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House of Representatives-Fiscal year 1960Itemized estimates of


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Office of the Sergeant at Arms-Con.

Assistant bookkeepers...
Additional clerical assistants.
Capitol Police Force:

Special officer
Longevity pay.

Office of the Doorkeeper:

House floor:

Floor managers of telephones (1

Assistant floor managers of tele-
phones (1 minority).
Supervisor-pages' cloakroom..
Telephone pages.
Chief pages (1 minority).
Special employee..

Telephone clerks (1 minority)...
Document room:

Assistant superintendent.
Assistant clerk


Chief doorman (House Gallery).
Chief doorman (House floor).

Custodian's force:

Assistant custodian (minority).
Foreman of laborers.
Cloakroom attendant.
Cloakroom attendants.
Laborer (cloakroom)

Chief barber (Capitol).
Chief barber (Old House Office

Barbers (Capitol).

Barbers (Old House Office Bldg.).
Ladies' retiring room:

Female attendant in ladies' re

tiring room
Female attendants in ladies' re-

tiring room
Attendant for ladies' reception

House Press Gallery:

Ist assistant superintendent.
2d assistant superintendent.
3d assistant superintendent.

4th assistant superintendent.
House Radio Press Gallery:

1st assistant superintendent.

2d assistant superintendent..
House Periodical Press Gallery: Su-
House Gallery: Check room attend-

See footnotes at end of table, p. 8.

10, 401. 47
8, 192, 10
7, 250. 11
8,757. 29


3,777. 27

House of Representatives-Fiscal year 1960——Itemized estimates of


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Unit gross

Official reporters of debates:

Official reporters.
Assistant clerks.
Expert transcribers.

Official committee reporters (stenogra-

Offcial reporters.
Espert transcribers


"Legislative 1946").

Statement of appropriations: Senate and

House of RepresentativesFiscal year 1960Itemized estimates of

Number Unit

Total estiof em base

Total gross


continued Office of the Postmaster-Continued Laborers

2 $1, 650 $3,777.27 $7, 554. 54 Substitute mail clerks extra services

8, 500.00


290, 367.60 $290, 370.00 7 8, 800

16, 287. 35 114.011. 45 1 4, 500

9, 134. 08

9, 134.08 2 3, 200

6, 684. 92

13, 369. 84
3, 450
7, 155. 92

50, 091. 44

186, 606. 81 186, 610.00 8 8. 300

15, 469. 93 123, 759. 44
4, 500
9, 134. 08

9, 134. 08
3, 450

7, 155. 92 57, 247. 36

190, 140.88 190, 145.00 Committee on Appropriations: Salaries

and expenses, studies and examins. tions of executive agencies (sec. 202(b) Reorganization Act,

(1) Office of the Legislative Counsel: House

500,000.00 500,000.00 500,000.00 share.


204, 600.00 204, 600.00 204, 600.00 CLERK-HIRE, MEMPERS AND DELEGATES Members and delegates: Clerks


(1) 16, 500,000.00 16,500,000.00 16,500,000.00 CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE HOUSE Furniture, repairs and packing boxes.

245, 130.00 245, 130.00 245, 130.00 Miscellaneous items. Stenographic reports.

2,500,000.00 2,500,000.00 2,500,000.00 150,000.00

150,000.00 150,000.00 Special and select committees. Joint Committee on Internal Rev.

2,500,000.00 2,500,000.00 2,500,000.00 enue Taxation..

(1) Joint Committee on Immigration

270,000.00 270,000.00

270,000.00 and Nationality Policy


20,000.00 20,000.00 20,000.00 Office of the Coordinator of Information

98, 970.00 98, 970.00 98, 970.00 Telephone and telegraph.

1, 400,000.00 1, 400, 000.00 1,400,000.00 Stationery (revolving fund).

788, 400.00 788, 400.00 788, 400.00 Office of attending physician.

14, 145.00

14, 145.00 14, 145.00

183, 640.00 183, 640.00 183, 640.00 Folding documents.

220,000.00 220,000.00 Revision of the laws.

220,000.00 18, 150.00

18, 150.00 18, 150.00 Speaker's automobile.

9,500.00 9,500.00 9,500.00 Automobile and maintenance for majority leader..


9,500.00 9, 500.00 9,500.00 Automobile and maintenance for minority leader..


9,500.00 9, 500.00 9,500.00 New edition of the U.S. Code..


150,000.00 150,000.00 150,000.00 Total, contingent expenses.

8,586, 935.00 8, 586, 935.00 LEGISLATIVE MISCELLANEOUS Uniforms and equipment.

36, 700.00 36, 700.00 36, 700.00 Detailed Metropolitan Police. Page School: Salaries and expenses, oper


106, 435.00 106, 435.00 106, 435.00 ating the school for pages..

62, 500.00 62, 500.00 62,500.00 Penalty mail costs (House and Senate): Penalty mail

(1) 3, 591.000.00 3, 591, 000.00 3, 591, 000.00 House Appropriation Committees...


8,000.00 8,000.00 8,000.00 Total, legislative miscellaneous...

3,804, 635.00 3,804, 635. 00


Contingent fund:


Capitol Police:


See footnotes at end of table, p. 8.

House of Representatives--Fiscal year 1960Itemized estimates of



Gross total

Total estimates

Total salarles, mileage for Members and expenses of the Speaker
Total salaries, officers and employees..
Total clerk-hire allowance.
Total contingent expenses of the House.
Total legislative miscellaneous..

Grand total.

$10,838,000.00 $10, 838, 000

7, 268, 342, 02 7, 268, 385 16, 500,000.00 16, 500,000 8, 586, 935.00 8, 586, 835 3, 804, 635.00 3,804, 635 46,997, 912.02 46, 997, 955

FOOTNOTES Whenever a salary is shown plus an additional amount, such additional amount is payable only so long as the position is held by the present incumbent.

1 Lump sum.
: 10 percent additional not applicable.

3 The estimates for salaries of pages are based on their employment not to exceed 10 months during the fiscal year 1959, under the limitations (permanent law), as carried in the "Legislative Branch Appropriation Act, 1949," Public Law 641, approved June 14, 1948, i.e., "Shall continue until the end of the month during which the Congress adjourns sine die, or recesses, or the fourteenth day after such adjournment or recess, wbichever is the later date."

• This position shall terminate whenever a vacancy occurs in the same (J.J. Coates, present incumbent). 6 To be equally divided so long as the 2 positions are held by the present incumbents.

Mr. ROBERTS. I have assistants from my office, who are familiar with the detailed figures, and we shall be glad to answer any questions.

Mr. NORRELL. Just a minute. I would like for you to make a statement regarding each request as to whether or not it is the same this year as last year, and then we will ask any questions we desire, and pass on to the next item.

Mr. ROBERTS. Mr. Chairman, I have just requested that the whole budget be placed in the record. That is a copy of it which you have in front of you. I was going to make a request that we be allowed to present my other statement in regard to the Clerk's Office and the contingent fund.

Mr. NORRELL. Will that be a duplication of this?
Mr. ROBERTS. No, sir.
Mr. NORRELL. How would it be changed?

Mr. ROBERTS. It will just tell you how I justified the expenditures in my office, and the amounts that are asked for in the contingent fund.

Mír. NORRELL. Why do we not, Mr. Clerk, finish reading the first statement beginning on page 9 with "Salaries, mileage for the members, and expense allowance for the Speaker,” and then briefly say if there is any change made?

Mr. ROBERTS. In other words, take them item by item and paragraph by paragraph until we get down to the Clerk's Office?

Vr. NORRELL. If you will do that, that will be all right. But, I do not want to overlook that. Then as you read each item, I may ask a few questions and then I will ask the members if they desire to ask questions and then we will pass on to the next item.

Mr. ROBERTS. You will notice, Mr. Chairman, in the last paragraph on page 43

Mr. NORRELL. What page is that?

Mr. ROBERTS. In the budget on page 43, in the last paragraph, I state that as Clerk of the House I am prepared to make a detailed statement relating to the operation of the Clerk's Office and its principal functions. If you will be kind enough to withhold any questions

until the completion of the statement, I believe that I shall cover the major items of interest to you and may answer a lot of questions that you have in mind.

Mr. NoRRELL. I think we have to cover it item by item as we go along. I think that would be the best way.

COMPENSATION OF MEMRERS Mr. ROBERTS. All right, Mr. Chairman. With your permission we will now take up the first estimate covering "Salaries, mileage for the Members, and expense allowance for the Speaker," which appears on page 9 of the prepared statement.

For compensation of Members of the House of Representatives, Delegate from Hawaï and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, fiscal year 1960, $10,638,000, which is based on a salary of $22,500 each; $12,500 additional per annum for the salary of the Speaker, $741,000 estimated for Government contribution to the retirement fund, and $29,500 estimated as contribution to Federal employees group

life insurance. That is the same as appropriated for 1959.

Mr. NORRELL. That is all we need to know there. This is the same amount as we appropriated for the current fiscal year?

Are there any questions at this point, gentlemen?
Mr. KIRWAN. I have no questions, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. NoRRELL. Are there any questions to my right?
Mr. Horan. I have no questions, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. NoRRELL. You may proceed, Mr. Roberts,


Mr. ROBERTS. For mileage and expense allowance for 1960, the estimates specify $200,000 which is based upon a mileage allowance of $190,000, and an expense allowance of $10,000 for the Speaker. This is the same as appropriated for 1959.

Mr. NORRELL. These items are unchanged?
Mr. Roberts. That is correct, sir.
Mr. NORRELL. You may proceed.

APPROVED HOUSE RESOLUTIONS Mr. ROBERTS. At this point I would like to have printed in the record the following resolutions which appear on page 10 of the statement.

Mr. NORRELL. There are eight resolutions in all?
Mr. ROBERTS. Yes, sir.
Mr. NORRELL. We will insert these resolutions in the record.
(The resolutions referred to follow:)


(1) House Resolution No. 428 adopted June 25, 1958.
(2) House Resolution No. 567 adopted June 25, 1958.
(3) House Resolution No. 623 adopted July 9, 1958.

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