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Coast Guard, Department of the Treasury

II Maritime Administration, Department of Commerce


Great Lakes Pilotage Administration, Department of Commerce IV Federal Maritime Commission

Title 47-Telecommunication

I Federal Communications Commission

Title 48 [Reserved]

Title 49-Transportation

I Interstate Commerce Commission

Title 50-Wildlife and Fisheries

I Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Fish and Wildlife Service,
Department of the Interior

II Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, Fish and Wildlife Service,
Department of the Interior

III International Regulatory Agencies (Fishing and Whaling)

Alphabetical List of CFR Subtitle and

Chapter Headings

(To be used in conjunction with Table of Titles and Chapter Headings on page vii)

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Great Lakes Pilotage Administration, Commerce Department

Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of

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Chapter Reference

15, IV

36, II

42, IV

4, I

32A, XIV; 44, I

41, 1, 5

30, II

37, III

46, III

45, Subtitle A

42, II

45, I

45, III

41, 3

21, I

42, IV

20, III

45, II

42, I

42, III
45, IV

24, Subtitle A; 44, VII

44, VII

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