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THE purpose of this volume is to describe and classify all denominations, so as to give a clear idea of the character and strength of the religious forces of the United States.

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The statistics are those of the government census of 1890, revised in a few particulars, and arranged to present, with necessary fullness and without unnecessary detail, the facts that everybody ought to know, but which have not hitherto been accessible. The government report is very voluminous. It makes the county the unit, not only in its tables for the States, but also in those for ecclesiastical organizations, such as classes, conferences, dioceses, districts, presbyteries, synods, and the like. That is, the statistics of each denomination are given by counties under dioceses and presbyteries, etc., as well as under the several States and Territories. It was deemed unnecessary to over-burden these pages with such a mass of statistical details. There are but few persons who would ever need to make use of them. Therefore the State has been made the civil unit, and each denomination is presented in tables,

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