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V Office of Foreign Assets Control, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 500-599)
VI Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Department of the Treasury

(Parts 600-699) VII Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Department of the

Treasury (Parts 700-799)

Title 32-National Defense

SUBTITLE A-Department of Defense
I Office of the Secretary of Defense (Parts 1-499)
V Department of the Army (Parts 500-699)

Department of the Navy (Parts 700-799)
VII Department of the Air Force (Parts 800-1099)

SUBTITLE B–Other Regulations Relating to National Defense
XII Defense Logistics Agency (Parts 1200-1299)
XVI Selective Service System (Parts 1600-1699)
XIX Central Intelligence Agency (Parts 1900-1999)

XX Information Security Oversight Office (Parts 2000-2099) XXI National Security Council (Parts 2100-2199) XXIV Office of Science and Technology Policy (Parts 2400-2499) XXVII Office for Micronesian Status Negotiations (Parts 2700-2799) XXVIII Office of the Vice President of the United States (Parts 2800


Title 33—Navigation and Navigable Waters



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Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (Parts 1-199)
Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army (Parts 200-399)
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation, Department

of Transportation (Parts 400-499)

Title 34—Education

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary, Department of Education

(Parts 1-99)
SUBTITLE B-Regulations of the Offices of the Department of

I Office for Civil Rights, Department of Education (Parts 100-

II Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, Department of

Education (Parts 200-299)
III Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, De-

partment of Education (Parts 300-399)
IV Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Department of Edu-

cation (Parts 400-499) V Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs,

Department of Education (Parts 500-599)

VI Office of Postsecondary Education, Department of Education

(Parts 600-699) VII Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Department

of Education (Parts 700-799)

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I National Park Service, Department of the Interior (Parts 1-199) II Forest Service, Department of Agriculture (Parts 200-299) III Corps of Engineers, Department of the Army (Parts 300-399) IV American Battle Monuments Commission (Parts 400-499)

V Smithsonian Institution (Parts 500-599)
VII Library of Congress (Parts 700-799)
VIII Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Parts 800-899)
IX Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation (Parts 900-999)

X Commission of Fine Arts (Parts 1000-1099)
XI Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board

(Parts 1100-1199)

Title 37—Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights

I Patent and Trademark Office, Department of Commerce (Parts

1-199) II Copyright Office, Library of Congress (Parts 200-299) III Copyright Royalty Tribunal (Parts 300-399)

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SUBTITLE A–Federal Procurement Regulations System 1 Federal Procurement Regulations (Parts 1-1-1-99) 3 Department of Health and Human Services (Parts 3-1-3-99)

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4 Department of Agriculture (Parts 4-1-4-99)

5 General Services Administration (Part 5-1-5-99) 5A Office of Acquisition Policy, General Services Administration

(Parts 5A-1-5A-99) 6 Department of State (Parts 6-1-6-99) 7 Agency for International Development, International Develop

ment Cooperation Agency (Parts 7-1-7-99) 8 Veterans Administration (Parts 8-1-8-99) 9 Department of Energy (Parts 9-1-9-99) 12 Department of Transportation (Parts 12–1–12-99) 13 Department of Commerce (Parts 13-1-13-99) 14 Department of the Interior (Parts 14-1—14-99) 14H Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior (Parts

14H-1-14H-99) 14R Office of Water Research and Technology, Department of the

Interior (Parts 14R-1-14R-99) 16 Office of Personnel Management (Parts 16-1-16-26) 18 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Parts 18-1–

18-99) 19 United States Information Agency (Parts 19-1-19-99)

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Parts 20-1-20-99) 23 United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (Parts

23-1-23-99) 24 Department of Housing and Urban Development (Parts 24-1

24-99) 25 National Science Foundation (Parts 25-1-25-99) 28 Department of Justice (Parts 28-1-28-99) 29 Department of Labor (Parts 29-1-29-99) 34 Department of Education (Parts 34-1-34-99) 44 Federal Emergency Management Agency (Parts 44-1--44-99)

SUBTITLE B-Other Provisions Relating to Public Contracts 50 Public Contracts, Department of Labor (Parts 50-1-50-999)

Committee for Purchase from the Blind and Other Severely

Handicapped (Parts 51-1–51-99)
Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, Equal Em-

ployment Opportunity, Department of Labor (Parts 60-1

60-999) SUBTITLE C-Federal Property Management Regulations

System 101 Federal Property Management Regulations (Parts 101-1-101

99) 105 General Services Administration (Parts 105-1–105-999) 109 Department of Energy Property Management Regulations

(Parts 109-1-109-99) 114 Department of the Interior (Parts 114-1-114-99) 115 Environmental Protection Agency (Parts 115-1–115-99) 128 Department of Justice (Parts 128-1–128-99)

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SUBTITLE D-Other Provisions Relating to Property Manage

ment (Reserved] SUBTITLE E-Federal Information Resources Management Reg

ulations 201 Federal Information Resources Management Regulations

(Parts 201-1-201-99)

Title 42—Public Health

I Public Health Service, Department of Health and Human Sery

ices (Parts 1-199) III Saint Elizabeths Hospital, Department of Health and Human

Services (Parts 300-399) IV Health Care Financing Administration, Department of Health

and Human Services (Parts 400-499)

Title 43—Public Lands: Interior

SUBTITLE A-Office of the Secretary of the Interior (Parts 1

199) SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Public Lands I Bureau of Reclamation, Department of the Interior (Parts 200

499) II Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior

(Parts 1000-9999)

Title 44—Emergency Management and Assistance

I Federal Emergency Management Agency (Parts 0-399) IV Department of Commerce and Department of Transportation

(Parts 400-499)

Title 45-Public Welfare

SUBTITLE A-Department of Health and Human Services, Gen

eral Administration (Parts 1-199)

SUBTITLE B-Regulations Relating to Public Welfare II Office of Family Assistance (Assistance Programs), Department

of Health and Human Services (Parts 200-299) III Office of Child Support Enforcement (Child Support Enforce

ment Program), Department of Health and Human Services

(Parts 300-399) IV Office of Refugee Resettlement, Social Security Administra

tion, Department of Health and Human Services (Parts 400

499) V Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States,

Department of Justice (Parts 500-599)
VI National Science Foundation (Parts 600-699)
VII Commission on Civil Rights (Parts 700-799)
VIII Office of Personnel Management (Parts 800-899)

X Office of Community Services, Department of Health and

Human Services (Parts 1000-1099)
X National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities (Parts

1100-1199) XII ACTION (Parts 1200-1299) XIII Office of Human Development Services, Department of Health

and Human Services (Parts 1300-1399) XVI Legal Services Corporation (Parts 1600-1699) XVII National Commission on Libraries and Information Science

(Parts 1700-1799) XVIII Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation (Parts 1800-1899)

XXI Commission of Fine Arts (Parts 2100-2199)

Title 46—Shipping



Coast Guard, Department of Transportation (Parts 1-199)
Maritime Administration, Department of Transportation (Parts

Coast Guard (Great Lakes Pilotage), Department of Transpor-

tation (Parts 400-499)
Federal Maritime Commission (Parts 500-599)

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Title 47—Telecommunication


Federal Communications Commission (Parts 0-199)
Office of Science and Technology Policy and National Security

Council (Parts 200-299)

Title 48-Federal Acquisition Regulations System

1 Federal Acquisition Regulation (Parts 1-99)
2 Department of Defense (Parts 200-299)
3 Department of Health and Human Services (300-399)
4 Department of Agriculture (Parts 400-499)
5 General Services Administration (Parts 500-599)
7 Agency for International Development (Parts 700-799)
8 Veterans Administration (Parts 800-899)
9 Department of Energy (Parts 900-999)
10 Department of the Treasury Acquisition/Procurement Regula-

tion (1000-1099) 12 Department of Transportation (1200-1299) 13 Department of Commerce (Parts 1300-1399) 14 Department of the Interior (Parts 1400-1499) 15 Environmental Protection Agency (Parts 1500-1599) 18 National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Parts 1800

1899) 24 Department of Housing and Urban Development (Parts 2400


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