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(3) A recital of the finding that the action will facilitate the national defense;

(4) The contract clause entitled "Covenant Against Contingent Fees" (see Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) 1-1.503 and Armed Services Procurement Regulations (ASPR) 7-103.20);

(5) The contract clause entitled "Examination of Records" (see FPR 1-7.10110 and ASPR 7-104.15);

(6) The contract clause entitled "Nondiscrimination in Employment" (see FPR 1-7.101-18 and ASPR 12-802);

(7) The contract clause entitled "Assignment of Claims" (see FPR 1-7.101-8 and ASPR 7-103.8);

(8) If otherwise applicable, the contract clauses entitled "Walsh-Healey Public Contracts Act (41 U.S.C. 35)," "Davis-Bacon Act (40 U.S.C. 276a)," "Copeland ('Anti-Kickback') Act Nonrebate of Wages (18 U.S.C. 874)," and "Eight-Hour Laws-Overtime Compensation (40 U.S C. 324)" (See FPR 1-12 and Standard Form 23A, and ASPR 12604 and 12-403); and

(9) Any other clauses which are appropriate to the particular procurement. § 18-61.107 Records and reports.

(a) When decisions of the Board are implemented, the following documents shall be prepared and maintained on file by the Board:

(1) Two copies of the Memorandum of Decision; and

(2) One copy of the contractual document implementing the decision approving contractual action.

(b) The Board shall prepare reports for submission to Congress in accordance with the Act.

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(a) General. Where a case involves matters of interest to more than one department or agency, the Board may take such joint action as may be proper under the circumstances, including holding joint meetings or hearings. Liaison with the Military Departments and other departments and agencies of the Government in connection with all such cases shall be the responsibility of the Board.

(b) Amendments under § 18-61.103(b) (1). Requests for amendments without consideration under § 18-61.103(b) (1) where "essentiality" is an issue, which involves another department or agency, shall not be finally determined by NASA until advice on the "essentiality" issue is requested and received from such other department or agency. When such advice is received, the responsibility for taking the appropriate action, if any, shall be with NASA.

(c) Funds of other departments or agencies. Requests for adjustment within any category, where the funds of other than NASA may be required, shall not be approved by NASA until advice is requested and received from the other department or agency involved that additional funds will be made available. The request for such advice shall disclose the following data:

(1) Contractor's name;
(2) Contract number;

(3) Amount of proposed relief;

(4) Brief description of the procurement; and

(5) Account classification-fund citation.

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Subtitle B-Other Provisions Relating to

Public Contracts

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