Royce W. and Patty L.-
Brundage, Avery and Elizabeth D.-
Buccola, Lory------
Buckeye Union Casualty Co-----
Buckeye Union Fire Insurance Co ----
Butterfield, Miriam B., Executrix.
Byrne, John E. and Nellie A.--
Callan, Michael C-------
Callan, Thomas J., Jr------
Campbell, H. F., Co (supplemental)
Carito, Filomena F.------
Carle, Vernon K. and Josephine A.
C.B.C. Super Markets, Inc., et al.
Chaddock, Gertrude M., Estate-
Chatterji, Arun K.-
Christ, Daisy F., Estate-
Cicio, Frank C. and Ann--
Clarke, Ernest, Estate and Hilda, Individually and Administratrix.-
Clarke, Marie------
Collins, James A. and Dorothy 0.-

virector of Claims of the United States Shipping Board. In

resumed the practice of law. He was a member of the firm,

hington, D.C., of Gregg & Van Fossan.

une 26, 1926, Judge Van Fossan was married to Frances of Washington, D.C., whose devotion and companionship gave ny years of happiness and inspiration. Frances Van Fossan, sed away in 1958, is remembered as a gracious and lovely lady. van Fossan is survived by his sisters, Miss Jean Van Fossan, rginia P. Fletcher, and Mrs. Elaine Hurd, and his brothers, ris Van Fossan and Robert L. Van Fossan of Arlington,

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ent jurist, loral friend, Judge Ernest Harvey Van Fossan embered for his many years of dedicated devotion and

The law and to the United States Tax Court.

Colombo Club, Inc.---
Conlee Construction Co------
Connecticut Bank & Trust Co., et al., Executors--
Corson, G. & W. H., Inc---
Cowan, Jules and Yetta---
Cox, Adell D. and Mary T-----
Credit Bureau of Erie, Inc.--
Crowe, Irene Pettus---
Crowe, Philip K.----
Dahlem Foundation, Inc.
Davies, Blanche F--
Day, Dan and Roberta----
Day, Don C. and Catherine..
Dean, Hollie T. and Eunice J---
DeGroff, Mark E. and Loveta S--
Delta Plastics Corp--
Demirjian, Anne, Estate and Frank, Individually and Esecutor--
Demirjian, Mihran and Mabel-----
Dessauer, Ralph and Rebecca-
Doenges, August 0., Trustee-
Dorn, Walter E., Estate--
Dredge Cherokee, Inc----
Dredge Clinton, Inc-----
Dri-Powr Distributors Association Trust
Durovic, Marko----
Erlich, Israel J. and Ruth -
Evans, Donald L. and Joan..
Figueiredo, Arthur and Patricia--.
Finley, George M. and Elizabeth E..
First National Bank of Chicago, Executor..
Fisher, Irving D. and Sylvia----
Forbes, R. D. and Mary L------
Forbes, R. D., Transferee..
Forman, B., Co-------
Fort Walton Square, Inc---
Frank, M. P. and Beatrice.
Fried, Harry, Estate-----
Gang, Martin and Josephine T.----
Giddio, Joseph F----
Gillespie, Robert E. and Dorothy B...
Glasgow, William A., Trust----
Glasgow, Winnifred M..
Glasgow, Winnifred M., Transferee_.
Goldberg, David and Lillian----
Goldberg, Samuel and Bess_
Golsen, Jack E. and Sylvia H.--
Granucci, Gino and Augusta..
Greenland Contractors v. Renegotiation Board..
Griesdorf, Lawrence D. and Marianne C. A--
Grove, Clyde W. and Charity L-------
Gunnison, Richard N. and Vivian E.-

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Haley, Marjorie E-----
Hardy, Harry F. and Shirley---
Harper, John and Constance--
Hartland Associates, Transferee-
Healey, John S------
Heath, Louis H. and Mary S---
Hine, Francis L., Transferee----
Hochman, Bruce I. and Harriet B..
Hoffman, Allen and Pearl S.----
Holbrook, Finley W. and Faith.
Horodysky, Yaroslaw and Stephanie---
Houg, Clifford M. and Mildred S--
Howard, Lucille.---
Hughes, Stuart M. and Genevieve 0----
Hunter, James E. and Nadine N.---
Hunter, James E., Transferee----
Jackson, Lewis B., Jr------
James River Apartments, Inc-
Jones, Lloyd G. and Marilyn A.-
Kamins, Armorel.--
Kasey, J. Bryant and Maryann..
Keller, Stanley L. and Wilma D.-
Kenfield, Kenneth R.-
Kind, William C. and Helene..
Kirchner, Moore & Co------
Konefsky, Mae (formerly Mae Opal), Executrix.
Kovtun, Julius.------
Kortun, Lael, et al.----
Kresser, Jean V. and Blanche, et al.
Kuhnmuench, Charles A. and Leonore_-
Lammerts, Henry P., Estate-----
Lammerts, Hildred K.
Lammerts, Inc ----
Landerman, Herman and Evelyn---
Landerman, Herman, et al.-
Landerman Investment Co.------
Lange, William A. and Elaine M---
Laque, Harold W.
Leeds, Florence Smith, Estate
Leeds, Rudolph G., Estate
Leleux, Otis P. and Louise S.
Lemery, Douglas J-------
Lery, Ronald R. and Esther..
Lincoln Electric Co.---
Lockhart Leasing Co---
M & W Gear Co------
Maddux Construction Co.--
Malkan, Arnold and Audrey-
Maness, William H. and Betty R-----
Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., Executor----
Mariani, Joseph M. and Minnie.


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331 1197 600 940 154 331 331 1621 1679 420 420 420 1042 1042 1042 1621 133 781 781 408 480 331 926 301 385 1278 1305 1602 1180 135

Marinello, Doris B.
Marlin, Stanley and Edith..
Maynard Hospital, Inc., et al.-
McAllister, John Edgar, Estate_
McCabe, Neil F. and Evelyn C--
McCurdy & Co.---
McDermid, Harold G. and Guinevere.
McFee, Joel N., Executor---
McGillicuddy, Phyllis W., Estate-----
McLean, C. Russell, Jr., and Ann H.
McLean, Charles R--------
McLean, John W. and Dolores F., et al...
McLean, Malcolm and Wendy Heaton.-
McMenamy, Bernard, Contractor, Inc-----
McMenamy Employees' Profit Sharing Plan.--
McMurrick, George and Sheri Ann..
Mercantile Trust Co. National Association, Trustee, Transferee_-
Michaelis, LeBelle ---
Milberg, Jacques R. and Elaine K..
Millers National Insurance Co---
Mills, Ernest H. and Loretta E..
Modern Home Fire & Casualty Insurance Co--
Modern Home Life Insurance Co-----
Montgomery Co-----
Morrison, Jack E. and Grace M.-
Motel Corp --
Motto, Guy R. and Rita R--.
Murphy, Edward A. and Cynthia L----
National Western Life Insurance Co..
Neri, John S. and Mary C--------
New York State Association of Real Estate Boards Group Insurance

Newcombe, Frank A. and Helen A.
Nibur Building Corp-----
Nutter, Jack O., Transferee---
Nutter, Jane E., Transferee----
O'Connor, Arthur J., Estate_.
O'Hare, James M.--.
Opal, Edward N., Estate-----
Owens Machinery Co------
Parsons, George W. and Emma J--
Perry, William H. and Marion E-
Pettus, James T., Jr., et al.--
Pettus, June B--------
Picchione, Nicholas and Lillian B.---
Pomeroy, Ivan D------
Porter, Bernard L., Estate ----
Primuth, David J. and Carol J_.
Quatman, Frank T-------
Quick, George Edward, Trust U/A #2333-41.-
Ray, Virginia Loren, Estate-----

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Realty Loan Corp-----
Republic Engineers, Inc------
Ribas, Cayetano R. and Bertha M..
Richkind, Mack, Trustee..
Rickey, John H. and Lorraine O__
Ripple, Paul H. and Carolyn W-
Roberts, Harold L. and Lois..
Robinson, Raymond and Lillie H.-
Romanelli, Hugo and Norma---
Rotton, Glenn N. and Gail.-
Rotton, Glenn N., Transferee--
Rowan, Mary V., Estate-----
Roy, Dwight B., Jr., Estate-
Rudin, Milton A. and Elizabeth..
Runnels, Lou Ella, Individually and Executrix--
Runnels, William F., Estate_
S. & B. Realty Co------
Saltzman, Arthur I.----
Schweighardt, Robert J. and Marjorie J-----
Second National Bank of Richmond, Executor.--
Shapiro, Betty A------
Sholes, Christopher L. and Martha W---
Silver, Sheldon I. and Joan R--
Siple, J. Meredith and Delia W---
Southern Dredging Corp., et al.
Spheeris, Andrew M. and Ismene A---
Standard Oil Co. (Ind.)---
Stevens, Bryan L. (supplemental)
Stinnett, James L., Jr., and Bonnie H.--
Stinnett, James L., Jr., et al.----
Stratton, William G. and Shirley----
Stratton, William G. and Shirley (supplemental) -
Stricker, Walter P. and Joan M.----
Stuit, Dorothy, Transferee and Executrix.
Thomas, James E. and Cathern.---
Thompson, Gordon G., Estate----
Thompson, Gordon G., Estate, Transferee-.
Towle, Janice McNear, Estate---
Triangle Publications, Inc.----
Tuller, Sawyer A. and Ethel S.
Turem, Jerry S.------
Tyre, Norman R. and Margery C----
C'nited Surgical Steel Co----
Valentine, May L., Estate---
Valentine, May L., June 6, 1932 Trust..
Vanderpoel, Jennie, Estate...
Vannaman, Kathleen C-----
Vannaman, Robert L----
Washburn, Abbott M. and Wanda A.
Washburn, Genevieve_

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