The Positive Evolution of Religion, Its Moral and Social Reaction

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G. P. Putnam's sons, 1913 - Positivism - 267 pages

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Page 270 - The Basis of Social Relations. A Study in Ethnic Psychology. By DANIEL G. BRINTON, AM, MD, LL.D., Sc.D., Late Professor of American Archaeology and Linguistics in the University of Pennsylvania ; Author of " History of Primitive Religions," " Races and Peoples," " The American Race,
Page 181 - ... the Dissidence of Dissent and the Protestantism of the Protestant religion. I do not say that other and more intelligent forces than this were not opposed to the Oxford movement : but this was the force which really beat it ; this was the force which Dr. Newman...
Page 269 - America," etc. Fully illustrated. 8, $2.00. "There has not been in the last few years until the present book any authoritative, broad resume on the subject, modified and deepened as it has been by modern research and reflection, which is couched in language suitable for the multitude. . . . The text is as entertaining as it is instructive.
Page 269 - The book is cleverly written and is one of the best works of its kind ever put before the public. It will be interesting to all readers, and especially to those interested in the study of science.'* — New Haven Lender.
Page 269 - Age," etc. Fully illustrated. 8, $2.00. *' This volume is the best popular and yet scientific treatment we know of of the origin and development of land-forms, and we immediately adopted it as the best available text-book for a college course in physiography. . . . The book is full of life and vigor, and shows the sympathetic touch of a man deeply in love with nature.
Page 269 - A timely and useful volume. . . . The author wields a pleasing pen and knows how to make the subject attractive. . . . The work is calculated to spread among its readers an attraction to the science of anthropology. The author's observations are exceedingly genuine and his descriptions are vivid.
Page 272 - Mosquito Life. The Habits and Life Cycles of the Known Mosquitoes of the United States ; Methods for their Control ; and Keys for Easy Identification of the Species in their Various Stages. An account based on the investigation of the late James William Dupree, SurgeonGeneral of Louisiana, and upon the original observations by the Writer.
Page 271 - Heredity. By J. ARTHUR THOMSON, MA, Professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen ; Author of " The Science of Life," etc. 8. Illustrated. Net, $3.50. The aim of this work is to expound, in a simple manner, the facts of heredity and Inheritance as at present known, the general conclusions which have been securely established, and the more important theories which have been formulated.
Page 270 - Comparative Physiology of the Brain and Comparative Psychology. With special reference to the Invertebrates. By JACQUES LOEB, MD, Professor of Physiology in the University of Chicago. Illustrated. 8. $1.75. " No student of this most interesting phase of the problems of life can afford to remain In ignorance of the wide range of facts and the suggestive series of interpretations which Professor Loeb has brought together in this volume."— JOSEPH JASTROW, in the Ckicagf Dial.
Page 271 - The Hygiene of Nerves and Mind in Health and Disease. By AUGUST FOREL, MD, formerly Professor of Psychiatry in the University of Zurich.

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