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8 1-16.901-37 Standard Form 37: Report on Procurement by Civilian Executive

Agencies. (a) Page 1 of Standard Form 37.

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(b) Page 2 of Standard Form 37.


C. Definitions.
(1) "Net Dollar Amount Procured" or "Dollar Amount" means
the actual or estimated cost to the Government of the property or
services procured. In most instances, this is the obligation
(2) "Small Business Concern" means any firm which meets the
criteria established by Title 13, Chapter 1, Part 121 of the Code
of Federal Regulations.

A Submission of Reports. Cumulative reports are to be sub.
mitted semi-annually within 45 calendar days after the end of
each reporting period. One report for the 6-month period ending
December 31, and the other for the 12-month period ending
June 30 of each year.
B. Procurements To Be Reported. Except as otherwise provided
heroin, the report shall include the dollar amount of all commit.
ments which obligate the Government to an expenditure of funds
for property and services (including maintenance, repair and
construction of buildings, roads, etc.; and research and develop-
ment). The dollar amount for small purchases under $2,500 may
be developed by generally accepted statistical sampling methods,
and purchases under $100 may be excluded from Lines numbered
2 and 3. Also, exclude procurements (1) from Governmental
sources of supply. such as D.C. Government, Federal Prisons
Industries, Inc., Government Printing Office, and General Services
Administration (supply depots, fuel yards, etc.); and (2) for trans.
portation by government bill of lading and transportation of

(3) "Labor Surplus Area" means any geographical area of sub-
stantial unemployment, persistent unemployment, and any sec
tion of concentrated unemployment or underemployment, as
defined and classified in the Department of Labor publication
"Area Trends in Employment and Unemployment." (See FPR 1-
16.804-4 regarding principal place of performance.)
(4) "Other Than Small Business" means large business con.
cerns, non-prati prganizations, educational institutions, and any
others a nd do not meet the criteria for classification as a small
business cantern. V


valory lines)

Line I. Enter the total dollar amount deal apartable precure. Line 6. Enter the dollar amount of procurements under contracts ments for construction, supplies, equipmemand shrvices, includ. entered into by other agencies, except those reported on Line 5. ing set-asides for small business and set asides under Defense Manpower Policy 4.

Line 11. Enter the dollar amount of procurements awarded by Line 2. Enter the dollar amount of reportable procurements the reporting agency in Labor Surplus Areas under preference awarded by the reporting agency which involve formal advertising procedures, including set asides and tie bids (see FPR 1-1.807). (see FPR Part 1-2). NOTE: "Restricted" advertising for small busi

Line 14. Enter the dollar amount of procurements awarded by ness and balance of payments is reportable in Line 3. Line 3. Enter the dollar amount of reportable procurement

the reporting agency in Labor Surplus Areas under non-preference awarded by the reporting agency which involve negotiation (see

procedures (see FPR 1-1.807). FPR Part 1-3), including "restricted" advertising for small busi

Line 15. Enter the dollar amount of contracts for construction, ness, and balance of payments, and the set-aside portion for

alteration, and repair (including painting and decorating) of build. partial set-asides.

ings, bridges, roads or other real property. Line 4. Enter the dollar amount of reportable procurements, un. der contracts established by another agency, from non-Federal Line 17. Enter the dollar amount of subcontract and purchase established sources of supply, including orders placed with com.

commitments reported by prime contractors under the Small mercial suppliers under Federal Supply Schedule contracts, GSA

Business Subcontracting Program (see FPR 1-16.804-5). Due to local service contracts. Defense Supply Agency contracts for pe.

timing factors, this dollar amount need not be directly related to troleum, etc.

prime contracts placed during any reporting period. Line 5. Enter the dollar amount of all procurements (regardless of amount) under Federal Supply Schedule contracts and GSA Line 18. Enter the number of prime contractors that are curo local service contracts with non-Federal sources of supply.

rently submitting small business subcontracting reports. U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE, 1961-0-300-464 456-M

Bavarse side of SF 37 June 1968 Edition

133 PR. 17294, Nov. 22. 1908)

8 1-16.901-44 Standard Form 44: Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher.

(al Front and reverse of cover of Standard Form 44.


(This form is for official Government use only)

1. Filling in the Form

(a) All coples of the form must be legible. To Insure legibility, Indelible pencil or ball-point pen should be used. SELLER'S NAME AND ADDRESS MUST BE PRINTED.

(b) Items ordered will be Individually Ilsted. Gen. eral descriptions such as "hardware" are not acceptable. Show discount terms.

(c) Enter project reference or other identifying de scription in space captioned "PURPOSE." Also, cnter proper accounting information, if known.


(June 1964)


Prescribed by Administrator of General Services

FPR 1-3.605-1


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2. Distributing Copies

Copy No. 1-Give to seller. It is for his use as the
Invoice or as an attachment to hls commercial Invoice.

Copy No. 2 Give to seller for his record of the order
Fops No. 3-

(1) On over-the-counter transactions where dcWory has been made, complete receiving report sec. hion and forward this copy to the proper administrative omice.

(2) On other than completed over-the-counter transactions. forward this copy to location specified for delivery. Upon delivery, receiving report scc. tion is to be completed and this copy then forwarded to the proper administrative office.)

Copy No. 4—Retain la the book, unless otherwise Instructed. 3. Wheo Paying Cash of Time of Purchase

(A) Enter the amount of cash paid and obtala seller's signature in the space provided in the Seller section of Copy No. 1. It seller prefers to provide commercial cash receipt, attach it to Copy No. 1 and check the "pald In cash" block at the bottom of the form.

(b) Distribution of copies when payment is by cash is the same as described above, except that Copy No. !

retained by Government representative when casit payment is made. Copy No. 1 is used thereafter in Accordance with agency Instructions pertaining ta handling receipts for cash paymenh

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