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Part 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-9 2-12 2-60

Procurement by formal advertising.
Procurement by negotiation.
Patents, data, and copyrights.
Contract appeal procedure.

PART 2-1—GENERAL Subpart 2-1.1--Agency Procurement Regulations

System Sec. 2-1.101 Purpose. 2-1.102 Authority. 2-1.103 Relation to Federal Procurement

Regulations System. 2-1.104 Content. 2-1.105 Applicability. 2-1.106 Exclusions. 2-1.107 Issuance. 2-1.107-1 Internal. 2-1.107-2 Public. 2-1.107-3 Coordination. 2-1.108 Citation. 2-1.109 Bureau or office implementation. 2-1.110 Deviation.

Subpart 2-1.3-General Policies 2-1.315 Use of liquidated damages provi

sions in procurement contracts. 2-1.315–2 Policy.

Subpart 2-1.7—Small Business Concerns

2-1.710 Subcontracting with small busi

ness concerns and labor sur

plus area concerns. 2-1.710-1 General. 2-1.710-4 Responsibility for reviewing sub

contracting program. Subpart 2-1.8—Labor Surplus Area Concerns 2-1.801 Definitions. 2-1.801-2 Labor surplus area. 2-1.802 Labor surplus area policies. 2-1.807 Report on preference procure

ment on labor surplus areas.

System prescribed by the Administrator of General Services under the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949. § 2-1.103 Relation to Federal Procure

ment Regulations System. The Federal Procurement Regulations System is designed to bring together, under Title 41, Subtitle A, of the Code of Federal Regulations, the procurement regulations applicable to all civilian agencies of the Government. Federal Procurement Regulations (FPR) are Chapter 1. Chapter 2 is assigned for the procurement regulations of the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). Chapters 3 through 49 will be used by other agencies. FPR (Chapter 1) is subdivided into 49 parts. Parts 1 through 49 of FAPR (Chapter 2) will be used to expand upon or modify the policies and procedures included in FPR. Material issued in the first 49 parts of FAPR will be numerically keyed to the corresponding sections of FPR. Parts 50 through 99 of FAPR will be used for procurement policies and procedures for which there is no counterpart in FPR. The numbering system established by § 1-1.007-2 of this title will be utilized to the maximum practicable extent in FAPR. § 2-1.104 Content.

The basic Chapter 2 will contain procurement policies and procedures, prescribed by the Assistant Administrator for Management Services, for uniform application throughout the Federal Aviation Agency. Subsidiary chapters shall be used by Heads of Bureaus and Offices to set forth significant Bureau or Office procurement policies or procedures which are considered to be of interest to the general public. Material which is only for internal guidance of a Bureau or Office may also be included in chapters assigned to them. Chapters for Bureau and Office use are assigned as follows: Chapter 2A-Bureau of Facilities and

Materiel Chapter 2B-Bureau of Research and

Development Chapter 20—Bureau of National Capital

Airports Chapter 2D -Office of Management Services

(OMS) § 2-1.105 Applicability.

Except where a deviation is specifically authorized in accordance with § 2-1.110,

Subpart 2–1.10-Publicizing Procurement Actions 2-1.1003 Synopsis of proposed procure

ments. 2-1.1004 Synopsis of contract awards.

AUTHORITY: $ $ 2–1.101 to 2–1.1004 issued under secs. 303, 313, 72 Stat. 747, 752; 49 U.S.C. 1344, 1354.

Subpart 2-1.1-Agency Procurement

Regulations System

SOURCE: $ $ 2–1.101 to 2–1.110 appear at 25 F.R. 14027, Dec. 31, 1960.

§ 2-1.101 Purpose.

This subpart establishes a system of Federal Aviation Agency Procurement Regulations (FAPR) for the codification and publication of policies and procedures for the procurement of services and personal property by the Federal Aviation Agency. § 2-1.102 Authority.

FAPR are issued in compliance with the Federal Procurement Regulations

Agency employees engaged in procure properly be incorporated in contracts by ment activities shall comply with the reference. Such sections should be cited policies and procedures set forth in FPR as “41CFR” followed by the section numand FAPR unless they are optional by ber as “41CFR 2-1.108”. their terms. These regulations are not subject to the civil penalty provisions of

§ 2-1.109 Bureau or office implementa

tion. section 901 of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 (49 U.S.C. 1301).

Bureaus or Offices shall prepare for § 2-1.106 Exclusions.

publication in the FEDERAL REGISTER such

instructions, which implement or suppleProcurement policy or procedure

ment FPR or FAPR, as are considered which is expected to be in effect for less

to be of interest to the general public. than six months or which is instituted

Such material shall be submitted to the on a trial basis will not be included in

Materiel Policy Division, OMS, for review FAPR.

and publication arrangements. Bureaus § 2-1.107 Issuance.

or Offices may issue additional detailed

operating instructions, consistent with § 2-1.107-1 Internal.

FPR and FAPR, using FAPR style and FAPR will be published in loose-leaf arrangement or such other format as form for distribution within the Federal they elect. A copy of each such instrucAviation Agency to procurement offices tion shall be furnished to the Materiel and others concerned. Requests to be Policy Division, OMS. placed on the distribution list, or for

§ 2-1.110 Deviation. extra copies, should be addressed to the Printing Section of the Administrative Deviations (as defined in § 1-1.009–1 of Services Division, OMS.

this title) shall be kept to a minimum

and, with respect to FPR or the basic § 2-1.107-2 Public.

Chapter 2 of FAPR shall be controlled Those parts of FAPR which contain as follows: basic and significant policies and pro (a) The principal contracting officers cedures considered to be of interest to

in the Washington offices of the Bureau the general public will be published in of Facilities and Materiel and the Bureau the daily issue of the FEDERAL REGISTER

of Research and Development are each and, in cumulated form, in the Code of

authorized to approve deviation from Federal Regulations. Copies of FAPR FPR and FAPR in individual cases in in FEDERAL REGISTER and Code of Federal

connection with contracts entered into Regulations form may be purchased by under their immediate supervision, when the public, at nominal cost, from the

such action is clearly in the best interSuperintendent of Documents, Govern ests of the Agency. record of the ment Printing Office, Washington 25, nature of each such deviation and the D.C.

justification for it shall be prepared and § 2-1.107–3 Coordination.

included in the contract file, with a copy Resi ibility for the deve ent of

being forwarded promptly to the Mathe basic Chapter 2 of FAPR is assigned

teriel Policy Division, OMS. All other to the Materiel Policy Division, OMS.

deviations shall be approved in advance In developing the regulations that Di

by the Materiel Policy Division, OMS,

and handled in the following manner: vision shall solicit the views of the Bureaus and Offices concerned. The Di (b) Requests for deviation may be vision shall also provide advice and as

initiated by the principal contracting sistance as required in the development officer of any procuring activity of the and · publication of material to be in Agency. A request shall cite the specific cluded in chapters assigned to Bureaus part or section of FPR or FAPR from and Offices.

which it is desired to deviate, shall set

forth the nature of the deviation, and § 2-1.108 Citation.

shall give the reasons why such action is Any section of FAPR may be infor considered necessary or desirable. Remally identified in internal instructions quests shall be routed through the head or correspondence by “FAPR” followed of the procuring activity (as defined in by the section number. Only those sec § 1-1.206 of this title) for concurrence tions of the regulations which have been or additional comments. If the initipublished in the FEDERAL REGISTER may ating office is at a field location, the

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