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San. They have ! A goodly hint for Sancho!

Enter MANUEL. Man. Noble Don Sancho, the enemy gains ground every moment, therefore come away instantly to the citadel, that we may arm you, and put you at the head of your brave troops, who impatiently expect you.

San. But why all this hurry? Me, do you say? I know no more what belongs to fighting, than a General does of cow-keeping.

Man. They'll come upon us before we have taken up our arms; but it never shall be said, that I stood tamely and saw so famous an island lost; I'll go and defend the gates as long as I can against them.

[Manuel going. San. Where, where are you going ?

Man. Going! where the governor ought to be in person; into the heat of battle, amidst fire and smoke, to have a clear view of all our danger. [Exit Manuel.

San. This is the first time I ever knew a man went into smoke to have a clear view of any thing ; but, Dr. Dirty Furio, sure you won't leave me to be flayed alive by these bloody Buccaneers ?

Pedro. My Lord, my character's at stake.

San. Then go, like an intrepid Quack, and esta. blish it by the death of thousands.

Pedro. Tis true, I differ from the soldier in profession.

San. But you agree exactly with him in practice ; so away with you, doctor.

[Exit Pedro. (Guns fire, shouts, drums, und trumpets. This comes of nibbling at governments! [shouts louder] Where shall I fly! This way, I know, leads to the garden, and I'll steal off there and hide myself, if 'tis only behind a gooseberry bush. [As he goes to one side of the stage, he stops suddenly, heuring a violent shout from that quarter] Frightful! I was rushing into the lion's mouth, [runs to the opposite side, stopped by another shout] 'tis Out of the frying pan into the fire.I'll jump out of this window [runs to the back of the

stage, but the moment he opens the window, hears a shout.]

Manuel. [without.] Make this breach good; raise those ladders; fire the pitch and rosin, and get some kettles of scalding oil ready.

San. Scalding oil! no doubt to pour down the poor governor's throat.

Pedro. [without.] Deliver up the Governor, and we'll make a truce; bring him out; we know him by his robe; here are an hundred of us have sworn to spit him and roast him alive for an example to all such future governors.

San. Nay, if, like an ermine, I'm known by my skin, even take that amongst you [throws off his robe, they shout again] What shall I do? where shall I hide? I'il get under the table; A dog's place and a whole skin are better than laced robes and danger. [Hides himself under one of the tables; another shout, then Victoria ! Victoria ! cried.]

Enter DUKE, Pedro, Manuel, &c. &c. Duke. Thanks, fellow soldiers, for your noble defence of this valuable island.-But all our joys are in. complete, till we receive tidings of the governor.

[Sancho pops out his head. Man. Here is his robe, my Lord.

San. Well, what will you have from the Cat but the skin;* but what do I see it is the Duke himself.

Duke. Go, some of you, and seek him amongst the slain ; and if only his head can be found, he who shows me that first, shall be rewarded with a thousand crowns.

San. [addressing the Duke.] Then, my Lord, I claim the reward myself.

Duke. What Don Sancho, our much-beloved governor!

Sancho. [Coming from under the table.] No, my Lord, plain Sancho,--and no governor.

* Alluding to the proverb You can't have more of a Cat than her

Duke. What, do you resign your high office?

San. I do, indeed, my Lord— Beware of Had-I-wist ; -Cobler, stick to your last ;- There's no making a velvet purse of a pig's ear.--My Lord Duke, I thank you for

your kindness, but return you your government back again. I'm not fit to be a Governor, nor to defend Islands or Cities: I know better how to plough, dig, prane and plant vineyards, than to give laws. Every man to his own trade I say, to exercise the calling he was born to.--All I now ask is, give me my wife, my daughter, and Dapple.--Take notice, I have not displaced a tile nor a brick in the island! A poor man I came in, and a poor man I go out of place. It is not every governor that can say the same; nor will a generous people wish a good Governor to go without à fair reward. May This Island ever have, and ever deserve, a GOVERNOR who may justly claim what I now humbly sue for,--Public APPROBATION.


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