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Q. How did you like the book?
A. I didn't, for the most part.
Q. Why not?
A. These writers are into areas I know nothing about, like fashion, haute cuisine, football, stand up comedy, and so
-called innovation in finance. In fact, I have a negative reaction to all of these areas.
Q. Why is that?
A. These areas, and many others like them, are perfect examples of conspicuous and wasteful consumption in America and other rich countries. Americans apparently have nothing better to do with their wealth. $45,000 for a watch? $21,000 for a dress? A third of the world's population lives on less than $2 per day. No wonder they call America the Great Beast.
Q. You sound like a raving communist. But what has this to do with the book?
A. Well, the authors, lawyers, never discuss this discrepancy in the wealthy few versus the destitute many. It's disgusting.
Q. So the book is about conspicuous consumption?
A. No. Kal and Christopher want to show that intellectual property laws, patents, copyrights, trademarks, are not always needed to help bring about innovation. I do agree with them that there should be less regulation in the area, but it's just some of the content areas that bothered me.
Q. So you don't recommend the book to others?
A. No, I don't. The two of them, Kal and Christopher, come off as a two-headed creature, using we this and we that. I never get one voice from them. I think one of them should have taken authorship and maybe the other helped.
Q. But people co-author books all the time.
A. Yes, but I don't think it works here.

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