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Treasury Department (Continued)

Comptroller of the Currency, Bureau of
Customs Bureau
Fiscal Service
Foreign Assets Control
Internal Revenue Service
Monetary Offices
Narcotics Bureau
Secret Service

Secretary of the Treasury, Office of
United States Information Agency
United States Secret Service
United States Tariff Commission
Veterans' Administration
Vocational Rehabilitation, Office of
Wage and Hour Division
Weather Bureau
Wildlife, Bureau of Sport Fisheries and

12, I
19, I
31, II
31, V
26,1; 27, I
31, I
21, II
31, IV
31, Subtitle A
22, V
31, IV
19, II
38, I
45, IV
29, V
15, V
50, I

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CROSS REFERENCES: Armed Services Procurement Regulations, 32 CFR, Chapter 1,

Subchapter A.

Army Procurement Procedure, 32 CFR, Chapter V, Subchapter G.
Department of the Navy procurement, property, patents, and contracts, 32 CFR, Chapter
VI, Subchapter D.

Department of the Air Force Procurement Instructions, 32 CFR, Chapter VII, Sub-
chapter J.

Subtitle A-Federal Procurement

Regulations System

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