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Subtitle AFederal Procurement

Regulations System


Part 1-1 General. 1-2 Procurement by formal advertising. 1-3 Procurement by negotiation. 1-4 Special types and methods of procurement. 1-5 Special and directed sources of supply. 1-6 Foreign purchases. 1-7 Contract clauses. 1-8 Termination of contracts. 1-9 Patents, data, and copyrights. 1-10 Bonds and insurance. 1-11 Federal, State, and local taxes. 1-12 Labor. 1-14 Inspection and acceptance. 1-15 Contract cost principles and procedures. 1-16 Procurement forms. 1-17 Extraordinary contractual actions to facilitate the national defense. 1-18 Procurement of construction. 1-19 Transportation. 1-20 Retention requirements for contractor and subcontractor records. 1-26 Contract modifications. 1-30 Contract financing.

Sec. 1-1.305 1-1.305-1






1-1.306 1-1.306-1

1-1.307 1-1.307-1 1-1.307-2 1-1.307-3

PART 1-1-GENERAL Bec. 1-1.000 Scope of part.

Subpart 1-1.0—Regulation System 1-1.001 Scope of subpart. 1-1.002 Purpose. 1-1.003 Authority. 1-1.004 Applicability. 1-1.004-1 Leases of real property. 1-1.005 Exclusions. 1-1.006 Issuance. 1-1.006-1 Code arrangement. 1-1.006–2 Publication. 1-1.006-3 Copies. 1-1.006-4 Coordination. 1-1.007 Arrangement. 1-1.007-1 General plan. 1-1.007-2 Numbering. 1-1.007-3 Citation. 1-1.008 Agency impleinentation. 1-1.009 Deviation. 1-1.009-1 Description. 1-1.009-2 Procedure. 1-1.010 Interagency Procurement Policy

Subpart 1-1.1 [Reserved)

Subpart 1-1.2-Definition of Terms
1-1.201 Definitions.
1-1.202 Executive agency.
1-1.203 Federal agency.
1-1.204 Head of the agency.
1-1.205 Procuring activity.
1-1.206 Head of the procuring activity
1-1.207 Contracting oficer.
1-1.208 Contract.
1-1.209 Procurement.
1-1.210 (Reserved)
1-1.211 (Reserved)
1-1.212 (Reserved)
1-1.213 (Reserved]
1-1.214 (Reserved)
1-1.215 Government instrumentality
1-1.216 United States.
1-1.217 Possessions.
1-1.218 Negotiation,
1-1.219 Contract modlication.
1-1.220 Procurement item.

1-1.307-4 1-1.307-5




Mandatory use of Federal Specifi-

cations. Exceptions to mandatory use of

Federal Specifications. Deviations from Federal Specif

cations. Optional use of Interim Federal

Specifications. Use of Federal and Interim Fed.

eral Specifications in Federal

construction contracts. Military and departmental speci

fications. Standards. Mandatory use and application

of Federal Standards. Purchase descriptions. Applicability. General requirements. Commercial, and State and local

government specifications and

standards. Brand name products or equal. Limitations on use of "brand

name or equal" purchase de

scriptions. Invitation for bids, "brand name

or equal" descriptions. Bid evaluation and award,

“brand name or equal" de

scriptions Procedure for negotiated procurements and small

purchases. Inspection and acceptance. (Reserved) (Reserved) (Reserved] Priorities, allocations, and allot.

ments. (Reserved] Records of contract actions. Solicitations for informational

or planning purposes. Use of liquidated damages pro

visions in procurement con

tracts. General. Policy. Contract provisions. Time of delivery or performance Scope and applicability. General. Factors to be considered. Terms. Time of delivery clauses. Noncollusive bids and proposals. Disputes clause. Contracting oficer's decision un

der a Disputes clause. Relationship to the Equal Op

portunity clause. Procurement of items using Jewel

bearings. Subcontractor gifts and kick

backs. Stabilization of prices.




Subpart 1-1.3-General Policies 1-1.301 Methods of procurement. 1-1.301-1 Competition. 1-1.301-2 Formal advertising. 1-1.301-3 Negotiation. 1-1.302 Procurement sources. 1-1.302-1 General. 1-2 Production and research and de..

velopment pools. 1-1.302-3 Contracts between the Govern

ment and Government employees or business concerns substantially owned or controlled by Government em

ployees. 1-1.303 Approval signatures. 1-1.304 Designation of solicitation open

1-1.315-1 1-1.315-2 1-1.315-3 1-1.316 1-1.316-1 1-1.316-2 1-1.316-3 1-1.316-4 1-1.318-6 1-1.317 1-1.318 1-1.318-1



ing time.



Sec. 1-1.322 Payment of interest on contrac

tors' claims. Subpart 1-1.4-Procurement Responsibility and

Authority 1-1.400 Scope of subpart. 1-1.401 Responsibility of the head of the

procuring activity. 1-1.402 Authority of contracting officers. 1-1.403 Requirements to be met before

entering into contracts. 1-1.404 Selection, designation, and ter

mination of designation of con

tracting oficers. 1-1.404-1 Selection. 1-1.404-2 Designation. 1-1.404_3 Termination of designation. 1-1.4044 Assignment of duties to contract

ing officers. 1-1.405 Ratification of unauthorized con

tract awards. 1-1.406 Cost accounting standards.

Subpart 1-1.5—Contingent Fees 1-1.500 Scope of subpart. 1-1.501 Applicability. 1-1.502 Improper influence. 1-1.503 Covenant. 1-1.504 General principles and standards

applicable to the covenant. 1-1.504-1 Use of principles and standards. 1-1.504-2 Contingent character of the fee. 1-1.5043 Exceptions to the probibition. 1-1.5044 Bona fide employee. 1-1.504 5 Bona fide established commer

cial or selling agency maintained by the contractor for the purpose of securing busi

Dess. 1-1.604-6 Fees for "information." 1-1.505 Representation and agreement

required from prospective con

tractors. 1-1.506 Interpretation of the representa

tion. 1-1.507 Use of Standard Form 119. 1-1.507-1 Form prescribed. 1-1.507-2 Statement in lieu of form. 1-1.507-3 Exceptions. 1-1.508 Enforcement. 1-1.508-1 Fallure or refusal to furnish rep

resentation and agreement. 1-1.508-2 Fallure or refusal to furnish

Standard Form 119. 1-1.5083 Misrepresentations or violation

of the covenant against cori

tingent fees. 1-1.509 Preservation of records.

Sec. 1-1.602 Establishment and maintenanco

of list of concerns or individuals debarred, suspended, or

declared ineligible. 1-1.602-1 Bases for entry on the debarred,

suspended, and ineligible bid

ders list. 1-1.603 Treatment to be accorded Arms

or individuals in debarred,

suspended, or ineligible status. 1-1.604 Causes and conditions applicable

to determination of debarment

by an executive agency. 1-1.604-1 Procedural requirements relat

ing to the imposition of de

barment. 1-1.605 Suspensiod of bidders. 1-1.605-1 Causes and conditions undor

which executive agencies may

suspend contractors. 1-1.605-2 Period and scope of suspension. 1-1.605-3 Notice of suspension. 1-1.605-4 Hearings. 1-1.605-5 Restrictions during period of

suspension. 1-1.606 Agency procedure. 1-1.607 General Services Administration

responsibilty. Subpart 1-1.1--Small Business Concerns 1-1.700 General, 1-1.701 Definitions. 1-1.701-1 Small business concern (for Gov

ernment procurement). 1-1.701-2 Affiliates. 1-1.701-3 Dominance in field of operation. 1-1.701-4 Small business Government sub

contractors. 1-1.701-5 Number of employees. 1-1.701-6 Industry. 1-1.701-7 Certificate of competency. 1-1.701-8 Set-aside for small business. 1-1.701-9 Small business restricted adver

tising. 1-1.701-10 Base maintenanco. 1-1.702 Small business policies. 1-1.703 Determination of status a

small business concern. 1-1.703-1 Representation by bidder or of

feror. 1-1.703-2 Protest regarding small business

status. 1-1.704 Agency program direction and

operation. (Reserved for use

by individual agencies) 1-1.705 Cooperation with the Small

Business Administration, 1-1.705-1 General. 1-1.705-2 SBA representatives. 1-1.705-3 Screening of procurements. 1-1.705-4 Access to information. 1-1.705-5 Joint small business set-asides. 1-1.705-6 Certificates of competency. 1-1.705-7 Performance of contract by SBA 1-1.706 Procurement set-asides for small

business. 1-1.706-1 General. 1-1.706-2 Review of SBA set-aside pro



Subpart 1-1.6-Debarred, Suspended, and

Ineligible Bidders 1-1.600 Scope of subpart. 1-1.601 General. 1-1.601-1 Dednitions.

20-120 (-74-.-2

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