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Richard K. Fox, District of Columbia John D. Podesta, District of Columbia

Lee H. Hamilton, Indiana

Maurice Sonnenberg, New York


Eric R. Biel, Staff Director

Jacques A. Rondeau, Deputy Staff Director

Sheryl L. Walter, General Counsel

Michael D. Smith, Senior Professional Staff Joan Vail Grimson, Counsel for Security Policy Sally H. Wallace, Senior Professional Staff Thomas L. Becherer, Research and Policy Director Michael J. White, Senior Professional Staff Carole J. Faulk, Administrative Officer

Paul A. Stratton, Administrative Officer (1995) Cathy A. Bowers, Senior Professional Staff

Maureen Lenihan, Research Associate Gary H. Gower, Senior Professional Staff

Terence P. Szuplat, Research Associate John R. Hancock, Senior Professional Staff

Pauline M. Treviso, Research Associate

Appointments to the Commission

By the President of the United States

The Honorable John M. Deutch, Belmont, MA

Mr. John D. Podesta, Washington, DC
Ambassador Richard K. Fox, Jr., Washington, DC

Ms. Ellen Hume, Washington, DC

By the Majority Leader of the Senate

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Pindars Corners, NY

Professor Samuel P. Huntington, Boston, MA

By the Minority Leader of the Senate

Senator Jesse Helms, Raleigh, NC
Mrs. Alison B. Fortier, Chevy Chase, MD

By the Speaker of the House of Representatives

Representative Lee H. Hamilton, Nashville, IN

Mr. Maurice Sonnenberg, New York, NY

By the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives

Representative Larry Combest, Lubbock, TX

Mr. Martin C. Faga, Falls Church, VA

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