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p. 264.

PART 1800—NONDISCRIMINATION of all Federal departments and agencies IN HOUSING

subject to the Order, as it deems appro

priate. Sec.

(b) Coordination of agency activities. 1800.1 Purpose and scope of rules. 1800.2 Definitions,

The Committee shall take such actions 1800.3 Duties of the Committee.

and make such recommendations as it 1800.4 Duties of the departments and

deems necessary and appropriate to proagencies subject to the Order. mote the coordination of the activities AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part

of the departments and agencies sub1800 issued under sec. 501(a) of Executive

ject to the Order. The Committee may Order 11063, 27 F.R. 11627, 3 CFR 1962 Supp. further consider such problems relating

to the Order as are presented to it by SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 1800

any department or agency subject to appear at 29 F.R. 1461, Jan. 29, 1964.

the Order, or by any person, and make

recommendations for resolving such $ 1800.1 Purpose and scope of rules.

problems in a coordinated manner in The purpose of the rules in this part keeping with the spirit and objectives is to set forth the responsibilities of the

of the Order. Committee and also the responsibilities

(c) Review of agency rules and reguof the Federal departments and agen- lations. The Committee shall, from time cies in relation to the Committee. The

to time, examine the relevant rules, regrules in this part may be amended when- ulations, procedures, policies, practices, ever deemed necessary by the Committee. and other actions of the departments

and agencies subject to the Order and $ 1800.2 Definitions.

mark such recommendations as may be (a) "Order" means Executive Order necessary or desirable to achieve the 11063 of November 20, 1962 (27 F.R. purposes of the Order. 11527; 3 CFR 1962 Supp., p. 264).

(d) Liaison and education. The Com(b) “Committee" means the Presi- mittee, or any subcommittee thereof, dent's Committee on Equal Opportunity may confer with representatives of any in Housing, established by the Order. Federal department or agency, State or

(c) “Subcommittee" means a com- local public agency, civic, industry, or mittee of one or more members of the labor group, or any other group, or perCommittee appointed by the Chairman. son directly or indirectly affected by

(d) “Executive Committee” means the the Order; and shall encourage educaCommittee established by the Order con- tional programs by civic, educational, sisting of the Committee's Chairman and religious, industry, labor and other nontwo public members designated by him. governmental groups to eliminate the § 1800.3 Duties of the Committee.

basic causes of discrimination in housing

and related facilities provided with Fed(a) General policies and procedures. eral assistance. The Committee shall adopt such general (e) Hearings. The Committee, or any policies and procedures for the guidance subcommittee thereof, may hold such


hearings, public or private, as the Committee may deem advisable, for compliance, enforcement, or educational purposes.

(f) Reports by the Committee. The Committee shall, at least once annually, make a report to the President which shall include reference to the actions taken and results achieved by the departments and agencies subject to the Order. Such interim reports shall be made to the President as he may require as the Committee may

deem appropriate.

(g) Executive Committee. Between meetings of the Committee, the Executive Committee shall carry out the functions of the Committee, except that no general policies and procedures and no general recommendations on complaints or reports or recommendations to the President shall be issued without the approval of the Committee.

(h) Ancillary matters. Communications intended for Committee attention should be forwarded to the President's Committee on Equal Opportunity in Housing, The White House, Washington, D.C.

$ 1800.4 Duties of the departments and

agencies subject to the Order. (a) Cooperation with the Committee. Each department and agency shall cooperate with the Committee, furnish the Committee, in accordance with law, such information and assistance as it may request in the performance of its functions and make reports to the Committee at such intervals as it may require.

(b) Consultations with the Committee. Each department and agency shall consult with the Committee in order to achieve such consistency and uniformity as may be feasible.

(c) Rules and regulations. Each department and agency shall, upon the adoption or amendment of any rule, regulation, procedure, or policy implementing the Order, promptly forward copies thereof to the Committee.

(d) Complaints. No later than the last day of each month, each department and agency shall forward to the Committee a summary of the status of all complaints under the Order pending before such department or agency and shall forward a detailed report to the Committee concerning all complaints disposed of during the preceding month.

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